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TUBE PACK #21.                                                              BBS INTRO - NO LIMITS                MELTDOWN - XLNS AND ABSENCE              PERVER ILLUSIONS - GEMINI              INTRO - THE SPECIAL BROTHERS            PSYCHADELIC ABSENCE - SHADE                   LA WEIRD - CAVE                       BBS INTRO - PARADISE                                                                                                                                                                          No_LimitsExAbGeminiTSBShadelaweirdParadiseþÿ	'0123          YEAH!       TRIX/DEXION    IS BACK WITH YET ANOTHER PACK. THIS TIME IT IS..      TUBE PACK #21        FAST MENU CREDITS..     CODING BY.. PET     MUSIC BY.. 4-MAT/ANARCHY     GFX BY.. NATRIX        SPECIAL GREETS TO...       CRUSADERS (BUSTMAN)     BRAINSTORM (CHESTER)     NO LIMITS (SLAYER)     HYPNOSIS (ROCKET)     SILENTS (BLACK EYE, LORD D)     FAIRLIGHT (CHUCK)     NORTHSTAR (DEATHBRINGER)     HORIZON (STRANGER)     QUARTEX (THE SPECIALS)     CRYSTAL (JAFFA, WEIRD ED, FIREFOX)     FLASH PRODUCTION (PRIDE, BLUTCH)     REBELS (JAKE, BOZO)     UNITED FORCES (GUARDIAN)     DEFJAM (PENNYWISE)     ECSTASY (TAURUS)     COMPLEX (HYDE)     CRYPTOBURNERS (JACKMIX)     DUAL CREW (STOOKIE)     VISION (STINGRAY)     VERTIGO (APACHE)     CYTAX (AMPHETAMINE)     PHENOMENA (COLOR)     SUBWAY (BISCROK)     ANARCHY (MOLE)     AMAZE (FIRECODE, FILEPPETTO)     RAZOR 1911 (MANTRONIX)     AURORA (RED DRAGON)     KEFRENS (TOXIC)     SCOOPEX (REDSKIN)     POSSESSED (TIGER)         BYE!