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   where compy-freaks get their ideas   
              he has it!!!              
   a known duck in an unknown outfit!   
        habt ihr nochn flaschbier?      
      are you ready for freddy?         
        of what is he afraid?           
  some cool people who made this show!  
            our body-guard              
       huelsbeck while working          
       what a cool baby-face?           
       an unsymphatic person!           
   he kills all who didnt contact us!   
   he couldnt stand living any longer!  
               ahhhha   too             
  fleg  leo ii  excalibur  dr no  gax   
    the amazones are heavy on wire!     
    i hope you dont eat em all now!     
         his name is brat  or?          
          what shall i say?             
           snoopy of argon              
    erasure  (wheres my smith&weston?)  
  elvira of nightmare (scheiss-balken)  
 gebrueder grimms maerchen seite eins   
 gebrueder grimms maerchen seite zwei   

     hi freak!  yo dude!  hellow fellow! the dark demon & nightmare & relax  present you a real great slideshow called: party disaster    our three groups (which will probably build a new one soon!) had a little conference in vaensen (???) (scheiss kaff!!!!).  there we decided to make this slideshow becos a nice freak had a scanner! so this resulted. a bit strange this collection of pix you may say. but no one of us knew that there would be a scanner and so this collection was born. the party was a whole 'durcheinander'  a so called disaster and so this show was.   now some credits to:   the incredible scanning was done by  dr no/ntm.    the logos were drawn by red star/tdd. gax/rlx pixeld this font.  the code (?) was typen by leo ii & bit fleg/tdd.   and mr terror/ntm tracked the sound. if you think that sum pix are very stupid    i didnt make 'em. some important greetz have to go to:   antarix (zwack zwack!!)    argon (hi leute!)    frantic (spock write faster!)   targets (hi copper!)   untouchables (yo mxp!)   all i forgot (sorry  no list!)  and of course nightmare & relax     for swapping take a pncil and   write to  the dark demon:    plk: 136477-e   w-2110 buchholz  germany      or write to  nightmare:   plk: 033269-c   w-2110 buchholz  germany      or write to  relax:   plk: 059985-d    w-4973 vlotho germany                   oh oh.   when the conference was over at 5:30 in the morning (it started at 16:30 the day before...) we saw that the keeper of that restaurant we met has turned off the telephone. shitt! our driver has left us long long ago. and no taxi in sight! shitt!!! but buchholz (our hometown) is only some  kilometers far away of vaensen. so we took our equipment (only an a500 and monitor) our sleeping minds and our feet and walked home again.  but did you know that it`s a very hard work to walk some kilometers with an very unhandy monitor in your arms? the a500 was stored in a plastic-bag (alter umweltsuender!!). so red star and his a500   me and my screen  and fleg and his  ...    his 'iutebeutel' with an 'intern' and some disx (der alte sack drueckt sich mal wieder!) walked and walked. the arms got longer and longer. and we all were ... a bit tired.   the relax-people from vlotho had an easy trip with their car.   the nightmare-persons waited that we would call `em a taxi.  but we didn`t. no phone-box...  but oh wonder  they got a taxi.  and so our trip ended at 6:15 home in our beds. huray          and now i sit here home alone and fleg has left me and so i have to do this shitt-work alone!!! i (leo ii)  mean that it`s very funny to produce smthing with other groups. team-work is in and friendship rules.       oh shitt.  no! we dont want to ruin the other groups when only we write this texts but we have the biggest work. why shall we not have the smallest fun!     hey dr no and elvira of nightmare!!!   sorry that we didnt insert all pix you took  but some broke down and were gone to hell! what a pitty!! there were so nice pix. and bit room on disk. shitt! oh yes yes. the dark demon  nightmare and relax will probably build a new group soon. so be prepared for lots of amazing demos from us!!!!        but now it`s time for me to quit this stupid scroll becos i know that everyone hates so useless texts!!!  (i do so!)    and so  :   'gehabt euch denn wohl  freunde!'  (scheisse. kein komma! und irgendein idiot hat das  iott verschlampt!!!!) bye  ciao  sayoonara  arrividerci salve