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$VER: Chip'O'Matic 3.0 (7.6.94)


Chip'O'Matic Issue #3

This demo requires Kickstart v2.04+ (V37) to run.
Consider to update your operating system!!


Chip'O'Matic Interrupt
Chip'O'Matic SoftInt

AT SCHOOL              LOXLEY/EQUINOX         40540168 171:02
JUST DREAMING 3        EXCALIBUR/COMPLEX      2026416127 2:03
CRACKING EGG           SHAM/SQUASH            10920106 8 0:42
TROUBLE TAJM           SHAM/SQUASH            101826 3 6 0:46
SCREWER                DEETROY/DOODLES^SHOCK  120928 8 8 0:51
		  AT SCHOOL          
		  CRACKING EGG       
		  TROUBLE TAJM       
MODULE INFORMATION:	NAME:       .......................
			AUTHOR:     .......................
			SIZE:       ..... BYTES
			PATTERNS:   ..
			SAMPLES:    ..
			LENGTH:     .:.. MIN.

		  C H I P ' O ' M A T I C  
		       I S S U E # 3       
		 [ RELEASE DATE : 940607 ] 

	   MUSIC.............LOXLEY, SPIROU, SHAM
	   ....................DEETROY, EXCALIBUR
	        COPYRIGHT 1994 DOODLES^SHOCK     

	  --------[ HELP / INSTRUCTIONS: ]--------
	   LEFT/RIGHT.................SWITCH TEXT
	   I.....................SHOW MODULE-INFO
Select Text...
	SELECT TEXT:                      WRITTEN BY:
	THE EDITORIAL BY.......................D-ZIRE
	COCTAIL PARTY.........................DEETROY
	RIDING THE BOARDS..................MONDO 2000


'The personal computer market is about the same size as the
total potato chip market. Next year it will be about half
the size of the pet food market and is fast approaching the
total worldwide sales of pantyhose'
  - James Finke,Pres.,Commodore Int'l Ltd.(1982) - 

What can I say... issue 3 here and not more than a couple
of days delayed? Well, blame it on our graphician :BUTCH!
But who can blame him... what can you do beside sit at
home with your computer when it's cloudy and cold outside?
Well it's here and I hope this issue will be better than
issue #2... we had some complains about the poor quality 
of the tunes... but I got LOTS of tunes just a couple of
days after we've released it, so I hope this issue will
satisfy you dudes alot more... and if NOT... WHO CARES?

'Contrariwise', continued Tweedledee, 'If it was so, it
might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't,
it aint. Thats logic.'    - LEWIS CARROLL

You can always send me your modules and I'll include them
on the next issue... the add is as always :

 David J. Elfstrom
 Markorgrand 22
 826 35 Soderhamn

Or just upload them at REPULSE or HYSTERIA !

                                      signed d-Zire

If you have sent some of your modules to us and we didn't
use em' in this issue (or didn't use them at all) don't feel
disapointed cause we've got so many chip-tunes so they might
come in some of the future issues...

Well yet another issue and we already delayed... too bad!
If you wanna be sure of getting all the future issues or
even back-issue, you can always subscribe... FOR FREE!

Just send a disk with your name and address and we'll send
you the future issues when they get released!

David J. Elfstrom
Markorgrand 22
826 35 Soderhamn
                                               The Staff

Well... here they are... lots of new blonde jokes!

                                      E N J O Y
                                   d-Zire & r-Cade

Q:  What is the difference between a blonde and a bowling
A:  You can only get three fingers in a bowling ball.
Q:  What is the difference between a blonde and 'The
A:  They know how many men went down on 'The Titanic'.

Q:  What is the difference between a smart blonde and
A:  Bigfoot has been spotted.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and a telephone?
A:  It costs 30 cents to use a telephone.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and a guy?
A:  The blonde has the higher sperm count.

Q:  What is the difference between a blonde and the Grand
    Old Duke of York?
A:  The Grand Old Duke of York only 'had' 10000 men.

Q:  Why is a washing machine better than a blonde?
A:  Because you can drop your load in a washing machine, and
    it won't follow you around for a week.

Q:  What do blondes and cow-pats have in common?
A:  They both get easier to pick-up with age.

Q:  What does a screen door and a blonde have in common?
A:  The more you bang it, the looser it gets.

Q:  What does a blonde and a beer bottle have in common?
A:  They're both empty from the neck up.

Q:  What do blondes and spaghetti have in common?
A:  They both wriggle when you eat them.

Q:  Why did the deaf blonde sit on a newspaper?
A:  So she could lip read.

Q:  What do peroxide blondes and black men have in common?
A:  They both have black roots.

Q:  What do you call a blonde with a bag of sugar on her
A:  Sweet Fuck All...

Q:  How do you drown a blonde?
A:  Put a mirror at the bottom of the pool.
Q:  Why did the blonde drown in the pool?
A:  Someone left a scratch and sniff at the bottom of the

Q:  Why do blondes have square boobs?
A:  Because they forgot to take the tissues out of the box.

Q:  How many blondes does it take to make chocolate-chip
A:  10.  One to mix the dough and nine to peel the smarties.

Q:  How do you tell if a blonde did your landscaping?
A:  The bushes are darker than the rest of the yard.

Q:  What did the blonde's mom say to her before the blonde's
A:  If you're not in bed by 12, come home.

Q:  What's the blonde's cheer?
A:  ' I'm blonde, I'm blonde, I'm B.L.O.N....ah, oh well..
    I'm blonde, I'm blonde, yea yea yea...'

Q:  What do you get when you offer a blonde a penny for her
A:  Change.

Q:  How does a blonde moonwalk?
A:  She pulls down her panties and slides her ass along the

Q:  Why do blondes find it difficult to marry?
A:  Because you don't have to marry them for sex!

Q:  What do you get when you cross a blonde and a gorilla?
A:  Who knows, there is only so much a gorilla can be forced
    to do.

Q:  Why does a blonde only change her baby's diapers every
A:  Because it says right on it 'good for up to 20 pounds.'

Q:  How did the blonde try to kill the bird?
A:  She threw it off a cliff.

Q:  How does a blonde kill a fish?
A:  She drowns it.

Q:  Why did the blonde get so excited after she finished her
    jigsaw puzzle in only 6 months?
A:  Because on the box it said From 2-4 years.

Q:  What do you say to a blonde with no arms and no legs?
A:  'Nice tits!'

Q:  How does a blonde high-5?
A:  She smacks herself in the forehead.
Q:  How do you amuse a blonde for hours?
A:  Write 'Please turn over' on both sides of a piece of

Q:  Why aren't there many blonde gymnasts?
A:  Because when they do the splits, they stick to the

Q:  Why do blondes have legs?
A:  So they don't get stuck to the ground.

Q:  Why did the blonde go half way to Norway and then turn
    around and come home?
A:  It took her that long to discover that a 14-inch Viking
    was a television.

Q:  What is the irritating part around a blonde's vagina?
A:  The blonde!

Q:  What is the irritating part around a blonde's vagina?
A:  The other guys waiting their turn.

Q:  How do you describe a blonde, surrounded by drooling
A:  Flattered.

Q:  Why do blondes always die before help arrives?
A:  They always forget the '11' in '9-1-1'.

Q:  What did the blonde say when asked if she'd ever been
    picked up by 'the fuzz'?
A:  'No.  But I've been swung around by the tits.'

Q:  What do you call a swimming pool full of blondes?
A:  Frosted Flakes.

Q:  What do you call 20 blondes in a freezer?
A:  Frosted Flakes.

Q:  How does a blonde interpret 6.9?
A:  A 69 interrupted by a period.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde having her period
    and a terrorist?
A:  You can negotiate with a terrorist.
Q:  What did the blonde say when she looked into a box of
A:  'Oh look!  Donut seeds!'

Q:  Why do blondes have two more brain cells than a cow?
A:  So they don't shit everywhere when you pull their tits.

Q:  Why don't blondes breast feed?
A:  Because they always burn their nipples.

Q:  Did you hear about the blonde lesbian?
A:  She kept having affairs with men!
Q:  Why do blondes put their hair in ponytails?
A:  To cover up the valve stem.

Q:  What did the blonde name her pet zebra?
A:  Spot.

Q:  What do you call a fly buzzing inside a blonde's head?
A:  A Space Invader.

Q:  What's a blondes' favourite rock group?
A:  Air Supply.

Q:  What do you see when you look into a blonde's eyes?
A:  The back of her head.

Q:  Why do blondes drive VW's?
A:  Because they can't spell PORSCHE!

Q:  How do you make a blonde laugh on Monday mornings?
A:  Tell them a joke on Friday night!

Q:  What do you call a blonde in a tree with a brief case?
A:  Branch Manager.

Q:  Why did God create blondes?
A:  Because sheep can't bring beer from the fridge.
Q:  Why did God create brunettes?
A:  Neither could the blondes.


Q:  How did the dumb blonde break her leg raking leaves?
A:  She fell out of the tree.

Q:  Why do blondes have see-through lunch box lids?
A:  So they know if it is morning or afternoon.

Q:  Whats black and fuzzy and hangs from the ceiling?
A:  A blonde electrician.

Q:  Why are dumb blonde jokes so short?
A:  So brunettes can remember them.

Q:  Why wasn't the Virgin Mary a blonde?
A:  She wouldn't have been old enough to bear children!

Q:  What do you call a smart blonde?
A:  A golden retriever.

Q:  Why are blondes hurt by people's words?
A:  Because people keep hitting them with dictionaries.

Q:  Why do blondes have periods?
A:  They deserve them.

Q:  Why did the blonde fail at being a prostitute?
A:  Because she gave blow-jobs literally.

Q:  Why did the blonde smile when she walked the marriage
A:  She realized she gave her last blowjob.

Q:  What did the blonde do when she got her period?
A:  Looked around for the bastard that must have shot her?
Q:  Why did they call the blonde 'twinkie'?
A:  She liked to be filled with cream.

Q:  What did the blonde say to the physicist?
A:  'Why, I just _love_ nuclear fission!  What do you use
    for bait?'

Q:  Why are blondes like cornflakes?
A:  Because they're simple, easy and they taste good

Q:  How does a blonde hold her liquor?
A:  By the ears.
Q:  How do you know when a blonde has been making chocolate
    chip cookies?
A:  You find M&M shells all over the kitchen floor.

Q:  How do you drive a blonde crazy?
A:  Give her a bag of M&Ms and tell her to alphabetise them.

Q:  What job function does a blonde have in an M&M factory?
A:  Proofreading.

Q:  Do you know why the blonde got fired from the M&M
A:  For throwing out the W's.

Q:  Why did the blonde try to steal a police car?
A:  She saw '911' and thought it was a Porsche.

Q:  What do you call a blonde skeleton in the closet?
A:  Last year's hide and seek champ.

Q:  How do you get a blonde pregnant?
A:  Come in her shoes and let the flies do the rest.
Q:  What's the difference between a blonde track team and a
    tribe of sly pygmies?
A:  One's a bunch a cunning runts.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and the
    Suez/Panama Canal?
A:  One's a busy ditch.

Q:  What is the difference between a blonde and a toilet?
A:  A toilet won't follow you around after you use it.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and a rooster?
A:  In the morning a rooster says, 'Cock'll-doodl-doooo',
    while a blonde says, 'Any-cock'll-doooo.'

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and a supermarket
A:  The supermarket trolley has a mind of its own.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and your job?
A:  Your job still sucks after 6 months.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and a trampoline?
A:  You take off your shoes before using a trampoline.

Q:  What's the difference between a prostitute, a
    nymphomaniac, and a blonde?
A:  The prostitute says, 'Aren't you done yet?'
    The nympho says, 'Are you done already?'
    The blonde says, 'Beige...I think I'll paint the ceiling

Q:  How do you get a blonde to marry you?
A:  Tell her she's pregnant.
Q:  What will she ask you?
A:  'Is it mine?'

Q:  What do you call a dumb blonde behind a steering wheel?
A:  An air bag.

Q:  Why are there lip stick stains on the steering wheel
    after a blonde drives a car?
A:  Cause she blows the horn!

Q:  What does a blonde say when you ask her if her blinker
    is on?
A:  It's on. It's off. It's on. It's off. It's on. It's off.

Q:  Why did the blonde drive into the ditch?
A:  To turn the blinker off.

A:  A blonde going through a flashing red light.

Q:  What is happening when you hear varoom...screech,
    varoom...screech, varoom...screech.....?
A:  A blonde trying to drive through an intersection with a
    flashing red light.

Q:  Why did the blonde tattoo her zip code on her stomach?
A:  So her male would get delivered to the right box.

Q:  Did you hear about the blonde couple that were found
    frozen to death in their car at a drive-in movie
A:  They went to see 'Closed for the Winter'.
Q:  How can you tell when a blonde is dating?
A:  By the buckle print on her forehead.

Q:  How can you tell who is a blonde's boyfriend?
A:  He's the one with the belt buckle the matches the
    impression in her forehead.

Q:  What is the blonde's chronic speech impediment?
A:  She can't say 'No'.

Q:  What did they name the offspring of a blonde and a
    Puerto Rican?
A:  Retardo.

Q:  What do you call a blonde in an institution of higher
A:  A visitor.

Q:  Why did the blonde wear condoms on her ears?
A:  So she wouldn't get Hearing Aides.

Q:  How can you tell if a blonde works in an office?
A:  A bed in the stockroom and huge smiles on all the
    bosses' faces.

Q:  Why can't blondes put in light bulbs?
A:  They keep breaking them with the hammers.

Q:  What is a cool refreshing drink for a blonde?
A:  Perri-air.

Q:  Did you hear about the blonde coyote?
A:  Got stuck in a trap, chewed off three legs and was still

Q:  Why did the blonde take her typewriter to the doctor?
A:  She thought it was pregnant because missed a period.

Q:  When is it legal to shoot a blonde in the head?
A:  When you have a tire pump to reinflate it!

Q:  What is a blonde's favorite part of a gas station?
A:  The Air Pump!
Q:  How do you measure a blonde's intelligence?
A:  Stick a tire pressure gauge in her ear!

Q:  Why was the blonde upset when she got her Driver's
A:  Because she got an F in sex.

Q:  What do you call two nuns and a blonde?
A:  Two tight ends and a wide receiver.

Q:  Did you here about the blonde who shot an arrow into the
A:  She missed.

Q.  How can you tell that a blonde's having a bad day.
A.  She has a tampon tucked behind her ear, and she can't
    find her pencil.

Q:  Why are only 2% of blondes touch-typists?
A:  The rest are hunt'n peckers.

Q:  What do you call a blond mother-in-law?
A:  An air bag.

Q:  Why should you never take a blonde out for coffee?
A:  It's too hard to re-train them.

Q:  What do blondes wear behind their ears to attract men.
A:  Their heels.

Q:  Why don't blondes have elevator jobs?
A:  They don't know the route.

Q:  Why do blondes work seven days a week?
A:  So you don't have to retrain them on Monday.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and an ironing
A:  It's difficult to open the legs of an ironing board.

Q:  What is foreplay for a blonde?
A:  Thirty minutes of begging.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and a broom
A:  Only two men fit inside a broom closet at once.

Q:  What's the difference between a blonde and a phone
A:  Only one person can use the phone at once.

Q:  What does the Bermuda Triangle and blondes have in
A:  They've both swallowed a lot of semen.

Q:  What did the blonde say when she knocked over the
    priceless Ming vase?
A:  'It's OK Daddy, I'm not hurt.'

Q:  How does a blonde commit suicide?
A:  She gathers her clothes into a pile and jumps off.

		   Coctail party
I am now going to tell you about a small party I was to in
Lingaro outside Hudiksvall, Sweden. It wasn't any computer
related party, it was an ordinary get-as-drunk-as-possible
party. It was I (Deetroy) and my friend Tomte-dyrkaren
(Santa claus-Worshipper) that where invited to a friends
30'ieth birthday party (a real wet one). We brought 1.5
Litres of Arskogen special (Moonshine liquers) and a lot
of soda and other stuff. When we arrived, after having a
drink at Tomatens (The tomato's) place, 22.00 about 60% of
the people had gone to bed already due to that they had
been drinking too much during the day. But we didn't care!
We decided to invent some new drinks! Soon there will
follow some drink recepies but first I'll write a list of
what you might need.


Lots of Moonshine (With a distinct taste of finkel!)
Grapefruit soda, White wine (sweet), Concentrated lemon
Pure lemonade, HP sauce, Cold coffe, LeMixx tom collins mix
Concentrated Blackkurant juice, Rose-hip cream, Sugar
Club soda, Coca Cola, Lea & perrins worcestershire sauce

Instead of finkel you can try with 70% Vodka and
30% Teachers wiskey.

Lea & perrins worcestershire sauce contains:

Now for the drinks.

	Domenican nuisance grog
Arskogen special
White Wine
Concentrated lemon
Pure lemonade

	Stomach drill
50% Arskogen special
50% Grapefruit soda

	Lennart Swan
50% Arskogen special
50% HP sauce

	Shit on the dick
50% Arskogen special
50% Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce

	The bomb of Nordanstig
Arskogen special
Concentrated Blackkurant juice
LeMixx Tom collins mix

	Budget dirt
Arskogen special
Cold coffe
Rose-hip cream
Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce
Pure lemonade
LeMixx Tom collins mix
Concentrated lemon
Concentrated Blackkurant juice
White wine and Two bits of sugar
	Bergsjo Killer
Arskogen special
cold coffe
Concentrated Blackkurant juice
LeMixx Tom collins mix
White Wine
Pure lemonade
Coca Cola
Concentrated lemon
Club soda
Well that's all the drinks. None of them are particulary 
well tasting, but then who cares as long as you are getting
drunk? If you try 'shit on the dick'. Be careful. It tastes
just the way it sounds!! Have a nice farmer coctail party.

	Signed:   DEETROY / Doodles ^ Shock

The scene is lame!
Trading is Booring!
Everybody is a member of atleast 15 groups.
All Cards die after 3 hours.
Partyline stinks.
The warez are crap.
4 Channel 8 bit muzak suxx.
You get busted carding stuff.
Parties keeps getting lamer.
My mouse broke down last week.
1000- CPS suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Diskdrives are SLOW! Bah!
Borre is a looser!
DMS from Parcon is a ripoff.
Definition of a Twit - Doesn't compute.
I have a cold.
Demo's aren't too fun anymore.
All /X tools are the same.
Coderippers (texedders) can go to hell!
The army is waiting - Major lame!
Macroman is a sad CP.
Frogman renamed to The Undertaker
Frogman changed his BBS number
Frogman doesn't wanna be hated hahah
Germans/Norweigans get busted.
Allways outta money.
Nothing's on TV.
War on the Legion
Rainman renamed to D-ZOD, oops!
War Games
   The Demolition In My Head
 My Monitor Keeps Going Dead
 Communication Breaking Down
Dead Bodys Laying All Around
BB is allmost dead.
Blue Boxing RUULEZ!

This is getting booring... <click> beep beep beep

So, they have done it again! Another hit-record by Erasure  
was released in the middle of May. This one, called 'I Say, 
I Say, I Say' takes off where the last album 'Chorus' ended 
and builds on the same kind of ingeniously easy to remember 
but oh-so-hard-to-write synth-pop tunes. The production this
time is clearer, stronger and it lifts Andy Bell's voice to 
places it never visited before. This may have something to  
do with their change of producer from one Martyn to another.
(Phillips to Ware). But I think the main reason is the fact 
that they've recorded the vocals first this time and then   
built the music around it. As Vince Clarke said 'This time  
there isn't a sound present that don't belong there'.       
There are 10 songs in all and some of the strongest pieces  
I think is the opening-track 'Take Me Back', 'Man In The    
Moon', 'All Through The Years' and the final track 'Because 
You're So Sweet'.                                           
Many of the tunes opens up with just the vocals and then it 
builds up adding small but significant sounds along the way.
Remove any of them and the track would be less perfect.     
One song that could have been allowed a little extra time is
the song 'Miracle' which would have grown into an epic tune 
where each of its parts could have stood alone as a separate
song, now it seems a bit squeezed into the 4 minutes it is. 
And since the album only is about 45 minutes there sure was 
room left for some experimentation...                       
There's even a song for all those who loved the 'hard-core' 
Erasure of 'Love To Hate You' on the 'Chorus' album. This   
time it's called 'Run To The Sun' and is bound to be releas-
ed as a single. Sadly so, because I think it's the weakest  
tune of the whole album.                                    
I has been almost 3 years since their last release,(I'm not 
counting the 'Abba-esque' record nor the 'Pop' collection), 
and I think it looks like Vince and Andy is back to teach   
the world what Erasure is really about. I know they both    
regrets the Abba-esque album by now, as Andy said 'It killed
everything that was Erasure and what Erasure stood for.'    
'It's a great record and it was real fun to make, but it got
a bit too big.' I agree, and I hope that 'I Say I Say I Say'
will be at least as big and perhaps even bigger. It sure has
the potentials. I'll give it 9 out of 10!             r-Cade

As a big fan of the OLD Pink Floyd records I really was in
X-TAZY when I first heard the single 'Take It Back'!
But somewhere in the middle I wondered 'Have they done what
most groups sometimes do? Like MEATLOAF? Squeeze more money
out of the SAME OLD STYLE AND MUSIC? Well... even if that's
the case I really DONT MIND! The album is a milestone in
in the history of an AWESOME group... P I N K   F L O Y D

THE DIVISON BELL throws Pink Floyd back to the sound of the
brilliant records 'Wish You Where Here', 'The Wall' and
ofcoz 'Dark Side Of The Moon'! With awesome production by
David Gilmour and Bob Ezrin! (as on The Wall!)

The first track on the album 'Cluster One' is a bit odd but
is a REAL experience in high volume and headphones!

The highlights on the album is:
'COMING BACK TO LIFE' and 'KEEP TALKING' featuring Stephen
Hawing on 'Vocals' or should I say SPEAK-SYNTHETICS ?!

The record will reach it's highest peek on the last track   

'Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young
 In a world of magnets and miracles
 Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary
 The ringing of the division bell had begun'

Not ONLY because I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd will I give it
a high rating but it's a very good album with more highs
then lows... and it's not a typical 90'ties album!
No less then 8 out of 10 would be fair!               d-Zire

 0 out of 10 no more no less!                         d-Zire
'The fault lies not with our technologies but with our
 systems.' - ROGER LEVIAN

                    Riding the BoardzZz

              A Guided Tour of the Underground

         (An article taken from MONDO 2000 Issue 8)

   You  are going to hear the Real Voice of the kid down the
block.   He's  handsome, what they call clean cut.  He has a
way  to  go before he passes the law's marginal threshold of
eighteen  years,  and  he's  been online for over two years.
You'd never guess that he can talk like this.
   He  starts out talking tough, and ends with high idealism
that  teachers  hope  to  generate  in  their kids.  But his
contempt for the education that America offers him is total.
His  education is taking place on the wire.  He's growing up
in  cyberspace,  growing up literate in a text-based culture
that  the  kids have created for themselves.  And at school,
he  says,  the computer illiterates are grooming him for the
car  wash.  Does he scare you?  Very good.  This is what the
best  young  minds  are hacking from what they percive to be
present  reality.  And as one of the Boards tells you as you
log in:  Future?  No future!  Listen now.    - St.  Jude
I  dial...  and at the delicious sound of the tone...  punch
in  the  magic numbers that will permit me to make thousands
of  dollors  worth  of calls, courtesy of my new-found host.
Another night on the line.
   For  me,  this  all  started  a few years back, at reform
skewl.   A  very good phriend introduced me to the wonderful
world  of  Cybercrime.  He dazzled me with tales of breaking
into files of the head of the skewl and forwarding telephone
calls   for   Grand   Central   to  the  homes  of  disliked
acquaintances.   Being  the mischievous little fucker that I
was, and having the fortune to be blessed with a sharp mind,
I  saw  a  golden  oppertunity:  to wreak havoc in a new and
intellectually  stimulating way.  When I obtained a computer
the   following  year,  I  had  no  trouble  keeping  myself
   The top of one of my favorite anarchist newspapers reads,
'Information  Is  Strength.   Knowledge Is Power'-truer than
ever   in   what   we're   told   is  the  Information  Age.
Fortunately,  by  the  time  I  had  learned  enough to be a
significant   threat,  I  had  also  learned  to  be  fairly
   As  you  know,  the hacker-as-villain was invented by the
currupt  swine  in  our  government,  and perpetuated by our
media.  As most of you probably also know, the government is
full  of  shit.   Our  old  buddies  in office fight to keep
people over those they supposedly serve.  America truly is a
melting  pot - the scum rises to the top and everyone on the
bottom gets burned.  But I digress...
   Anyway,  there  are  very few hackers who fit the villain
description.    Those   hackers   who  are  belligerent  and
destructive  are  generally ostracized by the rest of the HP
(Hack/Preak)  community.  There was a recent post on a board
by  some idiot who stated that you should juice a system for
all  it's  worth  and  then  crash it, destroy everything on
there.   The responses he got from other hackers ranged from
insults to outright threats.  Assholes like this represent a
problem not only to victims they abuse, but also to the rest
of the underground community.
   That  settled,  we  can get on with this.  When you enter
the  world  of the computer undergound, you're going to have
to nevigate through a virtual ocean of jargon.  A term which
you may not know is 'phreak.' The word is 'ph' as in phone +
freak.   It  comes from that ancient time of Peace, Love and
Happiness (not to mention Grass, Acid and Fellatio) known to
us  as the late 60's.  Everyone who was anyone back then was
some  kind  of freak - so we're told.  Those freaks who were
fond of abusing the telephone system were Phreaks.
   Probably  the  most  famous  phreak was Cap'n Crunch, who
placed  a  phone  call around the world to himself using the
wonderful  (and now obsolete for most U.S.  phonelines) Blue
Box.   While I'd love to tell you about Cap'n Crunch and the
phorephathers  of  phreaking,  I'm  merely  going  off  on a
tangent.   If  you'd like to learn more, get yourself a copy
of  'Secrets  of  the  Little  Blue  Box,' which appeared in
Esquire in 1971.
   Anyway,  a  phreak  is  to  phones  as  a  hacker  is  to
computers.  Phreaking includes breaking into and dialing out
from  PBXs, tapping phones, ETF (Electronic Toll Fraud), and
most  other  exploratory  or experimental activity involving
phonelines or phone networks.
   A phreak is one who phreaks.
   OK.  Here are some other terms:

BBS  OR  BOARD  -  a  computer  Bulletin  Board  System.  An
underground  BBS  is  a  place where members of the computer
underground   can  call  and  exchange  files,  as  well  as

BOXING - Using a 'box.' Boxes are devices made to manipulate
the  phone  system.   The  Black Box allows anyone calling a
similarly  equipped phone to avoid any charges.  The Red Box
simulates  the  tones  made  by a pay phone to indicate that
money has been inserted, thus allowing unlimited phree calls
from  many  payphones.  There is a multi-use everything box,
the  Rainbow  Box, which is most useful in Europe, available
from our Dutch friends.

CODEZ  -  Phone numbers and authorization codes allowing one
to make free phone calls by way of extenders, such as PBXs.

CODEZ KID - A term used for people who exist in the computer
inderground  merely  to  find  codes  for making free calls.
They  are  looked  down  upon  by  real hackers and phreaks,
because of their ignorance.

CARDING - Purchasing with a fraudulent credit card.

HPCAV  - An abbreviation for Hack Phreak Card Anarchy Virus,
which  sums  up major interests in the computer underground.
Virus,  of  course,  refers  to  computer viruses and Trojan
horses.  Another popular term is HP, Hack/Phreak.

PIRATE  -  (Also  called  a cracker) One who cracks the copy
protection on copyrighted software.

PBX - Private Branch Exchange, a local phone network usually
internal  to a corporation.  Phreakers find an access number
into  a  PBX,  then  dial  an  authorization  code to get an
outside line, for unlimited planetwide calls, toll-phree.

SOCIAL  ENGINEERING  - Conning favors or infomation (such as
passwords  or codes) from authorized personnel by pretending
to  be a fellow employee or a hapless customer.  Contrary to
popular  belief,  this  is the way many accounts, passwords,
and other nice things sought by hackers are obtained, rather
than by brute-force hacking.

VMB   -   Voice   Mail   Box.    You   know  what  this  is.
Hackers/Phreaks/codez kidz use them several ways.  One, this
is  a  way others can contact hir, since a hacker will never
give  out  hir  real number - that would blow hir anonymity,
the  most  sacred thing to any HP.  Second is for codelines.
A  codeline  is  a VMB that is run by a phreak/codez kid who
puts  voice messages with news, calling card and credit card
numbers,  codes,  accounts  on  various  systems,  and other
current goodies.

   There   are  several  varieties  of  underground  boards.
First,  there  are  the  HP boards.  On a good HP board, one
would  expect  to  find  many HPCAV files to download.  This
sort  of  board  also  supports a message base where one can
correspond with other members of the computer underground on
everything from hacking to music.
   These  message bases are by no means limited to the board
itself,  either.   There  are  scores  of  nets in exstence,
linking  only  a  few  local boards, or dozens of boards all
over   the  country.   There  are  even  some  nets  in  the
underground  that  are  international  - linking underground
bulletin boards from countries all over the world.
   The  other  main  type  of  board  you  will  find in the
computer  underground  is  the  Pirate  or 'Warez' board.  A
'Ware'  is  copyrighted  software,  and the warez boards are
centered  around  software  collecting,  cracking,  cracking
groups,  and related activities, with less of an emphasis on
HP.   I  will  go  into  more detail about 'warez dOOdz' and
their  little  subculture later.  Most of them are even more
ingnorant than codez kids.
  Not  all  boards fall solely into one of those categories;
many  have  aspects of both.  There are also boards that are
more  specific than the above, like boards that deal stricly
with  viruses  and Trojan horses.  And, while there are many
people  who  are interested in both HP and also like to play
games,  there  is  an  element  of antipathy in the HP scene
toward  people  who  devote  all  their time to getting more
games  and  who  really  don't know jack-shit about anything
else.  Also, there's the hardware elitism factor.
   You  see, games distributed in the pirate world are often
huge  - we're talking upwards of half a dozen megs a pop for
some of them.  This places importance on high speed (9600bps
and   up,  preferably  HST  or  dual  standard)  modems  and
extremely  obese  (from  a  few  hundred  megs  to up in the
gigabytes) hard drives.  What has happened is that users are
restricted  on  the pirate boards just because of there data
rate.   I know people who would be among the most productive
there, but are denied membership because they transfer files
at  2400  bps.  Not only that, but it seems that any rug rat
with  parents rich/stupid enough to shell out $900-$1200 for
a  modem  is  immediately  eligible for membership.  This is
ridiculous.   I've  seen  supposedly  elite  warez dOOdz who
can't  even  operate their fucking PCs without a menu-driven
shell  program.  Pathetic, eh?  I shit you not.  I think the
intelligentsia  of  the pirate community better do something
about this crap before it's too late.
   Now,  in  the pirate scene and all its lameness, there is
an island of intelligence.  This is the people who crack the
games.   Cracking  is the process of removing or defeating a
copy  protect or other protection from copyrighted software.
On any decent pirate board, all the games and other software
will be cracked - most of this thanks to cracking groups who
compete with each other.  This competition guarantees both a
wide  variety of new games for the warez geeks and losses of
millions of dollors for the software companies who should be
getting  something  out of this, but don't.  If you log onto
any  decent  pirate  board, you will see captions such as '0
day  warez,' which means that many of the games sold down at
your  local Softdick Software store are available to pirates
as  soon  as or even BEFORE they are available to customers.
Heh heh, it's good to be a computer criminal, yes?
   Now  that  I've covered the quality underground boards, I
should  probably  fill  you  in  on  what  I refer to as the
'SubLame' scene.  I call it that because in the underground,
there  is  elite at one end of the spectrum and there's lame
at  the  other.   Codez kids and warez dOOdz are examples of
lameness.   A  great  hacker  who  really  knows his shit is
elite.   Technically  only the top 2 to 5% qualify as elite,
but  in  a  real sense, elite means any high-caliber hacker.
In  the  SubLame  scene,  they  don't  even make it onto the
   Picture  a  sublamer:   you  enter  the  room of a junior
high/high  school male.  Clothes and garbage hide the floor.
The  walls  are shingled with bullshit band posters.  In one
corner  of  the  room,  you can hear the slow peck-peck of a
keyboard - the little geek has never really learned to type.
Look  over there and see the back of a head of scraggly long
hair,  and  a  neck full of pimples.  You can almost see his
breath.   Congratulations,  you've  met  him  in  the flesh.
Lucky you.
   Ofcourse  this  is  only a stereotype.  There are girls -
few  and far between - even some genuinely cool people.  Who
knows,  there  may  even  be  some people who read MONDO and
therefore  must  be  cool,  right?   I myself started out by
calling these boards, but I've evolved.
   These boards are the easiest to find and get onto.  There
are billions of them out there, kinda like mosquitoes.  They
are  generally  put up by some local kid without much to do.
One way to distinguish them from decent HP and Pirate boards
is  the  precentage  of  LD - long distance - users.  HP and
Pirate  boards  will  have more than 50% LD users.  Sublamer
boards are populated almost entirely by local callers.  Many
of  the users have met and know each other personally.  They
even  get  together  for social events organized through the
BBS, meet at the mall, or go to the movies.
   Another thing about these boards is that most of them are
warez  wanna-bes.   They  generally  have  copyrighted stuff
online  and  always try to get new warez.  Most of them have
'security,'  which  translates  into  not  letting  you have
access to the 'elite' shit unless they 'know yer cool.' This
means  they  call you voice (rare) or you sound cool to them
in  your  application  for  access.   They want to make sure
'you're  not  a Fed or anything, dude,' because they seem to
think  that  the average federal agent has nothing better to
do  than  go  after  fourteen-year-olds  trading copyrighted
games.  Man, do they live dangerously.
   As  for  the  message subs (subjects), the content of the
conversation  will  obviously  be geared to what they devote
thier  time to, such as who won the ballgame last night, how
far  they've  gotton  with  their  (usually fictitious) girl
friends, who can kick whose ass, and bif Madonna's tits are.
But  there is a characteristic unique to the sublame boards,
and that is warring.
   Warring is, ofcourse, the arguments and insults exchanged
between users on a board.  Sysops on most underground boards
will  tolerate  varying amounts of this and will penalize or
kick  users  off  if  it  gets out of hand.  However, in the
realm  of  sublameness,  warring is encouraged.  Many have a
WAR   Sub,  which  is  a  message  sub  board  which  exists
exclusively  for  users  to  insult  each  other  (and their
mothers).   To  give you a little insight into the psyche of
the  average  sublamer,  let me tell you that on many boards
the  WAR  sub gets as many messages as all the other message
bases put together.
   This  scene  is  mildly amusing nonetheless.  And they do
have a few ties to the real computer underground.  Every now
and  then  you  will  see  one of them on a supposedly elite
board.  The geek in question either slipped through security
due  to a careless sysop or managed to get access to a warez
board  because  his  parents  bought  him  a 12-million-baud
modem.   These  few  people are usually the ones who get the
'Elite Warez,' which are uploaded to all the local boards.


You  know,  a  few years ago I could not change directory in
dos.   I knew nothing about computers, nor phones, nor did I
have  a  clue  about  the workings of our high-tech society.
Then  I  got  a computer, and along with it - a modem.  That
modem  was  the  door  to  a  universe of pure infomation, a
frontier just waiting to be explored.
   A   hacker   is  a  pioneer,  traversing  packet-switched
networks, bridges, outdials and trunks all over the physical
world.   The  hacker  explores  and  maps  out  this virtual
universe  for  hirself  and hir peers, so that they may reap
the knowledge that is there in unspeakable abundence.  Every
underground  board  is an outpost, a spot where the pioneers
can  rest,  exchange  infomation,  form  groups and hear the
current news.
   This  is  how  we  learn.   The  traditional  concepts of
learning  and  teaching  are  rapidly becoming irrelevent in
this society.  All the years of school with all the bullshit
of  my  brainwashed  peers  and ignorant 'teachers' - we all
know  what a farce this has become.  Especially in a country
that  is  continually  whittling  away the meager budget for
education  so  it  can  have  more  bombs  for  murder, more
satellites  and agencies for spying on its own people.  This
is  a new school:  a learning environment where everyone can
work  at  hir  own pace, and no one is 'graded' by biased or
unfair  'teachers.'  This  is  a  place  where  people exist
without  skin  color,  creed or physical disabilities; where
you are judged on one thing alone:  your mind.
   Next  time you see in the news that some fifteen-year-old
kid  had  his door kicked in and his family held at gunpoint
while  the  Secret Service took away his computers and other
possessions,  which  will  never  be returned, remember this
article.   Think  about  Steve Jackson Games.  Think about a
hole  generation  of young people confused by this fucked-up
world,  who  just want to learn, just want to understand how
things  work, what makes things tick.  Think about all that,
and then you decide who the criminals are.


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This  note  should  be  pretty  easy to understand.  All the
warnings from the Punk Rock 101 Courses over the years, it's
my  first  introduction to the, shall we say ethics involved
with  independence and the embracement of your community has
been  proven to be very true.  I haven't felt the excitement
of  listening  to,  as  well  as  creating music, along with
really  writing  something  for  too many years now.  I feel
guilty  beyond  words  about  these things, for example when
we're  backstage and the lights go out and the manic roar of
the  crowd begins.  It doesn't affect me in the way which it
did  for  Freddie Mercury, who seemed to love and relish the
love  and  admiration  from  the crowd, which is something I
totally admire and envy.  The fact is, I can't fool you, any
of  you.   It simply isn't fair to you, or to me.  The worst
crime  I  can think of would be to pull people off by faking
it,  pretending  as  if  I'm having one hundred percent fun.
Sometimes  I  feel  as  though I should have a punch-in time
clock  before  I  walk  out on-stage.  I've tried everything
within  my power to appreciate it, and I do, God believe me,
I  do,  but  it's not enough.  I appreciate the fact that I,
and  we,  have affected, and entertained a lot of people.  I
must  be  one  of  the narcisists who only appreciate things
when  they're  alone.   I'm  too  sensitive,  I  need  to be
slightly  numb  in  order  to  regain  the enthusiasm.  But,
what's  sad is our child.  On our last three tours, I've had
a  much  better  appreciation  of  all the people I've known
personally, and as fans of our music.  But I still can't get
out  the frustration, the guilt, and the sympathy I have for
everybody.   There  is  good in all of us, and I simply love
people  too much.  So much that it makes me feel too fucking
sad.   The  sad little sensitive unappreciative pisces Jesus
man.   I  have  it  good,  very good, and I'm grateful.  But
since  the  age of 7, I've become hateful towards all humans
in general.  Only because it seems so easy for people to get
along  and  have  empathy.   Empathy only because I love and
feel for people too much I guess.  Thank you from the pit of
my  burning  nauseas  stomach  for  your letters and concern
during  the  last  years.   I'm too much of a neurotic moody
person  and  I  don't have the passion anymore, so remember,
it's  'Better  to  Burn  out,  than fade away.' Peace, love,
empathy, Kurt Cobain. April 5th, 1994