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CSM Issue #3 @ Sept 1990    * MENU *     (Use Mouse To Change Page >         )
 Welcome, Once Again, to this, the only disk magazine dedicated to Amiga 68000
 Coders & Hackers & Phreakers & Crackers & Swappers & Dudes....(C+H+P+C+S+D !)
   Article                    Page     |     Article                    Page  
  --------------------------------     |    --------------------------------  
   About Issue Number III........0     |     Hacking The WANG O/S.........21  
   Editor's Comment Page.........1     |     Classified Ads...............23  
   Surveillance Techniques.......2     |     The State Of A Nation........25  
   Count Zero's Coding Page.....12     |     Collecting Traffic Beacons!..27  
   Book Store Addresses.........15     |     Reader's Letter Page.........29  
   Co-Editor's Comment Page.....17     |     Order Issue #4 From Us !.....31  
   Code A Disk Mag Part II......18     |                                      
   CSM Prize WordSearch.........20     |     ** Exit Magazine ** (Nooo)...32  
~From Bugging To Buggery, From Tapping To Hacking, It's all here, In The CSM!~
Instructions: Select Desired Article, Then Move Mouse To Alter The Page Number
 (Top Right) To The Correct Page.  Now Press LEFT Mouse Button.  Now, Either  
 Press RIGHT Mouse To Progress A Page, Or LEFT Mouse To Return Here (MENU).   
 To EXIT Select Last Page.  Joy=Col Change: Up=B+, Left=G+, Right=R+, Fire=Def
 Coded By/Editor: THE SNOWMAN.    Co-Editor: COUNT ZERO.    Material: VARIOUS.

The Coder's Scene Magazine Issue #3.                           1/1 |           
 It's that time again!  That time when fiction becomes fact, and the latest
issue of CSM smacks you in the mouth!  Oh, I luuuve that time! 
 Seriously, it's getting bad.  Read the editor's comment page and you'll get
the gist of just HOW bad...  I mean, the mag could be CLOSED down!  Oh noooo! 
 Notice the new format?  Let me know if you prefer the old one, but I was fed
up with seeing ~article...1~ ~article...2~ etc..  I think that this format 
works fairly well... 
 Oh yes, coz I've re-written the format of the mag, the article on Write A Mag
won't make much sense (The article talks about copper menu bars etc..), but,
bare with it, and I'll put an update in after the last article to bring it all
up to date with this format!?! 
 What have we got this issue for you?   Well, We've got a HUUUUGE bit on tapp-
ing phones/bugging by The Dark Knight which was from a BBS, and also the addr-
esses of some places that sell some great stuff (some bugging stuff!?).. And
looooads of other interesting stuff!  
 And finally, a note of interest.. there are 5 spiders on my ceiling... only  
little spiders, but they've been multipying each night...  If they weren't
small they'd die.. But as it is, they eat all the gnats and mosquitos...  It's
a good job I 'aint got ARACNOPHOBIA! (Looks like a good film huh?)
Send you articles, ads, abuse, advice, aardvarks, letters etc.. To either:
The Snowman, Magazine Stuff, 18 Palm Grove, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, L66 2PU.
Count Zero, Magazine Stuff, 40 Vine Road, Backford Cross, S.Wirral, L66 2XX.
NOTE: All information in this mag CANNOT be verified, and all hacking info is 
 for Informational/Interest purposes ONLY (as is ALL the text in the mag....) 
 laws CAN be broken if various instructions in texts were carried out, and I  
 can accept NO responsability for ANY STUPID actions taken !

Editorial Comment Page                                         1/1 |           
 Astounding! Absolute Zilch. No one has written anything of ANY INTEREST to
the mag as yet.  The only sensible things I can get are from BBSs or from my
co-editor! What is it with you people? You can't even write a classified ad?
You can't think of anyone you'd like to slag off in public? You can think of
something to moan about/be happy about? Well, if you can't write something
soon, then I'm gonna have to close down the mag after only a few issues...
 Come on! I mean, surely you have SOMETHING to write to me with?  Want a pen- 
coder or a contact to help with your new adventure fanzine? Then write a good 
classified ad to me...  Urg! God help us!
 Enough moans for now, and onto some more serious issues.  Like, circulation! 
My main headache is trying to cirulate this mag to the Amiga Scene in a big
enough way to get lots of publicty. Now, there are 2 ways of doing this....
1. Start ~swapping~ with loads of people and get it done that way..  Problem: 
 I have to swap, and I HATE swapping..  most people insist on swapping 15 dsks
 and I just don't have time to copy useless games etc..
2. Give the mag to a select few, who DO swap with a mass amount of people, and
 spread it that way.  Problem: Which select few want to swap 1 / 2 disks?  And
 who says that those few have a large circulation anyway? 
 Whatever I do I'm stuck.  I get the mag out to a few people, but don't know
how far it goes after that...  It really depends on the compact it's on with, 
if it's good, the the mag will go far, but if it's bad, then it won't.  The 
solution?  It's as so:  You get the mag, 2 possiblities: 1. The mag is on a 
crap compact, in which case, take it off and put it on one of your own...  
2. It's on a GOOD compact, in which case, spread it..   Okay, that's easy eno-
ugh... even for readers that can't write (or so it seems...) 
 Finally.. did anyone see my CES show demo???  It wan't that bad... was it?
               The Snowman - A Peeved Editor.

Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.                1/10 |          
%+%                        UNDER  SURVEILLANCE                         +%+
%+%                           PHONE TAPPING                            +%+
%+%                                 BY                                 +%+
%+%                          THE DARK KNIGHT                           +%+
%+%                              11/3/90                               +%+

  The author takes no responsiblity for, nor does he assume any liability for,
damages resulting from the use of information in this document.  This
document is for informational purposes only.

  Connection of unauthorised equipment to a public (or indeed private system
is illegal and could lead to prosecution.

  Now with the warnings over here is the equipment.  Because of the highly
sophisticated nature of the modern telephone network, the installation of the
tap is a very tricky business indeed.  It will take a capacitor (100nf), a
pair of high impedance headphones, anything up to two crocodile clips and at
least twelve seconds of concentrated effort. (See fig. 1)

FIG 1:

Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.                2/10 |          
phone lines     |
                |          |
               ---         |
    capacitor  ---         |
                |          |

  One alternative to hanging around waiting for the telephone to answer is to
connect up a tape recorder.  Now we come to the really sophisticated
electronics: since it is waste of tape to run the recorder continuosly, it is
useful to switch it on only when the phone is being used.  Voice activated
switches? Why bother.  A relay will do the trick, connected in series with
one of the lines.  See plans on how to build a TAN box.  There are plenty

  The next step up is some kind of radio bug. In the days not so long ago when
the BT issue phone was a wedge of cheese shaped affair with a dial on the
front, a favourite bugging device used to be the 'drop in' mike.  The handset
microphone was a carbon granule device, quite bulky but easy to remove;
unscrew the mouthpiece, slip off a pair of wires from their terminals and its
out.  The crafty buggers found a much better use for all that space than
filling it with carbon granuals.  Buying microphones from the very same
people who supplied BT, they would empty out of the granuals, put in a much
smaller mike and would empty out the granuals, put in a much smaller mike and


Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.                3/10 |          
a small radio transmitter, then seal the whole thing back together again.
Drop it into the handset and off you go.  It is estimated that the numbers
made around the world ran into millions, so they were not uncommon!  Still
used for bugging public telephones, but not much good for the wide varity of
office and home phones now in use.

  Also very common and readily available are a variety of bugs which connect
either in series with one telephone wire or in parallel across the two.
The series bug has the advantage of only transmitting when the telephone is
used; the parallel one transmits continuosly in its crudest form (and most
commercial bugs are pretty crude) but can be a little more difficult to
detect by simple voltage measurements.  Let's face it, it would be a trivial
matter to design a bug that is both triggered by use of the phone and
virtually impossible to detect by voltage measurements, but since almost
nobody takes seriously the idea that they may be a suitable target (do you
think you are, for instance?) and therefore won't be checking, why bother
with anything complicated?
(See picture 1 and 2 for details. (End of file) )

  The most exotic of the commonly used listerning devices is the 'infinity
transmitter', so called because once the victim can be snooped on from
anywhere in the world.  Anywhere his phone can be reached by direct dialling,
that is.  This is what you do:  dial up the victim's number and hold your
little black mystery box close to the mouthpiece.  In the simplest versions,
the mystery box just sends a tone down the line which is picked up by a
frequency selective circuit inside the bug.  The mystery box activates the
infinity transmitter, which you previously attached to the victim's phone.

Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.                4/10 |          
  Once activated, the transmitter prevents the phone from ringing, and instead
sends down the line any sounds picked up by the victim's telephone, or by the
bug's own internal microphone.
  This is how it works. On recieving the activating tone, the transmitter
passes enough current between the two lines to fool BT's equipment into
thinking that the phone has been answered, so the ringing tone is cancelled
and the line is opened.  Once connection is made, all the bug has to do is to
modulate the line voltage in just the way the telephone itself would.  Not
very difficult.  The victim is entirly unaware of anything happening and,
with a hookswitch defeat installed, it could be his own telephone acting as
a microphone for the transmitter.  The bug will automatically cut out if the
handset of the victim's phone is lifted, allowing it to be used normally.
(See picture 2 for details. (End of file) )

  Much simpler than the infinity transmitter, and used in much the same way,is
the hookswitch defeat.  When you hang up the telephone, a switch disconnects
the handset... unless, that is, somebody has doctored the phone.  The
simplest method is just to wire a resistor across the switch.  In use you
phone the victim, apologise for having called up the wrong number, let him
hang up but keep your phone off the hook to hold open the connection.
Then you listen in.  The sound level won't be very high, so you may need an
  The difficulty with a plain hookswitch is that you need access to the
telephone itself and enough time to dismantle it.  There is also the
possibility that an innocent caller may be slow to hang up and find himself
accidently eavesdroping.  A bit of a giveaway.  Hookswitch defeats are easy
to spot by anyone familiar with the insides of a telephone, but can often be
overlooked in inspection by a suspicious buggee since, unlike infinity

Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.                5/10 |          
transmitters and the like, it could easily be part of the workings of the
  Take the idea of 'looking as if it belongs' to its conclusion and you have
the 'lost' tranmitter.  What you do is to find a large-ish component in the
telephone (or typewritter, calculator, or whatever) which itself uses any
signal you need access to.  You then rush home to your garden shed and knock
up a device which not only does what this component does, but contains a
transmitter too.  You package it to look exactly like the component you're
replacing.  Then you pop back one night and swap the two around.  Anyone
inspecting the phone or whatever will find it contains exactly the components
it should - no more and no less.  The transmitter is really and truly lost.
  This really is big league stuff - the kind of trick employees of rival
governments like to play on each other.  Not the kind of thing you will
personally come across unless you have access to very valuable information
indeed.  There's an American company called Fox which could be persuaded to
come up with the goodies if you approach them in the right way and have the
funds.  They're in the phone book.
  Okay that is about it for this document,but do bear in mind that BT are very
touchy about having alien equipment connected to their lines, even if it is
just a capacitor and headphones.  And stay away from my phone, if you don't

+                             CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS:                             +


Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.                6/10 |          
|    |                                                 W
|    |               å-------±-------------±------°    |
|    |               |       |          C1 %   TC & C4 %
|    |            L1 &)   R2 $             ±------±----ß
|    |               |       |             |      |
|    |      å------° |       ±------±-----(+)Q1   |
|    æ-±----| ~  + |-ß       |      |      |      |
|      |    |      |         |      |      |      |
|   R1 $    | BR1  |      R3 $   C2 %   R4 $   C3 %
|      |    |      |         |      |      |      |
|    å-±----| ~  - |---------±------±------±------ß
|    |      æ------ß
|    |

%   = CAPACITOR      $   = RESISTOR     (+) = TRANSISTOR
&   = TUNING COIL    &)  = INDUCER      W   = AERIAL

NOTE: A ± indicates a join or a corner and a + indicates a wire cross over.

R1 = 270K            R2 = 10K           R3 = 10K             R4 = 1K0
C1 = 15pF            C2 = 1nF0          C3 = 1nF0            C4 = 5pF0
Q1 = ZTX300          L1 = INDUCER 33uH  BR1= BRIDGE RECTIFIER


Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.                7/10 |          
                                 L1       W
|    |       å-------±----±------&)----°  |
|    |   +   =       |    |  å---±--±  |  |
|    |     B1|       |  R3$C2% C4%T1&--ß  %C6
|    |   -   =       |    |  |   |  |     |
|    | R1    |       |    |  |   ±--±-----ß
±----+-$-±---+-%-±--(+)Q1 ±--±--(+)Q2
|    |   |   |   |   | ±--±      ±--±
|    | N1@   | R2$   | |  %C3  R4$  %C5
|    |   |   |   |   | |  |      |  |
|    ±---±---±---±---)&(--±------±--ß
|    |               A1
|    |

%   = CAPACITOR       $   = RESISTOR       (+) = TRANSISTOR
&   = TUNING COIL     &)  = INDUCER        )&( = AUDIO TRANSFORMER
  | = BATTERY         @   = NEON           W   = AERIAL

NOTE: A ± indicates a join or a corner and a + indicates a wire cross over.

R1 = 10K     R2 = 220K     R3 = 12K    R4 = 220R  C1 = 10nF    C2 = 47pF
C3 = 1nF5    C4 = 25pF     C5 = 1nF5   C6 = 10pF  Q1 = ZTX500  Q2 = ZTX300
L1 = INDUCER 1.8uH         TC = TUNING COIL 3mm (4 OR 5 TURNS)

Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.                8/10 |          
              |         |                                   |          |    |
     IMP      |         $R2                                 $R8        $R11 |
      A1      |         |                                   |    R9    |    |
   å--)&(-----+-----°   ±---°                           å---+----$-----+--° |
   |  |  -----+-°   |   |   |                           |   |          |  | |
   |  |       | |   %C2 $R3 |                           |   ±--°       |  | |
   |  %C1     | |   |   |   |                           |Q4 |  |       |  | |
   |  |       | |   ±-$-±--(+)Q2                        ±--(+) |       |  | |
   |  | å---° | |   |R7 |   |    C5 R5              R7  |   |  | ZD1   |  | |
±--+--±-|~ +|-ß |   ±--(+)Q1±---±-%-$-±---±->>-±---±-$-(+)Q3|  ±-<_<--(+) | |
   |    |   |   |   |   |   |   |     |   |    |   |    |   |  |       Q5 | |
   |    |BR1|   |   %C3 |   $R4 %C4   &)L1%C6  %C7 $R6  |   |  $R10       | |
   |    |   |   |   |   |   |   |     |   |    |   |    |   |  |          | |
±--±----|~ -|---±---±---±---±---±-----±---±----±---±----±---±--±          | |
        æ---ß                                                  |          | |
                                                               |          | |
                                           D2    R12           |          | |
            å------------------------------<<----$-------------+----------ß |
            |                    R13                           |            |
            ±--------------------$---°                         |            |
            |                        |                         |            |
            |                        |                         |            |
            |                        |                         |            |
            |                        |                         |            |
            |                        |                         |      (Cont'd)

Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.                9/10 |          
            |                        |                         |            |
            |                        |                         |            |
            |    å---±---±---±-------+-------------------------+------------ß
            |    |   |   |   |       |                         |
            |    $R15%C10|   |       |                         |
            |    ±---±--(+)Q8|       |                         |
       å----±---(+)Q7|   |   |       |                         |
       |    |    |   |   æ--(+)Q9    |                         |
       $R14 |    |   |       |    R18|                         |
    C8 |    |    |   |       ±---±-$-±                         |
  å-%--±---(+)Q6 |   $R16    |   |   |                         |
  |    |    |    |   |       |   |   |                         |
  ()MIC%C9  |    |   %C11    $R17%C12%C13                      |
  |    |    |    |   |       |   |   |                         |

%   = CAPACITOR       $   = RESISTOR            (+) = TRANSISTOR
>>  = DIODE           <<  = DIODE (POLARITY REVERSED) 
NOTE: A ± indicates a join or corner and a + indicates a wire cross over.

R2 = 33K       R3 = 33K      R4 = 4K7R       R5 = 4K7       R6 = 1M0
R7 = 100K      R8 = 68K      R9 = 82K        R10= 270K      R11= 68K
R12= 1K0       R13= 10K      R14= 390K       R15= 390K      R16= 10K
R17= 56R       R18= 15K
C1 = 4nF7 unpolarised             C2 = 10nF unpolarised
C3 = 10nF unpolarised             C4 = 10uF polarised +'ve to top

Surveillance Techniques.   By The Dark Knight.               10/10 |          
C5 = 10nF unpolarised             C6 = CHOOSE TO TUNE
C7 = 4uF7 polarised +'ve to top   C8 = 4uF7 polarised +'ve to right
C9 = 1nF0 unpolarised             C10= 1nF0 unpolarised
C11= 2uF2 polarised +'ve to top   C12= 47uF polarised +'ve to top
C13= 1uF0 polarised +'ve to top   Q1-Q9 = BC108
D1 = 1N4148                       D2 = 1N4148
ZD1= 6V8 ZENER DIODE              L1 = INDUCER 40mH

% This document was written by The Dark Knight.+
% Contact me on ANGEL BBS - 0772 795476 24hrs. +
% or on     EQUALISER BBS - 0923 662127 24hrs. +

Count Zero's Coding Page                                       1/3 |           
 Hello Guys (if there are any girls out there write to me!),it's Count Z on 
the keys.Welcome to what,hopefully,should be a regular feature,an article on
coding,don't expect code and explanations like you find in Stolen Data disk
mag,as mine will be understandable (I hope!).This Issue I've decide to write
some source relating to the Soundmon,chip music replay routine,as chip music
is becoming more widely used by coders,probably because it's a lot shorter.
 When I recieved a copy of the replay routine and some modules,I decided to 
see if I could modify it to play more than one module (not at the same time!)
it took me 20 minutes to modify it!,as the solution is reasonably easy.
 Before I launch into an explanation,I'll explain the principle behind the 
modification.Many of you will be familiar with the technique of (what I call)
~double declaring labels~,that is using a label to store the address of
another label,for example.
Textpos DC.L Text 
The format is:   <Label> DC.L <Label>
If you wanted to obtain the address of the label called Text,then you would  
do the following.
                 MOVE.L Textpos,A0
 Okay,all pretty simplistic,now in relation to the replay routine,we have a 
label called bpsong,which points to the address of the module,now what we need
to do is re-load this label with the address of any module we want.To do this 

Count Zero's Coding Page                                       2/3 |           
we modify the code as follows.
Bpsong DC.L <label> 
 <label> must point to a module,like this.
Bpsong DC.L Song1
Song1 IncBin ~df<x>:<Module>~  
Song2 IncBin ~df<x>:<Module>~  ;This is our extra module
 But,don't try to run that!,first we need to modify the player routine,so that
whenever the label bpsong is loaded in it gets the correct address,when the
label is loaded in,it should look like this.
                 LEA Bpsong,A<x> 
Replace it with:
                 MOVE.L Bpsong,A<x> 
 The easy way to do this is to use devpac's find routine,and search for
Bpsong,it should find them all.Now you can run your routine,and if you
haven't missed anything,it will play the module.Changing the module is easy,
switch off audio DMA,re-load the label Bpsong,brach to bpinit,then branch
to Bpmusic,a simple piece of code would look as follows,it is complete except
for the replay routine.

Count Zero's Coding Page                                       3/3 |           
                 SECTION LOWMEM,CODE_C 
                 JSR   BpInit 
                 CMPI.B #255,$DFF006       ;Wait Line 255
                 BNE.S  Main 
                 JSR    BpMusic            ;Branch to music
                 BTST   #$0A,$DFF016       ;Test Right Mouse
                 BNE.S  NotChange          ;Branch if not pressed
                 MOVE.W #$000F,$DFF096     ;Otherwise,kill audio DMA
                 MOVE.L #Song2,Bpsong      ;Re-load Bpsong
                 JSR    BpInit             ;Branch to BpInit
                 BRA    Main               ;Branch to Main
NotChange        BTST   #6,$BFE001         ;Test left Mouse
                 BNE.S  Main               ;Branch if not pressed
                 RTS                       ;Otherwise quit
 ; Soundmon replay routine goes here
Bpsong DC.L Song1 
Song1 IncBin ~df<x>:<Module>~ 
Song2 IncBin ~df<x>:<Module>~ 
 This is only an example,in this prog if right mouse is pressed then the
module is re-loaded,left mouse quits.With a little effort you can adapt it
it to load multiple modules,any number of times.Note also that I haven't even
switched off multi-tasking,I'm sure you have your own set-up routines,I have 
no space to include mine here.

Great Book Addresses, Worldwide.                               1/2 |          
Ever wondered where you can buy those wonderful gadgets that James Bond has?
Ever wanted to make your own bugging device or make your own fake ID (highly
illegal, so I doubt it...)?  If so, then this is the international list for
you.. It contains the addresses of some places that you can get catalogues/
buy the stuff itself...  Enjoy....
(I'm sure that some of these addresses are USA, but don't say so!)

Taken From The Famous * H-Net Magazine * Volume One, Issue 1, File #18 of 20.

These sell books about all kinds of mayhem, weaponry and bugs.(catalog $5.00).
Desert Publications, P.O.Box 270, Cornville, AZ86325, USA
These sell DIYS-plastic foto ID's (Detective, private investigater, intern.
driverslicense, etc.)  3 kits : $ 25.00
Foothills fastprint, P.O. Box 205 -SW, Townville, SC 29689
Books on explosives, computers, martial arts, lock-picking, etc. :-
Palladin Press, P.O.Box 1307 - MTN, Boulder, CO 80306, phone: (303) 443 - 7250

Great Book Addresses, Worldwide.                               2/2 |          
Don't know if the following adress is still valid, but these guys carry
some GREAT stuff like books on ID,weapons,self defence etc, and lock tools:
(slim jim, majestic, lockaid, etc.)
Survival books, 11106 Magnolia boulevard, ATTN:skip, North Hollywood, 
Callif.91601, phone : (213) 763 - 0804
These sell some real nice telephone ~helpers~ & other gadgets,ask for catalog!
International Export, 950 N.W. Gilsan, Portland, OR , USA 97209
These guys are one of the major manufacturers of electronic surveillance gear 
in the WORLD ! (ask for catalog):
PK electronics, 2000 Hamburg 13, Badestrasse 36, Deutschland.
More surveillance stuff :
Elektron, Route de Fontblanque, 84210 Pernes, France.
Want to buy a stun-gun, pain field generator or listening devices ?
Then  go write these guys, they have some really hot stuff, and a lot of
plans & assembling kits too !  They will also answer your questions if you 
have any trouble constructing their kits.
Information Unlimited, Box 716, Amherst, N.H. 03031, USA.

Co-Editor's Comments,Grumblings And Moanings...                1/1 |           
FIRST An Important Notice,I have joined THE CULPRITS ! (So There!)  
I won't bother moaning at you lot out there,for not any sending contributions
as I see The Snowman has already done it for me.Instead I would like to say
a few words about nothing in particular,starting with program listings.As it
is not practical for me to type in large listings of code in my articles I
will try to pick my subjects so as to avoid this. 
However,where this is not possible I will make available a copy of any large
listings for anyone who sends me a blank disk AND return postage.On the same
subject,if you have any suggestions as to what should be covered in the my  
coding pages then let me know about it! 
If Any Coder's would like something to do then may I suggest a problem which
has been annoying both myself and Snowy,that is trying to modify the replay 
routine for SoundMon so that it can be used with Graphic Equalizers (Using 
Volume).I will gladly publish any code that I recieve,in the next Issue,so 
get going!  
I hope you like the new format,a vast improvement if you ask me!,and it   
allows us to have up to 99 pages of text!,although filling them up each 
issue would be mission impossible!.This issue will be released at the CES 
show,which I shall be attending along with The Snowman,so I hope to see you
there.I shall also be releasing a small demo,which includes a menu system to
select different Soundmon modules!.Speaking of which,I have been experiencing
some difficulties when using the converted replay routine,due to some modules
having the effect of corrupting the data of other modules in memory.If you 
intend to use the converted replay routine,test it fully before using it.  
                                                      SEE YA L'EIGHT'ER ! 

How To Code A Disk Magazine In Devpac 2.08                     1/2 |           
Last issue we discussed the blit-text-on-screen-routine, and this time
we'll discuss the menu system.
Firstly we need to set aside the size copper we need for the menu, as
the bar will be variable, and the waits of the bar changed only.
I done it like this:
L1S DC.L $6341FFFE,$01800001
L1E DC.L $6371FFFE,$01800122
    DC.L $6441FFFE,$01800000,$6471FFFE,$01800122,$6541FFFE,$01800000
    DC.L $6571FFFE,$01800122,$6641FFFE,$01800000,$6671FFFE,$01800122
    DC.L $6741FFFE,$01800000,$6771FFFE,$01800122,$6841FFFE,$01800000
    DC.L $6871FFFE,$01800122,$6941FFFE,$01800000,$6971FFFE,$01800122
    DC.L $6A41FFFE,$01800000,$6A71FFFE,$01800122,$6B41FFFE,$01800000
    DC.L $6B71FFFE,$01800122
This gives us a bar at the left hand side of the screen.  We can alter
the colours and position simply by moving new data to offsets of L1S
etc.. eg.  Move.w #$0fff,6(a0), where a0 points to L1S.  We now need
a mouse routine to check positions..
Okay, we have 2 vars, OldY, and OldX.  In each we store the last time
X and Y mouse stats, then next VB we can compare the new to the old
and determine which way we moved (if any).  Okay, we Move.b OldY to a
data reg (d0), then sub.b $dff00a from d0, then do a BEQ.S NoYMove if 
there was no move, and do a BMI.S MouseDown (if we moved down), and
below, we must have moved up, if not down, but there was some Y movement.
After NoYMove, or Up, Or Down, we must Move.b $dff00a to OldY.  It's
much the same for the X dir.  Only this time we sub $dff00b from OldX,
Beq NoXMove and BMI MouseRight (otherwise left, obviously), then save
$dff00b to OldX after we finish.  Okay, so we have a routine that detects
each direction, we'll have to put a delay on it as it's so sensitive

How To Code A Disk Magazine In Devpac 2.08                     2/2 |           
at present (Every 6 VB is good).
Now, if we move up, we'd:
    LEA.L    L1S,A0
    MOVE.B   (A0),D0        START Y
    MOVE.B   8(A0),D1       END Y
Where Pointer is our current position, reading across, then down (like
reading), and SUBSOME is where we subtract the wait from in the copper.
At SUBSOME we'd subtract 8 from d0 and d1, and write them backout, along
with all the other waits, (-8), and subtract 3 from our POINTER var.
The same goes for down, but with a MAX Y and a BLT.S AddSome.  When going
left/right however, we must add #52 to the horizontal wait positions (or
subtract, depending on the direction) and alter POSITION by 1, not 3.
This may sound complex, but is easy in practice.
So now, we check for left mousey each VB, and if clicked, we can look at
POINTER to see which text we are currently highlighting, then point to the
text-file and blit it up.  (You do realise that this theory if for the
format of this mag don't you??)
Okay, once we have these routines going, you may use an extra VB like me.
When not in the menu, you don't want the bar, or mouse checking, until
you return, so after blitting up a text, clear the cols in the bar, and
have a new VB without BSR CHECKMOUSE in it..  Then, when you check mouse
click, you can blit-back the menu, and restore the colour bars, and go
back to the original VB.  (While in the ALT-VB, you could check for right
mouse and add 3 POINTER to ~progress a page~. But you'd have to restore
POINTER to it's original value afterwards (bar in wrong place otherwise,
and check for the bottom of a column of pages (whizzing into memory..))

CSM WordSearch Number 1.                                       1/1 |          
|ALPABUETVERTICALFLFAZRLPT|   Here it is.  The official CSM word-search.
|VUCPGWCSOMADFOEMPCSUEBFCN|   Hidden in the word-table are 20 words,
|ETWBFIODUASCBMOEITATCFZVB|   all listed below.  These words run either
|MASIDEMLTUOADSPCLFTCLAKAZ|   in a horizontal, diagnol, or vertical line.
|IESLCVTAAMABUESURIVIBZMLG|   But are ALWAYS in a straight line.
|YAAEPIFEMVFDMKCOLSPACZBUW|   Prize: 1 Page of whatever you want to say.
|RVCFTBTOAZWECBSBMTZLOEBAK|   (Un-edited) in next issue.
|ASLAEDDAWOBNAPCWRPFCLEVPG|   Prize is awarded to first entry out of
|RESBCOPPERLISTZAETIFDAAEB|   the hat (blank 25x16 grid with only words on)
|BKXARPTWERMSEDCWIAPECMVBA|   (In the event that only one person enters,
|IMEEDTOEEOFEZKWLBMTFAEETD|   he will win by default, right or wrong..)
|LCBLCDAICMZBDASCAECBPLCAR|   - You may as well send in your text (about
|WCFVNBBFPZDISKVALIDATORMC|   29 lines by 80 chars across) anyway, coz
|SBDILTAIEVSEUWDCTFEPUFSRH|   we'll probaly publish it never-the-less!
|DFTEOACFERAWTFOSWTBSEZLFS|   TIP: Use a non-permanent marker to circle
æ-------------------------ß   the words/cross-em-out (Permanent is fun!)
These Are The Words:

AMIGA            BLITTER          CAPSLOCK         COLDCAPTURE
VIRUS            VERTICAL         WINDOW           ZORRO

Send Your Entries To Either The Editor, Or Co-Ed.  Good Luck!

Hacking The WANG O/S.  By Dark Knight.                         1/2 |          
* DISCLAIMER:  The author takes no responsiblity for, nor does he assume any
liability for, damages resulting from the use of information in this document.
This document is for informational purposes only.
  In the world as we know it WANG mainframes are in general use with many of
the largest companies trading today.
  WANG has long boasted that their mainframes are one of the most secure
systems availible and in a bid to make this fact more valid they decided to
create what they thought was the most advanced and secure operating systems
availible for their machines.
  WANG set out to make the operating system uncrackable by the hacker as we
know it.  They decided that if the hacker could not get past the user id
and password he would be foiled, so the clever systems programers decided
that they would create the most elaberate encrypting routines possible for
the user ids and passwords, and this is exactly what they did! 
  Say for example you wished to modify a wardialer program to find the
password for you... Taking the password to be six characters long, mixed
uper and lower case and no numeric characters.  The wardialer makes a call
every 18 seconds on average and taking 10 seconds for three tries at the
password, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the
wardialer would take a maximum of 112 years to find a correct password!
This is assuming you have a valid user id to begin with!  This is not
really what the hacker wants to hear, is it?!
  Unfortunately there is also no guest or visitor id's availible on the
system so you can't drop into the operating system and take a look around!

Hacking The WANG O/S.  By Dark Knight.                         2/2 |          
  It looks like WANG did a good job then doesn't it!  Well not quite!  A few
bugs have managed to creap through, aiding the hacker.  For example some
nice systems programmer left a back door in the operating system!!
  With the relevant user id and password the hacker has access to the system,
but at this level you can't really do much, certainly not play with the
hardware or jump to other systems, or can you?  You can only run a few
applications, not much to write home about you may think, things like
documents and the odd file display program!  Rooting about in a directory
called SYS or SYSTEM you may come across a file called USERLIST or
something similar (The file names are always eight characters long)  Every
system has a log of its users, id's and passwords.  Not much use you may 
think as the id's and passwords have been encrypted by the system.  This
was the major cockup on the part of WANG.  The only thing they did not
encrypt was the user list!!!
  Logging on under the user id of CSG (Computer Services Group) and using the
password SESAME takes you into the system, via the back door!  At this
level you can run a program called DISPLAY to print up the userlist, non
encrypted!  Capturing the user id's and passwords as they flood up the
screen you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home!  Every user on
the system will be in the list, including the system managers and
O/S USERS:  So now you know how to gain full access to the system you may want
to know who uses it!  
  There are hundreds of user worldwide and these include: FORD, VIKING
INTERNATIONAL (Travel Company), and the worlds largest DRUG MANUFACTURING
COMPANY (Have a guess!! - Not ICI -)  There are many more, more details
availble from me on request.
  Many governments use the system, but have had the back door erradicated
during security checks, so don't expect to gain access to those machines!

Classified Adverts.                                            1/2 |          
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THE CULRPTIS are looking for new members,specifically Coders,Gfx Artists,
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Applicants should preferably have previous experience in a high quality
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previous work (if applicable),or apply to,ZIGOR at: 


Classified Adverts.                                            2/2 |          


WANTED: Graphics Artists that enjoy working in 1bpl medium-res.
        Send you drawings (not too large) for publication in the pages of
        the CSM... Full credit given.


Got a copy party coming up?  Want publicty for any event?  Well, send full
details (plus at least 2 invites) to the CSM, and we'll give you a page or so
to ramble on about how good it's going to be!  (This magazine has now a VERY
large circulation --- International BBSs too!)


Send your classified ads to either:

The Snowman, Magazine Stuff, 18 Palm Grove, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, L66 2PU.
Count Zero, Magazine Stuff, 40 Vine Road, Backford Cross, S.Wirral, L66 2XX.

The State Of A Nation - A Political Comment                    1/2 |          
  Saddam Hussein has invaded Kuwait.  He threatened to, and now he has.
No, no, he's annexed Kuwait.  What does the civilised world do about it?
We impose economic sanctions.  Do they work?  Have they ever?  The problem
is that he's becoming damned popular in the middle-east, and gaining more
friends fast!  He's the leader of the arabs, fighting the good fight
against those imperialist/zionist scum.  Now he's offered free oil to any
third world country that sends tankers to get it.  Now, if the USA and UK
think they can use force to stop these tankers, that's what Saddam hopes
they will do, because if they do, WE'LL have started war with IRAQ & a lot
of the rest of the middle-east!  No one wants a war though do they?  I
mean, it'll ruin our economy and we'll all probably be conscripted over
the next three years.  What's more, it'll be all we'll see on the news for
the next five years.  But what's the worry?  We'll smash em' won't we?
Well, maybe not.  They have one HUGE army, with tip-top arms fresh from
the USSR / USA themselves -- they've just finished a war with IRAN so have
millions of soldiers with millitary experience (and they're all willing to
die for Allah..)  And WE aren't used to HOT desert warfare.  Still sure of
our chances?  Well, come on, we've got USA, UK, France, the rest of the
world are on our side.. we'll win!  Will we?  How many countries have
given any troops / tanks / planes / ships?  Well, there's the USA, UK
and FRANCE...  The rest of the world think that sanctions will do nicely.
So, if we go to war, it'll be just US, while the rest of the world sit
round the UN table, discussing possible actions for the next five years.
And Saddam knows all this.  He's not stupid.  Think of this, he could
WIN the war!  God forbid, the USA would send it's entrie population to be
killed before it admitted that it lost.  But imagine how popular and power-
full he'd suddenly become!  The tanks would be rolling into Europe soon...
And what if some of the middle eastern countries or other countries loses
it's nerve and side with Saddam?  We're in BIG trouble!

The State Of A Nation - A Political Comment                    2/2 |          
  Ah, but come on, sanctions might still work, it doesn't HAVE to lead to
war does it?  This is the moan of the spineless countries that refuse to
send troops and want to wait for the UN to act.    Sanctions will drag
on for years and years, and eventually countries will start trading with
Saddam, if only to bring down oil prices.  And soon Kuwait will be forgot-
ten, and Saddam will have a small monopoly over the world oil prices,
and he'll threaten Saudi Arabia to put up it's prices as HE says, or ELSE!
(He'll annex them too....)
  In all, we CAN'T win.  Unless the whole world (the UN) decides to send
troops, and the WAR starts and is WON by us! The consequences of letting
Saddam win are not worth considering.  The same thing happened just before
WWII, what did we say then? Invaded Poland?  Hey! give it back!  You won't?
Oh, okay then, have it, I'm sure that's ALL you'll take......
  And dare I say it now that our mag goes U.S.... What if the USA's inten-
tions aren't entirely honourable?  This debate was brought up by our parli-
ament the other week.  What if the USA are also in this for other reasons
than fighting for democracy and defending helpless nations?  I won't detail
my reasons or what was said in the debate, but think about it for yourself,
think about USA....The country that not only treated black people as slaves,
but HAD them as slaves as well....and now, over the last few decades have been
conceding that Blacks may not be genetically inferior to whites after all....

                                                             The Snowman.

Collecting Traffic Beacons (By Count Z.)                       1/2 |           
This is getting silly,I'm reduced to writing articles on how to steal traffic
beacons to fill up the magazine!,but obviously you all lead extremely boring 
lives,otherwise you would have sent some more interesting and relavent text 
to us!.
The best type of Traffic Beacon belong to British Gas,these are usually a nice
luminous yellow colour,with a flashing light on top(The other type are the 
boring red and white type,known as Traffic Cones - not very exciting). 
Myself and my friends were terminally bored one night so we decided to go and 
steal some of these flashing traffic beacons,from outside a hotel called the
Penguin,near where I live.
At that Time I was between Cars,having just sold my MKIII Escort,and was on
the look out for an XR2,the result being that I was driving my Dad's purple 
Sierra Estate,which was good,because we could throw all the Beacons in the 
back of the Car. 
So off we went,at around midnight,in ~The Purple Cow~ (as we had knicknamed 
the car),there was me driving,and mates,Graham,Collin and Andy.This wasn't 
going to be easy,the beacons were just along from the hotel car park,beside
a reasonably big road,there were at least 10 of them,all flashing away in the
dark (very pretty?).I pulled up beside the beacons and switched off my light's,
my mates jumped out of the car and started trying to rip and tear the tape
that strung all the beacons together,unfortunatly this proved difficult,as it
was plastic tape,the seconds ticked by and several cars went passed.At last,
after what seemed ages Graham managed to pull one free,and threw it,still  
happily flasing away into the back of the Car,two more beacons followed as 
Collin and Andy got the hang of it. 

Collecting Traffic Beacons (By Count Z.)                       2/2 |           
We decided that this was enough,as we had been there for several mins,all  
hoping that the next car wouldn't be a nice policeman,who wanted to know what
we were doing,we leapt back into the car,and drove off.Great!,we've did it,all
all we had to do was to stop them flashing!,not so easy,Graham resorted to 
hitting them very hard with his fist,we eventually did the trick,and made the
car a lot less conspicuious. 
Back at Graham's House we discovered that they had a Photo Diode in them,so 
when it was dark they switched on automatically!,we decided to dump them on
the field at the back of his house,coz his Mum wouldn't approve if she saw 
them,it was crazy,watching them flash away in the middle of the field. 
Next time we might go for a larger haul,and perhaps leave them in a friends
front garden!...It's just the type of stupid thing we do.
 Some Valuable Hints If You Would Like To Collect Some Beacons: 
 1.You must have a car,you would look rather suspicious walking down the 
 street with a flashing beacon!
 2.Select your taget carefully,ideally it should be on an unlit road,with 
 little traffic,so nightime is a good time to do it. 
 3.Decide what your going to do with the loot,the funnier,the better!
 4.Have Fun!,just think,there are a whole variety of Road Signs and Beacons,
 just waiting out there,and all completely free!! 
 Ohh,and by the way,I take no responsability for any actions carried out!! 
Well,thats it,if you have done anything equally or more stupid then let us 
know,and I will gladly stick it in the next Issue. 
                                                       SEE YA L'EIGHT'ER

Reader's Letter (Just The One!)                                1/2 |           
Dear Count Zero,

I recieved a copy of CSM issue number 1 from a friend in Southampton (are you
already aquainted with Mark Meany and the club) and have several observations
to make.

* (Unfortunatly, we DO know Mark Meany, we have had the misfortune to have
* had some dealings with him.  Luckily, we now know how much of a lamer he
* is, and subsequently no longer keep in touch!)

One. Nice format, even nicer tune.  Can't help thinking that the tune is fam-
iliar. Just can't place it for now, so how about telling me what it is, is
it's a mutated version of something well know?  Only minor gripe is the colo-
ur change joystick fire button.  Que?  apart from that, I like it.  Don't
change the tune, it's nice and sinister sounding, appeals to my darker side.

* (The tune is a well known Hungarian Folk Dance Ballard, and Mark Meany
* thinks that Count Zero wrote it probably.
* Joystick buttons -- We no longer have this control method -- Happy?)

Two. Like the idea of sending a blank disk, getting the mag in return.  I
just hope that the filth who created IRQ and the Lamer Exterminator don't
pass their evil wares to you, and screw things up.  IRQ in particular has
given me much heartache.  I've a full resume on IRQ for anyone who wants a
warning about it's nastier habits.  As far as I can tell, virus X version 4
is the thing to have to kill it off.

Reader's Letter (Just The One!)                                2/2 |           
* (You really are a lamer aren't you?  You think that we'd send out IRQs
* or L-Exterminator viruses?  We WROTE the goddamn things! (Joke..)

Three. Ads, a little tip: things for sale won't be any problem, but I'd
suggest vetting any ads offering services just in case, you wouldn't believe
the ads I've seen in some places.

* (Ads, check out this issue's adverts!!!!!)

Five. Just to spice things up, to go with the lucy and the sky with diamonds
article, how about one for budding oppenheimers?  Should anyone out there be
interested, I can dig up some old information on heavy isotope separation,
severe environment machining, PEL manufacture, and all of the other stuff
required to become your very own superpower, and book yourself a seat at the
next START talks.  Needless to say, this is not for any Tom, Dick or Harry,
it helps if you've taken University level physics.

Got to go.  Will be in touch soon.  Consider me interested in CSM.

Bye for now, Thanatos.

* You think big words make you sound clever?  Well, check out
* PAPILIONACEOUS.  (Prize to the person that sends us the correct defini-
* tions...)
* Got to go.  Won't be in touch.  Don't bother.

Order Issue #4 Of Coder's Scene Magazine Now!                  1/1 |           
Don't wait for your contacts to send you your latest issue of CSM,order it 
direct from us,and get it within days of publication!. 
CSM Is Free! ( although any huge piles of cash will be gratefully recieved ! )
all I ask,is that you send a blank disk AND return postage,to me,as I shall 
be handling the orders because The Snowman is off to Lancaster University,so
will be moving from his home address shortly.
  COUNT ZERO,      
  Mag Stuff,       
  40 Vine Road,    
  Backford Cross   
  South Wirral,    
  L66 2XX,         
Issue 4 will be released whenever we have enough material to fill it,so the 
more you contribute,the quicker it gets released!.We need regular contributors
and columnists,from all over the world,any interesting topic will be considerd
for publication: The Amiga Scene in your country,Coding/Hacking/Phreaking Art-
icles,Copy Party Reports,Demo/Game fact just about anything!!
All Submissions should be in 80 column Ascii format,and preferably in English! 
See Ya Next Issue,Bye..........