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Welcome to another filled vectors part of the cryptoburners megademo 2. This demo was supposed to be released at the party in Drammen, but as you all know, the party was ruined by the police           This part is coded by tec, one of the newest members of cryptoburners.    The music is composed by rhesus minus.                                                                       hello folks, this is jackmix writing (audience goes blaaarrgggghhhhh) yeah, it's friday, and i'm sitting at the fairlight, horizon and miracle copy-party in gothenburgh, sweden....       9.5 members of crb is present at this party, they are: heatseeker, bugbear, oscon, aggressor, windwalker, kylerion, tec, rhesus minus, jackmix and our 0.5 member called iq......    so far nothing interesting has happened..              Jackmix left the keyboard because he didn't have anything special to write.     The person who is writing this text is tec.   This is the first demo i have released as a member of cryptoburners.       I was forced to leave the group it and join cryptoburners after many threats from the local cryptoburners the last 6 months.     That happened a few days ago, and after a few phonecalls, gladiator and walkman joined too.             I think i'll try to get an other cryptoburner to write some scrolltext, i am too tired to write anything sensible.   Let's see if I can find a victim...   Hmm...   Rhesus minus is sitting some meters away from me.   I'll try to force him to write some words so i can leave the computer for some hours...               ok  .... rhesus minus writing.    First  of all i want to say hello to walkman. it's nice to have you in our group. i'll contact you as soon as i can. Helloes to gladiator hello to tec because he look like a bad joke. Anyway, greetz and kisses and biiiggg hugs to my very few contacts ......ouch.. forget the kisses because all of them is reserved by jackmix and heatseeker for tonight. buuut you may keep the hugs and the greetz. I hope we have an complete greetinxlist somewhere in this minimegademo, because some of my contacts have been real pissed on me lately. anyone out there who want my personal meaning about this party ??  Well, it's quite boring, but there is some very cool people here,so i think the party will get better now soon.                     Hello, tec is back again.   What do you mean 'looks like a bad joke', rhesus??       Do you know what you look like?   Well, I think it's best to change the subject...       If you want to contact me, writte to the following address...          Steinar Midtskogen         Svenskerud 127             3408 Tranby              Norway            Now an important message to all amiga users... If you're in oslo, N E V E R  buy anything from tanum data!         If you think there are too few inconvex objects in this demo, the reason is that i have to make all the objects myself. Nobody else understand how to make them (it's actually really simple)  The problem is that i'm beginning to hate (no, i hate) to make objects, because it's so booooooring....          For the first time i'm going to crunch a demo at a party (this is my 6th party) already 1 day before the deadline!       I've always had problems to finish demos at parties in time   But it wont be troublefree this time either, beacuse oscon and heatseeker have still a lot to do on their parts... The end of this demo is closing, so let's end this demo by hating BJ electronics, the responsible for the meaningless raid at our party in drammen. (read other scrolls for more info)