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                                 TUBE PACK #3                                   
                     MADNESS DEMO            ANARCHY                            Anarchy1
                     NEW INTRO               DEFJAM-GENESIS-ANGELS              DEFJAM
                     NEW INTRO               ANARCHY                            Anarchy2
                     THE SENTINEL            DICTATORS & EUPHORIA               Dictators
                     ANDEMAD                 DIRECT                             Direct1
                     LONG JOHN INTRO         DIRECT                             Direct2
                         Release Date: 4 November 1990                           

       trix of dexion presents   tube pack 3       credits....    coding: pet         gfx: natrix and tox    special greets to:      northstar      no limits      kefrens      angels-genesis-defjam      tristar and red sector      paradox      cryptoburners      vertigo      image      brainstorm      phenomena      dual crew      fraxion      subway      anarchy      andromeda      prophecy      adept      hypnosis      arcane      crusaders      complex      cave      cytax      amaze      magnetic fields   and to all our friends!     always remember:  dexion - what glory is all about.     cii u       trix of dexion signing off...............    wrappel