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 some messys from devils members to the rest of the world: from jinx to dca: you made some nice effects and you should use 'em quickly.     from hydra to nhp: fuck you  hehehe... you should have warned me that you couldn't come to the iris party.     from hydra to mel o'dee from shining: very nice synthetic musics you sent me ..  hope you like mine,see ya soon...     from jinx to nuno: merci pour les zics ma poule.      from jinx to motif: how is going on yar demo?? any other projects?     from tkb to sator: yo my friend hope you like this demo, thanks for your gfx i'll use it soon...      from rhah to ideal,titan,gryzor,nuno,hof,reflex,sun,goofy,conquest: rhhhaaaaaaa lovely !!!!      from nuno to devils: un jour peut etre!!!!!!!   from devils to nuno: chiett!!!     from merlin to sph: cool meeting!!    from youngblood to hades: sorry for not spreading our demo in this meeting...    from hydra to blue track of treacl: i'll send very soon....bye!      from jinx to performer: we have a lot of dentro, mentro, trackmo, megademos for your pleasure.      from tkb to paleface: dont you like these fractals?       from sph/iris to scud/rebels: send my disks back if you dont want to have problems     from nuno to rebels and tsb: did you complete a collection of members ???????  we send greetings to all we met at the party...           

we are sorry to tell you
 that you have reached  
        the end         
of this nice production 
released at the iris    
new year conference the 
28 12 91 at 9 am.       
press right mousebutton 
to pause the scrolling. 
press left mousebutton  
to leave and access to  
the bullshit part.      
in this scroll you will 
     -the credits.      
     -list of people who
      have messages in  
      the next part.    
      the credits       
main coding:            
-------------------- tkb
coding for introduction 
and end part:           
------------------- jinx
main gfx artist:        
------------------- rhah
main music:             
------------------- nuno
some gfx:               
-------------- titan/ats
--------------- mr pixel
------------------ hydra
------------------- jinx
sound fx of intro:      
------------------ hydra
-------------------- tkb
------------------- rhah
------------------- jinx
------------------ hydra
--------- captain jewels
list of greetings'messys
 --     c.jewels     -- 
  marque vincent        
  la jasse de bernard   
  30560 st-hilaire      
 --   tkb (coding)   -- 
  benoit olivier        
  les amandiers         
  30230 rodilhan        
 --  rhah (spread)   -- 
  bechard olivier       
  20, rue pasteur       
  30129 manduel         
 --   jinx (coding)  -- 
  bancel pascal         
  8,rue du stand        
  30000 nimes           

       WELL,LETS INTRODUCE TO A NEW                                                              KIND OF WHAT IS CALLED:                                                                >> SYNTHETIC LANDSCAPE <<                                                              COMPUTED IN THE SO LESS USED                                                           H.A.M. MODE IN AMIGA DEMO WORLD...             OKAY... YOU FOUND IT COOL!                                                           BUT , NOW LETS GO FOR A REALISTIC                                                            >> BUBBLE FRACTALE <<                                                          NOTICE THAT IT USE MORE THAN 150 KBYTES                                                           OF VIRTUAL BITMAP...                 DONT YOU THINK THAT 3D OBJECT NEED                                                      MORE COLORS THAN THE PREVIOUS ONE?                                                               WE THINK SO...                                                                THEN YOU WILL SEE THAT THIS TRACKMO                                                         DESERVE ITS NAME OF COLORS...                                                                                                      NOW YOU WILL SEE SOME SIMPLE,                                                          MANDELBROT AND JULIAS MIXED WITH                                                        THE AWAITED GREETINGS SCROLLS...                                                                                                                                            PLEASE STAND BY WHILE LOADING...                                                                                                                           OK BOYS !!! HERE IS THE NEW PROD. FROM >DEVILS<... YES IT WAS RELEASED AT THE IRIS NEW YEAR CONFERENCE 1991, HELD NEAR PARIS ON 27 28 DECEMBER ... SO WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT   FRACTALS  ANIMATION? IT IS COMPOSED  OF 50 PICTURES EACH ONE  DECRUNCHED EVERY 2 FRAMES, A BIT BEAUTIFUL AND ORIGINAL..NO?... BUT DONT PANIC,PLEASE ,THERE ARE MUCH MORE EFFECTS IN THIS TRACKMO ALL DONE BY TKB IN A FUCKING HANGOVER ...   NOTICE THIS ANIMATION TAKES ABOUT 275 KBYTES                                                                          WHAT! YOU SAY...   AGAIN FRACTALS?... YOU THINK I ONLY KNOW CODING SIMPLE JULIAS OR MANDELBROT???, BUT THEY AREN'T  SO SIMPLE BECOZ THEY ARE COMPUTED IN HAM, EVEN IF YOU DIDNT NOTICE IT, COZ MY FRACTALS  ROUTINE DON'T DISPLAY MORE THAN 256 COLORS, COZ OF THE HIGH NUMBER OF ITERATIONS..    BUT LETS CONTINUE WITH THE GREETINGS...      THEY FLY TO THESE COOL CREWS: ADDONIC - AGNOSTIC FRONT - ALLIANCE DESIGN - AMAZE - ANALOG - ANARCHY - ANDROMEDA - ARCTIC FORCE - ARGON - ARMAGEDDON - ARTEMIS - ATLANTYS - AURORA - AXIS - BASS - BEYOND FORCE - BYTE BUSTERS - CANNABIS - CAVE - CELESTE - COMA - CRYSTAL - CYTAX - DARK DEMON AND COURAGE - DECEPT - DEFCON 5 - DELIGHT - DESIRE - DGSA - DRIFTERS - ENERGY - END OF CENTURY 1999 - EPIC - EQUINOX - EREMATION - FALCONS - FLASH PRODUCTION - GRACE - HARDLINE - INSOMNIA - IRIS - IRONFIST - JESTERS - JLM - JUSTICE - KEFRENS - LSD - LORD DATA - MAJIC 12 - METALFORCE - MOTION - MYSTICS - NOXIOUS - NUNO - NYTEHAWK - OFFWORLD - OMEGA MACHINE DESIGNER - OPTIMAL - OUTRAGE - PHENOMENA - PIRATES - PMC - PROFECY - PULSAR - QUARTEX - QUARTZ - RASPUTIN - R.A.F - RAMPAGE - REBELS - SANCTUARY - SHINING - SILENTS - SOCIETY - SPACE BALLS - SPIRIT - SQUADRON - SYGMA - SYMBIOSIS - SYNTAX ERROR - SYNTEX - T.F.A. - THE BULL - THE RISK INC. - THE TERMINATORS - THE UNTOUCHABLES - THOMAS LANDSBURG - TOXCIC - TRACKERS - TRINITY - TREACL - TRIOMPHWYRAT - TRIXAMIXT - T.S.B. - TWIST - VEGA - VERMIN - VISUAL CONCEPT - WIZZCAT - ZENITH        OUF!! IT IS FINISHED.... 

                end of 1991                        made for you mortals                  by the forces of darkness               a new track demonstration                        called                                 starring                               guest star