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   da desire p0sse is back

  this time just to inform
    you about forthcoming
    issues of our chiptune 
      collector..... . .   .

     ... * c h i p c h o p * ... 

 we have totally new design,
   new code and ofcourse 
 many marvellous chiptunes.

  so what else we need ????

 * your support chipfans!! *

  many thanks to those who 
  have already done that!! 

                  - keep it up!! -

  and the mighty credits......
           ( usual!!!!)

                   * venture *

                   * chipper *

  graphics + design...

                    * d w e l *

 give a call to these boards...

 * acid house * - finhq.


 - no more numbers allowed
   at the moment !! 

 --  social disease ushq
      was kicked out !! 

  we have also thrown out...

                * love design *
          ...and pseudolukian!!

 here are some addresses.. 

  * desire whq *
 karsikkotie 1 c50
   fin-40340 jkl
   f i n l a n d

        * desire ukhq *
        30 aberfan road
       aberfan, mid glam
       cf48 4 qn , the uk

    * desire bhq * 432
    8400 oostende 1 
      b e l q i u m 

  * desire dhq *
 korte tuinstr. 24
 1601 cj enkhuizen
  the netherlands

             * desire ghq *
              dahlienweg 3
            48282 emsdetten
             g e r m a n y

 * facets pussy hq *
   findelstraat 5
   5042 vc tilburg
   the netherlands

   here comes some text to
   those weak persons who
    still have balls to say
   that we stole their idea...
     .... .. . . .. .  .  .    .

           .. sceptic ..
    first of all text is not
     a declaration of war,
    but we just want to tell
  everybody how the things
           really are. 

    it is very obvious that
you released your chipmania
    before we released our
   chipchop. but there is no
  doubt that we had the idea
   first. its quite impossible
   to prove, but we do it now!

    chipchop was invented a
      couple of years ago. 
   but we didnt got a chance
       to make it then !

   we do not understand why
    you are attacking us.
      you did not have an
    advert-section in your
    chipmania before we did.
     after we released our
    first issue of chipchop,
 you guys put advertsection
        to your chipmania!!

      so, you took idea for
     advert-section from us!

  and now when your position
     is being threatened by
    the other groups, which
     produce collections of
       chiptunes, you are
     trying to get more and
     more famous people to
       become editors of

 if you think it is good for
         for your image,
         just go ahead !!

       if you still want to
     accuse us of stealing 
          your ideas and
       so on, be our guest!!

        we do not care!!!!!

 because we know the truth!

     chipchop is not a clone
        of chipmania. it is
     different in many wayz!
        and it will become
     better and we will beat
        you, if you force
            us to do it.

       - editors of chipchop.

 thank you for reading this
    text and thank you for
  supporting us in many ways.
  chipchop will be back soon
  and then you will see what
 is the best chip-collection!!

  . . .flowers to following. . .

   banal projects * stellar *
     alcatraz * movement *
     dcs * pygmy projects
     virtual dreams * cncd
        f.a.i.t.h. * sanity * 
   sonic * kefrens * miracle
       jetset/sr * essence
      spaceballs * supplex

..and the rest who deserve it!

 - d e s i r e  p * s s e 1993

 please, join us again with

          * d e s i r e *

      - tested on animals....

      the text is about to
           restart !!!

                          the end.