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                       *- twilight -*                 produced by cyber dreams.           graphics and coding by \^/raith.     music by mythos.             it's taken alot of time and effort to finish this demo... 
  a demo which is essentially very simple indeed!   so perhaps i should have called it 'much ado about nothing', ho ho.     after that appaling piss-poor joke, i better get on with the greets... okay, \^/raith greets
 go out to: (in no particular order) kei (okay great coder, let's see you do a scrolltext then 8-)), mythos (great music, always makes me think of swordfighting 8-)), anf (ever thought of donating your modem permantly
 to a good cause? i.e. cyber dreams? no? thought not), axeman (wherever you are, whatever you're called now, whatever jail sentance you're serving for whatever crime 8-)), sonny (thanx for all the nice chats, the nice
 downloads, and horrendous phone bills. who knows, perhaps by the time you read this you'll have found sim city for me), merddyn (hope to see your bbs up soon so we can continue the good work), !2bcene (i think you
 still owe me some party tickets!), floyd the barber (slept in your own vomit lately? 8-)), cookie (has the bum problem sorted itself out? heh heh heh...) zok (r u still out there, cider drinker?) iceberg (long time no
 chat... i miss the insults 8-)) 
           and now it's over to the loverly mythos and his own greets:          well i might as well leap straight in at the deep end!    greets go out to (in no order of importance)....      anf (cheers for the loan of
 the's been great!),  marc panther (thanx for all the help with this modem lark! i hope ya liked my tunes!),   hobbit (i hope my parcel arrives soon!... i hope ya can get the gfx for the game soon... i can't
 wait to see it)   \^/raith (nice work on kron and this production... keep it up)   kei (nice work! keep churning out the stuff!)   sonny (speak to ya soon mate!)   merddyn (tell me your new bbs number soon so i can
 get the bbsintro coded for ya)   tex (great board! and thanx for using my mods in the intro! nice stuff)   pazza (grapevine will always be number one!)   floyd the barber (have ya got in contact with kei yet?)    
 mindshadow (nice tunes! sorry for the huuuge delay but i will send soon... i promise!)   chazzy b (brilliant gfx... keep up the good work...btw i thought ya were going to get in contact!)   grasshopper (shame 'bout
 the board having to close... bastards!)   simon of nuance uk (how about doing some joint work sometime? i'll get in touch!)    d-man... you're fuckin' sick, quit the scene it'll be best for ya...) well i think that
 that is all... except to say a big hello to all members of cyber dreams....  back to \^/raith now:                
 cyber dreams greets:    lsd,   nerve axis,   nuance,   mexx,   endless piracy,   fairlight,   parralax,   phetamines,  insight,   and all the other amiga scene groups whether great or small!...
          this production was finished 18/2/94, and is roughly the 5th cyber dreams production to date. coming soon from cyber dreams, the people who brought you trundlethwaite and chase the dragon series, is
  ***   k r o n   ***       - the game. coming soon to a bbs near you!!!!           information:    the loading picture is based on a cartoon by steve dillon, taken from a book called 'how to be a superhero' (a very funny book)
. it took about 3 days to draw. the tune is called 'twilight' and is 150k long. it took 3 weeks to complete and was originally called 'knightspeed'. it always brings back fond memories of hitting people with bits of heavy steel.
 within the next 2 - 4 weeks our bbs (called, believe it or not, 'cyber dreams bbs') will be back online. 
don't know what the new number will be, but we'll tell you as soon as we know! cyber dreams bbs is sysop'ed by merddyn. right, that's it!    till next time, don't let the fastards get you down!      c ya!   \^/11111001010