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                     it's been many years coming, but finally hit mouse 2 has been released in 2011 at flashback party in sydney town. with 68k code by ript, graphics by synickool and raor, and ahx modules by raor and vicious. use the mouse to select tracks, take a sip, kick back, and pass the rum and smallpox to the person on your right...      hello party goers!  ript here, it's the night before and i'm so fucking tired it took 45 minutes to get right-click to quit into this thing.  but you don't need it anyway.  coppercolours are nice. i think i might grab a beer if there are any left, have a sleep, and then try and finish off the effects in the morning...fuck! we're ot of time! arrrrrrgrgrgggghhhh deadline in 1 second greets go out to. chrome, wow, spc, cydonia, digital access unique and everyone else at flashback 2011 and anyone we forgot at this late hour...                     

hey, you're one of them decomp-and-hexedit or warm-reset-and-browse types! hi! pleased to meet you!

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