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TUBE PACK #19                                                         DEMO                         DECAY      INTRO             FLASH PRODUCTION      EUPHORIA DEMO           THE GIANTS      INTRO                       REBELS      SENTINEL INTRO           DICTATORS      SENTINEL ISSUE 2         DICTATORS                                                                                                                                                                                                           Decaydemoslide.introEuphoriaRebelsintroPotionþÿ	%+23456                         TRIX/DEXION®  PRESENTS...     TUBE PACK #19     FAST CREDITS FOR THIS MENU....   PET (CODING)    NATRIX (LOGO+FONTS)    4-MAT/ANARCHY (MUSIC)                  SPECIAL GREETS TO...      ROCKET/HYPNOSIS     CHESTER/BRAINSTORM     BUSTMAN/CRUSADERS     TAURUS/ECSTASY     MOLE/ANARCHY     CHUCK/???     PENNYWISE/DEFJAM     JAFFA AND FIREFOX/ANGELS     STINGRAY/VISION     DEATHBRINGER/NORTHSTAR     BLUTCH AND PRIDE/FLASH PRODUCTION     APACHE AND DRIFTER/VERTIGO     SLAYER/NO LIMITS     STRANGER/HORIZON     YANKEE/ADDONIC     HYDE/COMPLEX     COLOR/PHENOMENA     ALCOHOL/BETRAYAL     FIRECODE/AMAZE     BISCROK/SUBWAY     AMPHETAMINE/CYTAX     DEFCON 5/SUPPLEX     CRIMELORD/ALPHA FLIGHT     RED DRAGON/AURORA     FRAP/MAGNETIC FIELDS     FRONT/TRISTAR AND RED SECTOR     LORD D/SILENTS     JACKMIX/CRYPTOBURNERS     TOXIC/KEFRENS     BOZO AND JAKE/REBELS            OUR CONTACT ADDRESS COMMING UP..     YOU CAN WRITE FOR EVERYTHING YOU MIGHT HAVE IN YOUR MIND....                           DEXION HQ  -  P.O.BOX 168 - 5100 ODENSE C - DENMARK.       LAMERS, STAY AWAY!!!!!                       ENJOY THE PACK AND DONT DO ANYTHING I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE, OKAY!     BYE, TRIX/DEXION                    WRAP!