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 cyborx presents: diaper-pack volume 1  released on 23.02.1992   by stingray !!!  yeahhh ! a new pack-serie started ... the credits for this menu:   coding by tsa     logo by stingray     scroller-font by stingray      select-font by ???     music by stingray (i don`t call this music) ... yep, that were the credits ... okay, let me send some greetings now (in no order):    bounty of circle (schade dass du aufhoerst zu swappen) , powerswap of hardline (yep, this is my new menu) , toyota of hardline (nice logos on paper! why don`t you become gfx-man?) , slaughter of tech (metal rulez!) , dealer (yoho!) , a.d. (see ya in school when we`re thrashing little children! hehe) , sixpack (thanx for terminator ii) , spencer of paranoid (i`m looking forward to see your game!) , kais of vlsi (ich schreibe heute noch`n paar artikel fuer se) , direct of dytec (please send some dytec-products!) , all cyborx-members (i hope that we all will meet at the cebit!) ... okay, we come to the end. i have to thank tsa for coding this cool menu for me!  cyborx is still searching for cool musicians !!! okay, see ya in my next pack ...  -   keep dry - buy diapers ...                  und nochmal das ganze :    

           proudly presents             
             diaper-pack 1              

        action - last production
           hardline - weektro
          awake - blue intro 3
         orbital - first intro
        the diaper-pack picture
      contact stingray: t.guenther 
           hamburger str.66a
         w-3170 gifhorn/germany

         cyborx  number ten
         cyborx  number eleven
         cyborx  number twelve