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       hello guys       
 devils proudly present 
another great production
this time it is done for
     our bbs called     
     --- plan b ---     
    [49] 761-808204     
    [49] 761-private    
 your master is midwife 
 only some short infos: 
 - running on a2000     
 - 68020 power          
 - 2 nodes              
 - 300 mb space         
 for more infos and sum 
 late wares simply give 
 it a call !!!! also if 
 you like:              
- 24h live phone sex    
- crazy chats           
- the ozone hole        
- the dying forests     
- a braindead sysop     
- the airbag in your car
credits for this intro: 
text....kreator and zulu
 well, after a while of 
 silence we strike back 
 with one more powerful 
  production. hope you  
like it and don't forget
 to call your favourite 
     --  plan b  --     
contact me (kreator) for
  joining  devils  at:  
     chiffre 521750     
     7850 loerrach      
also for sum legal elite
 trading, but remember: 
- no answer without disk
- only  e l i t e  !!!!!
greets are going to:    
agnostic front          
       dual crew        
  majic 12              
static bytes            
     the silents        
      the movement      
and to all in devils!   
sorry if somebody is not
mentioned here.         
welcome to our new coder
called zulu.            
more messages by kreator
on the next page...     
to scope of balance:    
hello friend! how do you
like it?! mega thanx for
the last letter!! really
long and cool!  congrats
for  the latest  magbox!
it's getting better from
issue to issue! keep on!
to pride of sanity      
hey man, it took  really
a long time to hear from
you!! what was up? thanx
4 sending those oldies!!
howie of agnostic front 
na kerle, dann spread es
mal! greets to the gyros
deicide of trsi         
yoo satanic sucker! lots
of thanx for the jack d.
bottle to my birthday!!!
what about 2 for x-mas?!
jinx of devils          
great work my friend! do
not  forget  to send the
previews!! and prepare 4
the trackmo  from devils
mr keel of nova         
hey alex!! thank you for
the greets and  wishes u
told deicide for me! you
are a crazy french guy! 
scuba of x-trade        
hello karsten!! hope you
can manage it with those
gfx? call me!           
wotw of the silents     
hi elef! i hope that you
got your abi now?! don't
forget  the easter paddy
man! let's have some fun
there, right? (he,he)   
spycatcher of scoopex   
hey chris!! what's going
on concerning your work?
hope  to see soon more!!
also greets  to exe, the
alcoholic bastard!      
scottie of amnesia      
na holger what's up with
the pictures? i think ya
know what i mean, eh?   
midwife of devils       
hi fufi, wie  findest du
es? cool, wa?!          
gadget of infect        
na dirk, biste  in einem
autowrack verbrannt oder
was is los mit dir?!    
storm of jetset         
jau schlampe!!! have you
still sex with yar impo-
tent, braindead cat??!! 
     okay here are      
    some messages by    
     zulu of devils     
   but first a little   
 if you are  a coder or 
 interested  in writing 
 long letters and doing 
legal friendshipswapping
 then please contact me 
   under this address   
   w-7855 eimeldingen   
 devils - alcoholics    
          and proud     
 mr. magnose/submission 
       hi maggy!        
 falls euer  scene talk 
noch nicht raus ist werd
 ich dir ein paar addys 
schicken. du wirst bald 
    von mir  hoeren.    
     magic/dark star    
 schick doch mal wieder 
    einen brief  mit    
allemanischen spruechen!
hat dir meine story  ge-
 fallen? ich hoffe doch 
     grey/dark star     
wie lauefts denn mit den
grafiken? bist du  jetzt
coder,grafiker oder etwa
 beides?wann kommt denn 
 euer neues intro raus? 
    juggling rules!!    
       hello jinx       
 this is really a great 
i will contact  you soon
   cause i have  some   
questions  and i want to
    introduce myself    
     a  little bit.     
 also  deinen namen hab 
 ich dieses mal richtig 
ich hoffe euere probleme
sind jetzt aus der welt!
die 350 disks  werde ich
mir nacher  noch schnell
eigentlich  schade, dass
 du mit  der szene auf- 
     hoeren willst.     
nur gut,dass du das doc-
view noch fertig machst.
wie siehts  denn mit den
     grafiken aus?!     
 effendi/agnostic front 
   wir kennen  uns ja   
eigentlich nur indirekt.
 wie waers, wenn du mir 
mal schreiben wuerdest?!
ich kenne  naemlich auch
   nicht all zu viele   
   the origin/addonic   
  ich wuerde schon was  
fuer  den message center
schreiben, die frage ist
        nur was!        
danke fuer die grundidee
des  sortieralgorythmus.
 wie weit seit ihr denn 
   mit euerem intro??   
nachdem was ich  gesehen
  habe, wird es sicher  
    nicht schlecht!!    
ich werde dich (steffen)
 bald  mal anschreiben. 
ich wollt eigentlich nur
    mal hallo sagen.    
man wird sich  ja sicher
auf der S8 Party sehen!!
hoffentlich  bist du mir
  nicht all zu boese?!  
 sorry no more messages 
cause i ran out of time!
see you                 
alright, kreator is back
on the keys  and i wanna
tell ya to keep on read-
ing 'cause there will be
more messages after this
commercial break!       
and always remember:    
the human race  was born
to make war,to hate each
other. the nature made 1
mistake..... to give in-
telligence  to human be-
ing.        (fred death)
 ..... .     ..... .  . 
 !...! !     !   ! !. ! 
 !     !     !...! ! .! 
 !     !.... !   ! !  ! 
         !    .         
         !    .         
node 1:                 
node 2:                 
 ----  devils whq  ---- 
alright, here  are still
some personal greets  of
kreator left...         
captain jewels of devils
hey vincent how is it at
the university? hope you
have no gays in ya room!
bundy of sonic          
boooahhh!! you have send
some great pictures! was
it your girlfriend ?! or
was it you? (he,he)     
ghostrider of shining 8 
what is with the intro?!
i am waiting for it!    
decca of supplex        
hey darling!! oops, dich
haette ich jetzt beinahe
vergessen! i want such a
sheet, too!!!  (you know
what i mean! he,he). and
always remember.... c.s.
never suxx! yeah!!      
alright, i think i won't
terrorize you any longer
cause this text will end
soon. by the way.... you
can contact the coder of
this piece of art if you
want  to buy a source or
to join devils,too. just
write to this addy...   
      bancel pascal     
     8, rue du stand    
       30000 nimes      
ok, here're the words ya
have been waiting for...
bye bye...              
 kreator is signing off 
  alcoholics and proud  
              text r    
      t             e   
     text restarts   s  
      x         e    t  
      t         x    a  
         tex    t    r  
      r     t        t  
      e         r    s  
      s     r   e       
      t    e    s       
      a   s     t       
      r    t    a       
      t     a   r       
      s     r   t       
           t    s     s 
text      s           t 
    r         t       r 
    e          e      a 
    starts      x     t 
                 t res