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       * C R Y S T A L * cracked:


 Picture yourself on The Party 1992 by
 CRYSTAL-Silents-Anarchy 27-29/12 in
 Aars, Denmark. Bigger, better and more
 juicy than anything you'll ever exper-
 ience. Virtually everyone from the
 cracking and demo-scene will be there!
 Meet all your friends + the people
 behind the products we all know and
 admire. Don't miss out on your oppor-
 tunity to say - I was there! This is
 history in the making..

         Accept no imitations..
         We are the world's #1!

 For quick and reliable trading, write:

            a) P.O. Box 2
               8330 Beder

   b) Fermo Posta   c) P.O. Box 116
     C.I.83429870     Upper Poppleton
    Milano Cordusio    York, YO2 6YY
         Italy            England

 a) All in games and utilities on Amiga
 and PC. Include phone# if possible!
 b) and c) replace a) in Italy and the
 United Kingdom respectively..

Call us NOW for the very best deals in
Video Game Console Disk back-up Systems
MEGADRIVE/GENESIS. We stock Super Magi-
com/PROcomm for SNES and Super Magic
Drive for Megadrive/Genesis consoles.
These systems allow the backing-up of
all game cartridges to floppy disks and
allow them to be reloaded independantly
of the original cartridge. The system
includes a high quality PC compatable,
3.5" HD disk drive. A MUST for all real
Console videogame freaks!

     0382 739 192        (U.K.)
     212-462-5071        (USA ONLY)
     ++44 382 739192     (WorldWide)