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  wait ! this isn't all !                                   cult -germany- beats the scene again...           with a new bob-demo !   now enjoy the logo before it fades out...    message: this code was done by tex of course with graphics from herpes 2000 !       B                                     however the contact-address is rushing in at the beginning of our scroll-texts:   call bonzo our software-messias for newest stuff at:   plk 059830 b  5500 trier  west-germany    once again:   plk 059830 b  5500 trier  west-germany        or     iceman plk 017695 c  6242 kronberg  west-germany  once again:   plk 017695 c  6242 kronberg  west-germany           like allways without names !!!!!!                               messages:  hello to subsoft b.: we lost your address on the bs1-party - send to our plk !!           hello lazer: i thought we should code you an intro...           message to our division in scandinavia:  it is nice to be together with you !  hope it will be a cool cooperation !        next part: the memberlist...        cult -germany- members:   bonzo (spreader) - herpes 2000 (gfx) - iceman (spreader-driver) - joey (coder) - oyster (gfx) - tex (coder)     cult -denmark- consists of...   dadi (coder-swapper) - the jammer (musician) - mr. mount (gfx) - acidman (gfx) - tcci (gfx)     cult -norway- are...   beast (coder-swapper-gfx) - skeletor (coder-swapper-gfx) - sgt.slauhgter (swapper-gfx) - sweinstein (coder-gfx-hardware) - mad (coder-swapper-hardware) - eyejam (gfx-swapper) - ex-leper (gfx-swapper) - red lance (coder-swapper) - timewalker (musician-swapper) - death hawk (coder-gfx-swapper) - punisher (coder-gfx-swapper) - slarty bartfast (musician-coder) - schmootie patootie (musician) - spite (swapper)                                           hey ! we think that these bobs are pretty good...  they have 8 colors and are 80 pixels wide and 65 pixels height...  it would be easy for tex to make 8 such bobs but our name has only 4 chars...    (of course they are in realtime and they are not lengthened with copper (hello modulo))                                                     now we will tell you the story of our trip to bs1-party in nistelrode...    on saturday (18.11.1989) at five o' clock we left our beds. iceman and herpes 2000 drove off to collect joey tex and bonzo at their homes.       but there was a little problem with joey: as we rang at the door he was still asleep. so we tried and tried and tried and tried and tried...  after 30 minutes he came...  in pyjama...  rather tired...     he took his monitor and we ran to the car.     so we left trier at six o' clock...        but the next problem came at pruem:  we missed the a60 to aachen. that took again thirty valuable minutes of our time until we found the fucking autobahn...     so we left germany and invaded belgium...    the mood in our car was rather good... we talked a lot of things  !         belgium is a nice land - but the streets...    like rally monte carlo !       so we entered holland and the search for nistelrode begun...  we drove in the direction of s.-hertogenbosch     there we asked for nistelrode - we asked two times and after passing the red light at the traffic-crossroad we found it: fersheval were the copy-party took place.    we got off our car-took the 2 amigas and entered the room.   there were about 200 people.   after getting a table and some chairs we started our different activities: tex and joey coded a party-demo - bonzo iceman and herpes 2000 (the graphician...) swapped stuff.   it was quite nice until the green fuckers entered the room.   there was a great panic around us as a police-fucker controlled the exit...    all guys packed their hardware and tried to leave...     first we stood there and wondered why some other guys were allowed to exit... so we tried it too.  and it was quite easy: only show that you are no dutch and you could go...   nice !   but not for the dutch...     we go to our car and had a small talk with some other groups who  had all a great smile on the face !         happy to be escaped we drove in direction trier... but then at the belgian-german frontier we were stopped abruptly at the german side...   we thought that the fucking dutch police informed the german frontier...      but the unfriendly uniformed man thought of drugs...  shit...       he wanted to have a look in our car but the only thing he saw was hardware !         after he had checked our papers we were allowed to drive on.    after this little adventure we decided - back in trier - to eat a big big pizza !         this is the end of our journey. at the end we had 50 disks with new stuff !                 ok. that's the end.  watch out for our next demo-it will contain vector-graphics and probably a soft sinus-scroller !!         bye !                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                         we send our golden regards to                               abyss                  H           adm                   H     amiga industries            H         arcane                  H        avoid int                H      belgian brains             H       braintrust                H channel one of sunline          H       darklight                 H        dragons                  H      dwayne mage                H     the enforces                H    fantasy force                H      future mirror              H         inky                    H        lazer                    H      macron one                 H the magic legionaires           H   the magical force             H         nox                     H      nukebusters                H       paramount                 Hpowerbrain of mastercrew         Hapology of red sector inc        H    royal amiga force            H        science                  H         soach                   H        solo one                 H   software of sveden            H         storm                   H         stack                   H       subsoft b                 H   pilka of suxxess              H          tkc                    H      the darkside               H       the moshers               H    the untouchables             H        travellers               H         trilogy                 H         unique                  H  mike of vision factory         H           wiz                   H         wizard                  H           xtc                   H