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  hey, is it the old knight hawks intro ?                  or a new version of the enemies demo ?                  but, but ... it seems to be the famous w.o.w intro !!                 Dnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                     Clook at those amazing effects : they are great !!                  hey dexion, here is our version of your [fuck the coppper demo]            A Cyou can not imagine how it is boring to type those fuckin number which give you those fuckin effects !!!               and now,  let us go with our own story:           all began in france, during summer holidays last year: a well known group (no name) died during his own party. some members left and formed a lame group. they released a lame demo disk (it was full of ripp), the stranger divisions decided to join them or formed some others crews but... but... the elite was still present and the leader decided to form a new hot team. he called some of his last members and we started to search a new name. when he was watching  *golden child* , our organizer (the mega mighty [megablast]) found a name :  *% d$r$a$g$o$n$s %*  . after august, all happened very fast: we found a cracker, some original suppliers, some coders, musicians, and gfx designers and we got a division in germany. one week later, our first crack and our first demo were done. we tryed to keep the secret on our team in france. no french knew that a new elite group was born and who were the members: it was top secret. we did this becoz of all the french lamers. another cracking group bore in france: like us, they were cool, so they joined us! we got stronger and stronger !        at the end of september, we did a cool demo: the skyscroll demo. at the same time, we lost our german division and formed a new one in belgium. but, there was a problem: we were really too many and a lot of members did absolutly nothing. at the end of october, everybody knew who were the dragons. at this time, [] and [corsair] joined us and they started to reorganize the team : we were about eighteen members at the beginning of december, and the first day of january we were five ... yes, five elite pirates, some of the best in france and we are not lazy at all. the guyz we are talking about are of course, corsair, megablast, foxy and moby. we lost some traders, coders, designers, crackers ... but who cares ... we are still on the scene, cooler and stronger than ever .... anyway, we stopped cracking coz of the police (and the fucking guyz of titus).         well, now you know (not totally...) the story of *% d$r$a$g$o$n$s %*      and never forget our slogan:      B staying cool at  a n y  time      C... well, i think that is enough for this text so jump on your mouse and accept the destiny: press the button               end of scrolltext