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       We are proud to present:         
            ANOTHER WORLD               
 Another fine CRYSTAL crack, to add to  
 the almost infinite library of high-   
 quality CRYSTAL wares..                
 Please note, that this is the English  
 release version!  Now everybody can    
 enjoy this great game to the full      
 We wish all our friends and supporters 
 a merry christmas and happy new year!  
         Accept no imitations..         
         We are the world's #1!         
   For serious impact*, write to the    
   following addresses..                
            a) P.O. Box 2               
               8330 Beder               
  b)    BP 110       c) Via De Meo 2    
    7700 Mouscron 1    83100 Avellino   
        Belgium            Italy        
 * impact: a) software on Amiga and PC  
 (we carry everything in games and uti- 
 lities), donations, info about Cuba    
 f.ex rise in population, annual finan- 
 cial figures etc.!                     
 b) Playing a)'s role for members of La 
 Resistance and other French people.    
 NB, Cuba-info should still go Denmark! 
 c) playing a)'s role for Italians..