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      RMB Changes pages...
Messages 19
      ChaZzy B - Sorry I didn't use any of your logos this time as I was
      short on memory! Your Kei Pack 19 logos had'nt arrived also so I 
      created one myself! How's your phreaking coming on anyway? ThanX
      for the vidz I appreciate it! I may supprise you and visit PLF
      sometime this year! Notice the password is easier this time!
      DJ - Like the cover on Miracle 24! So what can you tell me about
      these people I'll meet if I attend the party at your place? Still
      looking forward to your Gfx! I'll bring my model portfolio if you
      want? You better send soon though as I'm going into permanent
      withdrawal! Got some more of those oh-so-not-arty-at-all disks you
      like! If you like Teri Hatcher in Superman then watch 'All Tied Up'
      it's a video in which she is more revealing!
      Eon - Thanks for the phone call mate! Totally unexpected! Sorry if
      I didn't realise who you were at first! Interesting accent! Guess
      you can't get much more southern than Southhampton, although I had
      a great time in Bournmouth once.. her name was Vicky! Long live one
      night stands! Anyway as I write this I haven't gotten your send so
I'm still curious as to what this GERMAN send will be! Ignore the
Kei Update that refers to the XXX disks as that is just for under
18 eyes! Keep sending as although I no-longer trade with Misguided
Angel. I do with others! :-)
      \^/raith - R U having a go at my coding? Well lets just compare 
      notes shall we? At our very first meeting we decided on Twilight
      as a prod in itself to display James's mod off. You volunteered
      to code it and do the Gfx and you said it wouldn't take you long!
      Well it did didn't it? Since then I have done over 5 prods not
      counting the Kei Packs! Thats Gfx and coding! And whats this about
      a scrolltext? Of course I can do a scrolltext but they are soooo
      boring! I was doing scrolltexts on PC's in PASCAL b4 you were an
      itch in your daddy's shorts!(Well not really but it sounds good!)
      Plus it took you ages to stop your scrolltext from jumping! I 
      could go on... What about the fact that you ONLY code in AMOS? I'm
      learning Assembler and I already know 3 other languages! 
      Sorry if I seem to be taking the piss but you know I'm only doing
      it because you enjoy doing the same to me! 
      Anyway can't wait to see Kron (well I can actually! :-)) Do me a 
      favour and next time you hear from Floyd The Barber tell him Kei
      says whats happening? See you later...
      Mythos - What you on about your working for Psygnosis? When did 
this happen? You only live 11 miles a way you could of phoned! And
whats with sending me a jiffy full of blanks? Jee Ta I guess they're
for me? No? You want new stuff becoz you haven't been trading lately? 
Plus no return postage? Get me in with Psygnosis or the disks get it!
      Horror/Eclipse - Hi mate! Keep me up to date on what's happening
      in your group!
      JinX/Nebula - Still looking forward to the AIC tape and any info
      on phreaking to the states!
      Pink Panther/Paralax - Interesting disks! Especially the rubber
      one! Look forward to coding for your group! Wanna help me start
      with the VHS manga swapping?
      Kathy - Your the best Gfx artist ever! (Hi Chaz! ;-))
      L00nY/Saturne - You seem to change groups like I change the 
      channel! Good luck in your new group! You're my first 1/2 Russian
      contact so that's got to mean something! I'll drop Vodka a letter!
      Kooky/Calypso - Daddy banned you from your 1200 again? :-)
      Pazza/LSD - Hope you haven't forgotten me disks mate!
Hobbit - Ok so where are you? It's up to Mythos to kick ya not me!
      Aztec/Indy - Welcome back to the scene mate!
      Also, ThanX to L00ny/Saturne for the mod!

      On this disk should be various adverts etc.. or whatever I was
      given to include with this pack
      For updates on what's been happening at this end, read the Kei
      Updates where available. 
      Thats all this time around. See you in Kei Pack 20!
      Final Word: Anyone got any 68000 source?
GreetZ iN nO pArticUlar oRder:
ChaZzy B   JinX/Nebula   L00ny/Saturne   Pink Panther/Paralax

   Mythos   \^/raith   Eon
Aztec   Anf    Merddyn    Chris    Hobbit
Horror/Eclipse    Sonny
Contact me for swapping/joining CyberDreams:
41 Lambourne Drive
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