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Look there is Cueball!
Where is he going to?
Is he searching something?
Maybe he is searching the background GFX.  We search for it since a long time now.
Ahhh, we think he is searching a Wife!
Let us follow his Quest for a Wife.
He Cueball!
This is the wrong demo.
and so it's still the WRONG door.
Please go back to your menu surface
and try another door!
Okay, okay I will go back!
You're dancing is really entertaining.
But it's again the wrong door!
Is it so difficult to find the right one?
Use your feet to walk and not to dance!

some friends...
decided to do something
and therefore they did something!
now they decided to present
a what happens if i marry
production of an fff movie
now we will terrorize your eyes with
the often imitated but never reached

the aga titlepicture

director of coding

animations and xtc picture by

as we wanted more than one credit
the aga picture was invented and realized
by zulu and deicide or was it deicide and zulu?

executive musician

story editors
deicide and zulu

berlin 1993
oops this is absolutely not germany... correct me if i am wrong but i guess berlin lies in germany. you see i was always good in geography and my former teacher told me that berlin is a part of germany since since since since since  aehm yes since a long long time. since 1845 i guess. you have to know that the frg was one of the importants colonial empires and berlin is the last colony which was overrolled by german forces... the leader of our very strong army force was general custer. in the final battle he said where did all this fucking berlins come from. to get more detailed information you can buy our book the rise and the fall of berlin it is twice thick and twice diffcult as the new postcode book from the german bundespost. while we are at it the main food in the battle of berlin were rolf gums.

but this is another story which is in the last chapter of our book! the chapter is called: fuenf ist truempf!!

oh yes i got the right map right now. so we can go on with this it is worth to vote for production...

let us introduce to you... germany

aehm forget the last sentence it is not exactly germany but also nice. it is the land of love wine and something i cannot remember... but it was nice too! to say it in one sentence! this is france and not the !wanted! germany. this message flies over to invisible: when we want germany we neither want france nor england! but we will give you one more chance. if the next appearing map is not germany you wont see germany anymore...

oh am i dreaming or is it really true! this land looks more or less exactly like germany! some pixels are not correct but this does not matter... oh shit it really matters... somebody forgot to set the berlin pixel! oh i am wrong deicide told me or was it zulu ( oops wait when i am zulu i cannot be deicide but if i am deicide i cannot be zulu! shit  i am getting shizo ) that we dont have a silly uninteresting and boring berlin. we have imported a famous berlin imitator from oversea. he had big success in playing several other towns like london and paris! we must mention his biggest success in indy 4 the fate of atlantis. he played atlantis so good that it was impossible for indy to find him. we needed two weeks to find him but we had the solution... one last note: rumours are saying that even mr t. own has his pride. so  he refused to play a town which lies in hessen!
but now it is time to enjoy mr t. own as the united berlin....................................... where the hell is this little sucker who is only able to play towns and no characters?

cowabonga here i am the best town imitator ever. my name is t. own and i love you all!! you are the best audience i ever had. thank you so much but i have to play loerrach now...

aehm exuse me mr t. own we have not told you to play our hometown! even we are able to play loerrach! would you now please move your ass to the location of berlin or we will get a better looking  more intelligent and faster town imitator!!!

no you cannot do that. there can be only one town imitator!!! you should not accept an imitation.  i am the worlds number one...

do you know the meaning of the word arrogance?

what is arrogance? i only know that i am generations ahead!! and i am the leading force on the town imitating sector to proof this i will play my demanded role...

 he nice idea to show the hometown of fadeone to the audience ( hi martin! are you surprised? ) but in your contract is written that you should act like berlin and not like munich or loerrach!!  

 okay okay you have won. i would play berlin if i would know the correct location on this low budget map...

 yes you are right it is lower than low! but i am sure zulu can beam you to the right position...

 beaming in progress... x=x y=y zulu=zulu e=mc2  if x=x and y=zulu and zulu=x then goto hessen  else scan map rotate around 180 degrees change colortable and set berlin...
 beaming successfully completed...

do you know when dreams come true? they come true when mr t. own plays our demanded role! congratulations mr t. own!! you did it!  

yes i have done it master. but words are not enough i want my wages....

okay here is your money. you have to go now because it is the will of god...
finally we can all go to berlin  

Friends for Friends
welcome you to the last Part  of this Marriage Production!  
 We hope you enjoyed it as much 
as we do (not don't!)

First here are the Credits again:
Code: Zulu
Music: Darkstar
Graphics: Fadeone
AGA GFX: Deicide and Zulu
All Texts: Deicide and Zulu

-> B.A.M. <-

- The Birthday & Marriage Demo -

Working Titles: Enjoy the Text  
Keep on reading 
Read or Die

Well now some words about this  
Demo. We tried to do something  
ordenary to most of the Demos
released these days.

Anyway the Main Point of this
Production was to thank Cueball 
for being such a good Friend and
to congratulate him.

So this is really not a normal  
Scene Demo. And this is why we  
finally decided to label it as a
Friends For Friends Demo.

Anyway we like to know what you 
thought about this Production.  
This Demo also shows,that we are
in deep need of a Graphician.

So send your Reactions to one of
the following Addresses.....

For Joining our Team in Germany 
or any other Legal Reason...... 
Deicide of Cryptoburners
Stefan Wilholm
Baslerstr. 156
79539 Loerrach

To Contact the Coder of ->BAM<- 
!! And please NO MAILTRADING !! 
79591 Eimeldingen

BAM - When Voting Is Not Enough 

It has come to our ears that a  
certain Fun Associtation has
decided to include something
like a Hidden-Part in this Demo.
Friends For Friends will be a
satirical Cooperation of crazy, 
 brave, morbid and brain-dead
Freaks who believe in the Power 
of Friendship !!!
FFF will not be an ordenary
Scene-Group. But the Members
of FFF are still in their Normal
Groups !!!

 We decided to found this Asc., 
because we hope that therefore  
the Scene becomes a little bit  
more friendly than it is today  
 and that you recognize that
the Scene is a place for
Friendship and not for Business. 
If you want Business join a
Software Company.

Interested Dudes may write to
one of the mentioned Addresses. 

Note to PD-Distributors!
You are not allowed to gain any profit with selling this

Contact the coder for a written 

To answer the question :
? What happens if I marry ?
- I get a Production from
Friends For Friends !

This is not the End,
this is the... › Let's play
› Tic-Tac-Toe
› This was the old Tic-Tac-Toe Game
and this is the new...
› Tic-Tac-›
Cueball›  Arcade Game!

Hidden text:
yo, mate you want help with this production called b a m! well, i will give you a little hint! to enter the hiddenpart write the following as anargument!  you must write p l a y and nothing else!

Hidden part text:
Well, finally you found the Hiddenpart! As everybody knows such Parts are made to send some (not always nice) massages to other persons. Okay here we go! The first one is for Melon Dezign: Did you know that the Producers of Cheat em Up 4, which will be a commercial release, are using a Font from your TrackmoS.O.S! The Producers surely got a lot of Money for it, while you are not even mentioned!!! If you like to contact the Producers look into the Cheat em Up 4, for the addresses...................................

Okay lets turn to another subject: We will spell it like KR(iech)E(L)AM(e)TOR (Kreator!!!!) Well man we hope you will stop telling shit about us or we will start to inform the other devils about your habits. Is it not silly to get a modem trader from a group you were laughing about and calling them lame? Were you afraid to lose your Packs or to get kicked, if you don't do something for your group in Germany? Did you tell Mike that Jinx and Janou will make a trackmo? If so, you lied. Janou told us that he absolutely won't do a trackmo!!! Did you send Mike the old Hydra Stuff as you did to me? Too bad that we are not able to do a coop-dentro with Devils anymore! We would do something if a certain person is no more a so called Devil! Do you think that members will stay forever in a group with such a good german headquarter, who gives a shit about his members? If so you should sign a contract with your members. And if they will break it, they have to pay a bill? Well we are sure you will be under the top ten coders in the near future. Because if you know what the assembly command or.w #$0dfc,d0 means you can do your promised trackmos on your own. Perhaps you can do it with Modula2 and Assembler! By the way use Deicides Assembly Book, if you don't want to give it back! Are you a bloody asshole of a thief?  We think that's enough because we don't want to waste our time (!Wasted Time!) with writing something about a childish little boy.......If you think it is lame not to protect this Scrolltext, you are wrong, because we want that you read it!!
Enjoy it because the Text is restarting......................

Do you know why we are
going to Berlin?
We went to Berlin to
The Marriage 1993!
Mr and Mrs Cueball
We like to
send our best
Regards to you!
Beside this, Happy
It seems that you
found a wife, which
accepts that you are
spending more time
with your A4000
than with her !
Maybe you should have
married your Computer?

The glorious Gratulants
Zulu / Cryptoburners
Deicide / Cryptoburners
Fade One / Masque
and all other Members
of Cryptoburners!

And of course Mr. T.Own!

Friends for Friends 1993!