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                                                                                                                                                                                                      welcome to the megaparty in drammen, norway.                      organized by cryptoburners, it & visual arts.              the party starts 7th april 1990 and ends 10th april 1990.                   the credits for this intro are:   coding by tec of it    music by time traveller & blackstar of crb   font by bugbear of crb.                        some info about the party... as we said, the party will begin saturday 7th april, and the doors will be opened at about 2 pm... important: there will be no admittance on friday !!!!    (if you arrive friday you have to sleep outside... comprendo???)    there has always been a lack of foreigners on norwegian parties, but we are trying to change that, so buy a ticket to drammen right away....  the entrance price will be 75 nok for scandinavians, and those outside scandinavia can expect to pay 35 nok. ( we prefer norwegian currency )......    at the party we will arrange a demo, music and a graphic competition with great prizes. we will also sell some food and softdrinks at reasonable prices.   for invitations write to: 141                    3055 kr.elva                    norway         or call:    4 7 - 3 - 8 2 6 2 1 1    (espen)        or:   4 7 - 3 - 8 7 6 8 9 3     (ulf)  ..... but remember.. today (10.3.) it is only 1 month left to the party begins, so help us to spread this intro fast... if you cant get an invitation in time, call us!      message to zelnik of vision factory:  call blackstar as soon as you can.        message to visual arts:  hvorfor release en paranoimia-intro til? hvor blei det av den fantastiske invitasjonsdemoen?         ok, that was all.       the intro will now restart...............             

.l a0,$54(a6)
	move.l #$1000000,$40(a6)
	move.w 12(a5),$66(a6)
	move.w 14(a5),$58(a6)
clear:	move.l 80(a5),a0
	move.l a0,$dff054
	move.l #$1000000,$dff040
	clr.w $dff066
	move.w #%1001110111010110,$dff058
	lea	$dff000,a0
	move.l	#$40002,$050(a0);BltAPth
	move.l	#$40000,$054(a0);BltDPth
	move.w	#$0000,$064(a0);BltAMod
	move.w	#$0000,$066(a0);BltDMod
	move.w	#$ffff,$044(a0);BltAFwm
	move.w	#$ffff,$046(a0);BltALwm
	move.w	#$e9f0,$040(a0);BltCon0
	clr.w	$042(a0);BltCon1
	move.w	#[64*30]+22,$058(a0);BltSize
	addq.b	#2,Counter
	cmp.b	#$10,Counter
	beq.s	Getchar
	clr.b	Counter
	clr.l	d2
	lea	Text,a2
	lea	Charpos,a3
	add.l	Textpointer,a2
	move.b	(a2),d2
	cmp.b	#$60,d2
	bhi.s	Vanlige
	cmp.b	#31,d2
	bhi.s	Uvanlige
	clr.l	Textpointer
	bra.s	Getchar
	sub.b	#$61,d2
	lsl	#2,d2
	move.l	(a3,d2.b),d2
	bra.s	Spyttutfont
	sub.b	#32,d2
	lea	Poschar,a2
	move.b	(a2,d2.b),d2
	lsl	#2,d2
	move.l	(a3,d2.b),d2
	move.l	d2,$050(a0);BltAPth
	move.l	#$4002a,$054(a0);BltDPth
	move.w	#$0026,$064(a0);BltAMod
	move.w	#$002a,$066(a0);BltDMod
	move.w	#$ffff,$044(a0);BltAFwm
	move.w	#$ffff,$046(a0);BltALwm
	move.w	#$09f0,$040(a0);BltCon0
	move.w	#[64*30]+1,$058(a0);BltSize
	addq.l	#1,Textpointer
	btst	#14,$002(a0)
	bne.s	Waitblit
	move.w	$dff006,d0
	and.w	#$ff00,d0
	cmp.w	#$ff00,d0
	bne.s	Raster	
	dc.w	$0102,$0000
	dc.w	$0009,$fffe
	dc.w	$0100,$1200
	dc.w	$0108,$0000
	dc.w	$010a,$0000
	dc.w	$0092,$0030
	dc.w	$0094,$00d8
	dc.w	$008e,$2981
	dc.w	$0090,$29c1
	dc.w	$0180,$0000
	dc.w	$00e0,$0004
	dc.w	$00e2,$0000
	dc.w	$0096,$0020
	dc.w    $0102,$0000
	dc.w	$0182,$000f
	dc.w	$ffff,$fffe
	dc.b	'cryptoburners   ,.()!-?&<>:0123456789      ',0
	dc.b	47,29,0,0,0,0,33,0,30,31,0,34,27,32,26,0
	dc.b	46,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,28,0,35,0
	dc.b    36,34,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,47 
Counter:	dc.b	0
Grname:		dc.b	'graphics.library',0
Dmastore:	dc.w	0
Interstore:	dc.w	0
Coptr:		dc.w	0
textpointer:	dc.l	0	
	dc.l	$50000,$50002,$50004,$50006,$50008
	dc.l	$5000a,$5000c,$5000e,$50010,$50012
	dc.l	$50014,$50016,$50018,$5001a,$5001c
	dc.l	$5001e,$50020,$50022,$50024,$50026
	dc.l	$504d8,$504da,$504dc,$504de,$504e0
	dc.l	$504e2
	dc.l	$504e4,$504e6,$504e8,$504ea,$504ec
	dc.l	$504ee,$504f0,$504f2,$504f4,$504f6
	dc.l	$504f8,$504fa,$504fc,$504fe
	dc.l	$509b0,$509b2,$509b4,$509b6,$509b8
	dc.l	$509ba,$509bc,$509be            

Custom = $dff000
BltAPth = $050
BltDPth = $054
BltAMod = $064
BltDMod = $066
BltAFwm = $044
BltALwm = $046
BltCon0 = $040
BltCon1 = $042
Bltsize = $058
Cop1lch = $080
Copjmp1 = $088
>extern "df0:sincos",sin
>Extern	'df0:fonter',$6c000,3684
rot:	macro
	move.w ?2,d5
	move.w ?3,d6
xa?1:	move.w #0,d0
xb?1:	move.w #0,d1
	muls d1,d5
	muls d0,d6
	sub.l d6,d5
	muls d0,?2
	muls d1,?3
	add.l ?2,?3
	swap ?3
	swap d5
rec:	macro
	cmp.w ?1,?2
	b?3.s nx?0
	move.w ?2,?1
nx?0:	endm
out:	macro
	cmp.w #$?1,?2
	move.w #$?1,d4
	sub.w ?4,d4
	move.w d3,d5
	sub.w d1,d5
	move.w d2,d6
	sub.w d0,?5
	move.w #$?1,?6
	ext.l ?7
	asl.l #8,?7
	ext.l ?8
geo:	macro
	divs ?1,?2
	muls d4,?2
	asr.l #8,?2
	add.w ?3,?4
wblt:	macro
wbl?0:	btst #6,2(a6)
	bne.s wbl?0
blit:	macro
	addq.l #2,a2
	add.l #$2470,a1
	cmp.l a1,a0
	beq.s gf?1
	tst.w 40(a5)
	bne.s m?1
	cmp.w #$d0c,(a2)
	beq.s gf?1
m?1:	move.w (a2),$40(a6)
	move.l a1,$54(a6)
	move.l a1,$4c(a6)
	move.l a0,$50(a6)
	move.w d6,$58(a6)
gf?1:	endm
m44:	macro
	add.w ?1,?1
	move.w 120(a5,?1.w),?1
start:	jsr mt_init
	move.w #375,d0
	lea $68000,a0
fssds:	clr.l (a0)+
	dbra d0,fssds
	lea dils,a0
	moveq #1,d0
	move.l #$100000,d2
lll:	move.l d2,d1
	divs d0,d1
	move.w d1,(a0)+
	addq.w #1,d0
	cmp.w #$2000,d0
	bne.s lll
	lea regs,a5
	lea regs+120,a0
	moveq #0,d7
dlo:	move.w d7,d6
	mulu #44,d6
	move.w d6,(a0)+
	addq.w #1,d7
	cmp.w #$180,d7
	bne.s dlo
	move.w #$3fbf,d0
	lea $70000,a0
clo:	clr.l (a0)+
	dbra d0,clo
	move.l 4,a6
	jsr -132(a6)
	lea $dff000,a6
	move.w #$ffff,$44(a6)
	move.w $1c(a6),su_5
	bset #15,su_5
	move.w #$7fff,$9a(a6)
	move.l #interrupt,$6c
	move.w #$c020,$9a(a6)
	move.l #copper,$80(a6)
	move.w #$8000,$dff036
su_1:	btst #6,$bfe001
	beq.s su_3
su_2:	move.w $6(a6),d0
	and.w #$ff00,d0
	cmp.w #$ff00,d0
	bne.s su_2
	bsr program
	bra.s su_1
su_3:	move.l 4,a6		
	lea su_4,a1		
	moveq #0,d0
	jsr -408(a6)
	move.l d0,a0
	move.l 38(a0),$dff080
	move.l 4,a6
	jsr -138(a6)
	move.w #$7fff,$dff09a
	move.l #$00fc0cd8,$6c.w
	move.w su_5,$dff09a
	move.w #$8020,$dff096
	jsr mt_end
su_4:	dc.b 'graphics.library',0,0
su_5:	dc.w $0000