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       this little peace of shit was only coded to give u some new informations about the new traders heaven bbs W8 !!  at first  the new number is ++49 (0)431 525092 W5 running now with 4 x us robotics courier hst v42bis with asl  under one number with auto switch...  660 megabyte harddisk   gvp 68030/882  50 mhz turbo card  kick 2.0   amiga and pc section   hack mag section and soon a console conference ...       now the all time incomplete greetings list ...              abandon (pothead), accept (murdock), addonic (devil, dragon, hari, paradign, old spook), agnus, alcatraz (mission, mad butcher), alex sieb, anarchy (teeze, pinhead, trix), armargeddon (cruiser), atlantis (tcm and joker, ultimate warrior), awesome (wonderboy), backlash (ltd.), bass (ftm), betrayal (woddy), bfbs, black monks (anvil), brainstorm (chester), byte busters (mac, r0ly), coast (ventor), crusaders (bustman,ecs), cryptoburners (blackstar, jackmix), crystal (professor), cult (, hakan), cytax (beyonder, sooga), d-mob (sixx), dazzle (gizmo), defcon 1 (survivor, tyrant), delta, digital (andy and jens, harvey, devine), disaster area (lone star, birdy), energy (malcom, jason), ensignia (highwayman), eremation (invisible), euphoria (shade mc), fact (dmc), fairlight (luke and chuck), grace (piranha, wild rage), hardline (trasher), impact inc. (tyson), ironstyle (reflex), jabbah, level 4 (mic, tim), lewis, lsd (deiceide), magic 12 (laito), megablast, motion (dj devil, bud outrage), mr.diesel, nemesis (pioneer, amok), offworld (gless cosmos), olaf boehm, palace (terrax, warhead), quartex (corto, paul), quasar (clowboy), rebels (malcolm x), sanity (chaos, jester), selim and rudi, scoopex (tmb, autopsy, tiger, joe), scrapers (rap-d), shining 8 (boris, megaburger, 49er, fletch, ghostrider,cibi), silents (circulator), skid row (magic drummer, east coast), spacecake (slasher), spirit (mimrod), spreadpoint (tip, amicom, mike, buddha, munster), strangers (venom), submission (ziptronix, mc tune), symbiosis (zig zag), taxon (op), the guru team (jjf), the untouchables (heiko), trackers (chapman), trackers (slick), trsi (reebock, romeo knight, sorehead), tsb (electrica, greenspan, flake, adictor), ufo (coke), vanish (calypso), vertical (jpn), vision factory (ozzy), vogue (mufti, hardy, norman bates, mr.k), warfalcons (diskrunner), x-trade (manta, scuba), yankee and hulk, vertigo (ninrod), zero defects (cronos), zylon (kax, animal), wire 154, wizzcat (dark power),      ok that was it..   bye.....