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    Welcome to Kei Pack 15!

  " I've been very busy lately working on these productions for our new
  group and have had little time for anything else. I thought that when I'd
  gotten these two prods out of the way I would have plenty of time for
  other things, this is not to be the case. I have already started on a mod
  pack(fully coded) and the group is considering a disk mag! Guess who is to
  code it!( I haven't decided which language to use yet!).
    Notes on the 2 prods below:- The feedback intro is 400k because the mod 
  is 280k, the screens were med res and I used med res sprites! I'm going
  to work with smaller mod's in the future whenever possible!
    The trundlethwaite intro was my own idea! The screens were all Med res
  16 colour and the mod was 180k+ ! The origonal comic was supplied to me by
  a friend who is an avid `Fiesta' reader so I should mention a thanX to
  Fiesta magazine! If you liked it then tell me and I'll do another! 
    If you want to write to me for any reason or to join CyberDreams then my
  address can be found in the prods! I also need some more contacts for
  swapping! Please note I like long letters! Cheerz! "
                                                         Kei 23/12/1993

            ^1^  Trundlethwaite Intro --- CyberDreams
            ^2^  FeedBack Intro  --- CyberDreams       (Needs 1MB chip!)