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  Cryptoburners are very proud to present   
   Fourth Dimension 4 and "Materialized"    
    Official Release Date is 10.10.1990     
   Fourth Dimension is contactable at...    
             FOURTH  DIMENSION              
                Postbox 217                 
               N-6801  Førde                
     Our very best regards goes out to      
 Kefrens - Red Sector - Razor 1911 - DCS -  
 Brainstorm - Level 4 - Phenomena - Fraxion 
 No Limits - Technique - Dual Crew - Gate   
 Scoopex - North Star - Illusion - Paradox  
   and to all the people helping with 4D    
     Cryptoburners are contactable at       
                Postbox 3591                
                3002 Drammen                
 The boring credits for this intro goes to  
 Coding................TEC of Cryptoburners 
 Music...........Gladiator of Cryptoburners 
 Graphics..............TEC of Cryptoburners 
 Text............Blackstar of Cryptoburners 
 The music is not as it originally was made 
  becuase TEC raped the samples to make it  
   shorter. Current length is 6400 bytes.   
 The next issue of FOURTH DIMENSION will be 
   released at the 1st. of December 1990.