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  ' It was a time of legend,  
        a time of dream,      
     a time of great quest.   
      is this time dead ?     
 no...  legends are eternal.' 
 and so, PENTAGON's quest is  

     Black'n white slide      
First , we want to thanx Miles
  Teves, Larry Elmore and S.  
 Collins for their nice piccy 
digitized from the art of AD&D
the art of dragonlance and the
 sholari guide  from the role 
     playing game Jorune.     

U may ask, if you haven't seen
multipart , about the presence
of DRIFTERS in this slide  ...
We decide to work  together in
 order to grow  strong and to 
    form a new  group more    
  powerfull in a near future. 
    So, watch out for great   
       productions  from      

   Now is coming the boring   
greetings  list (in no-ranking
order) and personnal messages.
 you will find  how to get in 
in touch with us  later in the
           scroll .           

   maniac of noise - iris -   
 demons - les feles - synergy 
    (we must  have a phone    
   conference, about recent   
 troubles -not war gulf!-)  - 
masterlight -  soul of skidrow
    - all the role players    
  everywhere  in the world -  
 death - erax (sorry for  the 
delay) - dr bug of quintex (i'
  ve lost your letter, can u  
send me your phone number ?) -
special hello go to bluesky   

Some words about  this slide :
it takes us about  one week of
 hardworking , we hope u will 
 enjoy it.  The music is more 
than 8  minutes long so be all
  ears.  All the pics are in  
   interlace and  have been   
  scanned with a JX-100.  We  
  choosed to make this slide  
with only grays colors because
 of the disk length  but also 
because  we thought it gives a
 nice touch to the  pictures. 
      Don't u think so ?      

    credits are going to:     
CRUSOE           : great  code
                   &  concept.
POST-MORTEM      : logo - head
                   gfx - digit
                   - text.    
VITALIS (KYROM)  : great music
from DRIFTERS      (250 KO !!)

You must know what is a lamer,
but you surely not know what a
wilson is. A wilson  (refer to
 'neuromancer' W. Gibson  for 
 more details) is someome who 
  infiltrate into  groups in  
  order to make trouble.  We  
are obliged to reveal you that
  we have found a  wilson in  
  PENTAGON. His name was (we  
 killed him, he he !)  zac or 
taxman or lupus and he  was in
 DEFEAT before.  Be carefull, 
wilsons are dangerous.  I hope
 SYNERGY understand  what I'm 
      speaking  about...      
And never forget 'wilson' is a
PENTAGON trademark under (c) !

 (no wilsons, only legal !!!) 
          write to:           
          A.  LAINE           
    17,  rue Claude Monet     
       31000  TOULOUSE        
 (don't try to phone, this is 
someone who haven't an Amiga!)
     or call our hotline:     
 POST-MORTEM (ask for Arnaud) 
     61-57-45-21 (FRANCE)     

Ok , I begin to feel lazy with
    this scrolltext, so...    
POST-MORTEM signed off and let
 the keyboard to the 'without 
  limits coder'  I've called  
 CRUSOE  (he'll converse with 
you about his sexual life !!!)
  'accomplish your own quest  
for the worst and for the best
without fright, without rest.'