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   with an incredible high power ... with an undescribable knowledge of coding .... with gods best wishes ... with the experience of lots of quality demos ... with an big number of brain cells ... and of course with the honour of beeing a rich bastard, liteace presents his newest produktion which has even a god like and satisfying name:   ..... one arm (part one) .....                    the amazing and uncopyable style of liteace himself invaded the wires and chips of your amiga with another mindblasting demo which consists a lot of cool commands, amazing bitmaps, faszinating computer voices and of course some aggressive scrolltext that fools ..wizz..!! i think that it's time to roll the credits:    all coding was done by liteace and so was all the fucking graphics... the mega cool tune was made by death star (i just couldn't help myself)                           a special guest is appearing in form of photony of commando frontier (cfr), who is going to write some text in a short period of time.   but right now i am supposed to send a couple of greetings to the following people :  photony (cfr), all guys in the 'ad'(except for two (one could have written this text and the other one could'nt have made the music)), but no names will be mentioned... starfox (you are to good to be a member of noise)... the horny crew (always cool new stuff, and by the way, is the scroll speed fast enough ??... roadrunners (your intro will soon be finnish (promise)... also a hi to all the others in dexion (hey starman and mega mind)...   mechanix (where is that music routine!!!? lamers)    trilogy/taf: thanks for the calls... hope to see your new intro soon... megaforce: your intro will also soon be finnish (i hope) and please send me some stuff... ...   the greetinx seem to end here and that fact is caused by my not existing interest in trading. but unfortunately i cannot avoid to display my telephone number in this piece of computer entertainment, because i made the experience that this is the only way and possibility of meeting the coolest dudes.  so here it is:        zero ... six ... eight ... one ... zero ... seven ... six ... eight ...                and now i pass the keyboard of my friend photony who is just sitting beside me ...                    yo dudes, photony of cfr here.  i am at liteace' place and trying to write some text with that mega lame seka assembler.   fuck it !!!!!!    each time i am trying to move the cursor i am erasing a couple of lines. ya gotta know that i am used to a more comfortable commie ... the sixty four !!!    yep, all ya stupied amiga freaks. i am a really sixty four coder.  but anyway, i am soon gonna switch over to the amiiiiga and i am gonna make some demos as well...  so watch your bloody amiga monitors...    i have to say something about people with one arm. do not laugh now, because that is of course too serious to make jokes about .... but anyway i have to say that the following people do not have two arms, but just one ...    so hi to all these cool one arm bandits:  bernie of ??? , apollon of ad , comic of ad , powerplant from legend and myself of course...     i think i'll handle the keyboard over to liteace again.... one week later .... it has now been one entire week since i started this shit, because i made the mistake of going to the hexagon party. the party was allright but, there were no realy cool dudes to talk to... i have to send a hello to two guys from kefrens called mellica and metallion: nice talking to ya at the party. as you can see, i have improved alot since we talked... talk to ya later...       well it's time to end here i think, so see ya...                    ///////