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            GLADIATOR MUSIC             
         Release date: 19.11.90         
             PLEASE WAIT...             
        Loadertune by Gladiator.        


-0/12 Octave

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      Left alone              (3:13)        
    It's All Right            (1:49)        
    Playing Around            (2:15)        
       Hurricane              (4:05)        
    Please...Listen           (5:09)        
   Three New Strings          (6:58)        
    The Flower Shop           (5:07)        
  How I Feel Tonight          (0:34)        

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                                                                 @                         Cryptoburners presents Gladiator Music.                       Coding by TEC and music by Gladiator.                        This is TEC.    This disk should be released a long time ago.  The coding was done over 6 months ago and the music is much older.  The reason this this big delay is that I was supposed to do a lot of improvements in my routines, but they were never done.     Use your mouse to select the options at the bottom of the screen.  To select a new module, move the mouse to 'choose module' and press left or right button to select module, press both buttons to load.        The rest of this scrolltext is written by Gladiator (the following scrolltext was also written a long time ago).                             Hi, pholks!!!     TEC promised to write something in front of this text, and I suppose he's done so, too.       Well, I thought I had to say a few words about the tunes collected on this disk.      They're made in this order, the oldest one coming first:     Left Alone - made about one year ago, pretty old that is...     Nevertheless, I find the song very nice and full of warmth, though it's in a sad manner.     ---     Hurricane - made within 14 days after 'Left Alone'.     The tune has a quiet and peaceful preludium, before it takes you with surprise as it degenerates into the roughest soundtrack I've ever made. But more melodical themes show up during the song. Do never forget that I'm the composer, and my particular style is of course dominating.     ---     Playing Around - A somewhat experimental peace of work. It starts out normally, I would say, but the end is everything but normal. The tune was composed in january/february this year...     ---      How I Feel Tonight - yes, this means emotions.       Written during spring time, when love was bad and I felt sad... (I'll never be a poet anyway, so why put effort into lousy poems? ) Listen to the tune at least twice. It's very short.      ---       The Flower Shop - I didn't know what to title this I-don't-know-what-it-is-thing, but a flower shop seemed to fit its atmosphere. Listen carefully, I bet you haven't heard anything like this before. I won't guarantee that you'll like it, but I thought the song deserved to be spread because of its originality.      ---      It's All Right - at least I thought it was. I love playing the piano myself, and therefore it's with great pain I have to realize the obvious limitations of the Amiga when it comes to similating real piano music. I'm fully aware of the fact that this is far from the utmost utilization of the Amiga's capabilities, but that was never the idea. The song is simple with simple effects (actually none), easily because I wanted it to be that way.      ---      3 New Strings - first summer holiday tune this year, made between my driving lessons this summer. It catches many different expressions, there are different themes, but I think there is a logical link, though, which keeps the song from just limping away like a lame dog. In fact, this is, due to my opinion, one of my more successful tunes. It will perhaps remind you of previous songs from my record, but this style is what I like...       ---      Please...Listen - the newest track on this disk, composed in agony and rage caused by a broken heart...      again.      Taste the anger, the frustration and the ultimate atmosphere. I'm trying to tell a story, not from the beginning, but from the turning point. Notice the evolution, the uncertainty and the irrevocable destiny. I have put my soul into this composition, and it's my belief that it mirrors my state of mind at the moment I wrote it. As far as I'm concerned, this is good, actually one of my best tracks ever. Of course, you might be of a different opinion, but that's not my problem, it's yours!!! The song was written in early July, a few days after my birthday, which happened to be the 7th of July, which means that I just had had my driver's licence.     Hooray!!!      This also means that the introducing part has come to an end, and from here on, this won't be very serious at all.       Writing this scrolltext has occupied a great deal of my precious time, but when TEC asked me to put down some letters for this music disk, I just had to... (Actually, I put down 30474 letters, including spaces and!!! So, keep on reading!!!) Except Blackstar and a few other peculiar creatures, everybody hates pooring out rubbish that nobody really cares to read. People just read it because the text simply never cease to fill their screens, every little innocent word follows the previous of the same kind, and so on and so on and so on...       The author of the bullshit is happily unaware of all the damage his lousy ASCIIs do...  people getting headache of staring at stupid centences scrolling from right to left, left to right, from top to bottom, bottom to top or perhaps in circles all over the screen. If this wasn't enough, the reader has to interpret very nice and artfull fonts which really look quite impressive and give horrifying experiences as a result of dare-devil-like attempts of coming a jour with the text and the complete contents of it, despite the unreadable letters and the stupid author writing endless centences with a spelling mistake every second word. This evokes memories of one night... I'd been watching not very talented demos for ages, at least it felt like ages, and I was quite exhausted when this demo occured on the screen. I don't remember the name of it, nor the dudes responsible for coding, graphics, music and all that stuff. In fact, I don't remember very much. Never mind. As I was standing upside down, crossing my eyes just to try making something sensible out of the scroller, I suddenly realized a certain movement under me. Without hesitation I tried to grab something in the surroundings, getting hold of nothing but filthy air. The chair took its final breath, breaking down below the hopelessly fighting me in chaotic disorder. I, being totally resigned to the gravity force and the consequences of this resignation, ended up in my dustbin where I'd dropped a rotten banana only minutes ago...    Yes, these memories of the pioneering days of computing make the tears come to my eyes...         Well, I'm not sure where I started, and I never know the end...      Anyway, if you want some greetings, this is a tip: Read all the letters in this (my part of the) scrolltext backwards, starting at the 8th last character increasing (or decreasing) the word to read by 5 to 10 to 5 (5 first, then 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9 ...5 and so on) during the whole text (still backwards) and you'll get some greetings...  It's important that you notice that only the first character (or the last, depending on what way you're reading) of the word counts. This was easy, wasn't it??? (You can't know by now, because you haven't read the complete text, yet. Perhaps you'll know the 10th or 100th or 1000th or... I don't know exactly how many times you have to read the scroll before you've got your greeting, and I don't even know if it's worth waiting for. To lower the difficulty level, you should try to rip off these nasty ASCIIs...)        Now, I've finished two parts: The totally confusing part (the introducing one) and the insanely confusing part (the greetings decoding thing).      Let us proceed to the totally insanely confusing part...         Here I am!!! When will you come? Join me in a wonderful journey of complete nonsense that will give all you unexperienced computer phreaks no ideas whatsoever of how to develop the best universal cruncher in the world that also just as well translates the crunched program into an understandable form for ANY computer it is decrunched on, making black boxes look incredibly primitive, just like the digital watches. But first, a minute commercial...Ready, steady, ready, steady, STIMOROL...     Seen this ad before? If the ultimate answer of this irrelevant question is negative, you haven't missed anything.      Do you need an assurance? Don't call me.     I pick up the joystick and begin playing around with it. Nothing happens. Then I discover there is a diskdrive standing on the computer. That's why the TV didn't work when I turned it on. So, I go upstairs to kick the fridge open. It kicks back, so I drive it to the dentist's. The dentist kicks it, too, and I leave the fighting to them. I drive home and start wondering why an adventure can have such a silly game play. Then, suddenly, I remember that I left my printer in the fridge, so I drive back to the dentist's just to make sure that the fridge has killed the dentist properly. Now it's cured, so I throw it out of the window which happened to be situated in the wall. I break a couple of windows, leave the building and go north, north, east, north, northwest, south and east. I'm home.     'Please...listen' is quite good, don't you think?       Yes, I'm home, and I'm starving. In fact, that's why I go downstairs, right now, kick my little droid, go into my bedroom and examine the floor. (Adventures are stupid. I told you!) On the floor there is a key, so I pick it up and I realize that it's the missing key for Castle Master(TM). It isn't. I'm fed up, so I find a rope and a tree, tie the rope to the tree and hang up my socks. This attracts quite a few sock addicts who really would give anything for a glass of a green slimy liquid that no one has ever heard of. Not in this part of the galaxy anyway. And definately not in this part of the scroller. The flowers taste too good for that. I put down the joystick. I have no idea of how hot it is right now, but the milk is quite tempered.        And this is how to make an apple cake. You will need...     3 plates of deep frozen puff paste, 6 to 7 medium prized apples (preferably macintosh), 3 table spoons of sugar, apricot puree or apple jelly for swabbing (we in Norway have our special terms) and crunched tonsils (another special term. Look it up in an English-Norwegian dictionary and then retranslate it back to English) for decoration.     Let the paste plates thaw in about 15 minutes in room temperature, or follow the instructions on the package. Put the plates in one big pile directly on the baking shelf. Roll them out with a rolling pin, making a smooth round bottom, about 24 cm diameter (12 cm radius). Lightly riddle the paste. Peel the apples and slice them into small boots or boats or slices or whatever shape you want of your apples. Place them intimately together like the tiles on your neighbour's house. Saw the sugar in the paste. Bake the cake in the middle of the oven at 200 centigrades (392 farenheit) in 20 minutes, or till the apples are tender and the paste has got a nice colour. For the rest of this receipt and any other receipt, please look up in your local cook book. This apple cake is French and is called 'Flan Parisienne'. Jumm! Jumm! Doesn't it taste awfully marvellous? I think it does, so go ahead!!!              That was the end of the totally insanely confusing part. Hooray!!!    I think this scroller has been quite revolutionary till now, and there's even more to come. You see, coming up next is something brand new: A short story!!! And I really recommend it. It's written here and now by one of my pals, and I assure you that he's a very quick writer with extremely good imagination. Therefore, this story never gets boring, and it's well worth reading. But remember to change tune once in a while...  There might be some spelling mistakes, but I trust that they won't affect you. But enough of this, and more of something else. A short message will pop up after this story, so read on (I have a faint presentiment that I've said somthing like that before...)                  'Do you want a coke?'         Gits looked at the radar. It was the first time since they had left Otulp that a space-ship moved in that close. His fists were tightened. Riegsa noticed this. 'Gits,' he said. 'Violent One. I can see no reason to tighten any fists. Remember that we have merchendise to deliever and the best for us all is to travel in pe...'        'Shut up, Peaceful One!' Gits was angry. He had been angry and quite violent since his wife, Eneri, was killed after she said 'peace' one time too many. He told the police it was an accident, but everybody knew that it was Gits who put her in the microwave oven. Why she married him in the first place, is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the universe. 'It's my duty to protect it.' He turned to Trebor. 'Swift One! Go and get the Insanely Witty One and the French One.'        Trebor pressed a key in a panel by a door. It was this action that caused the above mentioned door to slide open. Trebor ran swiftly down the corridor that had been hidden behind the door all the time. The door closed silently behind him.         'According to my calculations,' Riegsa said, 'that could just as well be a peacefu...'        'Shut up, Peaceful One! Take your peace and shove it before I do it. This is the real world and not an imaginary peaceful one! Don't you remember the prophecy?'         Trebor entered the room through the above mentioned door. 'Sir,' he said. 'They will come as soon as they have dressed.'         'I must say...' Riegsa started, but a look from Gits told him that he shouldn't continue if he wanted to stay alive longer than another ten seconds. Riegsa had always been careful and as peaceful as possible. When he went to school, some older boys had beaten him up once. To prevent this from happening more than that one time, he payed the boys $2 each every day to lay off. However, there were other boys who wanted to beat him up as well. The yearly bribe expences soon reached $400000. That's why he had to take this boring job on the space-ship: to pay the yearly $400000. This was also how he met Drag the Insanely Witty One and Enireves the French One.           A light on a panel below the radar screen flashed red. Gits looked out of the window. He could now clearly see the approaching space-ship. 'If only I had a big enough microwave oven' he thought and tightened his fists even further. He had to do it the hard way this time.        But he had a problem.      A BIG problem.      A problem so enormously huge that how he solved it is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the universe.      He had forgotten to bring his laser gun.      But that was not the only problem he had. This other problem was at the moment walking up the corridor. 'Blackened is the end,' the problem sang. 'Winter it will send, Throwing all you see, Into obscurity. Death of mother earth, Never a rebirth, Evelution's end, Never will it mend, Never.' The problem was insane. It was called 'Drag the Insanely Witty One' and was one of the greatest Metallica fans in the galaxy.      Together with Drag was Enireves the French One. Once, she was asked what she saw in Drag. As expected, her reply simply was that 'He makes me laugh'. Of course, this has nothing with the actual story to do whatsoever. Therefore, I believe it is time to leave this subject and go on telling the story.      The before mentioned door slid open to allow Drag and Enireves to enter the room. Drag felt uncompfortable. It seemed to him that there was something wrong with his trousers. He looked down. Backwards!      'Violent One,' he said as he entered. 'Peaceful One,' he said to Riegsa. 'Swift One,' He turned to Trebor. 'Excuse me for a moment.' He then disappeared into the lavatory. A minute later he returned with his trousers the right way, this time. 'You asked for us?' He asked as if nothing had happened at all. (Especially not with his trousers)      'Yes,' Gits replied with a minute smile on his face. He turned to the window. 'There's this space-ship.' His fists were quite tightened. 'You are the expert on space-ships, Enireves. What do you think?'      Enireves studied the space-ship in a split second and had the answer ready. It was not the ultimate answer of the big question about life, universe and everything (42), but at least it was an answer. The ultimate answer of the current situation they now were in.      'I have never seen anything like it, but one thing is certain.' She said in her French accent. 'We won't stand a chance against it when it comes to arms.'      Gits tightened his fists even more. The glass of coke he actually held in it broke and all the coke was now in the form of a big black pool on the usually so clean floor. 'I hate that space-ship,' he cried out. 'It took my coke!'      Drag quickly drank up the pool of coke from the floor.       A yellow light started flashing above the communication screen. Trebor went swiftly over to the screen and pressed a button.      The screen was filled with a face. It was a male, but it was impossible to tell the approximate age of him.      'Hello there,' the face said. 'I am Edorf the evil one. I feel a bit happy today, so I will give you two choices: Either you surrender and let us board the ship, or we will blow you in billions of small pieces.'      In a moment, it looked as if Gits untightened his fists, but surprisingly to none, he didn't. He tightened them (as if they weren't tight enough)      'I'll tell you,' Gits said. 'We haven't got much choice but to choose one of the two, and since I would like a fighting chance to live a bit longer, I might let you board the ship. Wether you succeed or not, is your problem.'      Riegsa approached the screen as well. 'May I suggest,' he said.      Gits looked at him.      'If I give you $2, will you lay off, then?' Riegsa continued.      Edorf laughed. The screen flickered and the face disappeared.      Not many minutes later, they could hear something being attached to the ship and the outer door being opened.      'Time to play hide and seek,' Trebor suggested.      'Hide, seek and obliterate,' Gits corrected Trebor.      'But it's just to give them $2 and they will lay off,' Riegsa said and started walking towards the place the intruders most probably entered the ship.      'Riegsa! Come back!' Enireves cried and started to run after Riegsa. Drag couldn't believe his eyes. Enireves ran straight into the hands of the enemy! He could not allow it! He wanted to run after her and rescue her. But later. If he ran now, he would be caught as well.      They heard footsteps closing in. Riegsa's desperate attempts to talk his way out of the situation as he was taken away. His voice was desperate indeed.      They could hear Enireves scream. The scream was fading away as well. They were probably taking all prisoners to the other spaceship. This would make the rescue even harder, but now they had to stay alive.      The footsteps were closing in.      The door slid open and a lonely soldier stepped in. He wondered why HE was given the task to search rooms that seemingly were empty, all the time. He walked slowly into the middle of the room. He could see nobody.      'I can't remember anything,' he sang for himself. 'Can't tell if this is true or dream, Deep down inside I feel to scream, This terrible silence stops me. Now that the war is through with me, I'm waking up I cannot see, That there's not much left of me, Nothing is real but pain now!'     A Metallica fan. He pushed the button to the lavatory. The door opened and...well, what can a soldier say when he is searching for prisoners and one of them is sitting on the loo with his trousers down.      'Don't worry,' Drag said carefully. 'Just let me put my trousers back on and I'll surrender.' Since Drag also was a Metallica fan, he just had to sing a bit as he put his trousers back on.      When a Metallica fan hears somebody sing Metallica music he simply must sing, too, and so the soldier did.      'Do you see what I see? Truth is an offence You silence for your confidence. Do you hear what I hear? Doors are slamming shut Limit your imagination, keep you where they must. Do you feel what I feel? Bittering distress Who decides what you express? Do you take what I take? Endurance is the word Moving back instead of forward seems to me absurd. Doesn't matter what you see Or into it what you read You can do it your own way If it's done just how I say. Independence limited Freedom of choice Choice is made for you my friend Freedom of spe...'      The song was suddenly cut off as Gits had hit the soldier from behind. 'Let me borrow your gun a minute,' he told the soldier as he tied his hands and put him in the loo. 'One shouldn't leave the loo without flushing it,' he continued and quite soon, the soldier was gone.      --- --- ---      Riegsa couldn't believe what was happening. Bribing with $2 had always worked before. He had even tried with a massive $4 this time, but it still didn't work. What had he gotten himself into?      He had to make a plan. It could be any plan as long as it didn't involve any violence. Making a plan whilst hanging up-side down 12 feet above the floor, isn't actually the easiest thing one can do, so he gave up. The hope that somebody maybe would rescue him made him fall asleep.      But he woke up again quite quickly.     Not because it might be a bit difficult to sleep whilst hanging upside-down 12 feet above the floor.      Neither was it because somebody had rescued him.      The possibility that he would be set free was like nill.      But he still woke up. He was dead tired. Wondering why he wasn't asleep, he looked around, or at least tried to look a bit around. That's when he saw Enireves. Now, also hanging upside-down 12 feet above the floor. She had screamed when they put her up there. That's most probably why Riegsa woke up.      'Are you OK?' Enireves seemed a bit concerned. 'You shouldn't have run straight into them. You could've got yourself killed.'      'But paying $2 has allways worked!'      'These are pirates, Peaceful One. They want the whole ship, not just $2. And to get the whole ship, they have to get rid of us, right?' 'Well...'      'And the easiest way of getting rid of us is to kill us.'      'KILL us? Nah! They wouldn't do anything like that. They will probably just put us on a deserted planet or something.'     'Leaving us to starve to death.'      Riegsa changed his face from a happy smile to a quite serious expression. 'You're right. We've got to get out of here.'      'And how did you think we should do that? We are now hanging upside-down 12 feet above the floor. We are hanging in chains. You can't possibly open the locks, and even if you did, you would land on your head and break your neck.'      'I'll think of something.'      'You'd better. Because I'd like to see Drag again before I die.'      Suddenly, the chain in which Enireves was hanging started to move along a pipe-line taking Enireves with it. She looked down at the floor. The chain stopped just above a hole in the floor before it started to lower Enireves down into it.      'Riegsa,' she said in a desperate voice. 'What are they doing? What is going to happen to me?'      'I don't know, Enireves! I don't know!'      Now just the chain in which Enireves was hanging was visible above the floor. Smoke poured out of the hole. White smoke. 20 seconds later the chain winshed her up again. She was totally covered with ice. She had been frozen.      The chain in which Riegsa was hanging in started to move...      --- --- ---      The soldier just stood there guarding the tube they had put up to move from one of the space-ships to the other without having to wear space-suits. He wondered why he always was the one who had to guard it. It was so boring. He was about to fall asleep when he heard a sound. He looked towards the place from where the sound came.      He looked down on the floor. An empty coke can. He picked it up. Looked back as if he expected someone to attack him from behind. He would have if he hadn't turned around. But he did, so he couldn't and so he wasn't. In fact it was the other way around this time. Trebor who was given the task to hit him from behind was quite surprised when the soldier turned around. 'Wanna' race?' he tried. After all, Trebor wasn't called 'the Swift One' for nothing. When he was 3 years old he outran his father and when he began school, he usually ran instead of taking the bus. It was much faster.      'Huh?' The guard wondered.      'I'll surely outrun you,' Trebor continued.      'But I...' The guard tried. However his try was not enough concidering that Drag had moved in from behind to rescue Trebor. But Drag didn't have anything to hit with. He tapped the soldier's shoulder.      'Excuse me, sir,' he said. 'May I borrow that coke a bit?'      The soldier who was quite confused just gave it to him.      'Thank you, sir,' he continued and gave the empty coke to Trebor who used it to hit the soldier quite hard in the neck. 'Sleep well, sir. And before I forget, I believe you won't need this one anymore.' He took the gun and dropped the soldier in the thrashcan. (a thrashcan is a device that thrashes the trash before it is automatically thrown into the trashcan)      'Is that the hole we are supposed to climb through?' Trebor wondered.     'Yeah? I suppose it shouldn't be too difficult. We'll manage. Where's Gits?' Drag ran back and turned around the corner.     Silence.      There was so much silence that Trebor wished they had installed an air-conditioner to clean out all the silence in the air.      But Drag used quite a while to get Gits.      Too long time.      So long time that Trebor wondered where he had gone.      He heard footsteps. If they had come from the direction Drag went, he would probably have believed it was him, but the footsteps came from the other direction, so it couldn't be Drag and so he didn't think it was Drag either.      He grabbed for the gun. This was not what he hoped for, but since the situation was as it was in this exact moment, he just had to accept that and do whatever was best for him. That's why he grabbed for the gun. However, there was a minor problem about that: The gun wasn't there.      The footsteps were now very close, so close that Trebor actually could see the soldier who made the footsteps.      'No, no,' Trebor begged. 'I am unarmed. Don't shoot. I am quite unarmed, see? (God, where are Drag and Gits? If they come soon I won't pea in Gits' coke ever again and I'll become a mo...)'      As a reply, a couple of shots hit the soldier that hadn't said a thing yet. Of course it was Drag and Gits who now were back. '(...I'll become a motherfucker.)' Trebor continued his prayer glad he had not finished the word before Drag and Gits returned. 'Where have you guys been?' he asked.      'Gits had to visit the lavatory.'      'AGAIN?'      'So what? It was important. I'll explain it to you later.'      Then the three guys climbed through the hole, crawled through the tube and arrived in the other space-ship where some soldiers were waiting for them.      'Oh! Oh! We're in trouble,' Trebor said.      'Nah! We're not. Hey! You!' Gits turned to one of the soldiers. 'Take us to your leader. We have something VERY important to tell him, and we are talking about life and death of the crew in this entire ship!'      'Aye aye, sir!' was the quite short reply of the soldier.      After a few minutes walking they finally arrived to the bridge where Edorf the Evil One was waiting. He was looking out of the window when they arrived. He didn't even turn around. He just stood there. He said a single word. 'Yes?'      Gits took a step forward. 'Sir, I suppose you would like to live just as long as we want to live?'      Edorf turned around. He had never heard any prisoner talk like that before. 'Yeah? Actually I will live longer than any of you. Ha! Ha!' His laughter was the worst Gits had heard since he met Drag the Insanely Witty One.      Gits didn't look bothered about the fact Edorf had just stated at all. In fact, Gits was just waiting for Edorf to stop laughing. In fact, he would help Edorf stop laughing. 'Sir,' he said. 'I have put a bomb in the space-ship. I do have here...' Gits showed Edorf a little box with a red button on it. '...the detonator. Of course, if I am shot, the bomb will blow the ship to billions of pieces in exactly one hour from now on.'      Trebor seemed to have an idea. He smiled a bit and started: 'So that's what you did at the lav...' he stopped before he gave away the location of the bomb.      Gits continued. 'So, if you will be kind enough to let the others go, I might be kind enough to let you live a bit longer.'      Edorf was bitter. He could not believe what was going on. But as always, he had his plans. 'Okey,' he said. 'Jim! Go and melt the prisoners.'      A quite young soldier turned around and left through a door in the wall.      'Melt?' Gits wondered.      'Melt?' Trebor wondered.      And Drag just looked insanely witty. 'Melt?' he uttered.      Edorf smiled a bit. 'Yeah? They were frozen some minutes ago. The plan was to freeze you all and sell you to a certain Nrojbsa.'      'Nrojbsa? The Mad Professor? What was he to do with us?'      'Let me show you. This way.'      They followed Edorf through a long corridor and into a small room with a hole in the floor. Two ice cubes were standing by the hole. Inside these ice cubes one could see bodies. One male and one female. They were quite upside-down and looked remarkably like Riegsa and Enireves. The ice had started melting.      'You see,' Edorf said. 'He is trying to make a new ice-cream that nobody has ever tasted before. He needs a secret ingredience.'      'And that ingredience is us?' Gits suggested.      'Well, not only you. Of course he is willing to pay for any humans that I should capture. It will be big money.'      The ice was now finished melting and Riegsa and Enireves were free. 'You made it!' Enireves cried and gave Drag a big hug.      Riegsa just looked a bit unhappy.      Gits looked at the box he was holding in his hand. He held it in front of Edorf and pressed the button. Through a little hole in the box, some water seemed to pour out ruining Edorf's cothes.      'It was a toy?' Edorf wondered. 'How could you do this to me? Have you forgotten that I am still in charge here? I'll kill you!'      'I don't think so,' Riegsa said and pushed Edorf into the hole in the floor.     'What happened to him?' Gits looked at the white cold smoke that poured out of the hole. 'Did he get cold feet?' He paused. 'So, since we now have taken over this ship, we can just as well...' Gits looked around with a very surprised look in his face. 'Where did the Insanely Witty One and the French One go?'      Trebor looked down. 'They said something about trying out the beds here.'      'I must say...' Riegsa tried, but a look from Gits told him not to continue if he wanted to stay alive longer than another 10 seconds. 'Do you want a coke?'     --- The End of Part One ---            Really great, wasn't it ?!? So watch out for the next episodes of this thrilling tale that will be printed in Cryptoburners' diskmag. This absoulutely brill mag will also contain this episode in case it was too hard to read in a scroller. Don't miss it! Get 'Fourth Dimension 4' as soon as it's available!!!             This little scroll written by Zealot and Gladiator seems to beat most oversized scrolltexts puked out by the tremendous scrollermaniac Blackstar who stares at the screen to see what's comming up next. Good thing he isn't able to hit my nose from where he is. I think the editor usually is the first one to announce the contents of the fortcoming issue of a mag, but this evil Gladiator doesn't care. No, not even for you, Blackstar! Let me resign with the computer words 'GAME OVER' !!!                                    Hey, you people out there!!! This is the restart of the scrolltext, and for you guys counting words and characters, these shouldn't be counted. I just wanted to tell the title of the loading tune. You don't want to know?!?        What's that supposed to mean?        Nothing's going to happen to you if you read the title.      I promise!!!          What 'So What...' ???       Are you being completely honest with me now?      In that case, I have to disappoint you, because I cheated you just a few seconds ago.      You see, the title is 'So What...', and now, I have told you.        Yeah!!!       'So What?' you may ask. But I won't answer.      I like the title, you see.     It feels good to me.      See?!?       Well, somewhere in the horizon to the right, I can see the first letters written by the other contributor to this scroller, TEC, so I'll give you my address:               Hans Arild Runde                   6090 Fosnavaag                  Norway                     TEC!!! You were supposed to stop the text to ease their reading!!!       Well, I'll give you another chance.   @                                     Here's my address:                                         TEC!!!    You foolish!!!   Not here!!!!!!!!!      My address has to be on the screen before (b e f o r e) you stop the scroller!!!     OK?!?        A last try...      AND CONCENTRATE, PLEASE!!!          My address:@                                  Hans Arild Runde                        @                                   6090 Fosnavaag                         @                                       Norway                                                        I hope this worked out right.    Apropos right...      There's the first one coming (a letter written by TEC).    I think it's .............yeah, it is!!!............and the word is...............................    THE SCROLL WILL RESTART!!!!!