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..........................................................  hi
dudes!  guess what!  dr.awsome is back with some brand new,
chilly cool, fabulously freaked, fine, furry st songs !!!
(what else?) ....  so turn up your goddam volume, cause this
music sounds a whole lot better if you do ! remember :
listening to dr.awsome's music on a low volume is like fucking
a chick with a bleedin' rubber on your thingy! and listening
to it on your monitor is like doing it with   t w o   rubbers on!
neighbours?  fuck the neighbours, they can sleep tomorrow!
just for your info, i have now joined a new group called ** the
crusaders ** !!  anyway, i decided to call this disk 'nu
power', because that was my suggestion for a group name when
*** the crusaders *** were born.  but the other guys liked 'the
crusaders' better, so i sat up crying all night.  how could
they do that to me?  and i'm such a nice guy...  'well', i
thought, 'fuck the boys, i can call my next muzak disk 'nu
power'.  and so here it is for you all to enjoy :  dr.awsome's
** nu power ** !!!  if you still haven't figured it out, you
can choose song by pressing f1-f7, and the bottom scroll will
tell you which song you are listening to. also, use the mouse
buttons to activate the 'play', 'stop', 'fast-forward' and 'rewind' controls.
good, eh?  credits?  well, there aren't really that many, but here they come
anyway ...  first of all a super-duper, mega-monster thanx to ** dr.claw ** for
coding this funny little program, which i hope should work just fine by the time
you read this crap. second, thanx to my main man ** dr. m.d. cub ** for
putting together 'mothership' together with me, and of course also a big big
thanx to all the other guys in ** the crusaders **.  the rest of the songs were
made by me, and the picture was done a rainy day just before christmas.  at last
i would like to send a biiig thanx to k.obarski and doc and tnm for the best
music program for the amiga - soundtracker!  that was the end of the credits.
and for those of you who are waiting for the greetings, i can tell you that they
will (probably) show up at the end of this text.  now for some serious bullshit!
for the moment i am watching mtv and writing a scroller at the same time, and
let me tell you, it is not easy!  i guess doing two things at the same time gets
too heavy for me, as my poor little brains are not built with a multi-tasking
facility.  i am one of those stupid motherfuckers who can't walk and chew
chewing-gum at the same time!  anyway, have you ever been watching 'remote
control' on mtv ?  it is without the most outrageous quiz-show ever !
especially 'colin', who is my maaaiiin man indeed.  he's so cool, he makes my
grandmother rub her knees together.  not bad.  oh, here comes a goddam stinking
video with 'erasure', the biggest joke since when the pope smoked grass and told
me about his first sex experience.  i don't understand how they can let people
like 'erasure' into a recording studio.  they must all be bloody well twisted!
well, i hear you thinking, what kind of music do you like anyway?  uhum, i
really like lots and lots of different bands, but i must say that * prince * is
without doubt the no. 1 artist in the world.  oh, i know what a lot of you guys
are thinking - prince? that skinny motherfucker with the high voice?  yes,
prince.  i know he looks funny and he acts a bit disgusting, but i promise you
that behind the look of a selfish, dego, disgusting little homo, he is hiding a
brilliant musical genius, and his music is better than anything else!  you don't
belive me?  well, i don't care, i'm used to hear shitty talk about prince, and i
don't care how much shit is said about him, i don't care how he looks, i don't
care what he says, his music is still the best!  anyway, i also like listening
to genesis, marillion, peter gabriel, the police and lots and lots of other good
bands.  i really don't care too much about heavy metal music, but some of the
heavy bands out there are pretty good, like *queensryche* and *kingdom come*.
what i hate most of all are 'bros' and 'erasure', a real disgust for the music
business.  you don't agree?  well, we can't all have the same taste, can we?  no
matter which bands you like, i sure hope you all enjoy the my st tunes.  listen,
i have been wondering about one thing... why is there so much fucking german
language on the amiga front. don't the german guys understand that germany is
the only country in which they speak german, and once their programs get outside
germany, they become useless! so all you german freaks, wil you please pleasee
start to use english!  that's a language most people throughout the world will
understand.  and now for some special messages :  the first one goes to ** sll
the soundwizard ** - hey dude, i think your soundtracker stuff is excellent, and
i am looking forward to more chilly cool songs from you.  i also think that your
tune *powergame* is the best soundtracker song ever made, so keep up the good
work!  and here's a message for razor 1911 :  i was reading one of your
scrolltexts the other day, and i noticed that you said that you were the best
coder around, the best graphix guy around, and the best soundtracker musician
around.  to be perfectly honest, i think that's overdoing it a bit, don't you?
i can certainly agree that you are a brilliant coder, and your graphix work is
really really excellent, but i have heard lots of music that i think is better.
take ** sll the sound wizard ** for instance, he writes better music than you
could ever do!  anyway, as i said, your coding and graphics are really good, so
don't let me take away your self confidence.  (as for now, there is obviously
nothing wrong with your self confidence!) ....  i would also like to send
messages to lots and lots of other people who i think is doing great things with
the amiga, but this scrolltext is getting awfully long, and dinner is almost
ready, so i should think it's time to get on with the greetings.  first of all
some very very special greetings to all members of international fart
federation, the crusaders and raw force.  i am sorry that i don't have a
complete greeting list here, so i guess i'll just send some greetings my own
contacts.  if you are in contact with ** crusaders ** but you can't find your name
in the greeting list, i'm sorry.  anyway, here we go.  maximum greetings go to
....  the bloodsuckers .....  action force .....  red sector .....  the clones
..... subway ..... network ..... double density crew and the supervisors .....
wally of unhip and the floppies ..... tron ..... ems ...... holth ...... npa
..... ..... that's it folks, hope you enjoyed this little music disk as much as
i enjoyed making it. and if you would like to contact me, please don't hesitate
to do so. ....... i have to go now ...... bye bye !!!!      this is where the
scrolltext restarts ............. .............. ............

      you are listening to - perfect kiss -       by dr.awsome           
      you are listening to - last summer -       by dr.awsome           
      you are listening to - line up -       by dr.awsome           
      you are listening to - hole in the house -       by dr.awsome           
      you are listening to - the chill -       by dr.awsome           
      you are listening to - moods -       by dr.awsome           
      you are listening to - mothership - by dr.awsome and dr.m.d.cub.