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Title Page



001.........................Title Page   065...........Interview With North Star
002...........................Contents   069.........................New Viruses
003..........................Editorial   070.............................Edstory
004............................Letters   082...................The Hobby Section
006.......................Party Report   087........................Bimbex' Page
008...............Demo-Corner contents   088...............Blipblop Banana pages
009........................Demo-Corner   090.........What's Wrong With Diskmags?
016..................The Golden Charts   092...........................Important
018..............Interview with Vision   093........Interview With Jetaza/Vision
020...........The Real Norwegian Scene   096...........................Newsflash
023...............The Reading Festival   097......Why Computer Users Are So Ugly
026.....A Silly Joke from Norwegian TV   098..............................Wanted
027......How To Order Fourth Dimension   099..........Ein FornÖgliches ErzÄhlung
028...................News and Rumours   101..Yes, But Mister Salesman... Help!!
031...........Vision-Aces-Active party   104.......................Coders Corner
033..............The Real German Scene   104.....CC corner:....Ask Dr.Heatseeker
035.........Fourth Dimension addresses   109.....CC corner:...............TecTip
036......................Advertisments   113.....CC corner:...........Optimizing
056.....................Are You A Cat?   118.............................Credits
057............................A Comic   
058..............Interview with Dexion   Fourth Dimension #5 at 01.12.1990
062......A Guide Through Noisetracking   
064.......................How To Order   


Here  we  are again with another issue   news if there are anyone out there with
of  Fourth Dimension.  We are a little   an interest in helping us with that. We
bit  delayed  this  time.  Our excuses   figure  some  other  diskmags will copy 
include  the  following points: School   that idea, so remember who was first...
has  been  very  hard  on the managing   We  have also made some shapeups in our
editor  the  last months, Trixal had a   routine. As you might have noticed, the
very bad disease,  infact he was close   routine now supports med-res 16 colours
to death (The real death, moron),  but   and  still  the  640x225 pixel view. We
he's  now recovering well, our members   will  also, in forthcoming issues, make
have been very lazy and so on... Well,   even more upgrades.  I hope you will be
as  a  compensation to the long period   pleased with our efforts to please you!
of waiting (not that long), we provide   Well, there isn't very much more to say
this  excellent magazine with over 100   except:  Welcome Firestorm of Technique
pages.  Yep, we beat the magic number!   to our staff.  We  are glad to have you
This  issue  include the first episode   here.  If other people want to join our
of  a  rather  weird short story which   staff, they are more than welcome to do
will go on if protests aren't too many   so at our headquarter address:
and we've got a new and improved demo-   
corner for you.  Check it out! We also   Fourth Dimension
have  a  new  and  rather unique chart   P.o. Box 217
system,  we  figure it will be fair to   6801 Førde
all  demos  in our new system. We also   Norway.
plan  to  make an own part for country               Blackstar, managing editor.

HI THERE !                               and  as  long  as we feel the ads don't
                                         occupy  too  many  pages, we will print
I  like  your  mag,  but I dislike the   all  ads coming in. If, however, we get
country charts! Country reports are ok   larger  queues,  we  might hold back on
but country chart?? Keep on your work.   groups with more than 1 ad.
Yours Tom... !
                                         Greetings 4th. Dimension.
Well,  as  you might have noticed from
last  issue,  we  removed  the country   Your free ad offer is to good to resist
charts.  It  was  impossible for us to                  Dr. Compoq./Magnum Force 
judge on who was no. 1 and so on!         
                                         Yep, I know!!
                            Blackstar.                                Blackstar.

Hi Fourth Dimension!                     Hi!

To improve your excellent mag, make it   About  a  week ago I got the July issue
ompossible to have more than 1 add per   of your diskmag from one of my contacts
group, each time.                        I  was  very impressed and I think that
                        Janitor/Rebels   you  have  one  of the best diskmags in 
                                         the  scene.  I looked everywhere in the
Hi Janitor!                              mag  but  I couldn't find anything that
                                         said "how to order". Please let me know
Our basic slogan is 'free ads for all'   how  much it costs and I will order the

next  issue  available.  I  think  you   Well, that was it for letters today! If
mentioned  it is going to be available   you have anything you wish to say, do
on the 20th of September. If you don't   so through us. We will try to reply to
accept  CYPRUS  currency then I'll try   all letters in our mag, we can, however
to  find  some  dollars but it will be   not guarantee a written reply to you 
much  easier  for  me  to  pay  you in   all, there is too much mail coming in
Cyprus pounds. And faster too!           to our p.o. box.
                       Spyros Antoniou                   Blackstar/Cryptoburners
Hi Spyros!                                                 - Managing Editor -
I'm glad you liked our mag. Concerning
the "how to order" part, check out the
article  called "how to order". I must
say  that  it is no good for us if you
send  foreign currency to us, we would
end  up with a lot of foreign money we
couldn't  do  anything with due to the
high  exchange costs in Norway. Please
understand  this,  we  can only accept
Norwegian  currency. No use in sending
US dollars, Swedish crowns, Pounds and
so on.  I  am terribly sorry about not
being  able  to reply you, I lost your

Party Report
          PARTY REPORT

 It was Friday, two weeks ago. For the   into it...
first time in my life I had decided to    When  I woke up again,  we were at  a
go  to a party.  A friend of mine  had   place  with  very  load  music  beeing
told  me  that there should  be such a   poured out of some giant loadspeakers.
thing this evening. So, off we went.      I  recogniced  some  of the songs  as
 The  first thing  I noticed  was  the   remixes  of  various  Amiga   tracks -
total  lack  of  computers...  Instead   this  had to be the  party!  But there
there were lotsa bottles  of  beer and   were no  computers...?!    Instead  of
other  alcoholic stuff laying all over   coding or something,  everybody had  a
the  place,   not  to  mention all the   GIRL which they TOUCHED!
drunk people!                             You  can't imagine  how  surprised  I
 I was  quite worried,  but my  friend   was,  this had  to be the  worst party
told  me everyting was quite o.k.  and   ever!  I just sat there, and was quite
offered me  a beer.  As  I  had  never   shocked...
tried this sort of liquid before,  and    After a while a girl came towards me,
was quite naive,  I decided to give it   and  asked  if I wanted to dance,  but
a try....                                with all  this  music and  movement, I
 I put the  bottle to my lips,  filled   realized  there   wouldn't  be  enough
my  moth  and swallowed  it.  The next   raster-time,  so I  answered no.  Then
thing  I noticed was that the  BLPMOD-   she  asked  me if  I could follow  her
register  went  quite ape,   with  all   home,  and  since I  didn't expect any
sorts of  strange values  beeing poked   surprises I even followed her into her

room...                                       FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME
 It all started when she suddenly took   
off her clothes!  I was so  shocked  I    I had  been looking  forward to  this
couldn't  move!! So she had absolutely   special  moment  for many weeks now...
no problems  taking off my  clothes!!!   
 Then   she  took  the  thing  I  have    It was as  if the air was filled with
between my legs in her  hands and said   magic as I  touched its shiny,  smooth
"Oh, Fallos, please do it to me!" What   surface for the very first time...
the hell did she mean, I wondered, "do   
you really  want  me to do IT to you?"    Exitement,  was  in  the  air  as   I
"Oh yeaaahh, you're so cool Fallos! Do   carefully held it to my lips, and with
it, now!" she answered.                  a great deal of sensitivety  licked it
 Since she held my dick, I had an idea   with my tounge...
of what she wanted me to do, but  when   
I think  of what happened  afterwards,    I put it between my teeth, and bit it
she probably didn't want me to piss on   with  the kind  of attention  you only
her...                                   have the very first time...
                     FALLOS / CINEFEX     When  it slided  it into  my mouth, I
                                         was surprised  to learn it was  harder
                                         than  I had tought.  But after a while
                                         it was soft and good  -  Stimorole THE
                                         best chewing gum!
                                                          FALLOS / CINEFEX     

Demos Corner
    * * *   DEMOS CORNER   * * *

Our ratings are as follows:              For this issue,  we've made quite a few
=======================================  changes in our demos corner.  First  of
0%-15%  : UGLY.  This  just  isn't good  all, to get more demos evaluated, we've
          enough. (the LAMER-category)   included  so-called   short-reviews  of 
---------------------------------------  some selected single-part demos.  We'll
16%-30% : This is too  bad.  Looks like  continue with  the  bigger  reviews  of 
          rush-work!                     demos, but we will not take so many for
---------------------------------------  each issue,  and  we'll  make them even
31%-45% : Below average,  should defin-  bigger!  We  hope  you  will find these
          itely be better!               changes for the  better!  Contents  for
---------------------------------------  this issue's demo corner:
46%-60% : Can  be  accepted,   average.  
          (Nothing exceptional)          09....................Budbrain Megademo
---------------------------------------  11........Cemetery Of Silence/Possessed
61%-75% : Good work, above average.      12........................Short Reviews
76%-85% : Very good work!  Well thought  Except  from  Budbrain  megademo, there
          out and worked though!         wasn't any REAL crackers this time.  We
---------------------------------------  found many good demos,  but none really
85%-90% : Excellent,   this  really  is  reached the top.  Today's demos seem to
          something to admire!           have very few original ideas.  This  is
---------------------------------------  perhaps  what  must be changed, coz the
90%-100%: Simply the best! Marvellous!   code gets better and better!

         BUDBRAIN: MEGADEMO              THE SQUEEZE: Just a funny interlude, so
--------------------------------------   to speak! Good graphics and good sound.
From Denmark came this megademo cover-   For those of you who haven't seen it, I
ing two disks.  Well, as this demo won   think I'll  leave  it s  surprise!  One 
the  demo  competition  at the RSI/TSL   thing  about  this  interlude though! I
conference  in  Denmark this summer, I   couldn't  help  comparing  it  to RSI's 
had  quite  some  expectations for it!   worm in their megademo, and in compari-
And boy,  was  I  surprised  the first   son, this demo lost!  Maybe because RSI
time I saw it!  It  is  a  bit hard to   was first with the idea....
rate all the parts in percentage, so I
will just write some  comments to each   MOVIE PART 2:  The  man  living  in the 
part before the overall ratings!         house being burglarized wakes up and is
                                         on his way towards the burglar.....
INTRODUCTION: Started with a very good
soundtrack and a text generator.  This   KAOS: This is truly a rip-off from Coma
part  contained  some  sine scrollers,   by Rebels, only this one is better. The
good  looking linedraw formations, and   rocking  house  music  is really great, 
nothing else. The code was decent, but   the graphics are  better  than in Coma,
not impressing.  On the whole, a well-   and the action is  hotter!  Really  the 
made introduction.                       best demo of this megademo.....

MOVIE PART 1:  Nice  sound effects put   MOVIE PART 3: The confrontation between
you in the mood for the action.In this   the house owner and the burglar... 
part,  you see a burglar breaking into
a house....  Nice  graphics  fit well!   TIME TO SWAP DISKS AND PAGE.....

BIRDIE NAM NAM: In the opening, a bird   vertical  scroller  and  nothing  else.
come  onto the screen and lays 3 eggs.   Superb  music  plays  throughout,  very
We see a close-up of the eggs and they   effective indeed.
crack. You see 3 cute little chickens!
Then the middle one shouts  'YO! CHECK   OVERALL IMPRESSION:  It is very hard to
THIS OUT!!!'  and  starts his own jam-   rate a demo like this,  coz the coding,
session!   Fans  of  house  music  and   which was very simple,  didn't play any
probably  everyone else will love this   part in this megademo.  The main things
part!  The  graphics are great and the   were sound  and graphics plus very good
sound is sooooo coooool!  Too bad it's   ideas. I will therefore skip the normal
so short though....                      ratings and  just give an overall mark.
                                         One negative thing  though:  The  movie
THE CIRCLE:  A  bobscroll  is the main   was too short, too little action....
attraction.  Probably  the  best coded
part, but the music was horrible.  (It   OVERALL: 89%
was sampled though!)                     ---------------------------------------
                                         REVIEWER'S COMMENT TO THE GROUP:
HUSTLER:  Sort  of  a  slideshow  with   Somehow  I have a feeling that we won't
excellent pictures.  The  humour  is a   see so much more from Budbrain. I don't
bit sick though, almost worse than our   know why, and I hope I am mistaken! The
humour! The sound/music was made up of   people  behind Budbrain are indeed very
simple baselines  and  the 'audience'.   talented, and I hope they will continue
Very effective though!                   in the scene with productions like this
                                         with new and innovative ideas!!!
THE END: A traditional end-part with a                   Blackstar/Cryptoburners

    Possessed: Cemetery Of Silence       were displayed, were acceptable though.
No matter what we say, Mental Hangover   The music was quite  catchy,  and  even
and  Cebit demo 1990 seem to get a lot   though  it  was  very little varied, it 
fans.  Group  after  group try to copy   was nice. The drums were good.
them.  Some are quite good, others are
not. Here we have yet another one:       Conclusion:
                                         Yet another M.C. clone... Nothing more,
The  coding  of this demo was not very   nothing less...
good.  Of course,  it's pretty good to   ---------------------------------------
code  a  filled  vector  routine,  but   Coding: 72%
nowadays everyone can  do  that!  This   Graphics/Outlay: 72%
routine was quite slow and jerky,  and   Music: 79%
the objects were very boring.  They've   Originality: 5%
added  some  vectorbobs (2-3 objects!)   Overall: 74%
but they weren't really successful. If   ---------------------------------------
you're  going  to release a clone of a   Reviewer's comment to the group:
demo, you should at least offer better   I  have  not heard much from Possessed,
or at least equally  good  code.  This   and if I ever  hear  more,  please  let 
one didn't....                           there be some new ideas, ok?  They seem
                                         to have  reasonable  talent,  and  they
The graphics were sparse,  a pretty ok   should  spend some more time developing
end picture  and  a  little background   ideas.  Also,  the Satan thing is a bit
picture  for  the filled vector scroll   silly and very childish... Lay it off!!
was all there was.  The graphics which                   Blackstar/Cryptoburners


       Razor 1911: Psychedelia                 Paradox: Beach-Volley demo
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Coding: 84%                              Coding: 72%
Graphics/Outlay: 82%                     Graphics/Outlay: 74%
Music: 83%                               Music: 64%
Originality: 80%                         Originality: 72%

A  demo  featuring  some  weird, green   A 'fight'  between Paradox and a Beach-
colour effects! Nice music by Ziphoid!   Volley player is the main attraction!

Overall: 83%                             Overall: 71%
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
     Spectral: Native Dipsomania                 Brainstorm: Shocker demo
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Coding: 73%                              Coding: 65%
Graphics/Outlay: 72%                     Graphics/Outlay: 72%
Music: 67%                               Music: 62%
Originality: 14%                         Originality: 60%

Another 'Cebit 1990'-clone!!!            A new type of scroller.....

Overall: 68%                             Overall: 64%
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------

        Cave: Mind Desaster!                         Gate: Easy Demo
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Coding: 83%                              Coding: 57%
Graphics/Outlay: 66%                     Graphics/Outlay: 41%
Music: 42%                               Music: 84%
Originality: 10%                         Originality: 22%

Cebit demo XXXVI. Good objects though!   Again  GATE  proves  to  have excellent
                                         musicians.  Nothing  else  here though!
Overall: 73%
--------------------------------------   Overall: 64%
     Accession: Fractal Frenzy!          ---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------          Vertigo: Vectors For All
Coding: 84%                              ---------------------------------------
Graphics/Outlay: 79%                     Coding: 86%
Music: 71%                               Graphics/Outlay: 64%
Originality: 64%                         Music: 59%
                                         Originality: 4%
The best Fractal Demo around till now.   
Fractal calculation time:  Approx. 30-   Universal Picturs IX.  Still, they have
215 secs,  depending on the complicity   produced some good, fast code here, and
of  the  fractal  image  to  be drawn.   they  made  fun  of  some  old cliches!

Overall: 76%                             Overall: 75%
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------

         Complex: Sportsmad                  Cool-G: The Revolution Scroller
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Coding: 57%                              Coding: 42%
Graphics/Outlay: 76%                     Graphics/Outlay: 56%
Music: 47%                               Music: 75%
Originality: 52%                         Originality: 79%

First ever demo to contain  the entire   A cool "commercial scroller".  Music by
demo source....  Nothing  else though!   Dr. Awesome, one of his best tunes too.

Overall: 48%                             Overall: 66%
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
           Aeon: First Demo                         Dual Crew: Yum Yum
--------------------------------------    --------------------------------------
Coding: 22%                               Coding: 77%
Graphics/Outlay: 64%                      Graphics/Outlay: 72%
Music: 37%                                Music: 84%
Originality: 31%                          Originality 70%

Aeon's first demo,  and  if they don't    Logofade, bobs, text-gen, circlescroll
improve, hopefully the last!!!            copperbars, weird scroll and more.

Overall: 32%                              Overall: 78%
--------------------------------------    --------------------------------------

--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
   Dual Crew:  Second Point Of View          Dual Crew:  Third Point Of View
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Coding: 54%                              Coding: 70%
Graphics/Outlay: 55%                     Graphics/Outlay: 52%
Music: 47%                               Music: 71%
Originality: 30%                         Originality: 33%

Contains a flipping logo and scroll...   Filled Vectors.....

Overall: 49%                             Overall: 66%
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
          Doom: Crazy Copper                    Kefrens: Den Gik Sku' Ned
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Coding: 64%                              Coding: 77%
Graphics: 55%                            Graphics/Outlay: 74%
Music: 64%                               Music: 62%
Originality: 27%                         Originality: 75%

Some copperbars,  a logo, scroller and   Lots of weird ideas seem to have become
a piece of music.                        the  trademark  of Kefrens. Not as good
                                         as Keftales though!
Overall: 59%
--------------------------------------   Overall: 73%

The Golden Charts
           TEN GOLDEN ONES!

Here  in  Fourth  Dimension,  we  have   We will, from this issue and up, give
compiled  a  chart over the best Amiga   some shorter reviews of one-part demos
music and demos! We are limited to the   where we only rank the demos! This way
ones we have reviewed here in our mag,   we get more demos with a chance of 
and to make it more fair for newcomers   entering these charts! Because of this,
each demo/music's  ratings  drop by 5%   we will offer a diskback service on
every issue!  This gives a really good   demos we receive for judging! More
piece of work the chance  to stay long   details about that elsewhere in this
in the charts, and good new demos have   issue! 
a chance of entering the charts!  If 2   To make these charts more userfriendly,
demos,  after our points caclculation,   we have included some colours to make
ends up with the same percentage,  the   the charts easier to read! If you would
oldest one will  automatically top the   like us to use other colours, different
newer one since the older one received   outlay etc., contact us at:
a higher original ranking.  The charts              FOURTH DIMENSION
will look something like this:              P.o. Box 217, 6801 Førde, Norway

xx. Demoname by Demogroup    org: xx%   current:  issue: xx 

And the musiccharts'll look like this:

xx Demoname by Musician      org: xx%   current:  issue: xx


01. Megademo by Budbrain                 org: 89%   current: 89.000%   issue: 04
02. Keftales by Kefrens                  org: 90%   current: 85.500%   issue: 03
03. Psychedelia by Razor 1911            org: 83%   current: 83.000%   issue: 04
04. Cebit Demo by Red Sector Inc.        org: 90%   current: 81.225%   issue: 02
05. Mental Hangover by Scoopex           org: 89%   current: 80.323%   issue: 02
06. Megademo VIII by Kefrens             org: 92%   current: 78.879%   issue: 01
07. My Room by Fairlight                 org: 92%   current: 78.879%   issue: 01
08. Yum Yum by Dual Crew                 org: 78%   current: 78.000%   issue: 04
09. Fractal Frenzy by Accession          org: 76%   current: 76.000%   issue: 04
10. Vectors For All by Vertigo           org: 75%   current: 75.000%   issue: 04


01. Poseidon by Uncle Tom/Razor 1911     org: 93%   current: 88.350%   issue: 03
02. Easy Demo by Bruno/Gate              org: 84%   current: 84.000%   issue: 04
02. Yum Yum by Tip/Dual Crew             org: 84%   current: 84.000%   issue: 04
04. Psychedelia by Ziphoid/Razor 1911    org: 83%   current: 83.000%   issue: 04
05. Cebit Demo by Romeo Knight/RSI       org: 91%   current: 82.128%   issue: 02
06. Memorydust by Codex/Razor 1911       org: 85%   current: 80.750%   issue: 03
07. Cemetery Of Silence by ?/Possessed   org: 79%   current: 79.000%   issue: 04
08. Savannah by Uncle Tom/Razor 1911     org: 82%   current: 77.900%   issue: 03
09. Copperdemo II by Studiomaster/THR    org: 81%   current: 76.950%   issue: 03
10. My Room by Danko/Fairlight           org: 88%   current: 75.449%   issue: 01

Vision Interview (1)

For  the  records, state your name and   spread your cracks and releases quickly
TDB/Vision                               Have you had any problems with the cops
                                         Yup,  they gave me a ticket for parking
What  is  your  job  in  the  group???   my bike in the wrong place....
I  am  a  spreader, sysop and original
supplier!                                Cute...  Are you afraid of the police??
                                         Police?  Who's that? Ask Babyface about
You  say  your  BBS is very fast.  How   that, he likes them...
does  it  feel  to  have  a  fast BBS?
Cool! I like it!                         What is your view on organisations such
                                         as  the  'friendship' - organisation???
When  did  you  first open  your  BBS?   I like it!  To  have friendship between
About a year ago.                        all the groups will form a band between
                                         groups and no wars!!!!
All that  equipment must cost a lot of 
money!  How  did you finance your BBS?   Are there any crews you like especially
I robbed  the post-office and sold the   well,  groups  you  think contribute to 
stamps instead (???)                     the scene in a positive way?
                                         I like Digital Force. They are cool and
How  important do you think modems are   program cool demos and are real friends
to  the  scene  the way it is today???   They are the oldest group in the scene,
Modems  are  very  important.  Ya  can   I guess....

What  do  you do in your spare time???   Name your favourite:
I  play  soccer  against my sister and   Coder: Slayer of Scoopex
against Testament members.               Musician: Maniacs of Noise
                                         Grafix-artist: Da Wizard/Testament
Your sister???  Well..  How  would you   Demo-group: I like Vision
describe a typical 'loser' or 'lamer'?   Cracker-group: Paradox (always 100%!)
To take  some  examples...  Guys  like   Demo: Budbrain Megademo
Silicon, Duffy and all losers at Venlo   Game: Kickoff 2
They are slow,  can't program and they   
have got big mouths...                   Who's  the  funniest  guy in the scene?
                                         N.S.C/Testament   and  Ruud  Hanegraaf.
Do you like demos?  If so,  what makes
(In  your  opinion)   a  good  demo???   Are  there  anyone you'd like to greet?
I like demos!  The  idea  makes a good   Yeah, some greets to Pinhead (hehe). He
demo,  like the one from Budbrain.  So   can't play soccer!!!
let's see more original demos dudes!!!
                                         Any final words?
What do you think about, what seems to   Yeah,  I  think ya mag is very cool and
have  become  the  new trend in demos,   wish  ya  much  luck for the future and
house-styled  music and a 'musicvideo'   watch out for Global Village, the disk-
styled demo????                          mag  from  Vision of cioa en snaveltyes
Shit,  it's cool to listen too, but on   toe  (Hehe, that's a very cool sentence 
Amiga,  it SUCKS, because they all use   in Dutch)  and meet ya all in London at
too many samples.  I  like my own acid   14th. of September.....
music (potje oranje's) (???- Ed)                         Blackstar/Cryptoburners

The Real Norwegian Scene

There  has  been lots of scene reports   and they crack games.  They  also  make
from Norway around lately. As a matter   amazing demos!  Razor 1911 are probably
of fact,  I  must  say I disagree with   the only ones worthy of being mentioned
most of them.  That's why I have taken   as true legends here in Norway! Some of
this rather  risky  job of telling you   you will  probably  disagree;  I  don't
guys out there  what's really going on   really care! BUT....  Razor  aren't the
here in the land of the vikings! First   only  ones  who  do  a good job here in
of all,  there  is  one group I feel I   Norway. Another quite old group,  whose
must mention when talking about Norway   popularity  have  mainly  been measured
and that  is:  Razor  1911.  They  are   through one person, are also doing very
probably  the  ones who are hottest at   well!  I  am  of  course  talking about 
the moment, in fact,  they've probably   Crusaders. They have a little BBS (only
always been the hottest one!  They are   2400)  and  they've  got some very good
by far the oldest Norwegian Amigagroup   musicians.  They  also have something a
and they  are quite experienced in the   lot of people seem to miss: Ideas! They
scene.  They  should  be  quite strong   are  responsible  for  their   official
internationally as well,  having  some   Eurochart,  which  seem  to have become 
of the best artists around (Uncle Tom,   quite a success.  Another  group  which 
Codex, Ziphoid,  Bug  (Musicians)  and   has to be mentioned,  is Fraxion!  They
Lord S., Sector 9 and Dr. No (Coders))   have got a very good musician (KEO) and
they  have  the only real elite BBS in   they produce some very cool demos. They
Norway  (I  won't  talk too much about   come up with some pretty good ideas too
modems, I know too little about that!)   Recently,  there  was  a fusion between

two potentially good Norwegian groups:   most of them are  only  beginners,  and 
Visual Arts and No Limits (Now working   they'd do  anything  to  get  into  the
under the name No Limits!).  Somehow I   scene. 
think   they  didn't  get  the  wanted   Nowadays, the police in Norway are very
effect from that fusion,  I have heard   active.  They  have  busted  4 guyz for
very little from them in recent months   selling pirated software.  These 4 will
Still,  they'll  be  worth looking out   have to  go  to court and face a trial.
for,  though.  There  are  many  other   This does  not  pass by unattentionaly. 
groups  who seem to be on their way to   We now see the trend to  get legal here
the top: Triumph (ex The Band Norway),   as well (Cryptoburners have always been
Armada,  The Giants,  Network,  Cinfex   100% legal!!!) I think this is positive
Designs,  Cult and probably some more.   to the attitude towards the whole scene
All of these make good demos, and they   Wars  are  also  seldom  being  fought,
have all got their own artists  (Which   although some small lamers  keep beeing
means: No ripping!!)  In  addition  to   bigmouthed to each other.  The attitude
these,  it  seems  like  many  foreign   of "Fuck the big groups and get famous"
groups  have  got Norwegian divisions.   is not widely used in Norway. Everybody
Also, a lot of swapperboys seem to put   knows that if a little groups  tries to
a name on  themselves  and try to form   fuck with the established groups,  they
groups out of that.  Some of them have   soon wither and die!  (Ivory was a good
succeeded (No names),  some  just keep   example on that!) The overall tone here
trying.  Norway  is,   as  most  other   is friendship! One interesting point is
countries,   crowded   with  so-called   that some of the bigger  Swedish groups
'losers' or 'lamers'. There isn't much   are getting pissed off by the sucess of
that can be done about these guys, coz   some Norwegian groups. I gather they do

this  because  Sweden  has  always had   Minus/Cryptoburners,   Time  Traveller/
the best  scene  in  Scandinavia.  Now   Cryptoburners and many many more!  I'll
they are  losing some of their credits   end this report by  mentioning  our own
to Norway  and  Denmark  (Paradox  and   group,  Cryptoburners.  I  won't say so
Razor for  crackers and loads of demo-   much about us,  our  story can be found
groups!) and they don't quite like the   in issue #2.  I only wish to say,  that 
development   (no-one  likes  to  lose   to some extent,  we  have done our part
power!)  Anyway,  this is not really a   of the job of  putting  Norway  on  the 
problem,  it might be the words from a   Amiga map!  Norway  is now on that map,
few  arrogant  guys   (no  names  even   and we shall certainly  do ours to make
though it's tempting!)  Well, to reach   sure we will remain there!!!!!
a conclusion to this article, I feel I        
must say that Norway  probably has got                   Blackstar/Cryptoburners
one of the best  scenes in this world:   
No wars,  good  postal  service,  good
coders, great musicians, good graphics   If any one of you strongly  disagree on
guys and above all: Friendship! I must   this scene-report,  don't  keep  it  to
say  that  if Norway was to be removed   yourself! Send us YOUR opinion,  and we
from the  Amiga  world,  the  greatest   will print it as soon as possible!
loss  would  all the incredible music-
geniouses we have here. Just listen to
this  list:   Bug/Razor,  KEO/Fraxion, 
Walkman/Cryptoburners,    Codex/Razor,
Gladiator/Cryptoburners,  Dr. Awesome/
Crusaders,    Othello/Armada,   Rhesus

The Reading Festival

   Friday 24th - Sunday 26th of August   for  tents and parking and a fenced off
were  the dates for this year`s annual   open  air  stadium  containing  a large
Reading rock festival. Along with some   stage  and  speaker system and a lot of
friends  I attended all three days and   stalls selling food,drink, merchandise,
I  thought it would be nice to write a   posters, clothes,cigarettes and lots of
report for Fourth Dimension.             other things.
   Before  1989  the festival featured       Something  worth  mentioning is the
mainly  sub  standard heavy rock acts,   way drug taking was very open, even the
however,  last year a more adventurous   security  guards  were smoking puff and
booking  policy  meant that New Order,   it  would have been easy to get acid or
The Mission and The Pouges were top of   ecstacy.
the bill.                                    On  Friday morning we exchanged our
   That policy has been continued into   festival  tickets  for wristbands which
1990  and  most of the bands appearing   we  then  couldn`t remove until we left
are  either independants or classed as   and  had  to  show  whenever we entered
`alternative rock'.                      or left the stadium.
   When  we arrived at the festival on       From  the bill of The Cramps, Faith
Thursday night (pushing our overheated   No More, Nick Cave,Gary Clail,Mudhoney,
car!)  we  were  directed to pitch our   An  Emotional  Fish and Megacity 4 only
tents and park in a field usually used   openers Megacity 4,  a  melodic UK rock
for  grazing  cows - I discovered this   band,   and Gary Clail, ultra trendy DJ
while pitching my tent !! The festival   and  club  mix-er, really impressed me.
site  was made up of large field areas   The  Cramps  and  Nick  Cave were awful

while  the other bands were average...    during  his act but when I got back to
Mudhoney  were  popular but that style    the stadium possibly the most exciting
of  music  doesn`t  really turn me on.    band  of  the festival were playing...
    On  Saturday  morning  my  friends    The Buzzcocks.  With  only the drummer
went  into  town  to  have  a wash and    changed  from the line up a decade ago
find  some  decent  toilets  so I went    the  band sounded as fresh as on vinyl
to  watch  The  first bands by myself.    and played all the old favourites such
The  Black Velvet band were opening at    as Harmony in my Head, What do I Get?,
12.00, they had the same problem as An    Promises,Love You More,Everbodys Happy
Emotional  Fish  the day before - they    Nowadays,Autonomy,Ever Fallen In Love,
wanted  to be U2. The next band on was    Lipstick  and of course Orgasm Addict.
Ned`s  Atomic Dustbin and I went right    Watching  this  band it became obvious
to  the  front since I had bought both    where  a  lot  of the younger bands at
their  records  but  not yet seen them    the festival had got their inspiration
live,  here  I found out why they have    from, I can`t understand why they were
such  a huge and loyal following, they    only 3rd from the top of the bill when
were brilliant. The next few bands up,    the Cramps had been top on Friday.
Psychic TV, Wire  and  Young Gods were        The Wedding Present  were next and
all  a bit wierd - I probably would`ve    they  were also brilliant, another one
appreciated  them  more if I`d taken a    of the festivals highlights. They play
lot of drugs. Ride,the next band, were    fast and melodic indie guitar pop.
great,  sounding  like a cross between        Headlining were the hugely popular
the  Velvet  Underground and the Stone    Manchester band Inspiral Carpets,Their
Roses. I missed Billy Bragg because we    set  started with a cow dancing to the
were  cooking up some rice in the tent    backing track then as the fans shouted

`moo!'(Cow noise) the band came on and        In  the afternoon we went close to
played 1 and a half hours of indie pop    the front during Tackhead (heavy funk)
with an organist in place of a guitar.    so we would have a good place when the
The slideshow and lightshow was simply    next band `Jesus Jones' came on. I had
amazing, Spotlights made patterns over    bought  all their records but not seen
our heads, the  title of each song was    them  live before and wasn`t sure what
displayed  in  huge letters behind the    to  expect  since  on vinyl they blend
band  and  a troupe of drum majorettes    samples and guitars. In their live act
came  on  during the recent hit single    they  dropped a lot of the samples and
She Comes In The Fall.  The Inspiral`s    fighting the shitty sound system (like
gave the best SHOW of the festival and    all the other bands), they  were a bit
although  their  music could be called    of a disappointment to me.  Still they
repetitive  it  is  also  exciting and    were  better than most bands. The Fall
original.                                 played  their usual `alternative' rock
    Sunday was opened by another great    with Mark E Smith`s mumbled vocals and
young band,  The Senseless Things, the    didn`t really impress me.
best way to describe their music is to        The final band of the festival was
compare  it  to the Buzzcocks who they    the Pixies, really popular but not too
admit are a big influence.                exciting for me since I don`t know the
    I  didn`t  really watch the next 5    songs.
bands after them... Thee Hypnotics,The        It`s hard for me to say which were
Telescopes, Stereo MC`s,Living Colour,    the  best  bands  because everyone has
Loop. They were all pretty dull and we    different  musical  taste (Why else do
were  packing up our tents so we could    people like Technotronic ??) but those
get out quick that night.                 who  impressed  me the most and played

the best were... Buzzcocks,The Wedding     A SILLY JOKE! (Adapted from NRK TV)
Present,Ned`s Atomic Dustbin,Senseless   ---------------------------------------
Things,Gary Clail,Ride and Megacity 4.   Important business call.
    The  sun had stayed out all 3 days
and back  home (50 Miles away) there`d   The  young business man had just opened
been thunderstorms and a 9 hour power-   his new business. The first man with an
cut on Saturday...  God must have good   appointment  had  to  wait  30  minutes 
taste in music!                          before he was allowed inside his office
                                         and  when  he  entered  the office, the 
                Firestorm of TECHNIQUE   young  business  man was talking on the
                                         telephone.  When  the  man  entered the 
                                         office,  the young business man said to
Thanx to Firestorm  of  Technique  for   the  guy  on the phone: ".... Allright, 
this article.We appreciate when people   we'll  make  the  delivery at £500.000.
take  the  initiative  to  write about   You  can  expect  the  cash first thing
some  non-Amiga happenings,  there  is   tomorrow!" Then he hung up. Now, all of
life  without Amiga as well, you know!   these  things  (the  30 minutes waiting 
We  hereby  call  upon  everybody with   and  the fake phone call) had been done
something  interesting  to  say, be it   just  to   impress  the  guy  with  the 
Amiga stuff or non-computer activities   appointment.  His  new  business had to 
We would like to hear about it!          look  respectable.  So he faced the man
                                         and  said:  "How may I help you?".  The
           Blackstar, managing editor!   man answered....  "Well,  I  am here to
                                         connect your telephone........     "

How To Order...

If  you  want  to  order any issues of                   PRICES!
Fourth Dimension, here's what you must   ---------------------------------------
do:                                      Fourth  Dimension  is   FREE   for  the
                                         following people:
1) Find an error-free disk (1 disk per
   issue!)  and put it in an envelope!   -Article writers
                                         -Graphics Contributors
2) Put a  self-addressed envelope into   
   your package!                         If you just want the mag, we'll have to
                                         charge you a symbolic  fee,  it's  time
3) Go  to  your post-office and get an   consuming work to copy all those disks,
   international  reply  coupon  which   you know.  Therefore, send us 30 NKR to
   you  enclose in the package. If you   support our work!  (Of course, you must
   are from Norway,  enclose stamps of   still  follow  the steps mentioned...!)
   5.40  Nkr.  (Unused  of  course!!!)   PLEASE NOTE: 
                                         SEND  ONLY NORWEGIAN CURRENCY! THIS CAN
Of course you will receive  the mag at   BE OBTAINED AT YOU LOCAL POST-OFFICE OR
once it has been released!  No need to   IN THE NEAREST BANK. 
wait for ages anymore, now you can get
the mag on release date!!!! Of course,   For  NKR. 50, we will pay the disk plus
you should follow these steps. We have   the  postage & packing  for you. We use
not the time nor  the money to pay the   branded disks only!!!
postage!    Details    about   prices:                   Blackstar/Cryptoburners

News & Rumours
           NEWS and RUMOURS

--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Soon big DEXION party in Denmark!        More  info  about  the Dexion party at:
--------------------------------------   Dexion, Poste Restante, 5000 Odense C
Informations in issue #2 about Kefrens   in Denmark!!!
having started as crackers were wrong!   ---------------------------------------
Kefrens tell us they are 100% legal!!!   Gurukiller  of  Infernal  Minds  spends
--------------------------------------   more  time  on  his  skateboard than in
System 5 now have divisions in: Norway   fron of his Amiga. (??? - Ed)
Germany (WHQ), Switzerland and England   ---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------   Theatre & Network's  legal  X-mas party
Look out for "4 Swappers" ->A magazine   from 26.12.90 - 29.12.90 in Lillestrøm,
only  for  advertising  (also  done by   Norway!
System 5); perhaps it will be released   ---------------------------------------
on the Vision-Aces-Active party!         Thyrone has  got  a new member in Italy
--------------------------------------   called BobNix  (Sysop  of the  "Land Of 
THR is now split up!!!                   Nobody"),  so  now the Italian division
--------------------------------------   has 3 members.  (9009 XAD,  Mr. Irq and
Weird Ed of Prologic joined Oracle!!     Bobnix)
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Tron of Scoopex Dk. joined Dexion!       From  Issue #3  on  the disk mag called
--------------------------------------   "Freedom Crack"  will be a coproduction
Blutch joined Arcane!!!                  of Thyrone and Savage.
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------

--------------------------------------   addresses  so  he  can write them back.
A  new group called Andromeda is born.   ---------------------------------------
The  ex. Phantasm members (except some   Megadeth  (With  his  BBS-Board  Royal)
lamers) formed the new Norwegian crew.   leaves RISK.
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Relax  is a new group and they're here   Thyrone is dead.
to stay!!!                               ---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------   Domination joined Angels.
Comico  (ex. Theatre) is now Comico of   ---------------------------------------
Abakus!!!                                Darksilver joined Razor 1911.
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Natas (ex. World Vision) joined GATE!!   Oracle lost their US-board, The Jungle.
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Zapotek,  Intec  and  Funky  Guru left   Angels  recracked  Razor 1911's version
Zombie Boys and joined GATE!             of Sculpt 4D.  (Check 'about' on menu!)
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
Zombie Boys Turkey  section kicked off   Piranhas is dead. Too bad guys, but you
all their lame members.  All  the cool   will be remembered a long time for your
members decided to change their names.   good Amiga productions.
--------------------------------------   ---------------------------------------
To all  contacts of Jason/Zombie Boys:   Commando  got kicked (?) out of Oracle,
Now  he's  back from hospital and lost   cause  he  couldn't  get  them  any  US 
all addresses of his contacts. If they   originals. Commando himself claims that
wanna continue swapping with him, they   there  were  NO  new  US stuff he could
must  write  to  him  and  tell  their   supply,   so  he  is  very  pissed  off.

----------------------------------------  -------------------------------------
DOOM is now EUPHORIA!                     SETROX is reborn!
----------------------------------------  -------------------------------------
Cool J left Image to join CAVE!           Zedy joined SAVAGE! ex.CHROME member
----------------------------------------  -------------------------------------
Mace left IMAGE to join SKID ROW!         SUCCESS is dead!
----------------------------------------  -------------------------------------
SECURITATE INC. is dead!                  Eddie and Snircher of SILENTS FINLAND
----------------------------------------  joined DEFJAM!!!
Barrax   &   Bootlegger  have  not  left  --------------------------------------
EUPHORIA!                                 There  are rumours that Gate have lost
----------------------------------------  a lot of members.... Bullshit!!! We've
CAVE MEGADEMO II coming soon!             now  more members than ever before, so
----------------------------------------  if  some  lamers claim that we've lost
AZURE is dead!                            lots of members... Kill them!!! We now
----------------------------------------  have  a  BBS  in Finland and we've got
FOXHOUND   of   EXCESS   left   to  join  members from groups like:: Silents SF,
EUPHORIA!                                 Mayhem,  Zombie Boys, The Targets, The
----------------------------------------  Giants, and Excess!  Wait for our soon
THYRONE is dead!                          coming  productions  like  M.A.G (With
----------------------------------------  System 5),  demos  and some other cool
WORLD VISION is dead!                     productions!!!
----------------------------------------                           Fireball/Gate
Stormgod left Ecstasy to join Angels.    ---------------------------------------

Vision-Aces-Active party
I (TDB)  and  Jetaza  went at 9 a.m to   (Malzam-Bobo  and  some  programmers) - 
Rotterdam-Lombardijen.  From there, we   Oracle (Bambam) - Valhalla (Metal Gear)
went together with some  Testament and   Defjam  (Phil  and  Pennywise) -  Alpha
Mute 101  members  to  Breda.  On  the   Flight  (Black)   -  Brainstorm  -  Red 
train, we had lots of fun... (With the   Sector - Abandon - Mute 101 - Testament
conductor!)...  At 9.41,  we  went  by   Tristar  (Whiteheat)  -   Animators   - 
train to the party zone.As we arrived,   Spreadpoint -  Digilogic  - Bignoimia - 
there  was  already  lots of cool guys   Digital Force  -  Mirage  -  System 5 -
wanting to get in... At 11 a.m, Active   End Of Century (France)  - Cadcam - Raf
came and wanted  to throw out the guys   Venom  -  Switch  -  Power Connection -
who travelled with  me,  because  they   Thyrone -  Celtic  - Special Brothers - 
had to pay..  Anyway, I managed to fix   XTC - Questor and many other cool dudes
a deal... Included in the entrance fee   After some time, the power was cut, but
was a free disk, which was supposed to   it was soon fixed,  so no big deal!  At
contain an Active megademo. Unfortuna-   13:00 we went to a shop to get sumthing
tely, it didn't work on Kickstart V1.3   to eat.  We  had  a discussion with the
nor on 1 megabyte, so Vision coded the   nice lady in the shop wether my (TDB of
nice  and  cool  Prime 90  demo (A few   Vision) head was orange or yellow hehe.
days ago!)                               I had a discussion with  Jetaza,  Blaze 
At 12  o'clock  the whole thing really   and Joreon about the  colour,  but  she
started and the whole scene was there.   said it was orange, so I won! (But when
All cool groups and dudes like Quartex   we left,  she  said  it was yellow, and
(Selim) - Paradox (Destroyer) - Angels   they liked it! I didn't....)      ---->

After we had seen some cool demos, the   was VERY COOL. It had lots of cool guys
demo-competition started at 6 p.m. and   and lots of cool warez.  Watch  out for
there was a lot of cool demos.  (±20 I   the next party dudez...... Ciao!
guess!). We saw some masterpieces from
Brainstorm - Mirage - Celtic - Digital                                TDB/Vision
Force and several other groups.  After   
some  problems  with  the  jury,  they 
agreed on the Mirage demo to win. This
demo was very  cooooooool!  Brainstorm 
came #2 and a nice Celtic demo was #3.
The  demos  were shown on a big screen 
which  finally was used the right way!
It was used to show Ninja Turtles (The
Movie)  and  some  nice  porno movies. 
Some dudes  thought it was unfair that 
they only showed 5 demos  or  so,  and 
everybody wanted to know why,  but  it
wasn't our fault,  the  blame  was  on 
Active,  who  arranged  it...  Anyway, 
after  that,  we did an interview with 
Afl...  Some  time  later,  we found a
nice way to get drinks  for  free:  We
just broke up the fride.. he-he!  That
was cool... We left at about 11 p.m as
the party closed. After all, the party

The Real German Scene
        THE GERMAN SCENE....

The German  scene  is  not  yet  often   cracking software. That's why there are
reported,  although  many people think   so many cracker groups.  I don't under-
German has the  best  one.  Of  course   stand most  swappers  saying that these
this depends on your own qualities and   guys are  the  best  because  they have 
professions.  The  big  time of German   obviously  chosen  the  easier  way  to 
groups is nearly over,  as the C64 has   become  famous  (I  personally piss off 
almost entirely died. Former big names   those  coders  who  dropped  coding  in 
have disappeared or they lamed down by   order   to  crack  copyrighted  stuff). 
releasing shit stuff (AFL, SHINING 8.)   These "cracker groups" (mainly consist-
Coding   and   making   music   (being   ing  of  1 cracker and 20 spreaders!!!)
creative    generally)    isn't   much   dislike  coder  groups  since they have
appreciated   here  since  having  the   nothing  to  offer  them  (except  some
latest stuff  is  the  most  important   intro coding for those 'able' crackers)
thing to many "freaks".Human qualities   That's  why  the  most  famous  cracker 
are mainly neglected.  Most  guys  act   groups   don't   swap  with  coder/demo 
friendly  as  long  as  the others are   groups.  All these things contribute to
more famous or have newer  stuff.  But   the  prevention  of  friendship because
towards unknown freaks,  they act like   own  profits and egoism are 'the rules'
being  God.  But  most  of  the former   here in Germany.  If  there weren't the
unknown groups do not learn from their   major cracker groups,  the  problem  of
bad  experiences  and  act in the same   friendship  would  not be that present.
way after having joined a famous team.   One  probable reason for a German group
Germany is still the best location for   initiating 'FRIENDSHIP' (Spreadpoint)!?

But  even  'FRIENDSHIP' cannot help as   long   as  there  are  stupid  crackers
long  as the general attitude does not   (often not able to do 100% cracks!) who
change.  People  have  to realize that   will  obviously  never  get  older,  no
the problem's based in their contacts.   changes will be made. Just a few groups
I  personally  have  no  problems with   have the quality to make some good own-
friendship  (though living in Germany)   made productions.My personal favourites
because  I  care about the people I am   in   Germany:   United  Forces  (useful
in  contact  with.  But  before you're   programs),  TCC  DESIGN  (good  demos),
able  to  do  this,  you  must get the   Spreadpoint  (good  potential,  but too
right  distance to the whole scene and   few  releases). The rest are just doing
realize  how  ridicilous  many actions   below  average  coding/music/GFX.  Poor
and habits are.                          Germany....  German  freaks  are  badly
Here  in Germany there are not so many   reputated  by  foreign  freaks. Germans
coder groups around. I guess there are   are seen upon as diskstealers and arro-
many  good  coders,  but  they are not   gants.  TEEZE/Ex-Phoenix  told  me that
involved in groups.That's an essential   one thing's for sure when sending disks
difference  to  Scandinavia where many   to  Germany:  They  won't come back! Of
groups  with  more  than  3 coders are   course  this  is  a  prejudice  because
available.  We are desperately seeking   there  are also some friendly and right
a  third  musician,  but there are not   minded  guys but Germans generally tend
even  average around. It's not easy to   to superiority (Germans are best..) But
get some competent coders/musicians in   idiots  are  everywhere, so first check
Geramany.  If  there  weren't  so much   out  before judging. It may happen that
resources   of  'NEW STUFF',  I  guess   you survey a great contact.
everything would be different. But as                            JPN/Level 4-ASD


If you have articles,  news,  ads, gfx   If you have any questions for our coder
etc.,  if  you  want  to  order Fourth   corner,  or  if you have anything you'd
Dimension or  if you want to be inter-   like to help other coders  with,  write 
viewed or something like  that,  write   to the following address:
to the following address:
                                         FOURTH DIMENSION C/O TOM BECH
P.O. BOX 217                             5035 BERGEN/SANDVIKEN
6801 FØRDE                               NORWAY
                                         If you for any other reason want to get
If you  have  any subjects you wish us   in touch with Cryptoburners, write to:
to  take  up  in  our Blip Blop Banana
section, write to:                       CRYPTOBURNERS         CRYPTOBURNERS
                                         P.O. BOX 141          P.O. BOX 3591
FOURTH DIMENSION                         3055 KROKSTADELVA     3002 DRAMMEN
SOLÅSEN 23                               NORWAY                NORWAY


                             We are here for you!


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   - - -þ                                                - - -
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Are You A Cat?
                               ARE YOU A CAT??

 ...find out in this simple test, by just answering a few simple questions!

                                                                | A | B | D |
1. Have you ever tried eating the Amiga mouse???                |   |   |   |
                                                                |   |   |   |
2. What is your relationship to dogs???                         |   |   |   |
                                                                |   |   |   |
3. Do you piss on other peoples doorsteps???                    |   |   |   |
                                                                |   |   |   |
4. Do your parents feed you with Brekkies?                      |   |   |   |
                                                                |   |   |   |
5. Have you ever felt attrackted to Jackmix of CRB??!?          |   |   |   |
                                                                |   |   |   |
6. Do you dig a hole in the sand when you wanna piss??          |   |   |   |
                                                                |   |   |   |
Most A's : You like the letter A better than B and D
Most B's : You like the letter B better than A and D
Most D's : You like the letter D better than A and B

- If you're not satisfied with the result, try once more!!
                                                            FALLOS / CINEFEX

A Comic


Interview With Dexion
        Interview With Dexion!

Introduce yourself.  Name, age, weight   TSL conference I joined Dexion, coz Pet
and height....                           of Dexion said that Dexion was going to
                                         be built up again after MMM and Liteace
I'm Trix/Dexion.Mainswapper, 1.85 tall   joined Paradox.
72 kg scales,  16 earthyears old, blue
eyes and brown hair....                  How many members are "alive" in Dexion?

When  did you buy your first computer?   Well,  there's  still  the  old  Dexion 
                                         members,  but  also  new  members  have 
I bought my first computer (A C-64) in   joined (like me). So let's hit a member
1985,  and  in 1987 I bought my Amiga.   list:
                                         SMARTIN (Music)
How  did  you  enter Dexion? Tell us a   FUTURE FREAK (Music)
little story about Dexion.               TRIX (Mainswapper)
                                         TIGER (Swapper)
Let's  start  from  the beginning. The   NATRIX (Gfx)
first thing I did when I got my Amiga,   TOX (Coder, GFX)
was  to  get all the best games, which   TRON (Coder)
was impossible on the C-64 (Gfx, sound   PET (Coder)
and so on...) and half a year later, I   ORBIT (Coder)
entered the szene.Since then I've been   STARMAN (Coder)
in different groups like: Wiz, Cycron,
Prologic.... And then, after the RSI &   Totally 10 members.

Tell  our  readers  why you "lost" MMM   Some High Quality demos!
and Liteace.
                                         Rumours say you'll arrange a copy party
Well,  I  wasn't  in  Dexion when they   Is  this  true?  If so, when and where?
left,  so I don't know exactly why....
But it had something to do with Promax   Yep, we're going to hold a Dexion party
of  Kefrens  who  also  joined PARADOX   sometime around christmas in the Danish
like MMM & Liteace, coz they'd like to   town Odense.  We're working on it right
work together with  Promax.  But  then   now, and invitations should be out some
Promax  rejoined  Kefrens, coz PARADOX   time in October.  I don't wanna tell so
commanded  him  to  code  intros,  but   much about it,  except  there will be a
Promax  mostly  code demos so he left.   demo competition with very high prizes.
But..  But,  MMM  &  Liteace stayed in
PARADOX  instead  of  rejoining Dexion   What is your crew's amitions?
(Too bad) As told before, I don't know
exactly the reason why they left and I   Right  now  to  become  one of the best
wasn't in Dexion when they left, so do   demogroups in Denmark, like in the good
not get angry at me.                     old days.

So what do you think about Paradox now   Which hardware do you use?

I don't hate Paradox coz of  that!  In   I  have  an  Amiga 500,  1 MEG, drives, 
fact, I think Paradox are really cool!   monitor,  printer  and hopefully soon a
                                         14400 HST Modem + a Hard disk!
What  will  be  your  next production?                            (Continues...)

How  do  you  like  the  Danish scene?   Do  you  think everything is going well 
                                         in the current scene?
The  Danish  szene  is very cool! Many 
good  demogroups,  some  crackergroups   No,  there are too many LAMERS! I don't
like Paradox and Oracle.....             like  those  who  do their business for
                                         money and not just for fun!
Do  you  like  disk-mags?  By the way, 
which    diskmag    do   you   prefer?   Are you afraid of the police?

Yeah,  I  like diskmags! My favourites   No,  cause  most  of  my activities are 
are    Zine    and   4th.   Dimension!   legal.  If  they  will come, they won't
                                         find anything!
What's your favourite:
Game: Kick Off 2                         How  much time do you spend in front of
Demo: Mental Hangover/SCX                your Amiga on an average day?
Coder: Slayer/SCX
Musician: Romeo Knight/RSI               It  depends  on  my homework. About 2-8
GFX-Artist: JOE/SCX                      hours a day.
Demogroup:Scoopex, Red Sector, Kefrens
Crackers: Skid Row,m Fairlight, Angels   Have  you  ever considered selling your
          and Paradox.                   Amiga to buy an Archimedes or an IBM PC

What  are  your hobbies besides Amiga?   No,I won't sell my Amiga. Maybe I would
                                         have  another computer beside my Amiga,
Parties,  Tennis, Movies, Football....   but I wouldn't sell it!

What is your preferred:                  Trix of Dexion was interviewed by:
Drink: Beer!
Food: Pizza                              Death Bringer of North Star!
Chocolate: Too many.. Daim, Mars...
Alcohol: Vodka...                        
Music group/Solo Artist: ????????        If  you  are  worth  being interviewed, 
Album: Depeche Mode: "Violator"           contact  Fourth Dimension at any one of
Movie: Gremlins 2                        the  addresses  in the address page. We
Video: Genesis "Land Of Confusion"       would appreciate if you wrote to either
                                         Trixal's address or one of the swappers
Ok that's it! Do you have any messages   addresses  as  the  managing editor has 
to add, any final words etc?             already far too much work to do. Thanx.

Yep,  if  you wanna contact Dexion for               Blackstar, managing editor.
invitations  to  our  party, write to:   

Poste Restante
5000 Odense C

Thanx for being interviewed!

And thanx for interviewing me.....

A Guide Through Noisetracking

In the jungle of  today's selection of   get a sampler (a GOOD one too!), a very
Noisetrackers  and  Soundtrackers,  it   useful song-record mode,  key-repeat, a
might  be  difficult  to  chose  which   wider selection of colors and more! All
version to use!  Well,  I  will try to   these things added together make this a
give a short  guidance  using  my  own   very good program!  In comparison,  the
experiences. First of all, I think you   V1.2C  version  has  got  the   earlier 
can forget ALL Soundtrackers. The best   mentioned pattern-editor and block-edit
versions available today, are Kaktus &   mode! In addition,  I personally prefer
Mahoney's Noisetracker V2.0  and UFO's   numbers  displayed  as  decimal figures
Noisetracker V1.2C. These are the ones   instead of hexadecimal,  as in NT V2.0.
I will concentrate on in this article.   
In Fourth Dimension #3 we had a review   Conclusion: After having used both ver-
of Noisetracker V2.0. Because of that,   sions quite a lot,  I have noticed that
I will  only  mention how that version   both versions are good,  but  they both
performs  when  having  used it little   have big limitations.  I will rate them
more.  The  really  big problems about   both to 8/10 and say that they are both
Noisetracker V2.0 are as follows:  For   needed! As you might  have  figured,  I
starters,  the  Noisetracker  V2.0 use   use both,  I do one thing with V2.0 and
more memory than V1.2C. That's bad for   other things with V1.2C.  That's  why I
non-mega owners.Secondly,they have NOT   can't wait to get another  version VERY
included the two big advantages of the   soon.  UFO  say they are developing one
UFO Noisetracker,  the  pattern-editor   right now! Let's hope this will contain
and the block-edit mode! In return you   the essential changes!        Blackstar?


After   having  written  the  previous   all!  Now,  if you tried to change back
article,  another and very interesting   from  8  to  4  voice  mode,  you got a 
soundtracker turned  up,  actually  it   requester asking "Are you sure (y/n)?".
was the "Startrekker"  from Fairlight.   If  you then chose "yes", all datas are
It  was based on Noisetracker V2.0 and   erased.  Hmmm.. Not very good.  Another
improved quite a lot.  First  of  all,   thing  which  should  be  noticed:  The
there was the Polyphonic mode,  great!   Startrekker  is not compatible with the
By pressing the '.'-key on the numeric   other Noisetrackers.  You can use other
keyboard, you can switch on/off. Also,   soundtracks on the Startrekker, but the
there was  an  "Oktalyzer mode",  that   Startrekker saves in its own format, so
means --> 8 voices. Unfortunately, the   there's no use in trying to incorporate
editing system wasn't quite good,  you   a Startrekker  song in another program.
only see 4 voices at the time, and you   In spite of all these minuses,  I think
cannot  use any of the record fuctions   Startrekker is the best musicprogram on
together with hearing all 8 voices. In   the Amga today.  At  least  I prefer to 
addition  to  this,  they  hadn't even   use this handy  tool.  All  credits  to
included a playroutine for the 8 voice   Exxon  of  Fairlight  for daring to try
mode.   All  interrupts  were  stopped   something new.  Too  bad  this  version
during 8 voice play,  because  all the   doesn't support IFF-samples,no noisedir
processor time is occupied, or so they   no block-edit mode....  Anyway, looking
claim.  I  was  also disappointed with   for further improvents, this version is
the fact that when switching from 4 to   truly recommended.  I  would rate it to
8  voices,  no  requester was shown at   8.5/10.                   Blackstar/CRB

Next Issue


North Star Interview

State your name and group.               you still keep cracking?

I am Death Bringer and I'm a member of   Of course we're 100%  legal,  we  don't
North Star.                              crack at all.

Ok. North Star is truly one of the big   How many members are there in NorthStar
legends, but the last year, everything   and from which countries are they?
seemed to stop.  What really happened?
                                         There are too many members, about 30-40
Sure  we're one of the living legends,   cool guys in Sweden and in France.
but  last  year we got tired of having
to release stuff continuosly...  So we   How  long  have you been in North Star, 
started  releasing  less  and less and   and how did you join?
then  nothing more for about 6 months!
Anyway, we're still a good crew... But   I've been in North Star for 4-5 months.
everyone though  we  were  dead!  Now,   I joined them when I left a really lame
instead of producing 5 or 6 ugly demos   French crew (now!) with Viro,  Raistlin
in form of a megademo,  we  prefer  to   and Flyspy. We joined NorthStar because
code one good demo!  By the way, today   we searched for a new group, and Raist-
we're doing what we want, and we don't   lin was a good friend of Kaktus,  so it
have to receive orders from other guys   was easier for us.

Are North Star 100% legal now, or do     DIZ INTERVIEW CONTINUES......

Name your favourite:                     I  am  seventeen  years old since June.
Crackers: Fairlight, Paradox, Skid Row   Are you still a virgin???
Coders: Delta/RSI,  Metallion/Kefrens,
        Slayer/Scoopex.                  No thank God! (Silly question (Why? Ed)
Musicians: Romeo Knight,  Rob Hubbard,
           Nightlight/Kefrens            How  much time do you spend in front of
Graphics-wiz: Reward & JOE of Scoopex.   your Amiga every day? What is that time
Diskmags: Zine,  CJ,  4th. Dim.,  DISC   occupied with?
Demos: Mental Hangover,Vectors For All
Games: Beast II,   Stunt   Car  Racer.   During the holidays... A lot! Maybe too
Album (LP): Midnight Oil:Diesel & Dust   much... Most of the time (in holidays),
Video: Paula Abdul:  Opposite Attract.   I listen to Amiga music while reading a
Group: Midnight Oil                      diskmag or a scrolltext!  Then  I  use:
Movie: Back  To  The  Future - Trilogy   X-Copy,  Noisetracker,  DPaint and Seka
Food: Pizza  and  all  Italian   food.   (even Amigamon 3.0 & Fast Mon). I think
                                         even  a swapper should be able to code,
About The Police.  Are  you  afraid of   draw or compose!
them?   Have   you  had  any  trouble?
                                         Do  you  have a hobby except for Amiga?
I have nothing to be afraid of,  and I
have never had any trouble.              Of course.. Hunting (? - Ed) for girls,
                                         playing tennis and I go skiing.
Hmmm. Tell me, how old are you really?
                                         DA INTERVIEW WILL GO ON.....

What do you think about the scene now?   What equipment do you use???
Will  it  get  better  or worse in the 
future?                                  I use:
                                         - Amiga 500 (Kick 1.2), 3½" & 5¼" drive
The scene today is changing... No more     and 1084 colour monitor.
mail swapping!  All  good swappers buy   - C64 + 1570 diskdrive + Philips TV.
(or will buy) a modem.  I think that's   .... And of course Techincs stereo amp-
good for business, but not for friend-   lifier + CD,  and  soon a VHS (X-mas!!)
ship.I think it's really hard to speak
about  the  future but the scene might   What  do  you think about organisations
become   better  since  some  powerful   such as 'Friendship'??
cracking groups (Paradox and Skid Row)
are not at war.  They're good friends.   They're cool,we can know many cool guys
In fact,  the best cracking crews must
show us the way to be friends...  They   Do you have a girlfriend???
understood   that   when   "Friendship
against business" was born!              Of course. But I must say, none of them
                                         ever fancied my Amiga....
What do yuo thing about modems? Do you
have a modem yourself??                  What's  the  best  girl  country in the 
                                         world (Hint:Norway's got Miss Universe)
Modems are good if you want to be fast
but they are too  expensive.  I  don't   The French riviera  (Wrong! - Ed),  coz
have a modem, so I only trade by mail.   it  looks  like  California but here we 
It's cheaper....                         can see their tits! (Prohibited in USA)

Is  it  true  what  people  say  about   2 demos in July, but we failed...  Any-
Frenchmen?   Are   you   really   more   way,  these 2 demos (no names yet) will
romantic than the rest of us Europeans   be out soon.  The French members of N.S
or is that just a 'legend'?              are working on 2 games.  They  will  be 
                                         released soon. 
Yo, sure! When we talk to the girls we   
are  so romantic that they all fall in   Do   you   want   to   greet  somebody?
our beds!
                                         Yes...  Greets  to  Exen/Fraxion  (Nice 
Well, hmmm., I think we should go back   letters!), Blackstar/CRB (Nice sense of
to something else... Like the standard   humour!  I love it! (?? - ED)), Oliver/
question: What do you think about copy   Paradox  (Good  luck  for November 90),
parties,  and  would you ever consider   Teeze/Anarchy (So you weren't dead) and
going to scandinavia to visit a party?   all  NorthStar  members  and  contacts!

I think copy parties are cool, you can   Any final words?
meet contacts and so. I think it would
be  better  if  Scandinavian countries   Yep. Special fucking to Saddam Hussein.
weren't so far away.....                 You  will  soon see the consequenses of
                                         an  American  atomic  bomb exploding in
What  are  NorthStar's  future  plans?   Iraq!!!

We're planning a music disk called His   Thanx for the interview pal!
Master Of Noise, coming in December 90
and  we were supposed to have released      Interview by Blackstar/Cryptoburners

New Viruses
           VIRUS UPDATE

 Had   trouble  with   your   computer   computer,   but  a  quick    power-off
lately? Bet it's a new virus!  Here is   usually saves your disk. But never let
the latest update on the subject....     the computer  do any disk   operations
                                         while  you're going to the  toilet !!!
GAMEKILLER - works   as an  anti-lamer   
virus,  which  only affects games.  It   PACEKILLER - doesn't  affect  most  of
links itself onto the joystick control   us,   but  if  you  happen  to  have a
routine,  and makes the game bugg when   pacemaker it can be  quite nasty.   It
you  try  to play it  (especially when   reduces the frequency of the TV-screen
you're about to beat the hiscore). The   to 60 Hz/min,  the same  speed as  the
usual  things  that happen is  a  guru   pacemaker, which causes instant death.
meditation, a screen blank or a reset.   
                                          If you  think you have been  attacked
DISKMELTER -  is  a  normal  bootblock   by one of these  viruses, just send  a
virus, but attacks very seldom,  which   blank disk to me, and I'll send you my
makes  it very nasty,  since you never   viruskiller (look for my ad.)
know  if  it's present.   The bootcode   
looks normal too,  so no normal killer                      FALLOS / CINEFEX   
will discover it. When it attacks, the   
diskdrive  will  start running at max.   
speed, which causes the disk to melt..   
It  is  not  possible  to  reset   the   

    'Do you want a coke?'  -  A short story in n parts by Gard E. Abrahamsen
   Gits  looked  at  the radar. It was      Trebor pressed a key in a panel by a
the  first  time  since  they had left    door.  It  was this action that caused
Otulp  that a space-ship moved in that    the  above  mentioned  door  to  slide
close.   His   fists  were  tightened.    open.  Trebor  ran  swiftly  down  the
Riegsa noticed this. 'Gits,' he  said.    corridor that had been  hidden  behind
'Violent  One.  I can see no reason to    the door all the time. The door closed
tighten  any  fists.  Remember that we    silently behind him. 
have merchendise to deliever  and  the      'According   to   my  calculations,'
best for us all is to travel in pe...'    Riegsa said, 'that could just as  well      
  'Shut  up,  Peaceful  One!' Gits was    be a peacefu...'  
angry.  He  had  been  angry and quite      'Shut up, Peaceful  One!  Take  your 
violent  since his  wife,  Eneri,  was    peace  and  shove  it  before I do it. 
killed after she said 'peace' one time    This is the  real  world  and  not  an  
too many. He told the police it was an    imaginarily peaceful  one!  Don't  you  
accident,  but  everybody knew that it    remember the prophecy?'                
was Gits who put her in the  microwave      Trebor  entered the room through the 
oven. Why she married him in the first    above mentioned door. 'Sir,' he  said.  
place,  is  one  of the great unsolved    'They will come as soon as  they  have
mysteries of the  universe.  'It's  my    dressed.'                             
duty  to  protect  it.'  He  turned to       'I must say...' Riegsa started, but
Trebor. 'Swift  One!  Go and  get  the    a look from  Gits  told  him  that  he
Insanely Witty One and the French         shouldn't  continue  if  he  wanted to 
One.'                                     stay  alive  longer  than  another ten

seconds.  Riegsa had always been care-      A  problem  so  enormously huge that 
ful and as peaceful as possible.  When    how he solved it is one of  the  great
he went to school, some older boys had    unsolved mysteries of the universe.   
beaten  him  up  once. To prevent this      He  had forgotten to bring his laser
from  happening  more  than  that  one    gun.     
time,  he payed the boys $2 each every      But that was not the only problem he
day to lay off.  However,  there  were    had.  This  other  problem  was at the
other  boys  who wanted to beat him up    moment  walking   up   the   corridor.
as well.  The  yearly  bribe  expences    'Blackened  is  the  end,' the problem
soon  reached  $400000.  That's why he    sang. 'Winter it will  send,  Throwing
had to take this  boring  job  on  the    all  you see, Into obscurity. Death of
space-ship: to pay the yearly $400000.    mother   earth,   Never   a   rebirth,
This  was  also  how  he  met Drag the    Evolution's  end,  Never will it mend,
Insanely Witty One  and  Enireves  the    Never.' The problem was insane. It was
French One.                               called  'Drag  the Insanely Witty One'
  A  light  on a panel below the radar    and was one of the greatest  Metallica
screen flashed red. Gits looked out of    fans in the galaxy.     
the  window.  He could now clearly see      Together  with Drag was Enireves the
the approaching space-ship. 'If only I    French One. Once, she was  asked  what
had  a  big  enough microwave oven' he    she  saw  in  Drag.  As  expected, her
thought and tightened his  fists  even    reply simply was  that  'He  makes  me
further.  He had to do it the hard way    laugh'.  Of  course,  this has nothing
this time.                                with the actual story  to  do  whatso-
  But he had a problem.                   ever.  Therefore, I believe it is time
  A BIG problem.                          to   leave  this  subject  and  go  on

telling the story.                        It  was not the ultimate answer of the 
  The  before mentioned door slid open    big question about life, universe  and  
to allow Drag and  Enireves  to  enter    everything  (42),  but at least it was   
the room. Drag felt uncompfortable. It    an  answer. The ultimate answer of the   
seemed to him that there was something    current situation they now were in.      
wrong  with  his  trousers.  He looked      'I have never seen anything like it,   
down. Backwards!                          but one thing is certain.' She said in 
  'Violent  One,'  he   said   as   he    her  French  accent. 'We won't stand a   
entered.  'Peaceful  One,'  he said to    chance  against  it  when  it comes to   
Riegsa.   'Swift One,'  He  turned  to    arms.'   
Trebor.  'Excuse  me for a moment.' He      Gits  tightened his fists even more. 
then disappeared into the lavatory.  A    The glass of coke he actually held  in   
minute  later  he  returned  with  his    it  broke  and all the coke was now in   
trousers the  right  way,  this  time.    the form of a big black  pool  on  the   
'You  asked  for  us?'  He asked as if    usually  so  clean floor. 'I hate that   
nothing   had   happened    at    all.    space-ship,' he cried out. 'It took my   
(Especially not with his trousers.)       coke!'   
  'Yes,' Gits replied  with  a  minute      Drag  quickly  drank  up the pool of 
smile  on  his  face. He turned to the    coke from the floor.  
window. 'There's this space-ship.' His      A  yellow  light  started   flashing 
fists  were  quite tightened. 'You are    above the communication screen. Trebor   
the expert on  space-ships,  Enireves.    went swiftly over to  the  screen  and  
What do you think?'                       pressed a button.     
  Enireves studied the space-ship in a      The  screen  was filled with a face. 
split second and had the answer ready.    It was a male, but it  was  impossible   

to  tell  the  approximate age of him.      Not  many  minutes later, they could 
  'Hello there,' the face said. 'I  am    hear something being attached  to  the
Edorf the evil one. I feel a bit happy    ship and the outer door being opened. 
today, so I will give you two choices:      'Time to play hide and seek,' Trebor
Either  you surrender and let us board    suggested.     
the ship,  or  we  will  blow  you  in      'Hide,  seek  and  obliterate,' Gits
billions of small pieces.'                corrected Trebor.     
  In a moment, it looked as if Gits         'But  it's  just to give them $2 and
untightened his fists, but surprising-    they  will  lay  off,' Riegsa said and
ly to none, he  didn't.  He  tightened    started  walking towards the place the
them (as if they weren't tight enough)    intruders most  probably  entered  the 
  'I'll  tell  you,'  Gits  said.  'We    ship.     
haven't  got much choice but to choose      'Riegsa!  Come back!' Enireves cried
one of the two, and since I would like    and started to run after Riegsa.  Drag
a  fighting   chance  to  live  a  bit    couldn't believe  his  eyes.  Enireves
longer,  I  might  let  you  board the    ran  straight  into  the  hands of the
ship. Wether you succeed  or  not,  is    enemy!  He  could  not  allow  it!  He
your problem.'                            wanted  to  run  after  her and rescue
  Riegsa   approached  the  screen  as    her. But later.  If  he  ran  now,  he
well. 'May I suggest,' he said.           would be caught as well.     
  Gits looked at him.                       They  heard  footsteps  closing  in.
  'If I give you $2, will you lay off,    Riegsa's desperate  attempts  to  talk
then?' Riegsa continued.                  his way out of the situation as he was
  Edorf laughed. The screen  flickered    taken  away.  His  voice was desperate
and the face disappeared.                 indeed.                               

  They could hear Enireves scream. The    and  one of them is sitting on the loo
scream was fading away as  well.  They    with his trousers down.     
were probably taking all prisoners  to      'Don't  worry,' Drag said carefully.
the other space-ship. This would  make    'Just let me put my trousers  back  on
the  rescue  even harder, but now they    and  I'll  surrender.' Since Drag also
had to stay alive.                        was a Metallica fan, he  just  had  to
  The footsteps were closing in.          sing a bit as he put his trousers back
  The  door  slid  open  and  a lonely    on.     
soldier stepped in. He wondered why HE      When  a Metallica fan hears somebody
was given the  task  to  search  rooms    sing  Metallica  music  he simply must
that  seemingly  were  empty,  all the    sing, too, and so the soldier did.    
time. He walked slowly into the middle      'Do you see what I see? Truth is  an
of the room. He could see nobody.         offence    You    silence   for   your
  'I can't remember anything,' he sang    confidence. Do you hear what  I  hear?
for  himself.  'Can't  tell if this is    Doors  are  slamming  shut  Limit your
true or dream, Deep down inside I feel    imagination, keep you where they must.
to scream, This terrible silence stops    Do you feel  what  I  feel?  Bittering
me. Now that the war is  through  with    distress Who decides what you express?
me,  I'm  waking up I cannot see, That    Do  you take what I take? Endurance is
there's not much left of  me,  Nothing    the  word  Moving  back   instead   of
is real but pain now!'                    forward  seems  to  me absurd. Doesn't
  A  Metallica  fan.   He  pushed  the    matter what you see Or  into  it  what
button  to  the  lavatory.   The  door    you read You can do it your own way If
opened  and...well, what can a soldier    it's done just how I say. Independence
say when he is searching for prisoners    limited  Freedom  of  choice Choice is

made  for  you  my  friend  Freedom of    hope that somebody maybe would  rescue
spe...'                                   him made him fall asleep.     
  The song was  suddenly  cut  off  as    But  he  woke  up again quite quickly. 
Gits  had hit the soldier from behind.    Not  because  it might be a bit diffi-
'Let me borrow your gun a minute,'  he    cult  to  sleep whilst hanging upside-
told  the soldier as he tied his hands    down 12 feet above the floor.       
and put him in the loo. 'One shouldn't    Neither was it  because  somebody  had
leave the loo without flushing it,' he    rescued him.      
continued  and quite soon, the soldier    The  possibility  that he would be set
was gone.                                 free was like nill.      
                                          But  he  still  woke up.  He  was dead
             --- --- ---                  tired. Wondering why he wasn't asleep,
                                          he looked around, or at least tried to
  Riegsa  couldn't  believe  what  was    look  a bit around. That's when he saw
happening. Bribing with $2 had  always    Enireves. Now,  also  hanging  upside-
worked  before. He had even tried with    down  12 feet above the floor. She had
a massive $4 this time, but  it  still    screamed when they put her  up  there.
didn't  work.  What had he gotten him-    That's  most  probably why Riegsa woke  
self into?                                up.     
  He had to make a plan. It  could  be      'Are  you OK?' Enireves seemed a bit
any  plan as long as it didn't involve    concerned.  'You  shouldn't  have  run
any violence.  Making  a  plan  whilst    straight  into  them. You could've got
hanging up-side down 12 feet above the    yourself killed.'     
floor,  isn't   actually  the  easiest    'But paying $2 has allways  worked!' 
thing  one  can do, so he gave up. The    'These  are  pirates,   Peaceful  One.

They want the whole ship, not just $2.    Suddenly,   the   chain   in   which 
And  to  get the whole ship, they have    Enireves  was  hanging started to move 
to get rid of us, right?'                 along a pipe-line taking Enireves with 
  'Well...'                               it. She looked down at the floor.  The 
  'And  the easiest way of getting rid    chain stopped just above a hole in the 
of us is to kill us.'                     floor   before  it  started  to  lower 
  'KILL  us?  Nah!  They  wouldn't  do    Enireves down into it.     
anything like that. They will probably      'Riegsa,'  she  said  in a desperate 
just  put  us  on a deserted planet or    voice. 'What are they doing?  What  is 
something.'                               going to happen to me?'     
  'Leaving us to starve to death.'          'I  don't  know,  Enireves!  I don't 
Riegsa  changed  his face from a happy    know!'     
smile to a quite  serious  expression.      Now just the chain in which Enireves 
  'You're right. We've got to get  out    was  hanging  was  visible  above  the 
of here.'                                 floor.  Smoke  poured out of the hole. 
  'And  how did you think we should do    White  smoke.  20  seconds  later  the 
that? We are now  hanging  upside-down    chain  winshed  her  up again. She was 
12  feet  above  the  floor.   We  are    totally covered with ice. She had been 
hanging  in chains. You can't possibly    frozen.     
open the locks, and even if  you  did,      The  chain  in   which   Riegsa  was 
you  would land on your head and break    hanging in started to move...     
your neck.'       
  'I'll think of something.'                            --- --- ---     
  'You'd  better.  Because I'd like to  
see Drag again before I die.'               The   soldier    just   stood  there 

guarding the tube they had put  up  to    instead of taking the bus. It was much
move  from  one of the space-ships  to    faster.     
the  other   without  having  to  wear      'Huh?' The guard wondered.     
space-suits. He wondered why he always      'I'll  surely  outrun  you,'  Trebor
was  the  one  who had to guard it. It    continued.     
was so boring. He was  about  to  fall      'But I...' The guard tried.  However
asleep  when  he  heard  a  sound.  He    his  try  was  not  enough concidering
looked  towards  the  place from where    that Drag had moved in from behind  to
the sound came.                           rescue  Trebor.  But  Drag didn't have
  He  looked  down  on  the  floor. An    anything to hit with.  He  tapped  the
empty  coke  can.  He  picked  it  up.    soldier's shoulder.     
Looked  back as if he expected someone      'Excuse  me,  sir,' he said.  'May I
to attack him from  behind.  He  would    borrow that coke a bit?'     
have  if  he hadn't turned around. But      The  soldier  who was quite confused
he did,  so  he  couldn't  and  so  he    just gave it to him.     
wasn't.  In  fact it was the other way      'Thank  you,  sir,' he continued and
around this time. Trebor who was given    gave the empty coke to Trebor who used
the task to hit him  from  behind  was    it to hit the soldier  quite  hard  in
quite   surprised   when  the  soldier    the neck. 
turned   around.   'Wanna'  race?'  he      'Sleep  well,  sir.   And  before  I
tried.                                    forget,  I believe you won't need this
  After all, Trebor wasn't called 'the    one anymore.'  He  took  the  gun  and
Swift  One' for nothing. When he was 3    dropped  the soldier in the thrashcan.
years old he  outran  his  father  and    (a  thrashcan   is   a   device   that
when he began school, he  usually  ran    thrashes  the trash before it is auto-

matically thrown into the trashcan)       situation was as it was in this  exact
  'Is that the hole we are supposed to    moment, he just had to accept that and
climb through?' Trebor wondered.          do whatever was best for  him.  That's
  'Yeah? I suppose it shouldn't be too    why he grabbed for the  gun.  However,
difficult.   We'll   manage.   Where's    there  was a minor problem about that:
Gits?' Drag ran back and turned around    The gun wasn't there.     
the corner.                                 The  footsteps  were now very close,
  Silence.                                so close that  Trebor  actually  could
  There  was  so  much   silence  that    see  the  soldier  who  made the foot-
Trebor  wished  they  had installed an    steps.     
air-conditioner to clean out  all  the      'No,  no,'  Trebor   begged.   'I am
silence in the air.                       unarmed.  Don't  shoot.   I  am  quite
  But  Drag  used quite a while to get    unarmed, see? (God, where are Drag and
Gits.                                     Gits? If they come soon I won't pee in
  Too long time.                          Gits'  coke ever again and I'll become
  So long time  that  Trebor  wondered    a mo...)'     
where he had gone.                          As a reply, a couple  of  shots  hit
  He heard footsteps. If they had come    the  soldier  that hadn't said a thing
from the direction Drag went, he would    yet. Of course it was  Drag  and  Gits
probably have believed it was him, but    who now were back.
the  footsteps  came  from  the  other      '(... I'll  become a motherfucker.)'
direction,  so it couldn't be Drag and    Trebor continued his  prayer  glad  he
so he didn't think it was Drag either.    had  not finished the word before Drag 
  He grabbed for the gun. This was not    and Gits  returned.  'Where  have  you
what  he  hoped  for,  but  since  the    guys been?' he asked.                 

  'Gits had to visit the lavatory.'         Gits  took  a  step forward. 'Sir, I  
  'AGAIN?'                                suppose you would like to live just as 
  'So  what?  It  was  important. I'll    long as we want to live?'     
explain it to you later.'                   Edorf turned around.  He  had  never 
  Then  the three guys climbed through    heard  any  prisoner  talk  like  that 
the hole, crawled through the tube and    before. 'Yeah? Actually  I  will  live 
arrived in the other space-ship  where    longer  than  any of you. Ha! Ha!' His 
some soldiers were waiting for them.      laughter was the worst Gits had  heard 
  'Oh!  Oh!  We're in trouble,' Trebor    since  he  met Drag the Insanely Witty 
said.                                     One.     
  'Nah!  We're  not.  Hey!  You!' Gits      Gits  didn't look bothered about the 
turned to one of the  soldiers.  'Take    fact Edorf had just stated at all.  In 
us  to  your leader. We have something    fact,  Gits was just waiting for Edorf 
VERY important to tell him, and we are    to  stop  laughing.  In fact, he would 
talking  about  life  and death of the    help Edorf stop  laughing.  'Sir,'  he 
crew in this entire ship!'                said. 'I have put a bomb in the space-
  'Aye aye, sir!' was the quite  short    ship.  I  do have here...' Gits showed 
reply of the soldier.                     Edorf a little box with a  red  button 
  After  a  few  minutes  walking they    on it.  '... the detonator. Of course, 
finally arrived to  the  bridge  where    if I am shot, the bomb will  blow  the 
Edorf the Evil One was waiting. He was    ship  to billions of pieces in exactly 
looking  out  of  the window when they    one hour from now on.'     
arrived.  He  didn't even turn around.      Trebor  seemed  to  have an idea. He 
He just stood there.  He said a single    smiled a bit and started:  'So  that's 
word. 'Yes?'                              what you did at the lav...' he stopped 

before  he  gave  away the location of    corridor and into a small room with  a 
the bomb.                                 hole  in the floor. Two ice cubes were 
  Gits continued.  'So, if you will be    standing by the hole. Inside these ice 
kind enough to let the  others  go,  I    cubes one could see  bodies.  One male 
might  be  kind enough to let you live    and  one  female.   They   were  quite 
a bit longer.'                            upside-down and looked remarkably like 
  Edorf  was  bitter.   He  could  not    Riegsa  and  Enireves.   The  ice  had 
believe  what  was  going  on.  But as    started melting.     
always, he had his plans.  'Okey,'  he      'You see,' Edorf said. 'He is trying 
said.    'Jim!    Go   and   melt  the    to  make  a  new ice-cream that nobody 
prisoners.'                               has ever tasted  before.  He  needs  a 
  A  quite young soldier turned around    secret ingredience.'     
and left through a door in the wall.        'And  that  ingredience is us?' Gits 
  'Melt?' Gits wondered.                  suggested.     
  'Melt?' Trebor wondered.                  'Well, not only you. Of course he is 
  And Drag just looked insanely witty.    willing  to  pay for any humans that I 
'Melt?' he uttered.                       should capture. It will be big money.' 
  Edorf smiled a bit. 'Yeah? They were      The ice was now finished melting and 
frozen  some minutes ago. The plan was    Riegsa and Enireves  were  free.  'You 
to freeze you all and sell  you  to  a    made it!' Enireves cried and gave Drag 
certain Nrojbsa.'                         a big hug.     
  'Nrojbsa?  The  Mad  Professor? What      Riegsa just looked a bit unhappy.    
was he to do with us?'                      Gits  looked  at  the  box   he  was 
  'Let me show you. This way.'            holding in his hand.  He  held  it  in 
  They  followed  Edorf through a long    front of Edorf and pressed the button. 

Through a little hole in the box, some    'Do you want a coke?'     
water  seemed  to  pour  out   ruining   
Edorf's clothes.                                --- The End Of Part One ---     
  'It was a toy?' Edorf wondered. 'How   
could you do this to me? Have you for-  
gotten that I am still in charge here?      Well,  that was it for now. Slightly
I'll kill you!'                           confusing or quite normal? Never mind.
  'I don't think so,'  Riegsa said and    I honestly am sorry not being able  to
pushed Edorf  into  the  hole  in  the    release  Part  Two at the present, but 
floor.                                    due to a re-editioning of Part Two and
 'What happened to him?'  Gits  looked    Part  Three,  these  episodes are cur-
at  the  white  cold smoke that poured    rently not available.  But  don't des-
out of the  hole.  'Did  he  get  cold    pair.   The  next  edition  of  Fourth 
feet?'  He  paused.  'So, since we now    Dimension will probably  include  more
have taken over this ship, we can just    insanity from outer space.  Trust that 
as well...'  Gits looked around with a    Drag the Insanely Witty One  (somebody
very   surprised  look  in  his  face.    claims  his  looks  are),  the  Mutant 
'Where did the Insanely Witty One  and    Microbe,  Zealot or whatever you would
the French One go?'                       like to call  this  peculiar  creature 
  Trebor looked down. 'They said some-    whose noble name is Gard E. Abrahamsen
thing about trying out the beds here.'    and whose brother isn't mentioned here
  'I must say...'  Riegsa tried, but a    (why mention him?),  trust  that he'll
look  from  Gits  told   him   not  to    give  you  nervous breakdowns forever.
continue  if  he  wanted to stay alive    Yeah!!!
longer   than   another   10  seconds.                   Gladiator/Cryptoburners

The Hobby Section

Another  new feature in your favourite   want to read about it.... don't!!! Here
diskmag  is  The  Hobby Section. Here,   are the 'Hobby Section' contents:
people  can write about their hobbies,
spare time activities and so on.  Some   82.......................Mountainbiking
of  you might think this is just crap.   84.................The Manchester Scene
Who needs to read about other people's
hobbies? If you are one of the persons   We hope you enjoy these pages. For our
thinking  like  that, you can at least   next issue, we would be very glad to
not  care  too  much  about  the world   get more contributions to this section.
outside the Amigaworld.We want to give
you  the  chance  to tell other people   Until next time... Have a nice hobbyin'
about your special hobby,  be  it toe-    
sucking,  collecting  used  teabags or
whatever.  Don't  mind the swapperboys                   Blackstar/Cryptoburners
who  only  want  to  read gossip about                     - Managing Editor -
other groups, who joined who etc.  The
world is more than Amiga,  we  try  to
decrease that gap.

   In  today's  hobby  section, we are
proud   to   present   articles  about
Mountainbiking and'bout The Manchester
music scene. Again I say: if you don't

MOUNTAIN BIKING...                       at  the  top end of the scale space age
                                         materials  such  as  titanium or carbon
    In  Fourth Dimension`s  continuing   fibre. 
quest  to broaden the lives of all you       There  are  a  lot of mock mountain
freaks  here`s the first in a proposed   bikes  available  which are not capable
series  of  articles  on sport/leisure   of real off road  riding,  they`re  too
activities...                            heavy and unreliable.  To buy a quality
    I am sure most of you readers will   bike  you should look to spend at LEAST
already  know  what a mountain bike is   350 pounds (UK prices).
but for the benefit of those who don`t       `So what  does this sport involve?'
I`ll make a quick description,  wheels   I can hear you asking.  Well, there are
are 26  inches in diameter (27 on road   several  variations on mountain biking,
bikes) and the rims are wider to carry   racing  is  popular  and the atmosphere
the heavily knobbled fat tyres (1.5 to   at  mountain bike races is informal and
2.5(!) inches). Tubing is also thicker   when I entered my first race I finished
and larger in diameter,  real mountain   around the middle of the field and beat
bikes have either 18 or 21 gear ratios   a lot of older riders,  and I only ride
and the rear changer is indexed  (this   for fun.
means that it clicks into  place)  for       Of course you can`t enter races all
easier  use.  Flat handlebars are used   the time and some riders don`t like the
with  a low stem and the thumbshifters   race scene.  Weekend rides with friends
used for gearchanging are mounted next   can be just as much fun. It`s generally
to the brake levers. A decent mountain   agreed amongst mountain bikers that the
bike  frame  will  be made from either   best  thing about the sport is off-road
lightweight steel cro-mo, aluminium or   downhill riding. The adrenalin rush you

get  from  flying down a twisting dirt   your  crotch and the frame when you are
track at 40 mph is amazing.  Of course   standing over the bike.  This  is  very
this  is  a dangerous sport and if you   important  if  you plan on having kids!
are riding seriously it`s important to 
wear  a  protective helmet which meets   SECURITY...  In the UK at least over 50
either  of  the American Snell or Ansi   percent  of  bike  thefts are expensive
standards for cycling helmets. Most of   mountain bikes. Get a `U-lock' when you
the  available  helmets  are made from   buy your bike. And don`t buy a hot bike
polystyrene and are therefore cool and   either !
    If  you  are  thinking of buying a        OK,  you can discover the rest for
mountain bike then consider the points   yourself,  if  you wanna write to me on
below...                                 this  subject  then  do  so through the
PRICE... If you are serious about your 
riding  you`ll  need to spend a lot of   signed: Firestorm of Technique.
money on your bike,  don`t  be tempted
to buy  a cheaper bike because you are
paying  for  a  bike which will resist   Thanx to Firestorm for this article. We
the mud and dirt you are going to ride   challege  everybody  who  are into some
through  and  still perform perfectly.   sort  of  exciting stuff to write about
                                         it here in Fourth Dimension. 
FRAME SIZE...  Mountain bike sizes are                   Blackstar/Cryptoburners
not  the  same as road bike sizes, you
should  have at least 3 inches between


     No,not the Amiga scene, the music    be on a small independent label rather
scene!  Anyone living in Britain is no    than a major  so  that  they have more
doubt sick of hearing  of  `Manchester    artistic  freedom/control  over  their
Vibes' by now but  I  thought it would    sound.  However indie music is usually
be a good idea to explain this musical    identifiable  as  being unconventional
trend to our foreign pals...              and non-commercial pop or rock.
     Manchester has a good record (ha)         The  sound  of these bands varies
as far  as quality music is concerned,    from dance to psychedelic  pop/rock to
The Buzzcocks, Joy Division (Now known    indie. All the bands,however,share the
as New Order),The Smiths and A Certain    same fans and often the same producers
Ratio all came from the city.             and remixers are used.
     Now a whole new wave of so-called         Just as  LSD  fueled the original
`indie/dance  crossover'   bands  have    psychedelic  music  revolution back in
emerged from  the  city to take the UK    the 1960`s  so the drug Ecstacy (E for
by storm. I`m sure you`ve heard of the    short)  is linked to this scene (along
Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses, the    with LSD).The chorus of `Shall we take
two  most  successful  bands from this    a trip?'  by  Northside  is `L... S...
scene. Others include...The Charlatans    D...' 
Inspiral Carpets, Northside,808 State,         Ian Brown, the lead singer of the
James,New Fast Automatic Daffodils and    Stone Roses, was quoted as saying that
The High.                                 his band were: `The only UK band worth
     For those who don`t know the term    exporting since the Sex Pistols'
`indie'  refers  to bands who chose to         Although  this  statement is more

be on a small independent label rather    hard to disagree with him.  The  Roses
than a major  so  that  they have more    are probably  the  most exciting thing
artistic  freedom/control  over  their    to happen to  British music since Punk
sound.  However indie music is usually    and the  high  quality  of many of the
identifiable  as  being unconventional    other  bands  on this scene could mean
and non-commercial pop or rock.           that  this  movement will be as big as
     The  sound  of these bands varies    the punk movement itself. 
from dance to psychedelic  pop/rock to         If you  want  to check out any of
indie. All the bands,however,share the    the bands mentioned in the article the
same fans and often the same producers    following are all recommended...
and remixers are used.                    
     Just as  LSD  fueled the original    Stone Roses     -Elephant Stone
psychedelic  music  revolution back in                    -The Stone Roses (LP)
the 1960`s  so the drug Ecstacy (E for    Happy Mondays   -Wrote For Luck
short)  is linked to this scene (along                    -Bummed (LP)
with LSD).The chorus of `Shall we take    James           -Come Home
a trip?'  by  Northside  is `L... S...                    -How Was it For You?
D...'                                     Inspiral Carpets-She Comes In The Fall
     Ian Brown, the lead singer of the                    -Life (LP)
Stone Roses, was quoted as saying that    The Charlatans  -The Only One I Know
his band were: `The only UK band worth    New F.A.Ds      -Big
exporting since the Sex Pistols'          
     Although  this  statement is more               Signed: Firestorm-TECHNIQUE
than a bit egotistical following their    
disapointing `One Love'  single  it is    

Bimbex' Page


Blip Blop Banana
                       Blip Blop Banana investigates on:


There has benn a lot of demos released   inspired song I had heard on Amiga! The
lately  with  music  and corresponding   next  few  months  were quiet until....
graphics making you feel like watching   Budbrain Megademo  with their Kaos demo
a music video.  These  demos  have one   and, to some instinct,  the  Birdie Nam
thing  in  common:  They  all  contain   Nam demo.  The thing these demos had in
House Music!  Some  time  ago  a group   common was that they were controlled by
called Titanics released  a music-disk   the music, not vice versa!  I find that
with lots of  acid/house  music.  This   to be an improvement because the visual
was, in my opinion,  the trend setter!   and aural effects are much better timed
Some  time passed and some groups like   when executed in that order. As a house
D-Mob and Flash Productions released a   freak,  I must say that I am pleased to
few musicdisks with one huge song made   see things developing  like  this!  Me,
out of loads of samples.  These  songs   Myself and  I  would love to make music
occupied  an entire disk and lasted up   for such a demo, maybe I will some day!
to 13 minutes.  The  real breakthrough   I hope this idea will be brought up and
though,  was  the COMA-demo by Rebels!   used to the same extent as e.g.  filled
When I first saw it,  I was amazed! It   vectors.  Credits  go to Rebels for the
really looked like a music video,  and   idea  and  to  Budbrain for having made
Static had done  a great job producing   the    best   'music-video'   so   far!
some real funky deep-house music! That   Peace,  happiness  and  unity brothers!
was, at that time, the far best house-                   Blackstar/Cryptoburners

                       Blip Blop Banana investigates on


Since the dawn of intros,  the  makers   clearly write their text on command! It
have had a need  to express themselves   is like the coder has just finished his 
in some  way  or  other!  Some  clever   demo,  the  music  and the graphics are 
brains found  out that the best way of   ready and the mentality  is:  Hey,  the
reading long texts  without  occupying   demo is finished, let's write some crap
most of the screen,  was  to  let  the   and release this demo!  We  need to get 
text scroll across  the  screen!  Now,   back to  the  days when scrolling was a
let's look at  some of the contents in   little more than  just a few KB of RAM-
these so-called scrollers. It seems to   waste! Scroll-editors must consider the
have become  a  trend  to write a very   scrollers to be an art,  not  just some
long scroll-text. Nevertheless in some   brainless crap conceived in a hurry! If
way or other,  most  of  them  seem to   you have  nothing  to  say,  keep  your 
contain the same stuff:  "The  time is   mouth shut!   Remember,  scrollers  are
now 5.30 a.m and I'm very tired... " I   supposed to be entertaining,  and  then
don't think I have to give any further   it's  little  point in writing how many
examples on this.  Anyway,  how  can a   pieces of cake you've just eaten!  That
demo,  well programmed with good music   isn't really interesting to other guys.
and graphics, still end up with such a   If  this  scroller mentality continues, 
boring scrolltext?  The answer to that   no-one will  bother  reading  scrollers
is probably that most scroll "authors"   anymore, and then it'll be to late.....
seem  to  lack self-critisism and they    - - -Blackstar Of Cryptoburners - - -

What's Wrong With Diskmags?
     What's Wrong With Diskmags??

I  have  read  lots of  articles  about  may be!  You get reviews,  news,   fun,
certain  people  who dislike  diskmags!  advertisements,  interviews   etc   etc
The  only  thing I  can say  to this is  etc.... You get to know  about  what is
why?                                     happening   on   the  scene  that   you
                                         yourself  are  in.   One  problem  with
I am sure, like me, many people who are  them  though  is  you  never  read  the
on  the  Amiga  scene  receive  lots of  magazine  twice, but you  may come back
games every week but really I dont know  to it just for reference!
many who actually play them unless they                   
are really  good  games.  The intros by  One  more thing to mention is that some
the cracking groups  are the only thing  people say  that  it  is  the amount of
that I look at when I receive the game.  diskmags on the scene that  is going to
I will have got  rid  of the game after  kill it.  From  my  point  of view this
one week of obtaining  it as it is then  certainly is not  going  to happen. Its
counted as old!                          true that there are a  lot  of diskmags
                                         going around but its only the good ones
I  do  like  other  products especially  that will  get spread  and the bad ones
demos but it is  when  I  get  diskmags  will  hardly  make  it  therefore   not
that I have the  most  enjoyment.  They  affecting the scene in any way.
give you lots  of information you might  
not know  about  other  groups  and  it  People   should   stop   talking  about
gives  you  views  of  other people you  diskmags  killing  the  scene but focus
might  know  or not  know as  the  case  peoples attention on the  real problems

of  the  amiga  world.   A  few of them           HOW TO WRITE ARTICLES
being  the  police,   fights  and  wars  ---------------------------------------
between  groups  and  some other things  The  best thing is to write the article
like the amount of shit democomps going  as  an  ASC-II textfile using 2 columns
around and crap productions.             and 38 characters in each column.  Each
                                         page  is  25  lines  down  and 80 chars 
Diskmags will  not   kill the scene off  across.  If you follow this format, you
but  maybe  improve  upon  what has not  will  save us a lot of work. Of course,
always been good....                     you  can write the articles on a letter
                                         as well, everything is possible. If you
Even after this article you still don't  have any graphics you want us to print,
like diskmags  then  the only thing for  use the following format:
you to do is not to read them!!!         
                                         MED. RES,  16 COLOURS,  640x225 Pixels.
                    Turmoil of Abakus.
                                         If  you  want to contribute with music,
                                         you can use any musicprogram,  but then
                                         you must remember to include the replay
Some  well  chosen  words  there   from  routine along with the song. Because of
Turmoil of Abakus. Are there anyone out  memory restrictions,  the song must NOT
there with views that differ from these  be longer than  100KB!!!  Otherwise  we
in any way?  If so,  why don't you tell  cannot use it! If we receive many songs
us about them? After all, if no-one are  we will chose the one we think fits the
interested in diskmags,  our  work will  mag best.
be of no use, right???                               Blackstar, managing editor!


Are  you  a member of the perhaps best               QUALIFICATIONS:
group in your country?  Would you like   ---------------------------------------
to  give the world a fair view on your   - You  must  be member of a good group,
country,   concerning  news,  rumours,     preferably  the best in your country.
facts, etc? Then we have a job for you   - You  must  have  access  to  news and 
in Fourth Dimension. We would like you     rumours from your home country.
to  do  the  following things for each   - You  must  be  willing to write a few
issue:                                     pages every second month. (Not much!)

1. Some country news!                                   "SALARY":
2. Some  scene  reprots from your home   ---------------------------------------
   country.  Changes in the scene etc.   - You  will  get  every issue of Fourth
3. Other  essential  things about your     Dimension BEFORE release date!!
                                         Sorry,  we  can't pay you hard cash, we
We  are searching for people who would   are  not  making  any money on the mag.
like  to do a good job. We need a fair
and  objective  view on every country.   We are especially seeking editors from:
If  you  are the right person for this   ---------------------------------------
job, contact us NOW!!!!                  Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy
                                         Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, USA,
Note to other diskmags:  We  think you   Australia, Austria, Switzerland. Others
will copy this idea. Please, DON'T!!!!   are welcome too!

Vision Interview (2)
   Interview with Jetaza of Vision!

What  is  your  name and what are your   Holland, Canada and Germany. 
functions in Vision?
                                         Do  you  prefer mail or modem swapping?
I'm  JETAZA  of VISION and Im a modem-
trader,    Spreader,    Swapper    and   Modem  trading  is the best and fastest
Organizer.                               way, but I like them both. That's why I
                                         swap too!
How old is your group?
                                         Name your favourite:
I'm  not  sure  how  long,  but Vision   Cracking group: Paradox
started  on  the  C-64, and we started   Demo Group: Scoopex
all  the things over in June last year   Trainergroup: Adept
(After mega-demo I ofcourse on Amiga).   Coder: Tsm & Cj/Vision
I joined Vision together with Stingray   Musician: B10/Vision, Prime Time,Jochen
and many others, but we (Stingray & I)             Hippel, Romeo Knight.
are  the  only  ones left in Vision of   Graphician: Facet/Vision
those  guys who joined in June 1989. I   Magazine: Zine, Disc, 4th. Dimension.
think  we've  been  about 15 months in 
the  scene.  Vision are:  Jetaza, Tsm,   What  is  your opinion about "wars" and
Tdb,  Facet,  B10,  Stingray,  Spread,   has your group ever been in one?
Capt'n Crunch,   Crackerjack,  Psycho,
Missile  Man,   The  Running  Man  and   Burp!  Urgh!  That's the answer! Ha!Ha!
Meridian.  That's all! We live in USA,   No, I don't like them and I really hate

it when it's between friends and I can   I'm not gonna write the best groups,coz
tell you that there are enough wars in   some will be pissed and others'll start
the scene and I'll keep it like it was   crying. There are enough cool guys here
We have never been at war with anyone!   so visit some parties here too!

What's your opinion about copyparties?   Do you like trainers?

I like them only when they're cool and   Yep, I like them, but I never play any
great, so you can expect me when I can   games at all.
find  some  time!  I'll try to come to
Scandinavian parties next time, but it   Do you have any boards? Name them...
is too hard for you when you work etc.
                                         Panic Zone  (Vision WHQ)   617-444-4338
What  is  the most important thing for   Turk 51 Zone(Vision EHQ) +31-10-4296515
you, cracking or demos?                  Twins BBS   (Vision CHQ)   514-766-3533
                                         Defcon 5    (Vision HQ)    206-427-5849
Both,  but  cracking is not a problem. 
Originals are the problem.If we really   Who are your best friends in the scene?
want, we can buy them from the fastest
suppliers  around, but NO WAY! We just   Pff... I can say Vision-members are the
cracked   Zeppelin's   World   Soccer!   best  friends  you can have and I won't
(There's no intro, but we cracked it!)   make a list of my friends but everybody
                                         knows  he's a friend and I can say that
Name  the  top groups in your country.   there are a lot of them!

What  do  you  think about the Swedish   Any last words?
group ADEPT?
                                         Yup,thanx to Aggressor for interviewing
They  can make nice trainers and learn   me!  And  a  message  to you all DO NOT
from their mistakes! No comments about   believe those fake addresses of Vision.
this!                                    The addresses are mentioned below where
                                         the only mail-contact-address of Vision
How do you feel about software selling   is.  There are ofcourse more addresses,
                                         but they are private! The addresses are
Selling software (Legal or illegal) is
not what we want, but it's useful when   Vision HQ                Vision
you  can  buy originals for the money.   P.o. Box 61280           P.o. Box 358
Some guys only want to become rich but   3002 HG Rotterdam        5460 Veghel
I don't care about that,  so  let's go   Holland                  Holland
to the next question....
                                         Ofcourse I wish Cryptoburners good luck
Have you had any problems with police?   with their great magazine (Thanx - Ed),
                                         we're  also  working on one but I dunno
Nope,  but  please everybody. Write my   when it'll come. And remember:
address  like It'll be mentioned later
and write the p.o. box READABLE.  This   VISION -Born To Be Cool!
gives me a lot of problems,  so if you          -Often imitated - Never equalled
haven't heard from me,  write the add-          -Discover The Difference
ress better,  especially  the p.o. box
number! Thanks!                          Also remember: "U Can't Stop Up!"


During my holiday I spent some time in   Editors comment to this letter!
Oslo,  and  there I spotted one of the   -------------------------------
traitors  from  the   Police-raid   in   I am very sorry to disappoint you, NEF!
Drammen this easter. Previously it has   The computer store behind the city hall
been   known   that   slime   from  BJ   in Oslo is actually Tanum Data  (Or, as
Electronics  participated,   but  this   it says on  the  sign,  Tanum  Computer 
creep  works  for  a  shop called City   Center!)  The  guy you're talking about 
Computer Center.  (The Commodore store   is also an emplyee  at  Tanum!  CCC  is
behind the town hall in Oslo!) In your   located  2-3  kilometres away from this
2nd.  issue  you called upon people to   place! In addition, CCC has closed down
boycott BJ and  Tanum,  and  buy  your   all business for now!  Rumours say they
stuff at CCC instead. The boycott MUST   are  planning  to  open   the   largest 
from now on also  include  CCC!!!!  If   software store in Scandinavia.  Whether 
you  don't  believe   me,   then  look   or  not  this  is  true  shall remain a
through  Crusaders  slideshow from the   secret.  So,  dear  readers,  there  is
incident,  and  find  the guy with the   absolutely NO reason for boicotting CCC
SS-mark on his  shoulder.  That's  the   as  they do not (at the moment!) exist!
one! Feel free to check this out. (And   Anyway,  thank  you for having tried to
then  throw   a   bomb  through  CCC's   follow up on this matter,  we shall not
window!!!!)                              stop  you  from throwing bombs into the
                               Nef/ESA   windows of Tanum Data.                 

Look at next column for comments....                     Blackstar/Cryptoburners

Why Computer Users Are So Ugly

 HOW many  times have you looked  into   is removed,  you  will  soon look like
the  mirror and  asked yourself : "why   Tom Cruuse, jASSon Donnowann and Me.
am I so ugly?" According to statistics    PLEASE  note that  in the first Amiga
released recently, you do this 5 times   500's  that were  prodused,  this chip
every single day!!!!                     was not installed,  that's why I am so
 THE reason why  you are  so  ugly is,   pretty.  The name of  the chip to pull
ofcourse,  the Amiga.  Hours and hours   out is "Golf GTI"
every  day  with  computing  does  not    PLEASE note that  users of Amiga 1000
actually make you look nice,  but most   mutate a bit when they boot kickstart!
of you  can accept this,  since people   (Jackmix has had one for 4 years, that
with a  computer habbit really  aren't   should explain everything)
the most popular people at parties and   
so on.                                                     FALLOS / CINEFEX    
 BUT  you  may ask,  "why   does   the   
computer  make me  ugly?",  and I have   
the answer!! At the meeting we had two   
days ago,  I discovered that I was the   
was the only  good looking  person  in   
our group.  And after  opening up some   
Amigas,  I knew why; inside the  Amiga   
there  is a little chip that  destroys   
your face and the ozon-layer.  If this   


Are you interested in making a diskmag   better.  There won't be any obligations
but  you  think  it's too much work in   to  your  group,  except  that you give
starting one? Are you planning to make   good contributions to each issue. We're
a diskmag,  but  you're not quite sure   especially  searching  for  groups from 
whether the scene really needs more of   Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria,
them?  Would  you like to work for one   France,  England, Australia, Denmark or
of  the  already established diskmags?   from USA,  but  others are free to send
If the answer to some of the questions   their  applications  as well. Of course
above is yes, then here's what we want   your group will be equalled to CRB when
you to do:                               credits are concerned. The co-operation
                                         is only bound to this mag,  you have no
We  in  Fourth Dimension are searching   other obligations towards Cryptoburners
for groups to join our diskmag. We are   or  any  other group whatsoever. So, if
searching  for  one  or two groups who   this   sounds  interesting,  send  your
would like to do their part of the job   application   including  the  following
in making this diskmag even better. We   points to the Fourth Dimension HQ:
want  people  to help us not only with   - Your groups name, members, and how
articles, but also by making graphics,     many are interested in working.
music and so on.  We don't want Fourth   - Your home country (HQ).
Dimension  to  be a Cryptoburners only   - How many musicians/graphicians/Coders
production,  because  when more people   - Earlier experience from diskmags?
work  on something, one gets a broader   - Status in the scene and homecountry.
view  of  the  scene, thus covering it   - Other things worth mentioning.

Ein Fornøgliches Erzahlung

    Bei ungefähr Paaschenzeit in 1989  hatten Cryptoburners bestimmt,  daß wir
wollten reißen zum der Kopie-Partei in Arendal.  Es hat ein morsames Tradition
gebliebt, zu photografieren shwartz-weißes Bilden von jeder Member,  befür wir
steigen in in dem Zug,  die  geht  vom Bergen zum Oslo jeder Tag.  Daß tun wir
jeder  Mal  wir  reißen beim  Zug zusammen sein.  Wenn wir reißten ZUM Arendal
schedden  das  nicht viel.  Wir mußten warten  für den koresporrendirendes Zug
in Drammen in ungefähr zwei Stunden,  und  natürlichweiß  war  es  früh um den
Morgen am ein Sonntag,  so wir  müßten  an  dem Boden in der Bahnhof schlafen,
weil  wir hatten gemacht viel Brach in den Zug um den Nacht,  und hatten dafür
nicht shläfen so viel.  Wir  hatten es gemütlich mit dem Kortschtokk,  die wir
spielten 'DAS IDIOT' mit.  Seiten  wir  hatten  genommen den Zug,  müssten wir
gehen vom die Järnbahnstation.   Wir hatten geglaubt daß es war in Arendal das
Partei sollte gehalten geworden.     Aber die Platz war an einem Öy nicht fahr
vom Arendal.   Aber wir müßten bähren die Computern vom das Zug und zu Arendal
Zentrum.  Dann müssten wir  nehmen ein Fährge über zu dem Öy gekallt  'Hisöy'.
Dann  müssten  wir noch ein mahl bähren die Bagasche ein stücke weitere.  (So,
wasimmer du tust,  nicht nehm dem  ZUG  zu  Arendal dieses Jahr!   Es gibt ein
Brücke, wie du kannst fahren mit Automobil über.)  Nach dem Partei sollten wir
natürlich reißen zurück  zu  unseres  Heimstadt  Bergen.  (Das hier war in dem
gülnen Tagen, wenn CRB nur war ein kleines Gruppe mit nur acht Mitlemmen.  Und
nur die evigen nummer Zwei, immer geschlagen bei des grösses Gruppes IT.  (Wir
sagen nicht daß wir jetzt sind best,  daß tut ein Norwegishen Zeitung für uns.

Ohne Bezählungen fon uns!!!))  Daß  gebleibte nöyachtich die sammen Wäg zurück
wie wir hatten gekommen an. Selbstgesagt müßten wir noch einmal warten für den
korresporrendierendes Zug.  Dieses  mal  war  es ein wenig vieler Leute an dem
Bahnhof in Drammen, und das gab uns ein lachterwechendes Episode.  Eine kleine
Mann  kam  bort  zu  uns.  Er hatte ein grösses rotes Nase,  und omgeträntlich
keine Zähner.  Wir sah das er unmöglich konnte während sauber.   Er singte für
uns, und hatte ein vernögliches Zeit, sah es auß wie.   Wohl, wenn wir nehmten
der Zug weiter zu Bergen,  waren wir so trötten, das wir absoluttlich schlafen
müssten.  Aber in der Front des Wagens, gestandete daß  ein Kasse.  Und in daß
Kasse  gab  es sich eine grausames Katze.  Es miaute und miaute,  so wir nicht
Schlafen gekommten.  Wir  bekommten  nicht  (jedenfalls ich) Schlafen bevor es
war 45 minutten Zurück von dem 8 Stunden lange Reiße.
    Dafür sage ich euch:  Eine  Reise  beim  Zug  kan  üble  Folgen  nach sich
ziehen.   Wenn  es  beider  Autos  und  Flugzeuge gibt, sollt man lieber diese
Reiseangebote wählen.

                                               Geschreibt auf ein CRB-Mitlemm,
                                               der  einmal  war erst genevnten
                                               in der Mitlemmslißte.

Wir  wollten nur  sagen,  daß dieses Artikkel  NICHT  geschrieben ist,  um die
Deutschen Leute  zu beleidigen.  Es  ist  nur noch  ein Beispiel  von dem  un-
glaublichen Humor der 4th Dimension...

Yes, But Mister Salesman...

Does something  more helpless than a   wide-eyed on a demo flimmering over the
complete  beginner  in  a  computer-   screen,  and he has  totally  forgotten
store exist?   He (or sometimes she)   the Oric,  which he was so enthusiastic
nods to  kilobytes and RS232, serial   over  six  years  ago.  But he remebers
and modem,  as  he understands every   one thing.  The  prices when the bottom
word,  while  his  eyes  are  widely   fell  out of the market, and the sales-
open  of  freight  and he dries away   men  stumbled  in  each  other  in  the
the  perspiration from his forehead.   desperate  try to sell out the products
    The  smart  one  tries  with  "I   before they  went  bankrupt.  While  he
want  a  computer  for  my son," and   gladly spends big money on "indispensa-
that  he  has  heard about something   bilities"  to  the  car, boat and home,
called "Commandore" and "Spekktrum".   his Adam's apple  acts like an elevator
By the last word he unveils that the   in his throat  when  he hears the price
little knowledge he has, not is very   for  an  Amiga  plus monitor plus-plus,
updated, and the salesman manages to   let out the Archimedes he just dribbled
hide his grin  behind his hands.  If   a pool onto.
the  customer  also  says  "Oric" or        Back to basic, to the Commodore 64
"MSX",  the  poor salesman has to go   and  to  the "son", which he forgot for
to  the  backroom  for at least five   a  moment,  in  the  middle  of  super-
minutes  to  let  out  the laughter.   graphics,  RISC,  multitasking and VDU.
When he  returns, the potential cus-   in  the  perplexity  he perhaps returns
tomer  stands  by  an  Atari looking   to  the  Oric,  so  that  the  salesman

for  the  second  time he has to ex-   genuine sample of the brand.  A Snotty
plain that that kind of computers he   whelp rushing through the store, while
has to go to  the  junkyard  to find.  the smiles  are turning to deadly hor-
    Of  course,  he could  be of the   ror grimaces on the lips of the sales-
easy-to-persuade kind,  which now is   men, and the father turns his normally
in a state of being receptive to any   blind eye to Hulk Jr.
suggestion   from  the  salesman  of       - I want a '64, coz' Neil and John
which  computer  to buy.   Something   have got!
which  may  result  in  the customer       Well,  OK.  Since  that is what he
leaving  the  store  overloaded with   wants,  that  is what he'll get. After
equipment,  while  the salesman hums   the  Father  with  son  has left,  the
a little  to  the beautiful sound of   salesmen  wonder whether  it was worth
the cash register,  and glimpses to-   it,  as  they  wipe  of snot from Joy-
wards  the  decreasing  pile of PC's   sticks,   Atari-keyboards  and   game-
no longer in demand, then gives him-   covers.   And  they  are  dreading the
self  a  slap  on the shoulder.  But   next day (2  days after if they're lu-
the result can  as well  be that the   cky) when the creature with his father
customer leaves witout  buying  any-   hangling on,  returns  to  claim  that
thing at all.   Maybe  he'll  return   nothing works.
in another six  or  seven  years  to       And the worst ones are  NOT those 
ask  for  the  Amiga  that fell last   who only had forgotten  to turn on the
year.                                  power.  The  worst  is  the father who
    If you  think  that the customer   managed to get a blue screen, and then
with an  imaginary  son is bad, just   free and easy wrote to his all-knowing
wait  until  you meet the one with a   computer: WHAT IS MY NAME?

The answer,  ?SYNTAX ERROR,  does he   neighbour, his  sister-in-law  or  his
claim  is  not  his  name,  and even   dog - well,  maybe  this last one pays
though the  salesman  is  struggling   a visit,  but  then  definitively  not
not  to  say  what  he  wants to say   to buy software,  hardware,  or,  just
(That  he  thinks the answer is per-   to mention it,  a stereo, but to leave
fect), this  is  the start of a pat-   a "visit-card" with the greetings from
ient  explanation,  which,  at best,   the owner.  Just  so that he can claim
makes  the  customer  sense  a  very   that  he  was right about this being a
small  stream  of  light in  the end   "shit-store".
of the large  and  frightening  dark       Then  thanks  for the patient one,
tunnel.  At  worst he returns in two   who don't make any problems,  but nods
hours,  even angrier,  and demands a   and thanks to everything you say.  And
"new computer".                        who  pays   without  hesitation   like
    Here  comes  a difficult choice.   good  customers  are supposed to.  And
Should  one take the  extra  efforts   with whom  you  can  have a bit fun if
delivering a new  computer  demands,   you want to.
or  should one  insist  on  the com-   -Huh?  That  one  shouldn't  have  re-
puter  being   perfectly  all  right   venge on these  for  other's being im-
(if it is).                            possible?   Well.   Perhaps.  But who 
    In  case  one  does  the  first,   said that anything is easy?   We don't
one  have   no   guarantee  for  the   live in a perfect world!
seance  not  repeating  itself,  but
if  the  customer  rejects  the  de-                Author: Ingar Knudtsen
mand,  this  customer  may  not ever                Publisher: NDM
return  to  that  store.    Nor  his                Translation: Bimbex/CRB

Coders Corner
                                          clear,  because it is  obvious  that i   
          Ask dr.Heatseeker               can't   answer  a  quesion  like   «My
                                          scroller  is  flickering,  what  do  i
  Are you  one of  those   who  have a    do ?», so i write it again, MAKE  SURE
demo  to code,  and you  can't get any    THAT THE  PROBLEM  IS  UNDERSTANDABLE!
futher   because  there  is  something      Well since this  is  the  first time
that  is   absolutely  correct  coded,    this article  is  present in 4D, there
but  dosen't  seem to  work ?   Or you    has not been  sent  in  any questions,
have  just  started  you  career  as a    and therefore i  will  now write a tip
coder,  and  have  trouble with how to    of how to  make some games/demos, that
make a  certain  routine ?   Or if you    dosen't  work  with  a  standard 512kb 
have  any  trouble at all with coding,    Amiga, to work without having fastmem.
just send a letter to me  (Heatseeker)    This is in most  cases  not  possible,
telling  me  about your problem, and i    but in some  cases, the makers of  the
will do  my  best  to  answer you, and    program  dosen't  check  if  it  works 
publish the question and the answer in    without fastmem, but just  suppose  it
the next issue of 4D.  Ofcourse i will    does so, but it dosen't.  There is two
not answer  any silly question, like :    or  three  main  reasons  whow  such a
«How do i  make  a demo»  or  «What is    thing  can  happend.  The first is the
copper» or  any  other  silly question    problem with  the  stack.  If you have
that is  too stupid to be answered.And    fastmem, the  stack is automaticly put 
i will  not  answer  any question that    into fastmem, along with Exec and some
may lead to criminal actions.(Like how    other stuff  like  the disk buffer and
to crack a game, or rip something from    programs that doen't  require chipmem.
a game!)     Please make your question    Now if there is  no fastmem,  all this

have to be in chipmem.  If a demo/game    WO, and write it  as en  object  file.
is crunched.  It will  use more memory      This is very easy to do, and  if  it
than the  crunched file that is loaded    does not work, try to do it once  more
in. If it uses memory as low as $10000    with these lines added before the
or lower if  may  overlap  the  stack.	  first line :
This  will   ofcource   have   serious            move.w  #$7fff,$dff09a
consequences for  the  program,  which            move.w  #$7fff,$dff09c
uses the stack all the time.  Now  the
you fix this  is  to  either  set  the    
stack at a lower or a  higher  address      Now  this is not necessarily the way
then the demo/game uses, and this must    to fix this.  And now  I  will  use an
be done before it starts  decrunching.    example. The game Damocles was brought
Many cruncher has the ability  to  set    to me as an onepart version.And it was
the stack, but if this is not the case    crunched with the Tetra cruncher(mega-
here is how to do this  (only  with  a    crunch), and used all memory from $800
crunched file) :                          to $7ffff.  And  most crunchers starts
                                          the   decrunching   with  the  highest
        lea    $7fff8,a7                  address.  In  this case from $7ffff to
Buffer: blk.b  $20000,0                   $800 (In other words, descending).This
                                          way, a program  loaded  into  a  lower
  Now  we  put  the  stack  pointer to    address then the  decrunching address,
$7fff8,  and  the  program  length  is    will not overlap  the  uncrunched file
$20000 bytes. Now assemble this (using    while decrunching.  Now the problem is
seka), and use the option  RI  ri read    that  an object file is normaly loaded
the demo/game into 'Buffer'.  Now type    into  round   about   $18000  when  no

fastmem is present,  in other words, a            move.w  d0,$dff09a
file  that is to  be  decrunched  at a            move.w  d0,$dff09e
lower address than round  about $18000            lea     CopyPrg(pc),a0
will  not work,  because  the crunched            lea     MoveAdr,a1
part  will  be   overlapped   by   the            lea     Buffer(pc),a2
decrunched   part  while   decrunching    MovLoop:move.l  (a0)+,(a1)+
before it  has  finished  decrunching.            cmp.l   a2,a0
This is no  problem  if you have fast-            bmi.s   MovLoop
mem, because the  decrunched part will            move.l  a2,a0
be loaded into  fastmem and decrunched            add.l   #$20,a0
into  chipmem.  The  way  to make such            add.l   #PrgLen,a2
programs work  with 512kb Amigas is to            lea     CopyTo,a1
move the  decrunched  part  to a lower            jmp     MoveAdr
address then  the  decrunching address    CopyPrg:move.w  (a0),$dff180
(plus the  length of  the  decruncher)            move.l  (a0)+,(a1)+
before it starts decrunching. Now here            cmp.l   a2,a0
is a source  of how  to  do  this with            bmi.s   CopyPrg
the game Damocles (one part version) :            jmp     CopyTo
                                          Buffer: blk.b   PrgLen,0
CopyTo=$810                                 Now all you have to do  (if you have
MoveAdr=$7fc00                            the one part  version of  damocles) is 
>extern 'df1:damoc.exe',Buffer,PrgLen     to assemble this source,and type Y and
        move.w  #$7fff,d0                 return, and the  damocles file will be
        move.w  d0,$dff096                loaded into 'Buffer'.

Now  you  write it as an  object file.      Please  note  that  a  program  that
If you wish  to  use  this  source  in    returns with error code 103(not enough
another program, all you have to do is    free mem) can not  be fixed  the way I
to  change   the   name  and  'PrgLen'    have use in this article,  these  ways
(program length)   Well, this  is very    will only work on  some  of those  who
simple to do, but it is  better to  do    show a software  failure, or  a  total
this  than  to  have  a  program  that    system crash.  But I  can  give you  a
dosen't  work  on 512kb  Amigas.   And    few tips in how to fix the  error 103.
you don't  have  to  be  a coder to do    (even  though  most  of you know these
this (That's why i've tried to explain    ways)  You can use Add21K  (or Add44K)
it as simple as possible).The Damocles    and try to have as few  files  on  the
source can be found on  this  disk  in    disk as possible. And  try to start it
'Sources' directory.                      from workbench with as  few  icons  as
  In the beginning of this  article, I    possible (or use the  runback  command
mentioned a third reason why a program    followed  by  endcli)  All  the  files
that  dosen't necessarily  need  512kb    Add21K, Add44K, RunBack and  EndCli is
but  dosen't work with  512kb  Amigas.    present on this disk.
And that is if the program uses             The reason why i write all  this  is
libraries and is located at such a low    that many people  give up trying  when
address, that it overlaps the pointers    they get a program that  dosen't work.
to all the ROM libraries (If you  have    There  can   ofcource  be  many  other
fastmem, all  these  pointers lies  in    reasons, but here I eliminated some of
fastmem, and then there is no problem)    them. And a program the  really  needs
Well, there is not much you can do,but    more that 512kb can ofcourse  not  be
this is a rare problem.                   fixed for 512kb machines.

  If you wish  to have   your  problem
published in the next Fourth Dimension               ??????????      
just  write  to   the  address  below.             ??????????????
                                                  ?????      ?????   
      HeatSeeker/Cryptoburners                    ????        ????
      Ivar Just Olsen                                       ??????
      Mobergslien                                        ???????
      5200 OZ                                           ?????
      NORWAY                                            ?????        

  And  I  will  not  answer  a  letter                  ?????        
saying  «Do   you   want  to  swap  ?»                  ?????


1990 seems to be  the filled vectors-   program  and  started  to  study  the
year.  Everybody wants to make filled   lines. Then  I  saw  that  the  lines
vectors.  Therefore, I have got a lot   didn't always hit the ending point of
of phonecalls  the last  months  from   the line (X2,Y2), and this happend if
people making filled vectors.  All of   the  angle  of the  line was  between
them ask the same question:  How do I   -22.5°  - +22.5° or between  157.5° -
fix the corners of  the surface after   202.5°  (2*DeltaY <  DeltaX).  To fix
filling it? I got this question three   the  corners,  I  tested  if 2*DeltaY
times the last week,  so I decided to   was less  than DeltaX.  If it was,  I
write   about   it  here  in   Coders   subracted   Y2  (or DeltaY)  by  one.
Corner.                                 That may  be done by adding only four
Also I got this  problem while coding   lines to your linedraw-routine.
my  first  filled  vectors   routine.   This is only one of the  many methods
First of all,  as most has found out,   to fix this,  but  this is one of the
all lines must  be  drawn in only one   easiest.   The   absolutly    easiest
direction,  e.g. down (Y1 < Y2),  and   method  I  know of,  is to always set
with LF-code $4a.  After  filling the   the SIGN bit   and  set  both BLTAMOD
surface,  horizontal  lines  normally   and BLTAPTL to  2(2Y - 2X).  But this
appear  to the  left of some corners.   gives rather ugly lines,  so I prefer
The  reason  is that  the corners are   the former method.
made of  three points  instead of two   In case you didn't  understood a word
points. I removed the filling from my   of   what I  tried to  explain,  I've

written a linedraw  routine  on  the
next  page.  If you  have  a  better
method to fix  the  corners,  or you
have  a  better  linedraw   routine,
please send it to this address:

Steinar Midtskogen
Svenskerud 127

Preload:  d0=X1  d1=Y1  d2=X2  d3=Y2  d5=Screenwidth  a0=address  a6=$dff000 
$dff060=Screenwidth (word)  $dff072=-$8000 (longword)  $dff044=-1 (longword)
draw:   cmp.w   d1,d3                           cmp.w   d2,d1
        bgt.s   line1                           dbhi    d3,line3
        exg     d0,d2                   line3:  move.w  d3,d1
        exg     d1,d3                           sub.w   d2,d1
        beq.s   out                             bpl.s   line4
line1:  move.w  d1,d4                           exg     d2,d3
        muls    d5,d4                   line4:  addx.w  d5,d5
        move.w  d0,d5                           add.w   d2,d2
        add.l   a0,d4                           move.w  d2,d1
        asr.w   #3,d5                           sub.w   d3,d2
        add.w   d5,d4                           addx.w  d5,d5
        moveq   #0,d5                           and.w   #15,d0
        sub.w   d1,d3                           ror.w   #4,d0
        sub.w   d0,d2                           or.w    #$a4a,d0
        bpl.s   line2                   waitblt:btst    #6,2(a6)
        moveq   #1,d5                           bne.s   waitblt
        neg.w   d2                              move.w  d2,$52(a6)
line2:  move.w  d3,d1                           sub.w   d3,d2
        add.w   d1,d1                           lsl.w   #6,d3

        addq.w  #2,d3
        move.w  d0,$40(a6)
        move.b  oct(PC,d5.w),$43(a6)
        move.l  d4,$48(a6)
        move.l  d4,$54(a6)
        movem.w d1/d2,$62(a6)
        move.w  d3,$58(a6)
out:    rts
oct:    dc.l    $3431353,$b4b1757

Just finished typing in the program? Well, for your information, this source
is to be found in the 'Sources' directory!...

                          Optimizing tips & hints
                   Article written by Panther of Active.

In this article I'll try to give you some useful hints on how to make your
routines run faster. I think the Amigapeople at SEGA should read this
article! (I've always wondered how they manage to get four bobs in 4 planes
32*32 to run every 2nd frame!! And the black outlines... Too little sleep?)
Let's start... The blitter is, as you all know, the fastest datamanipulator
to be found in the Amiga. But ONLY using the blitter isn't always the
quickest method. Let's say you've made a bobdemo and you need to clear the
screen each frame. Don't use the blitter only! Use both blitter and the 
processor, like this:
(a6 points at $DFF000, waitblt waits for the blitter finish signal)

move.l  #$01000000,$40(a6)
move.l  #clear_area,$54(a6)
clr.w   $66(a6)
move.w  #64*y+20,$58(a6)

OK, now the blitter is working. In X amount of cycles you'll have no access
to the blitter. During that time, clear the last part of the screen with
the processor:

Clear all dataregs with MOVEQ #0,Dx
and all addressregs with MOVE.L D0,Ax. except A7, point it to the clear
destination. Remember to save A7 before since it contains the stackpointer.
Now use MOVEM.L D0-D7/A0-A6,(A7)+ to clear. And don't use loops to repeat
this MOVEM! Have as many MOVEM's as you need to clear the last part of
the screen in memory! To get the best result using this method, see to that
the blitter doesn't finish before the processor and vice versa! 
When optimizing loops it's good to have in mind that using as many internal
68000 regs as possible gives faster code. Also, not all blitter regs
has to be set each time. Look here:

move.l  #-1,$44(a6)
move.l  #$09f00000,$40(a6)
move.l  #blitsrc,$50(a6)
move.l  #blitdest,$54(a6)
clr.l   $64(a6)
move.w  #64*2+20,$58(a6)
dbf     d7,loop

Let's say you have regs D0-D3 and A0-A2 free. The above routine could look
like this instead:

move.w  #64*2+20,d1
move.l  #blitsrc,d2
move.l  #blitdest,d3
lea     $50(a6),a0
lea     $54(a6),a1
lea     $58(a6),a2
move.l  #-1,$44(a6)
move.l  #$09f00000,$40(a6)
clr.l   $64(a6)
move.l  d2,(a0)
move.l  d3,(a1)
move.w  d1,(a2)
dbf     d7,loop

Always avoid having the source and/or the destination as immediate data.
The next best way is to use an addressreg pointing at $dff000, and then by
offsets addressing all DFF-regs. But still,this means the processor has to
read a displacement word to get the offset. The fastest way is by addressing
indirect without offsets! When blitting big objects this kind of optimizing
isn't always required. But when making i.e sinusscrollers it's a good way
of saving cycles. (Also, when making sinusscrollers, remember to set
blitternasty and skip the blitterwaits! And NO loops!) 

Also avoid the usage of the MUL/DIV instruction inside loops (and outside
them!). If possible, fix a table instead! NEVER use MULU/DIVU when you can
shift instead (all sums with the potency of 2, that is; 2,4,8,16 etc).

Well, now a list over some MC68000 optimizingtips in general;
(Thanks to Merriman/Active for the following tips!!)

-------------------                     ------------------
        lsl.w   #1,Dx                           add.w   Dx,Dx

        lsl.w   #2,Dx                           add.w   Dx,Dx
                                                add.w   Dx,Dx

        add.l   #1000,Ax                        lea     1000(Ax),Ax

        and.l   #$0000ffff,Dx                   swap    Dx
                                                clr.w   Dx
                                                swap    Dx

        bsr     routine                         bra     routine

        bsr     routine                         pea     loop
        bra     loop                            bra     routine

        move.l  #0,Ax                           sub.l   Ax,Ax

        D0=16+y                                 D0=16-y
        rol.l   D0,Dx                           ror.l   D0,Dx

        clr.l   Dx                              moveq   #0,Dx

Well, that was all I had to offer you this time!  
Hope you've found some parts of this article interesting (the end, eh?)!!
If you have any questions, remarks, or if you just want to exchange
experiences feel free to write me some lines!!

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