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~ DARKLIGHT   Hallo guys !! ²here We are Again !!!~Magic Mind   MAgic mind is typing ! use f1-f4 for members and esc to get to the infosquare . press - n - for next writer and - g - to jump to the greetinx !! find some other funktions by yourself ...   and now enjoy the party-demo and his guests:~     5              ~     4               ~     3                ~     2              ~     1               
~     0              ~   MURPHY     hello guys murphy is screaming...      here is 
our party demo ,which we finished on the alphaflight-powerslaves and vision factory 
copy party.   ~copycopycopy  we are in a great room but without air condition 
and in this case it is very hot here.~sweating!!!!   here are many computers 
and lots of cool freaks ~   message   hi deejay its nice to sit at home ,isn t it? 
i think not , but nevermind i will send the progs as fast as i can , ok ?
hope that you will come to the next party in this area ,i'got many invitations 
for parties in holland ,but i will tell you about it on the next phonecalling
 ,see you !!!         ~   murphy       i have a problem ,it is so hot that i 
don't know what to write and in this case i give the keyboard to magic mind...
  bye bye............              ~Magic Mind    HI  g g g g guys Magic mind 
is typing . by the way i am here on this great copy-party in -geffen- (holland)
 !! gdsu,ju nöcykgfhnölkjandäl that was ein bisschen ausflippen 
 da ich nicht mehr weiss was ich schreiben soll ! and now in english
panic everzwhere (shit german keycodes!!) made me feel so stoned that i lost
control of my fingers !! I dont know what to write so i just fuck off
the keys to somebody else .... bye bye    gez  Magic mind of darklight!!!!
    ~   NOVEX          come to where the sudder blooms !   novex are now talking
 :  we are adyton,stream and the rawhide !  we are making a cool intro-disk
together with darklight ! with the new intro made within 10 hours by adyton
of novex !   sound was done by stream !     for the future we will plan a 
 cool copy-party together with darklight !      wait for invitations !  
 that were the party-news from novex !      ~New Order     new order is now writing a 
few lines into this scrollbar. i (digital spirit) want to say something
to the members of darlight. keep creating such nice demos as i saw. moooieehi        guys !! here is morrissey of ~black octagon      ! i think this copy party is very nice
~BlackOctagon       Black octagon is here !!! i ( morrissey ) am typing here ! this copy party
is very great !! i want to greet all guys of darklight !!! bye at this way !!
    ~Genesis/AFL   ok guys..this is genesis of afl. the party is really good but the room is 
very crowded and also hoooooot. i think we better stop now, coz we have to go
now....oh i forget i wanted to greet some people..ok here comes the greetings..........
oder doch nicht........i want to greet: my omi , opi , mamma , papa ( huhu papi..
i am on the computer... huhu). ok now the real greetings: greetings to all people
we know...bye!  ~Black Flag, here is Black Flag writing,
of -Bionic Force- and i want to greet all freaks on this super copy-party. hi to
 |Merlin    yeah it is great........message to all guys:   watch out for a new
 sounddisk of myself.......bye !!!! ~Hardy/Dope   aahhhhhhahhhhuu ...  Here is Hardy of
 DOPE typing now .... just a few short msgs : 1st wait for our new roleplaying game , and
 dont copy it , BUY IT . 2nd the party is really great , but here it is very hot .
 3rd just short greetings : Scoopex , DDC , RSI , BCG , TSL , impact , spirit . thats all !!
     aaaarrrrgggghhhh...... ~Moonwalker   here is now moonwalker of the silents typing. i am a new
 member of the silents. the party is hot like a wet girl!!  now some soulsonics to:
 defjam, the band (norway), rsi, dope, acc, ibb, supreme, quartex, eclipse..... thats
 all from me....   ~Vision        hello dudes !! this is jetaza of vision !!!  first i want to
 send some special greetings to darklight and to our new members command.
 the party is nice here but much to hooooottt !!!   ~Stream        stream again !   i've forgot
 to greet our second musician !!!   hi esquire, sorry for this late greeting, but
 there are many other things we had to do !!!!   ~Vision          yeah.. jetaza is right , it is really hot in here..
 i was waiting on a friend of minalled thunderboy and he should be here for hours ,  but he only appeared at five o clock
  where were you ! i asked ,  coz i should have gotten some videos from him (really hot ones) but
 he had an accident, his computer broke, car in pieces and gues what... no insurance. but
 let us forget that and tell you who i am..stingray of adress for contacting me is fully spread so i
 do not have to name it again so see you fellaz.....  ~   NOVEX     again stream of novex !    now 
i have forgotten to greet our leader (au backe !)   Hello Anxion, sorry for late
 greetings !    the Rawhide said : now end this scroller, but we wont ! 


~ Greetings     and now the long awaited part of this party demo     The greetings....
We send lightshinings to : vision factory , alphaflight , powerslaves , vision ( thanks for the calling cards !! )  , 
the band , starlight ( i hope that you were not angry about me , coz you had to give it to me so many times.
i am innocent , coz some dickheads switch of the power.. ) , bionic force , digital force , critters ( hope to see you 
on the next party together with our bavarian member deejay ) , black octagon ( nice party eh ? )
, new order , morgoth , tristar , silents , aofcf ( do you like the intro ? )
, quartex , black monks , supreme , spreadpoint , quaterline , dutchcrack , sensor , 
setrox , tas , dutch art , trash and the top boys , phenomena , titanics , axenon , 
team x , sharadis , lucifer , the law-breakers and to all others we have forgotten !!!  sorry.....
    at last i have to say , that the greetings are in no special order....
       bye baby    see you on the next party , hope so.....