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TUBE PACK #7                                                                                                                                 SKID ROW MODULE WARP V1.0           SKID ROW                      WARP              SIMULCRA PLAYABLE PREVIEW           DEFJAM-ANGELS-GENESIS         Simulcra.exe              DRAGONS LAIR II 'TIME WARP' DEMO    QUARTEX                       dl2demo              DEMO                                PARADOX                       Paradox                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            DEXION X-MAS CONFERENCE 1990!                                                 ODENSE/DENMARK FROM 26-29 DECEMBER.                                                   FOR INVITATIONS WRITE TO:                                           DEXION - POSTE RESTANTE - 5000 ODENSE C - DENMARK                                                                                                                            RELEASE DATE: 12 NOVEMBER 1990                                 trix of dexion   presents          tube pack 7     credits for this menu:        coding: pet    gfx: natrix and tox     special greets to:  northstar (deathbringer)      angels-genesis-defjam (zike, conquerer, firefox, weird ed, jaffa, pennywise, traitor)      tristar and red sector (andreas)      addonic (yankee)      ecstasy (taurus)      no limits (slayer)      paradox (chuck)      dual crew (stookie and trigon)      vertigo (apache)      arcane (blutch)      fraxion (lix)      crusaders (bustman)      flash production (the pride)      brainstorm (chester)      subway (biscrok)      vision (stingray)      phenomena (paralysis)      anarchy (mole)      andromeda (mage)      prophecy (mr.turnip)      magnetic fields (frap)      adept (stranger)      hypnosis (rocket)      image (scum)      cryptoburners (jackmix)      cytax (zico)      amaze (firecode)      complex (hyde)      cave (eku)      acme (airbrush)      supplex (defcon 5)      kefrens (toxic)       and to all our friends!   always remember:  dexion - what glory is all about.     cii u       trix of dexion signing off................................................                      wrap!