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Logos by ChaZzy B
Code by Kei
Released 26/1/94
Unpacking Messages...
Welcome To The Messages !

ChaZzy B  ~ ThanX for the logos! I would appreciate it if you
could do some more as I think they're great! Maybe Kathy could
do some as well?

JinX/Nebula  ~ ThanX for the Nebula intro. Send me any new NBA
stuff on release!

DJ  ~ Welcome to CyberDreams! Where is Miracle? Still on 
fortnights are we? Hows the Dream Scape coming on?

Eon  ~ Pazza said there is no parties this year so far as Lemon
died! Maybe we and the rest of CD can meet up sometime though!

Mythos  ~ You learnt how to modem yet? Fancy uploading a whole
disk instead of the little file on it! I need some more chip
mods from you as one is lacking somewhat!

\/\/raith  ~ How come if you can program better than me in this
language I haven't seen you do so yet? When are you going to 
release Twilight? Or Kron?

Hobbit  ~ Hello? You arn't ill as well are you? Do you want da

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Pink Panther / Parallax  ~ Thought you'd quit or something! Glad
you haven't. Still want me to code those slideshows?

HyperDriver  ~ Hey you out there?

Anf  ~ Get your board back up before someone else does!

Pazza / LSD  ~ Hope the list was of use although you probably had
all the pre 92 stuff! Don't worry I'll improve my hidden parts! 
Pity about you being to busy to do your packs! I'm glad you liked
~Chase The Dragon~!

General Messages

Chase The Dragon is out and on this pack! It's official release
date is 26/1/94. Spread it far to make me happy :-)

Do you get the latest disk mags upon release? Then if so send them
to me! I love reading diskmags!

Anyone know if the Star LC100 printer is any good?
Want to say something in the next MESSAGES section of Kei Pack?
Then send me your say either written or ASCII and I'll include it! 

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I need some material for some manga gfx I may start on. Can anyone
recommend any artwork/comics?

Coming soon:

Mythos Music

Chase The Dragon 2 ?

Kei Pack 18!

I need some more good chip mods (max 20k) has anyone got any?

For contacting me, joining CD or simply for swapping:

                       41 Lambourne Drive
                            TS7 8QF

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