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      \f3  \a3 \s2   this cool intro was coded for ,cryptic uk, by kreator of anarchy...
this is raistlin (his bruv) writing!  yeah, i,ve been lumbered with the job of
writing the text for this spread!!! \s3 \f4 \a5 i usually waste most of my scroll-texts
writing messages to pals\contacts, but i,ve written enough for my ,message-box,,
which hopefully you will have on the same disk as this intro! \s2  it,s saturday
night right now, and tomorrow morning kreator and i will be setting off to london
to meet all our friends at the 16-bit computer fair!...  we have a big rush on
trying to get a good spread-disk ready!!!  kreator is also working on an anarchy
intro, which i really hope he manages to finish in time!   anarchy will also be
spreading the superb music-compilation by 4-mat called ,reflections 2,...   hmm,
kreator just told me to make this text short because ,you have to write some text
for the anarchy intro too bob...,   shit...  i hate writing scrollers!    ok, if
you want a cool ,n fast contact, why not write to me (raistlin of anarchy) at this
address:     \f3 \a4    robert troughton,         42 browfield terrace,        silsden,
     west yorkshire,         bd20 9pt.           england.            no telephone
numbers because i get enough lamers phoning me up as it is!!!  (some bastard keeps
spreading a utility i wrote on the c64 over a year ago without the docs for it!!!)
   anyway, i,d better end this here...     \s4   see you somewhere................................