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Damage Presented

ß ß  P O R R  ß ß

an intro for
Damage Report p6

Codex, Dezign
Count Zero


Decor8 & Dozig


The Player v61a
Guru/Sahara Surfers

That rotator you saw was 45x136 8x2 pixels, surely an ECS worldrecord. Without the musicplayer the routine can handle 45x141 realtime 8x2 pixels on a stock A500. No precalcs, no fastmem, no 020, no AGA. Appreciate this or die. Oh, and I coded the routine 1000 years ago but was too lazy to release it until now. 

Dum de dum: don't reset, long music postsodomization.

Released at
ß Abduction'97 ß

Filmed in SodoVision®

Any similarity to any actual scrolltexts, either lame or elite, is purely coincestuous

No copying, redistribution or penetration without a huge, ever-growing, pulsating Penis that rules from the edge of Sodomity.

No graphicians were severely harmed during the making of this intro

For the purposes of copulation, Baldis shall be considered the owner of a Moby Dick

Remember this or die:

- Damage -
We lack
Vi har inte
U nas ni jest
Vi nicht gehabenhabenhaben
Watashitachi ga zenzen wa arimasu.

 public 6

      Damage has invented     
 A totally new kind of plasma 
     We like to call it       
    * P O R R P L A S M *