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                  Welcome to another Kei Pack!
   First of all the credits go to:
                         CoDe:   Kei
                         GfX:    ChaZzy B
                         MuZic:  Mythos
                         DeZign: Kei
 After a short delay CyberDreams are back with another pack! This
time featuring Chase The Dragon 2 by Kei and The Shore Link Intro
which features music by Mythos.
 For more information on whats been happening with me (Kei) and
CyberDreams please read the file IMPORTANT on this disk!
 A note to the coder of The Shore Link Intro. You forgot to take
out the Amiga A command mate!

 The Pack was almost fully coded this time but problems with Amos
pro and my lack of a manual caused problems! Sorry!
                      Press Right Mouse Button
 I have no idea when the next Kei Pack will be out! I need more
Intros,demos,games or anything really that will fit on a pack!
If you think you can help me then contact me for swapping at:
                   41 Lambourne Drive
                        TS7 8QF
 For the Messages and Greets section you need to waggle 3 keys at
at the same time!

 I have been asked to change the kei packs name and co-produce it
with another group. More on this later.
                      Press Right Mouse Button
Well done you've found it! Wasn't too hard was it? 
                    MESSAGES & GREETS
DJ - So who are you thinking of letting in on Miracle from the
scene? No problem with coding you the intro mate! I'm looking
forward to seeing any Gfx pictures you do!

ChaZzy B - Nice talking to you on the phone mate. I bet you never
expected me to call you up out of the blue did you? Nice logos yet
again as you can see from me using them! Still doing sampling? I 
know Feedback wasn't to good but it was our first prod. Our new  
idea should be better!

Mythos - So how's life? Glad you and \^/raith came around the other
week. ThanX for making me full manager!

\^/raith - I may get a modem if funds will allow! See you on the
boards! Know where I can get a cheap one?

Hobbit - What happened?

Pink Panther/PARALLAX - Got that crying assassin manga tape?

                Press The Right Mouse Buttton
Eon - Where did you get that thieves list?

Jinx/Nebula - Did you post my tape via Australia or what?

L00ny/HaZard - Greetings & Salutations. Any idea when Visual
Intensity 3 is out or did I miss it already?

Pazza/LSD - Where's my disks mate?

Kooky/Calypso - ThanX for the code. Rip this code if you can!

Misguided Angel - So no more Slideshows? Pity. I bet you do
another one! Sorry don't know that many people who can get me
XXX pics. I had some GIFs but no convertor (500).

Does anyone swap Maga (VHS) tapes? Get in touch if you do!

Does anyone know if there are any parties this year in the UK? 

                Press The Right Mouse Button