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*F/7     /2 bustman of crusaders     \/2                    *E/4presents a bunch of snadder med ugler i mosen               *Fif you want *Ato trade the absolutely*B latest kj0ttkaker med sennep then send only your*F own made productions to this address                 *B/2 bustman of crusaders     \*D/5 myrdalskogen 379        \*E 5095 ulset           \*F norway             \*B                    
*Aa few days back i discovered something wonderful     the*B local telephone box had broke down and did not*E accept anymore money     therefore i could call up all*D my contacts for totally nothing     and so i did*B     i think i stood in that telephone box two*F days in a row calling as much people as*D possible     so big and glorious greetings to all the*A cool guys that i spoke to          well at the*B moment the telephone box has been fixed so i*F can not call for free anymore     but atleast i*D made use of it as long as the box*A was out of order     maybe i get the same*E opportunity at another time     so keep an ear open*B                                   
*E/5 now some personal regards from bustman to some people i happen to know          *Ajake of rebels          *Bthe genius of no limits          *Dmic dair of complex          *Ezark of triangle 3532          *Flix of fraxion          *Gbigshot of fraxion          *Fbarrax of doom          *Ecolor of dual crew          *Dtap of image          *Bmeltdown of red sector inc          *Ahoffi of bloodsuckers          *Bzurba of mute 101          *Draw of supplex          *Eeku of cave          *Fturmoil of thr          *Galien of chrome          *Fteeze of sedge          *Gtriax of disknet         *Amonotof of storm          *Boptima of doxos         *Dackurat of aurora          *Fraistlin of anarchy          *G this was only a tiny little bit of my own greetings that i could remember     *Fif you are missed then try doing something that*D i will remember you next time                              
*B/4who ever you are     *Awhere ever you go     *Ealways remember our unbeatable slogan                          *F/6we brake for nobody*D                            /2                    
*G/3 credits for this small intro          *Fcoding by doctor claw          *Emusic by doctor awesome          *Dand charset and one bitplane logo by me                              
*E/5bye dudes     and watch out for knallharde produksjoner     *Gnow sod off