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$VER: a DSS/Fairlight/TNSP/Trilobit joint!

amiiiiigaaaaaaah?                  amiiiiiigaaaaah!           the party known as * finnish amiga party * (fap) by 
the * finnish amiga group * (fag) is back. the only amiga-oriented demoparty in the world in helsinki - finland.  
              stay tuned for information regarding our event for two thousand and twelve! (has it really been so 
long already? damn...) preseting this pure ocs collaboration between * digital sounds system * - * fairlight * - 
* tnsp * - * trilobit * for your amy! open a beer - take off your pants - find a friend - smoke a blunt and touch 

hello - accession * adapt * andromeda * bandwagon * bilotrip * budbrain * byterapers * cncd * complex * crionics * 
damones * darklite * da jormas * damage * dekadence * desire * dcs * elude * ephidrena * extend * fit * f * focus design 
* ghostown * gincorporated * htel * haujobb * iris * iso * jml * kefrens * kewlers * ksylitol * lhb * loonies * mad elks 
* madwizards * megahawks inc * melon dezign * mfx * nature * ozone * pants squared * phenomena * polka bros * potion 
* pygmy * pwp * qc * razor * resistance * rno * sanity * scoopex * spaceballs * supergroup * tbl * teklords * the silents 
* traktor * trsi * tulou * unique * up rough * vd - traction said it the best - past is prologue - the best is yet 
to come...                      

*** welcome to the *** megascroller *** - tjoppen says hi! cheers! *** and rest assured - there is some fundamental 
flaw in the view we hold to these matters at hand. perhaps - quite truly - there is indeed a quintessential law in 
the universe that when let to govern us - forgetting our own divinity - is enough to drive the fear into madness and
 the madness into perpetual insanity through which the view becomes warped and destructive. *** yo guys - like our 
blitter routine - it is coded one hundred and five percent by fell of dss. do not try to rip our codes fuckers - we 
will know where you live and we will kill you. *** the challenge for the individual is to practice evolution - to 
learn the lessons of the old stories so we no longer need to repeat them - and to remind ourselves that the critical
 mass of humanity involved in this evolution will change the world from inside out. we are living a positive future 
- practising heaven - and designing a bridge which the whole humanity will walk. this is our love story- a universal 
love story for the entire universe - you - me - everyone - and every living organism too. *** ok it is nosfe on the 
keys now and we are keeping up the party at the magnificent kindergarden two thousand and twelve demoparty its been 
a long run since the last fap demoparty and now it is finally time to invite you to once again celebrate the true 
beauty of the amiga and all the fine things it can do so - please show up at fap during the change of november december
 this year or if you cant come there be sure to send some nice remote entries we can enjoy and fap with also i would 
like to make sure that all of you know that finnish amiga group is still alive and still kicking and still making the
 best possible white amiga productions. we will always prevail. we hear rumors that ddt sold out truck - but is it all
 true? one just has to wonder. also the bath tub here at kindergarden is warm soon so it is gonna be some nude man on 
man action which is for sure gonna be the highlight of this fine party. there is nothing more beautiful than nude men 
enjoying each other in the warm water that has been brought upon us from the fine spring up in the norwegian mountains.
 we love all the organizers who made it possible for us to enjoy this beauty in this world. also i have some personal 
fuckings to send out to w * fuck you and die already. now giving the keys away to someone else for a while. fuck that
 shit! it is the guy you love to love at the keyboard * t-ioi. boozing it here at binderharden two thousand nine 
hundred and twelve. the scene loves you with both barrels loaded - so come the fuck to fap - helsinki - finland. meet
 the idols - meet the fuckers - meet the randoms - meet the hoboes. bring a prod - we will watch it together. do not 
bring the family. peace with you - my peace i leave you. t-lol signing off. godverdomme!!! i mean yeah moonlanguage 
and party and booze and people and happyfuntimes. if you are not at kindergarden you have no choice but to go to finnish
 amiga party. you must. always. party hard! special thanks to dozer and nerve for picking us up from some random 
norwegian trainstation in the middle of fucking nowhere... hugs and kisses from .nlland land... haohmaru signing off 
so moar booze! * and now a word from ddt - amigaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! * ok it
 is nosfe on the keys again and this time it seeeeeeeeems that there has beeeen some drunken action going around so
 some nice male nudeness was much to be loved. we at the finnish amiga group do prefer men to be naked. all the time.  
*** i would like to use this space to talk about a difficult subject * sometimes i wish the demoscene was more about 
sharing technology and accomplishments openly and building a collaborative collection of reusable components with the 
better understanding of obscure tech and the artistic possibilities of computing platforms * what the very act of 
exploration of limits has made possible - instead of having more dots on the screen and the highest particle count than
 the previous person it could just be an addendum on a techsheet with an unexpected path of numerous implementations 
stemming away from it like a multibranched wonderous tree escaping beyond the conventional limits of the group of people
 that so like to name themselves as a cohesive one - a scene. branches without the burdens of scene cliches by people
 totally outside the scene norms. as time goes by the shock effect of new limit definition still seems to linger while
 it does not have quite as strong a bite as it used to. maybe it is just a sign that i have grown a tolerance on it. 
if this comes across as a soapboxy and joy killing preaching speech that is definitely not my intention. i simply wish 
there was more available as a form of the fruits of labour the countless untold hours of hardware hacking and algoritm 
optimization than the demos themselves - something that gives them life as building blocks instead of static artworks 
to derive and copy from - something that has more substantial gifts to give to the viewer than the possibility for 
imitation and copy. maybe what i seek does not exist at all and it is but a silly fever dream of an idealist. it is a 
possibility i have dreaded and grudgingly accepted. maybe the only way to be sure is to wait and let the history to be
 written. after all we are the ones who are living it now - most of us unaware and uncaring of the cultural signifigance
 this superficially simple medium has. *** hello there - arvenius on the keys. thanks to visy for letting me drop some 
letters in this oldschool amigaaaaah production. kudos to aegis * legend and tempest for the really awesome tunes! i 
hope everyone at kindergarden is having a good time and boozing happily. maybe i will actually make it next year as 
well... keep the amiga-spirit alive * visit this great event in helsinki at the end of november and help out the fags to
 have a really good fap. always remember kids - only amiga makes it possible. greetings to *all of my scene-friends 
reading this* and everybody i forgot. arv out... ***                                          

party.compos .small.intro.^.bootblock.^.