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happy new year everybody !!!     we now write the year nineteenhundredeightynine after christ.    finally,    dark       sceptre presents  *** rip eruption ***  , the latest in sound.       instructions follow :  use mouse to select song and press left button to load it.   press right mousebutton to toggle low-pass filter on/off ....   press f1-f3 for different scrollers...           credits for this production :     the code was written by conqueror!   and      gaston      artworx by    colonn 5    and the ripping was swiftly done by conqueror .......      the release date for this % is 1989-01-01 !!!                     F F F F F             here is colonn 5 gnawing the keys with my bare teeth just to entertain you (i hope).   i am gfx-maker of our group and responsible for the artwork in this demo (nice, ain't it)      (oh, i forgot, in the credits it should stand that megaforce is the original creator of the "rip-eruption-font").....          i wish to announce that if your group is interested in a cool logo, font or piccy, then contact me.     however we could do with an additional gfxmaker (but good, send some examples of your skill to us). that is true also for coders (send routines), musicians (st songs - or new sounds). if you are a swapper you can contact us, but only if your contacts are fast enough.    i am sorry if u have recieved a % called "dark sceptre rip-collection 1". it was rather lame, but was only an early test and never meant for spreading     ok ?         we interrupt f]r lite svenska :    er]vraren kommer och s\ger att han vill skriva den svenska r]rliga texten (hej digitech, man kan faktiskt stoppa in svenska tecken i teckenuppst\llningen !!!), s[ vi l[ter honom g]ra det d[...   hej allihopa !!!  det \r mycket roligt att skriva p[ svenska i en r]rlig text !!!   h]r kan man skriva saker som dom d\r nere inte f]rst[r !!!    ett litet meddelande bara..  hej mats p[lsson, vart har du tagit v\gen ?  h]r av dig !!        nu ringde det p[ d]rren, s[ jag, colonn five tar ]ver f]r en stund igen, men in english     -- aber wir deutschen amigafreacs, wir sind mange und wir fordern deutsche schkrolltexte ! (typisches deutsches amigaphreak)    h[ll k\ft, din j\vla blatting, ut h\rifr[n !      well, seriouslyit's better to have it in english (all german people, pleace apologize my bad german gramattics (and spelling)).     are you bored ?  - yeees !!  well, time for a story.....              to the manager of a big hotel in london one day it arrives a letter and its contents is as follows :        dear signore direttore.  now i am a-tella you story how i was a-treated at your hotella.        i am a-comma from roma as tourist to london and stay as a younga christian man at your hotella.   when i comma in my room i see there is no shit in my bed - how can i sleep with no shit in my bed ?   so i calla down to receptione and tella  "i wanna shit."   they tella me  "go to toilet."   i say  "no, no.   i wanna shit in my bed !"   they say  "you better not shit in your bed, you sonnawabitch !"   what is a sonnawabitch ?        i go down for breakfast into ristorante. i order bacon and eggs and two pissis of toast.   i getta only one piss of toast.   i tella waitress and pointa of toast  "i wanna piss."   she tella me  "go to toilet."   i say  "no, no.   i wanna piss on my plate."   she then say to me  "you bloody hella not piss on the plate, you sonnawabitch !"   what is a sonnawabitch ?        later i go for dinner in your ristorante.   spoon and knife is laid out, but no fock.   i tella waitress  "i wanna fock" and she tella me  "sure, everyone wanna fock."   i tella her  "no, no.   you don't understand me.   i wanna fock on the table."   she tella me  "so you sonnawabitch wanna fock on the table ?   get your ass out of here !!!"   so i go receptione and ask for billa.   i no wanna stay in this hotella no more.   when i have paid the billa, the portier say to me  "thank you, and peace on you."   i say  "piss on to you, you sonnawabitch !"   i go back to italy.   i never comma stay your hotella no more, you sonnawabitch !!!        sincerely,    enrico morelli......       (no hard feelings, italians, huh ?)       time for some special _ fuckings _ :    f]rst p[ svenska :  en mycket stor _ till...     _ maggan _ (skit du i om vi \r PQR v[lds- IJKL -fixerade OOO ) och till heikki (___) f]r hans men(ings)l]sa f]rs]k att stoppa piratkopieringen   (we'll never give up the piracy - never !!!).     we give a big fuck to B B B atari for fooling people to buy such shit instead of computers   (that means an <> amiga)  -    B stinks - crush it under your boot A A A !!!       well here at least B is forbidden    (C)    another _ to zah for selling his <> and buying a _B_ .  a small _ must also go to eka for being such a lamer.       well, the sooner these slimy beings got out of my mind, the better.            now we give our special guest the keyboard for a while....              this is the citizen of protech at the keyboard and what are we doing in a dark sceptre scroller ?    well, i'm not going to tell you!  (if you are not a good looking female with a 34-22-34 or 36-24-36 inch shape)    if you are i will talk to you all night     by the way, why talk, honey!! she said in a soft sexy voice....       this is certainly going to be x-rated, so          now  something completly diffrent!! i would like to send some musical greetings to two of the best musicians on the amiga :    f r e d    (nice sendings, i hope you change your mind about your soundmachine, why don't you use a rip protection system, that will prevent most lamers from stealing your music),  and  stp soundsystem  (long time since i've heard from you , i hope you liked my music)       .... newsflash, protech are going to release a great musical demodisk called  * music mania *  featuring musics made by us. on the second  * music mania *  disk there will be musics made by you!!, so please send your soundtracker songs to us and we will release them on the second disk!!   ok ?!   i would like to send some groovy regards to the l.s.d team (keep on swapping)    zyx (thanks for all help xact)    acid house (i do like your new name, keep on working with your bbs , hot sendings)    bye to moz , why sell your <>amiga<> and buy a mirage sampler ?      and a very special giga thanx to dark sceptre for being our friends and to all others we happen to know   if you want a tune written for a game/demo write to      protech    r[gv. 64   s-430 33  fj\r[s      sweden  bye from me and over to dark sceptre again!!                now it's me typing on your screen .... me ??!??    yes - it's gaston of courze !  as said before i am one of the coders of d.s. and i have worked day and night last week to finish this stuff in time  (so has conqueror) ...... and we maid it !!!   now a short message to - ace - of megaforce austria : i like your upgrading of seka but can't you remove the bug that appears then you use ctrl-u or ctrl-g and reaches the top of the source, and makes the <> to go into hibernation ...  and now we have to crunch this part so i must stop talking bullshit !!     signed :   gaston           the members of dark sceptre are :  conqueror (coding, swapping),   gaston (coding, soon swapping),   colonn five (artworx),  and mike (muzaxx, swapping)            talkin of muzaka dig huh !!!           well, everything good is coming to an end, and soon the %-space is all consumed, but....    see ya at some parties !!       look out for our forthcoming productions at your local dealer...                H  H  H  H  H  H                okey, let's restart !!!                  @                        yeah !!! this scroller contains info about the songs...     they appear in alphabetical order...   the first one, "64 memory" (i think it is called so) was composed by razmo of kefrens !!     E2, "autumn", was made by our friend  the citizen of protech.......   "brown ass" comes from an old phr-crew intro, and i (conqueror) don't know who has composed it, cause it wasn't mentioned in the intro.  probably it was done by a member of phr-crew.....     next one, "chopflash", is from the pre-release of the game with the same name, and it was composed by the traveller (the firm ?)        "dance" is the name of the soundtrack that appeared in thrust's, legendary "ottifanten-demo"   the name of the composer was not mentioned as far as i read.....       "dear rob" was (as everyone knows) composed by fred of ackerlight, and it is dedicated to  rob hubbard              "electronic knights theme" was composed by bna of the electronic knights (i don't know its real name, the soundtrack was named "003"), it appeared in a megaforce intro....           just a minute, i feel that i need another D...       klunk, klunk....          burp..     i am back !!!    the following is a great one, composed by the d.j. of fashion !!!     of course you know that it's "ivory tower ii" i am talking about...          "megaforce theme" was composed by luxor (megaforce germany) it's a great one, too        finally another sort of muzaka comes from stack & x-men's mental invanoid, i mean the song "metal". it was made by stubucrash of pure-byte !!      "new horizon" is another great creation from fred of ackerlight, which appeared in both the wave demo (tdrs demo-%)and soundmachine part 1...     "powerball" comes from the game with the same name,but i don't remember the author's name (my % has crashed, i got a _-ing virus on the bootblock)           "proteus" was originally composed on the c64 by rob hubbard and adapted on the amiga by fred (ackerlight)            again another adaption from the c64 was done by blair zuppicich (new zealand), and it is from the game "the last ninja"......        another great composer is axk of prophets ag...  he has written the tune "the vicious circle" which appeared in their vektor-equalizer-demo...      "thrust theme" comes from thrust's n|rnberg copy party (the one with a small ottifanten in an amiga 1000...)   again, the name of the composer was not mentioned....        the last one on this disk is "vype out". it comes from subway's "world's wave"   and was composed by bug....    yeahhh... that's all about the tunes, i can't imagine how you managed to read the whole text, but thanx for reading....           this scroller will soon restart, so press f1 or f3 if you don't wanna read it once again.....       let's go !!!           S                              this is the regards and adress part of the scrolls :       first the adresses ;  conqueror's is as follows :    t.seger-     stedtsg.46     s-421 69]lunda    sweden            you reach colonn 5 at the same adress as conqueror's         contact gaston at   kav[sv.8      s-421 70]lunda     sweden           N N N N N N N     greetinxtime !!       titanium regards to     G  protech     (our new cooperation partners)  G  horizon  G  bme   (have u reached elite status yet ?)  G   p-one   (ready with your new 1.6 mb %-system,or ?)  G  iq  G  top swap  G  (c)-escape  G  silents  G       that was not very many, but in a short time there will probably be much more.....        M M M M M M M              restarting this part