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    803 36 GAVLE    

IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD US BACK!        DEFCON PROUDLY PRESENTS A FUCKING INTRO....       CONTACT US FOR JOINING OR SWAPPING. ADDY IN BACKGROUND!!!!!        FIRST WE WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME OUR NEW GREAT MEMBER ACE!!!       AND NOW THE GREETINGS (IN NO SPECIAL ORDER) %%%%               SPECTRE             THE GANG            WIZZCAT              PUSSY                ACME               ADEPT            ALPHA FLIGHT           AURORA             EUPHORIA          MIDNIGHTSUN            ALIVE              ABSENCE             HYPNOSIS        DELICIOUS DREAMS         DAZZLE             NEW ORDER            AWESOME         SWEDISH POWER        BYTE BUSTERS         STRANGERS           DICTATORS              RAGE           HARMAN KARDON           MULTUM              TECHNOS             BIONIC        AMIGA ACTION FORCE     DIGITAL BOYS           RELAX               D-TEC                ICE             DIGITAL GNUS         MIGHTYMUZ           MEGALIGHT             SPARTA            BAD TASTE              TAU                Z.A.G               GORGES             TRUSSARDI          YOU CAN ALSO WRITE TO ONE OF THESE ADDY'S FOR SWAPPING!       M.WIMARK  (SPOOKY)   FRAMSTAVAGEN 22       804 25 GAVLE           SWEDEN             OR TO THIS ADDY       R.EKLUND  (FAITH)    SKALBYGATAN 44     724 76 VASTERAS          SWEDEN       CREDITS%      CODING AND FONT % GIPZY KING        LOGO % FAITH        MUSIX % ENFORCER        GREETINGLIST % SONIC            THE MEMBER LIST (IN NO SPECIAL ORDER) %%%%%%%            % SONIC &           % SPOOKY &         % ENFORCER &          % ACE &            % BARRAC &          % FAITH &         % GIPZY KING &         % TRAZ &       [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[     C U SOON!!!!               [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[