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 - deadline sf -                         presents        a new intro
        c o d e         - venture -                       
g r a p h i c s      - xendi -         - visage -                   
       m u s i c        - nutcase -      yo'n'hello !! deadline - 
again - apporoaches you with this tiny intro... like those 
'laxifractals' above..? i think that the texter doesn't fit on them...
 but i was ordered to do a little texter, so you can't complain, 
can you? ....well, it's venture at the keys..... i send my personal
 greetings to :  # mick/dual crew #     # gator/stellar #     
# ratbone #     # voyager # , and to all # deadliners # ( members 
of deadline ) and to my other 'contacts' - terve !! well, at the 
moment i'm sitting in my home and eating pizza ( opera ) ..mmh.. 
tastes good and costed only 22 marks !! cheap ! ( in finland)
 monday i have germany exams.. and i think it would be better, if i 
would be studying to them than writing these....well.....scrollers.. 
..i'd like to have some coder-contacts ... so, if interested,just 
write to:               venture/deadline         
         riistapolku 2            
          60100 sjk               
    now it's xendi on the keys.. i hope you like this intro (i'm quite
 sure you like this, because you have read this  text so far)  ahh, i 
love nutcase's music! he's one of the best in finland! vote him or 
xendi comes and kicks your ass! i think he must be on the eurochart.. 
     joo, asiasta kolmanteen.. osaatko koodata? liity meihin, heti! jos
 vapaaehtoisia ei loydy, taytynee kayttaa pakkokeinoja. luja isku 
niskaan ei olisi pahitteeksi...  now i run out of ideas.. see ya.. hey,
 did you know that we are going to release a book? it starts something
 like this:

  those always-so-funny guys from  
  entertains you again with this   
     nice intro... enjoy it!       
        released on week 40        
    at first a small credit to     
    -rock lobster of diffusion-    
    for this one-coloured font!    
 we have a couple of new members!  
 a warm welcome to our new members 
        - tatu / swapper -         
        - venture / coder -        
 and i -xendi- hope that you have  
       a great time with us!       
 our members in finlandia          
mellow-d                      music
nutcase                       music
tatu                           swap
venture                        code
visage                     graphics
xendi                      graphics
makes 6                            
we are searching for more coders   
so venture can also rest sometime! 
if you think you are a crazy-n-cool
coder who want great gfx / music to
own productions -try us! our group 
is based on pure friendship! you   
saw it on our memberlist.          
    we don t need any organizer    
       --- join us today ---       
 for joining and gfx swapping      
          mikko alasaarela         
          toivontie 60             
          90530 oulu               
    call  981 - 545590 / mikko     
           -only finns-            
 for own productions swapping      
          aki ehoniemi             
          v. sotilastie 13         
          00850 helsinki           
  remember! only own productions   
 for elite mailtrading             
          tatu tiala               
          tuomaankuja 4            
          69950 perho              
    more elite contacts wanted!    
 for sample-n-music swapping       
          sami saarnio             
          puolaharju 24 c          
          00930 helsinki           
 nutcase quitted normal swapping!  
 messages from xendi to            
 holyone/crack inc. - hey man! you 
 can t bribe me to join crack inc. 
 with one 3m-diskette. let s make  
 a deal -how about 3? -just joking 
 nighthawk/m12 - hello mate.. you  
 seem to forget a lot of things... 
  anyway you are a great friend!   
 split/balance - cool letters m8!  
 i m waiting for next one...       
 venture/deadline - everytime so   
 crazy calls -be alike forever!    
 ok... tatu sends his hellos to    
alcatraz - rebels - gothic - zenith
 wizzcat - crack inc. and to the   
 visage sends his fast hellos to.. 
   sonic-dual crew-parallax-pmc    
 and to the rest...                
 we are going to release a new     
 packserie.. wait for it..         
it ll cause a big pain to your neck
   deadline productions in 1992