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TUBE PACK #13                                                                                                                                      FANTASIA DEMO           ZERO DEFECTS                        Fantasia                    INTRO                   NO LIMITS                           Fiskeboller                    MASTER VIRUS KILLER     XAVIER L                            MasterVirusK                    SPACE DEPTS DEMO        IRIS                                Iris                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ä       check my mambo.....    hep! female civilisations.... this is                       é     trix/dexion     ðˆcontroling your mind!!!!!     i have the pleasure to present                        ë    tube pack 13     ðú                       ìyuuuuuu!!!! the time has come to write a new scrolltext for your pleasure.. i hope you like this new pack of mine... ah... julebryg is it!!!       these two members have been kicked out of dexion:    starman   -   future freak (coz of inactive..)     the credits for this menu go to:                    â    coding:   pet    ðˆ gfx: natrix and tox ðˆ    yer... the next tube pack will be with a new cool menu!!!!!!                           åif you havent got an invitation to our dexion x-mas conference 1990 from 26-29 december then you can still make it by writing to this address:            dexion         ðw 168      ðw     5100 odense c     ðw        denmark        ðw      prizes in demo-competition are:      1. prize: 1000 dollars  -   2. prize: 500 dollars  -   3. prize: 200 dollars     ...the prizes in the music, graphic, animation and kick off competition are diffrent hardware!!!!!!                                   ìand now the mambo special greetings from trix of dexion to:       paradox     angels-defjam     scoopex     tristar and red sector     horizon     kefrens     phenomena     addonic     vertigo     crusaders     dual crew     northstar     no limits     subway     supplex     cryptoburners     image     d-tect     anarchy     brainstorm     vision     fraxion     flash production     rebels     cave     hypnosis     amaze     magnetic fields     ecstasy                           ã  always remember:   ðˆ                  ë       dexion        ðˆ                     ñwhat glory is all about.                     óì   cii u in my next pack with a new cool menu..... bye!