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^ C R Y S T A L ^


Accept no imitations..
We are the world's #1!

For all in software on
Amiga, PC and consoles
write (please include
a phone-number):

P.O. Box 2
8330 Beder

UK people write:

P.O. Box 27DE
Dundee, DD5-3YE


.oO Intro Fuglebad Oo.

by  $ Ted's Farm $
of Movement

Press RETURN to quit!!


Call us for the very best prices around
in Cartridge-to-Disk backup systems for
your favorite Console System...

     We have units available for:-
          * SEGA MEGADRIVE *
          * SUPER NINTENDO *

    Call now for more information..

    USA             -  917-462-5071
    United Kingdom  -   0382-739192
    Scandinavia     +(45)-86-937217

PLEASE NOTE that in this game, people
with only 1 drive will have to swap
disks when the screen flashes.

On a blue flash, insert disk #1 and wait
till it's done loading. Then re-insert
the disk that was in the drive before
the flash.