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  ....hi dudes !!! this is tcg of           devils           ...this little demo was done at the defeat christmas meeting (26-27-28 december 1990)....credits#           coding and gfx by          tcg....          musak by          kyrom...          logo by...          hydra...          greetings to baby kool (performing my gfx) to red storm (coding)  and blacky (thanks for removing the last small bug !!)            i leave the keyboard to teck bird the best coder of my bunch.  yo  here is               tkb           here i am with all my friends of devils.  and i am fed up with the organization... there is a demo competition but i am too lazy to kill my bugs. it is why my demo will be released later on. by chance i coded a little lame multipart demo and i don't think i will win          now i am tired and i think to my love with... good bye from tkb of devils. ..................   hi guys here speaking casimodo the hunchbacked ....                    captain jewels has deasapeared with ozzy ???? the question  is who fucks who ?  ...............  i think i will stop writing shit !!!!               i'm looking for demo collectors # if you wanna swapdemos and only demos,    not games !!!!!!! then contact captain jewels , if you are interested in swapping sources  i would be pleased to talk to you.....          last but not least .... a mort les fayots vivent les zonards !! i let zac typing ....     yes it's me zac of defeat well i'm not anymore in defeat  i'm now zac of devils 'cause i'm really bored of defeat,  i have been waitin' more than 2 months for some defeat products! but now i can't waste anymore time, hopefully i met some cool  people # wanpus, capt jewels, tcg, teck bird, casimodo,  intruder  all members of devils heh heh!! devils seems to be a really cool  group!!! alcoholics 'n' pround           here at defeat's demoparty, we made lots of crazy things!!! we bought some dog food 'n' we gave it sayin' it was corned beef  and they all ate it!!! but ozzy confiscated my alcool but i won't stay without it very long!  ok i'm gonna end up this silly scrolltext. well captain jewels just told me he drunk all my vodka!  aaaarrrrgggghhhh! ok ok well if you wanna contact us call nua  0208057040540 mailbox devils! bye bye bye...