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 "Welcome to Kei Pack 17! This time around I was hoping for a
fully coded menu but I encountered problems with decrunching.
 From now on the Kei Pack loaders will have larger Messages
sections. This means that if you want to greet someone or
just say hello you can do! Just send your messages either
written or ASCII (not too long!) to me. My address is in the
Messages section! I guess it was easy to find the Messages
section this time but I promise that it will get harder!
 Chase The Dragon is a chip mod pack I did in my spare time
inbetween projects! What do you think? I had stacks of chip
mod disks and just picked a few I liked! I'd like to do
another but I need newer chip mods! Anyone got any?
 Last but not least - Thanks to l00nY/Hazard (ex-Snowman!)
for the message in Generation 15! Thanks mate and I hope
you like Chase The Dragon!"
                             - Kei Jan/94

              __ 1 __ Chase The Dragon
              __ 2 __ Nebula Charts Intro
              __ 3 __ Generation 15