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Text Centrater
© 1989 by The Dual Crew
Programmed by Jonas Lindstedt
This program is public domain enjoy!

1. Load text
2. Fix text
3. View text
4. Save text
5. Change resolution (80 chars)
6. Instructions
7. Exit program


Well, you found my secret in this program. Well done!!
What shall I write here?? It's monday morning and I'm about to go to work
(Puuuh!). I really don't have time to write this...

C U L8R LAMERS...  Jonas Lindstedt

P.S. My shoenumber is 42-43 (now you know that!).

Sorry, that's much to difficult for me...

Incorrect value.

Input screenwidth (max 99): 

Textline greater than screenwidth.

Text fixed.
No text loaded yet.
No text fixed yet.
Press left mouse-button to return to menu.

Load error.
Couldn't save file.
Name of file: 
File  loaded.


Text Centrater V1.0
(C) 1989 by The Dual Crew.

I really hate ugly cli menus, that's the main reason why I made this program.
And think of the time it'll save you. Instead of counting spaces you load
this program and at once you have a good looking cli menu or upwards scroll.

Now the instructions. When you start the program, you'll be asked to choose
one of seven options. I'm going to explain them one at a time.

1. Load text          Simply loads a text file (max 8K).
2. Fix text           Centrates the text.
3. View text          Views the fixed text.
4. Save text          Saves the fixed text.
5. Change resolution  Choose the screenwidth depending on where
                      to use the text.
6. Instructions       I guess you know what this is by now.
7. Exit program       Needs no explination.

Press left mouse-button to continue.Note: When you fix the text, it'll also be 'crunched'. All useless spaces
      will be removed.

Hint: A textline can't be moved less than a character, and that causes the
      text to look ugly if you mix odd and even number of character per line.
      The best result will occur if you stick to either odd or even number of

You can make the textfile to read with any text editor. You can have spaces
before the text but be sure to press return directly after the end of the
textline. If you want a block of text to be centrated just make sure that
all lines start at the same x-postition and that you press return at the
same x-position. The program also can handle clearscreen (ascii 12) and
return (ascii 10) codes without centrating them.

Send money, threats, letterbombs or anything else to:

Jonas Lindstedt
Bergmästarv. 15

Press left mouse-button to return to menu.

con:0/0/640/200/Text Centrater by TEC of The Dual Crew