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  MIG 29 (GAME)     BY ANGELS~
  ANDEMAD           BY DIRECT~
  RC. DOC.+ HISTORY -------------~

# Press Right Mousebutton to stop this scroll.        LAZERBRAIN / CRUSADERS  GIVES YOU SELECTOR PACK  4        THIS DISK WAS PACKED FROM     10.31.90  -   11.05.90       THE SELECTOR WAS MADE BY RAVEN         ENJOY          NO TIME TO   LOOSE             TO CONTACT ME TRY THIS ADDRESS          :            CRUSADERS                                   P.O.BOX 45                           1474   NORDBYHAGEN                                     NORWAY         (:------                                  I'M THE HANDLER OF ALL POST COMING TO THIS ADDY   (EVEN THE ONE FOR THE EUROCHART)               ANOTHER THING IS THAT I   - ONLY -   WANT  SELFMADE  STUFF  &  NO  DISKPACKS                  WE CAN OFCOURCE DISCUSS THIS AS TIME PASSES                              HERE'S THE NUMBERS  TO  OUR BOARDS                   THE GOLDEN GATE -)            +47    42    46 7 18                          TRY ALSO THE CRUSADERS HQ BOARD AT THESE NUMBERS  -)            +47    6    81 08 81           OR          +47     6    81 08 64                       OK!              NOW YOU CAN PRESS THE LEFT MOUSEBUTTON ON ONE OF THESE FABULOUS OUTFITS     B'COZ      IT'S    GREETINGTIME    ******WOW******                           MY VERY PERSONAL & SPECIAL HELLOES THIS TIME GOES TO   -:>                      AVALON / CELTIC     GUARDIAN / UNITED FORCES      STINGER / CAVE     TOXIC / KEFRENS      MOLE / ANARCHY     ZICO / CYTAX      FERRIS / D-TECT     BOBA FETT / ELITE INC.     LEPROSY (THE LEPER) / ANGELS      MORBID / CINEFEX DESIGN           NORMAL ONES TO THE REST OF MY CONTACTS (WHICH ARE IN THESE RESPECTFUL GROUPS)                     REBELS     SAVAGE     ZEVS     IMAGE     SILENTS     BEYOND FORCE     CASCADE     COMPLEX     CYBORG POWER SYSTEMS     D-MOB     DIRECT     ECSTASY     BLOODSUCKERS     DOXOS     ROYAL AMIGA FORCE     SCOOPEX     SYNERGY/RAF     VALHALLA     SKID ROW          ALSO SOME HELLOES TO THESE GROUPS WHICH 			 I RESPECT       RSI & TRISTAR     PARADOX     TRIUMPH     DUAL CREW     REBELS     FAIRLIGHT     LEVEL 4         AND OFCORZ SOME OTHERS WHICH I CAN'T RECALL RIGHT NOW     SORRY!                               OK!  I THINK I GOT YOU ALL GATHERED UNDER ONE ROOF THERE          TIME IS RUNNING SHORT   CU ALL L8ER