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press left mouse button to select a tune, press both mouse buttons to exit                   first some words from the depth anniversary meeting in 2013      yabba-dabba-din mor - it's those fucked up wasted depth guys torturing your screen with this... this ... this... thing... we've been about for 20 years now and we refuse to stop creating havoc.   news: you just changed your handle to fatfartigan. and we find it fairly crude that your mother has our names tatooed on her inner thigh. but, sonny boy, you're gonna have to live with it. about this jubilee thing, it's been obvious that a certain uses his handle to compensate for his uncoolness. - - - folcka here! read very carefully! this is important! i'm here to warn you. the next time you meet a family member, and he or she greets you friendly - don't fall for it! it's a trap! they are already here! they fought their way into the human mind. don't fall for their tricks! they'll try to infect you through your family. kill them all! no mercy! remember, your family are already dead! want to be safe? shoot them before it's too late! kill them all!         allanon at the keys, reporting from the depth 20 year anniversary somewhere in denmark. the summer night is warm, moist and heavy with the alluring effect of anbitter. i'm struggling to decode the local language, but progress is being made: i now believe the combinations of wovels is some kind of binary, possibly trinary, encoding. increasing the alcohol intake makes understanding easier, but unfortunately, we're norwegian wankers. still, all languages can be understood provided of course that you are drunk enough. quedax here at the keys, cant see anything in the night, think where's 28 of something outside in the dark. 28 makes me afraid... ghost'n'goblins music in the background... can't be any more spooky. those were the words from our meeting, obviously this was ment to be released earlier (as the meeting was in september 2013). still, now it's 2014 and it's curt cool at the keys, very sober but still slightly blasted after last weeks 5 days and 100 units (give or take) of alcohol at roskilde. some credz for this funky proddha: coding (fanfare!) the very very villaineous skurk (who farts through peoples windows without those people knowing), graphics (fanfare!) the infamous corel/insane (who doesn't hack servers but sometimes through barbecued meat) and music, some text writing and initiative by (panfare!) the very very ordinary curt cool (who is so bad at the dating game he can't even talk himself into having sex with him). nah. did you think that was funny? magic did - at least if the dutch manage to win tonights world cup game - in fact, he will find anything funny if they do - until they're haplessly beaten by our teutonic german overlords in the final. haha! can you believe that I (mr. curt) teaches high school kids as my day job (at least for the past year and it seems to continue) and leads a fairly ordinary family life? even had a job interview today? but isn't it just super-boring? Gonna spend the next three weeks with wife and kids? zzzzzzz! not scroller material, is it? i'm supposed to behave like a big kid and tell you about all the splifs I smoked at roskilde (which i did) and how drunk i got (slightly, all things considered. had good fun too, living in my usual festival camp (19 years in a row!), drinking arnbitter (danish bitter liquor) every morning and carlsberg black gold for and inbetween all other meals. living around well-educated, very drunk, slightly crazy and somewhat stoned people for five days, listening to pretty great concerts with for instance damon albarn and jack white (my two personal highlights) - also heard the rolling stones (who by the way gave their first 'last gig' before the fall of the berlin wall) and stevie wonder - i believe it might have been the last chance to see the old goats alive and on stage, so i had to - like thousands and thousands of other drunk and stoned, maybe slightly insane festival guests. also listened to a lot of other more or less good stuff. but i'm not much of a technoholic (as this chippack very much suggests) so i can't really say much about the electronic stuff. anyway, i think techno and live music is still a slightly odd combination. one or two guys stuck behind a keyboard or their computers just isn't much of a live show. maybe one should just listen at home... well, time for some greasy, sticky, stinky (and totally fresh) greets from mr. cool     corial, blueberry, optima, puryx, dwarf, novel, dodge, adellan, crown, asle, zeg, ags, tecon, olle, bstrr, psycho, santa, maytz, teo, black dragon, magic and the load of people having been kind enough to befriend me on facebook or even linkedin - see you on some future party i hope, sofa scening is not for me in the long run - and of course all forgotten and all contacts past and present, should anyone feel like writing me, please do, i'm not that hard to find (if you can't, you're a lamer and i don't want to have contact with you - haha!). and of course, last, but not least, to skurk and corel for working with me to make this happen.    see you around, everyone!  and now it's 2016 and it's (dadum) revision time! well, in a week anyway, and finally it seems that this may be released at ze german eazter party... so it's time to party again, get wasted, act like a lunatic and of course, needless to say, remember to pee. and watch demos on the big screen. make silly tunez that the young oldies and the old youngies will ask you about (whether you will turn it down or have your face smacked up that is). and  ... get outside by the fire and drink some nice german beer. and then it ends and it's back to the wife & kidz with a nice fine hangover, or so i predict - so greetings to everyone at revision. i'm sure there's a splendid time guaranteed for all (and otherwise I guess there's always steel/darklite's bar to help getting to different, drunken planets). curt sez cu!     corel on the keys..... many thanks to curt cool for letting me have this possivbility to join this production as a guest and to skurk for bringing me onboard and giving great feedback along the process. from what i know this is now released during revision and i really would like to be present like my fellow crew members in insane, but not this time, so consider this as my contribution to revision... party on dudes and hope to see you soon again in an upcoming party.... // corel          and now a few word from your favorite skurk, namely skurk. this is my first release in a while, i've been busy working on a pet project that will be released at a party soon... hopefully. as you may know, growing up means letting go of some of that late night fun time coding sessions...   anyway, this production was made in record time! the biggest thanks from me goes to corel who took the challenge and did all the graphics for the demo in a matter of days. colour me impressed.    anyway, it is now time to pack the demo and pass it on to curt cool so he can release it... hope you all have an amazing party and see you all (or at least some of you) at solskogen 2016!                               text restarts