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                                                              In first, on a 68000 Amiga the decrunching time could be a bit long, so wait... Welcome Boyz and Girlz into - RAVERANCE- release on some cool days of summer 1993. After 10 fucking months spend at the army, I'm back. If I (FTB) have code it, it's only for the art of my friend Ludovic LLORCA the composer behind all this dance'in tracks. In fact, it's the song RAVERANCE which decide me to do this disk, and that's why we called it like this. Before starting the scrolltext, here are the credits: Ludovic LLORCA for the ziziks, EMERY (FTB) Frederic for the rest except the title screen by Alex and the background texture from a texture disk. Since CYCLONE - Only for fun - we didn't spread many things except some C-Tools Pack, C-Packs and some little ShitTros, but we already work in our little town. We release some demos which were never spread like True Faith and Destroy'Ears... Now True faith is definitely dead, but for Destroy'Ears we will release it If I'll have enough time, but the muzix are very old. CYCLONE is still alive, even if there were less member since our second disastrous meeting. I'm not going to give you a memberlist because it would be very too short. This product was release on my A1200, my old A2000b had strange problems with blitting, I try to make something running on most of the Amiga computer, I hope it work fine on your Amiga config. And remember Amiga is the best computer ever. The modules were not protected against ripping I made it volontary to let you rip the module(s) you love the most, If you don't manage to rip them, write to us (look for the adresse) send us a disk and then we will send them to you, and one more. Or If you like this zik disk contact us to tell me that you love (or hate!) the most. With your help I will release a Better RAVERANCE II (the musics were already done), so contact us, Thanx. Now some hellos. I don't think that I have already many friends in the (french) scene, so greets to GRYZOR (thanx for your cool zik disk) PASCAL (Hi, I reContact you with this disk) that's all for the scene... And Salut to: NATHALIE, FRED (ToTorine), NEUCH (Salut Machin), JEAN ,OLIVIER (Castor & Belette), LAURENT (NiNique), ARNAUD (Mr.Muscle), GERARD, JEAN JACQUES, BRUNO & LUCIENNE, PASCAL, THIERRY, HAROLD... And Now the keyboard is for L.LLORCA... BAM! Here it is, everybody. At last, I can express myself... Hallelujah! First, I introduce myself... I'm L.Llorca, composer of the tunes featured in this zizik disk. L. stands for Ludovic if you wanna know... (sure you want!). I'm black haired, brown eyes, 1.80m tall, and I HAVE GOT THE BIGGEST DICK OF MY TOWN...! All right for the description, girlies? Well, I ll begin with a little summary of my short life as a musician... it begins like a fairy tale... Once upon a time in a shitty country called FRANCE, a little boy who had decided to buy a computer for his christmas... (eh, thats me!) He bought a Commodore 64 and was very proud of it. It was in 1987-88 I think, and his life changed all of a sudden. He was very impressed when he heard the first JCH tunes (every musician who respects himself must know Jens Chris Huus) and Maniacs of Noise melodies, so he decided to try to compose, althought he had never seen a staff in his life. 4 years later, our little growing boy is still as famous as my dog, but some of his musics are used in respected demos (on C64). Today, he's a member of the EUROJAM music group... Althought he has sold his C64! (In fact, I still compose on C64 with my friend's C64, operating under the name of HP.Watch out for EUROJAM first music-disk very soon!). Well, this boy, I bought an AMIGA 2 years ago, only for composing... I have no game, no demo, even NO JOYSTICK, and my only program on my disks is PROTRACKER (That makes the coder FTB crazy... Eh pal, what do you want me to do with all your shitty utilities... I just need a SEQUENCER!)... Well, That's SHAMEN in my ears and I can't help moving my feet, as LIGHTSPAN fill the room with the beat... SHAMEN is THE band which understood what was TECHNO music with their Lp called EN-TACT. I hated TECHNO when it arrived in france. For me, it was UNMUSICAL,silly... I was right. Because once again, we were betrayed by the MAJORS... Majors distributed techno so that the phenomena became a music-for-the-masses. That wasn't what TECHNO is really about. It was created in a spirit of a new WAY of making music... To create strange feeling in the mind of RAVERS. A lot of people think TECHNO is a white nazi music coming from GERMANY, and they are wrong. HERE ME OH MY PEOPLE! (I love this hopeless sound) The word Techno appeared in 1987 on Kevin SAUNDERSON Lp... AND KS is a pure DETROIT citizen. Moreover, proud to be american, and to represent the new DETROIT sound, K.SAUNDERSON is black and his music sounds very FUNKY!  So the word TECHNO was perverted by the MAJORS. Song like JAMES BROWN IS DEAD isn't techno for me, but SHIT FOR THE MINDLESS! KLF also was one of the first band to do TECHNO, and their single WHAT TIME IS LOVE was called 'House Stadium'... Then it was given the name of techno. Well, what does it means today! All is techno for my neighbours... But let's get back to me. Hyperreal feeling growing, and after I had made a lot of AMIGA-styled tunes, I began to try to release TECHNO songs with my AMIGA. Yes, you can do it! 2 AMIGA, DX7, MT-32 Expander & 8-Tracks Table and you can make a record. Techno music is takin more and more place In my musician-life (if I can allow me to give me this name!) and it didn't please everybody. FTB, the coder, for example, would MOVE ANY MOUNTAIN (YEEEEEEAAAHHH!) to see a module of mine taking less than 250 ko. Yes, I want to make techno, I need High-Quality and long SAMPLES (like Chord, that I dont wanna loop to have a pure evoluting sound). That's all right, my modules take a lot of memory.But I don't compose for AMIGA, or for Fame... (fuck the scene, by the way!) Because if I wanted it, I would do NHP-style (yes, his shits conquer all!). No, I compose for my pleasure. In fact, I think that all activity is a sort of catalizer. You receive things from outside world and Music is used to express your reactions. Thats why I compose sometimes beautyfull slow and sometimes noisefull Hardcore tracks. In general, I try to release a compromise, a combination between Rave-music (that means strange sounds and melody), Dance/House-Music and Beauty. Sometimes, one of the component is missing, it depends on my mood. But for those who say Techno is shit, just try to listen to real-good Rave tracks... All right FREDs? Forget Le Dormeur, it was a GG-tune (GG stands for Go-Goal!) Tomorrow's music is coming with The ORB. It dares to break the rules of the music established, and however its so... Tunefull... For those who dont believe, buy The ORB's Blue Room single. Try it, and come back if you're still standing... And now, Ladies and Gentleman, a rude message for the 'P-People' (Primitiv People)... Ready?    FUUCKK THE ROOOOOOCK. FOOORGEEET IIT, BUUUURNN IIT... It was okay 40 years ago, but today, it doesn't mean anything.! DRUMS in THE GARBAGE! SAMPLE-TIME has come! Well its early in the morning (2.30 am) and I am passing exams very soon, so this scroll will runs to its end after greetings! OKAY! Little cocksucking to the following... - JITY/Thanx for being what you are, and never sell your C64... You know, man, I think I shouldn't have sold mine! I know Time has been better than today (BAC, and so on...) but STAY HARD, man! (Tiens la droite!) - SEB... Under the sun. What have you done of your Dollars ! Well, I bet you will never regret it, anyway, because all is so different for you! - FTB...  AAHHH! You are less lazy than you want us to believe! Much respect to you, and thanx for all. It looks like I imagined it, that means SIMPLE, CLEAR... Only you could do it like that. I think you're the only coder who was able to do it without... without... without any Special Design or any Group-name or Coder-name covering all the screen I'm Thankfull! Eh, It's a long time since we last went to club together... If I got the Bac, We will have fun before I leave to Lille.-  FRED(TOTO)... Well, guy, what would be a night in club with FTB if you wasn't here! You will always make us laugh with your very very loud jokes (Ever seen 'un chat chauve'!) - IRONCAT/TRC...  Hi, Alain! As you see, I'm okay on AMIGA too! Hope that EUROJAM music collection will overcome everybody in the charts! YUPnBURP... Well, I slowed down my activity on 64 and I stopped all mail-trading, but I'll never forget the time of EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN. Greetings and respect to you, men! DAVID D... Hi, Raver! Well, Keep on doing, thats better. But I keep on thinking that you should have started with AMIGA-STYLE, not TECHNO. It would have learn you to STRUCTURE your patterns. REMEMBER, we have got a legend to create!... And special hellos to those who will never read it... MAT,VINCENT, OLIVIER, GE-GERALD, STEPHANIE, DJ BRUNO, DIDIER... And so on! Respect to my family... Others, Father, Sister, Doggie... yes...  AND UNIQUE IS WHAT YOU ARE... My Beloved... you know who if you are reading this (Bon dia linda rapariga!)... Special lips where I'm the only to be allowed to go, S.! Well, That's okay... The scroll will end on these sweet words. Have a nice day, kiss your red fish for me...   CIAO,BAMBINO!           Over.L.Llorca. And now some info about tunes... No Limits... This song is the worst commercial shit I ve ever heard, but as I got the samples, I decided to make my version! EH, you know how to recognize a weasel ! Sing 'No,NO' and if he reply 'No,no,theres no limits'. He's one. Still, I hope you like the version... Especially if you are a 2unlimited fan... Raverance... Ah... It's the kind of combination between DaNcE+RaVe+BeAuTy, that I want to translate in my tunes. Thats sounds okay with the girlie singing 'they talk...'. Dance of Shiiva, a techno song, inspired me a lot for it. Yuntitled... Strange title, indeed! On my disk, I wanted to put UNTITLED as I hadn't found a name, but I typed a Y and I saved it like it was. The Coder took the tune and I didn't changed it. Well I keep on thinking this song is very peculiar... I explain... It doesn't sound like a Techno-tune, because theres a AMIGA feeling inside... But it's not a AMIGA-tune as there's no special melody. The Hyperreal chords add a weird sounds to the tune, but it could be considered as a tribute to SHAMEN (guitar sample...) Moreover,I especially like the Phasing effect I put in the end of the song. That's it!! All right, that's all, folks... Good night, baby, Have a nice dream!    Your musical slave is gone to bed. And now some lines from...  ALEX, laying some words among the bytes of that musicdisk. I personnaly send some HellOos in no special order to ... HOF, thanx you mate, to give our eyes such power through the screens you draw. JESTER, Hope Ernest the butterfly pleased you as much as the ElephOopS did. RAgnagna, Still teasing your neighbours drawing on their walls ! JEF/MOVEMENT I have nothing to say about your intro ASSEMBLY '93 invitation more than: you did a great work! Hi to REFLEX, NAM, SKYNET, MEEGOSH, 911, in THE MOVEMENT! To GENGIS, to REVERSE and CLAWZ in DIGITAL. to RACKLER/ABSOLUTE!, to AXEL/ OZONE, XANN/ SILENTS!, LIZARDKING/ATZ, SIGFRID/IMPACT studios, YS/NHD, PablO! and I stop here the list... See you around one day! Salut, my name is PRINCE (swapper et soutient moral du groupe). J'adore faire des BLAGUES (nulles!) et des JEUX DE MOTS (encore plus nuls et idiots!!!, si,si....). En voici d'ailleurs la preuve : COMMENT APPELLES T-ON UN ARABE MANCHOT?..........ALORS?... VOUS NE SAVAIS PAS?... REPONSE : UN ANTI-VOL. Bof!, pas geniale!. Et celle la, vous la connaissez : COMMENT APPELLES T-ON UN ARABE MANCHOT ET CUL-DE-JATTE?. (mais non, pas un pauvre mec)... ALORS?... Et bien, 'UN BEURRE ALLEGER'. C'est evident!. Elle est bonne?..., non??....Mais non, professeur TOURNESOL, vous n'avez pas bien entendu, la reponse est : UN BEURRE ALLEGER et non pas : UN BEURRE A ALGER. MILLES MILLIARDS DE MILLES SABORDS!!!, quand comprendrez-vous le francais??.........Rebof!, pas terrible!, mais je vous avez prevenu. J'arrete ici mes delires car je peux encore faire pire (tiens, je fais des vers, sans en avoir l'air...., he,he,....).STOP!!!!!.Revenons donc au scrolltext de ce SUPERBEMENTGRANDIOSEETMERVEILLEUX ZIZIK DISK!!! (OUF!!!, il est quand meme sorti depuis tous ce temps!!!, sacre FTB, qu'as-tu fais pendant tous ce temps???, je sais, moi je sais, mais je ne vous le dirais pas,........... nha!!!). LE PRINCIPAL, C'EST L'ESSENTIEL, ET L'ESSENTIEL, C'EST QUE LE ZIZIK DISK SOIT LA, ET BIEN FINI!!!!. J'ESPERE qu'il vous plaira (meme si, comme moi, vous n'aimez pas la PECHNO!!!, HEU!, pardon, je voulais dire la TECHNO, car les ziks sont tellement mauvaises qu'elles pourraient etre classees dans le STOP 50!!! de CANAL - , vous m'avez compris, pas la peine de vous faire un dessin). M'enfin cela ne vaut pas la bonne vieille 'NEW-WAVE' avec des groupes comme DM, F242, PET SHOP BOYS, ERASURE, T21, NEW-ORDER, OMD, SIMPLE MINDS, U2,............CA, C'EST DE LA VVRRAAII MUSIQUE, n'est-ce pas???. Mais il en faut pour tous les EGOUTS!!!, haargh!!!, je me suis trompe, desole, je voulais dire 'GOUTS' (quoique,..........). ENFIN,.........HEUREUSEMENT, le compositeur de ces ziziks (LLORCA Ludo) est tellement SUPERHYPERSYMPA qu'on le garde avec nous (Il fait parti de la famille, depuis le temps qu'on le connait et qu'on le supporte!!! cf: C=64 scene.). Mais il ne compose pas que des ziks technos , HEUREUSEMENT, il a compose d'autres musiques plus belles et melodiques (COLORS, par expl.) et d'autres aussi plus dances. Peut-etre en avez vous deja entendu une dans une des quelques productions CYCLONE? si non, peut etre en entendrez vous une dans quelques temps dans une prochaine production CYCLONE (A VOIR! ET SURTOUT A ECOUTEZ AVEC MODERATION CAR L'ABUS DE ZIZIKS LLORCAIENNE ET NUISIBLE POUR LA SANTE!, OON NE PEUT PLUS S'EN PASSER! ET VLAN!, UN PETIT COUP DE PUB POUR NOTRE MUSICIEN!. ET EN PLUS, C'EST GRATUIT!). SACRE LUDO, J'espere que tu ne m'en voudras pas trop!. Mais l'amitie est plus forte que tout (meme que l'amiga!). Enfin, voici maintenant le temps des... (mais non, pas le TEMPS DES CERISES!)... GGGGRRRREEEEETTTTTINNNNGSSS! Tout d'abord, je tiens a remercier FTB et L.LLORCA, sans qui le zikdisk ne serait jamais sorti, ainsi qu'ALEX pour le graphe. Vivement RAVERANCE II, a d'autres (style de?) musiques (peut-etre?). Je tiens aussi a remercier BAB MICRO CENTER qui va diffuser cette nouvelle production et je lui fais un bon petit coup de pub (gratuite!!) car leurs delais et leurs services sont vraiment corrects (contrairement a d'autres boites dont je ne citerais pas de noms pour ne pas leurs nuires). Ceci etant fait, je continu mes GREETS PERSOS : Salut a NATHALIE (RAMENER???, NON!!!), RAYMOND ET LUCIENNE (alias BRUNO ET ANNE-MARIE), CORINNE (OU ES TU?), NEUCH! (CA VA, LA-BAS, DANS TA THIERACHE PROFONDE!!!. QUAND PASSERAS-TU NOUS VOIR?.), ARNAUD (C'EST LOURD LES FLACONS?.....HE,HE,.....), PASCAL (COMPIEGNE), JEAN, HAROLD, ET THIERRY (= THE BLACK CATS SUR ST. ALORS, CA BOUM?. QUEL SERA LE COUPLE DE L'ANNEE?. VIVEMENT LA MERGUEZ PARTY ET LE TRADITIONNEL MATCH DE VOLLEY.), OLIVIER (ALORS!, ET CE BAC?), BELLETTE ROUSSE (alias SYBILLE), CASTOR, JEAN-JACQUES (HIRSON), GERARD (ENCORE MERCI POUR TOUT), MARC ET SON FRERE SPIRITUEL : Mc MARSY! (CA VA, ERIC. COMME C'EST BIEN DE VOULOIR IMMITE SON GRAND FRERE MARC, CELA VA BEAUCOUP LUI PLAIRE.), FLORENT ET FRANCIS (ETES-VOUS MORTS?), LAURENT (ET NINIQUE), JP (TU PASSES QUAND TU VEUX?), NICOLAS (ALORS, Mc FLIGHT, ON PLANE ENCORE!!!!), JM (FN), AL1(ET CE 4000, TOURNE T-IL BIEN MAINTENANT?), DIDIER (St-GOBAIN. MERCI POUR TOUT), DIDIER (SUN NIGHT. PUB : ALLEZ-VOUS 'ECLATER' DANS CETTE BOITE A CHATILLONS-LES-SONS. MERCI.), DIDIER (EDF. ALORS, L'ELECTRICITE, CA GAZ!), DIDIER, DIDIER(PACY/EURE), voila, c'est fini pour les DIDIERS, OUF!. Salut aussi a ROMUALD (MERCI POUR LES BOITES), PASCAL (PAS MALS, LES JEUX, HEIN!), LAURENT(AS TU ENCORE TON 600?), DENIS (LINGOLSHEIM. MERCI POUR LA CARTE ET LE TIMBRE), PHILIPPE (OU EN ES TU DANS HOOK?)... Desole si j'en ai oublie quelques-uns mais on ne peut pas pense a tout. Si vous vous sentez oublier, contacter moi, et je penserais a vous la prochaine fois. J'espere que ce zizikdisk vous aura plu? et a bientot, peut-etre?, dans RAVERANCE II?. Bye... Bye... PRINCE...FTB Taking the keyboard, that's all for the scrolltexts so see You in Raverance II which is already finish now, ByE ByE, - CYCLONE in summer 1993 - Only for fun and enjoy your life...                                   ...----- To CoNtAcT Us: Write to - LECONTE FREDERIC, 267 Rue de Guise - 02100 St-Quentin FRANCE ------...