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joker of ex-erosion presents: a new intro. coded by joker and some routines by epidemic...         music by ?                          gfx by df0:                      but watch this !!!!!                        yes,do you like this ???                 ok,if you want contact me then write the follow address (press right mousebutton to stop this scrolly)                       mikko lavento                             komiahontie 24                            87250 kajaani                             finland       so contact me fast !!!      ok ,df0: want send some greetx to follow persons :    1)  spectracorn / elite inc.  2)  titan / iris  and my hellos goes to :    1)  rocco / codebusters   2)  heatbeat / byterapers inc.                         ok ,let's go to the point.i want join to any group so contact me.....there is my phonenumber                986-27597          you can call me swapping or joining......this muzak colly is our first production...erosion is dead ,but who cares ???        i must go now so scroll will restart..........                                                                               

df0:mod.modern conveniences of them
df0:mod.dont feel down
df0:mod.who stole my guitar

erosion pleases you with a horrible music colly.release date is 24.01.1991 and this will be our first and last release.    use left mousebutton to change music or right button to stop scrolltext....     here is whiplash pissing this gayboard.first of all i have to tell you that these musics are older and more depressing than my dogs dick.everything went helter-skelter because i ran out of the time and that is the reason why these musics are older and more depressing than my dogs dick.ha he hi hoo.... i am sure no-one wants to read the credits but joker and df0 are pouting behind my back and fucking with tac 2,so you know i have no choise.... ok,here we go... no,we dont go anywhere but the credits goes.  code by epidemic  graphics by doc  and musics by me,whiplash. now i want to say some words to my mates and other guys.   1) loffy of clones:  i got your letter.sorry i forgot my address.long live to you. here comes my address,take your pen and note-pad and use the right mousebutton to stop the scroll.                whiplash/erosion       markku leinonen      pitkostie 13       87250     kajaani    finland did you get it??? good. see you,lofadius..........       2) rocco of codebusters:    great code in your utility-colly. i give you a little hint: why dont you practise to use the preferences first.....     3) heatbeat of byterapers,   terve,jinx.   tosi kova muza se space love.  ala itke,vaikka nama muzat on tammosia,mut ne vaan on,sorry.  tuun taas hakemaan levyja tassa joku paiva.....heips.....         4) Stinger of cave: kavyt oli tosi ravitsevia,varsinkin,kun otin lisukkeena tammenterhoja.aahhhh     i would write some more messages,if i had something important things in my mind,but no.       i would like to join into an another group,but who could be so stupid,that let me join with???   hoeeeoiaauu,i am getting out of the point....... if you think this scroll has been boring and more depressing than my dogs dick,dont worry. after a couple of jokes i will stop writing this shit.i know it is a pain to read other words i could say that......nah,never mind.       so,have you ever heard about the group called codebusters????             that is a pity,i have too..... hahahhahhhehehhihihuhu there is something wrong.i cant hear anything. is it that i am ex-member of deafs inc  or did the joke be a bad one????       who knows....who cares.... who wants to find out...   not me!!!           oh, now i have to close the curtain of the disappointment and devote to listen music called "who stole my guitar?"  composer of that wonderful tune is rocco of codebusters  enjoy this,fuck this,twist this and bye.   see you... 	and i am sorry because of mistakes with my english.and remember:  everything is better than doing nothing forever...................