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The kiosk will be open
around   the   clock,
serving  the   usual
amount of refreshments
and snacks.

     A/V Platform
This platform holds the
Audio/Visual equipment.
The main Barco 1500
lumen video projector
and the 4000++ watt
sound system.
   Information Desk
The Information Desk
will be operated 24hrs
a day by a person that
can   answer   your
questions and help you
in any way possible.
     Video Room
A 200 square meter
video cinema that will
show the latest and the
classics from the video
market on a large video
projector, Laser video
and a six-speaker
surround sound system.
What is better than
unwinding in a steaming
sauna after a busy day
of computing.

     Main Entrance
This is the only way in
and out of the complex.

     Arcade Area
Try your luck against
the latest and the
hottest arcades on
the market. Have a
go with the extremly
popular AirHockey.

    Market Place
Check out some of
the best hardware
and software
bargains available.
from many retailers
will be available

These stairs will take
you up to the first
     To Parking
Parking is not allowed
in front of the building
but only 50 meters
away you will find a
huge parking-lot.

Move even more left to
leave the hall, or
press ESC.

The Cafeteria serves
everything from the
best pizza in Norway to
hotdogs and baguettes.
Everything at a
resonable price.

The  annual  event,  The  Gathering, is a four day high-power symposium for the
computer people.

The Gathering 1993 is the sequal to last years very successful Gathering 1992.

In  contrast  to  major  computer  conferences  like  Comdex  and  so on, which
basically  offer nothing but a collection of the largest computer manufacturers
bragging  about  their  latest  products, The Gathering is a conference for the

For  four days the eyes of the computerized parts of the galaxy will be focused
on The Gathering 1993.

For  four  days the best of the best of the computer scenes will do battle with
their minds and their machines.

For  four days you will witness what will probably be the blueprints for future
computer symposiums.

If  you  think  spending four days of easter together with your equals from all
over the World isn't what easter is all about, we hear they're re-running Sound
of Music at most European cinemas.

To be allowed to enter The Gathering 1993, you must pay the entrance fee.  This
of course does not apply to girls and non-european citizens.

A  special  registration form, which is printed on the back of this invitiation
is used to register the attendants.  This form will of course be available when
you arrive at the party too.  You do not need to fill it out before you arrive,
but things might go a bit faster through the gates if you do.

After  filling out this registration form and paying the entrance fee, you will
be  given  a  special entrance badge that is to be worn at all times around the
wrist of your right hand.

You  will  not  be allowed inside without this badge.  On the badge a number is
printed which tells our computer systems who you are.  This number must be used
when it is time to vote for the main competitions.

This  information  is  the Official Invitation to The Gathering 1993.  Here you
will  find  every  detail of information you need to know, and hopefully answer
whatever questions you may have about the event.


Skedsmohallen  is one of Norway's largest sports hall.  The building is made up
of an older part and a new part.  The older part is aprox.  4000 square meters.
This will be used as a sleeping area.  The new part mainly consists of the Main
Hall and other administrative offices.  Skedsmohallen is located just outside a
town  called  Lillestrøm,  about 20 Km north of Oslo.  Norway have CET (Central
European  Time)  which  is  +1 hour GMT.  The usual day time temperature in the
beginning of April is +10 degrees Celsius.

{2The Main Hall{1

The Main Hall is a 3600 square meter sports hall that will easily fit seats and
tables for over 2000 people.  The hall has previously been used for huge events
like The Gathering 1992, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and so on.
{2Tables and Seats{1

The  whole  Main Hall will be filled with tables and seats.  The tables will be
set  up in 12 coloumns and 4 rows of about 15 meters.  If you need extra tables
and  seats,  we have a large quantity stacked away.  A map of the tables in the
Main  Hall  with the different group names, will be present at The Gathering so
you will be able to find eachother.


If  many  of  you,  perhaps from the same group, are arriving together, you may
reserve  a part of the Main Hall.  All you have to do is call Crusaders WHQ BBS
or Dr.  Outtasight and tell us how many seats you need.


2000  computers  pull quite a great deal of power, and the main hall has a very
capable  electric  circutry.   All rows of tables will have separate fuse boxes
that will be locked.  Across each row, a cable with a double outlet

for every fifth meter.

{2Audio/Visual Equipment{1

The audio/visual equipment is one of the most important parts of an arrangement
like  this.   Therefore  we have relied on external sources for this particular
thing.   The  main  video  projector, a 1500 lumen Barco, will be installed and
adjusted  by  professionals.   The video projector will be set up with a screen
that  should  be  viewable from distances up to 200m.  The audio equipment will
also be installed by professionals.  The 4000++ watt 6 speaker system should be
more  than  adequate.  We have selected a 6 speaker system so that a good sound
quality is available throughout the hall.

{2Internal Infochannel TV{1

In  order  for  us  to  spread information more rapidly, we will in addition to
using  the  video  projector  to give you loads of information, use an Internal
Infochannel  TV  transmitter.   The transmissions will be receiveable on any TV
set or VCR and will be available 24hrs a day throughout the
building.   The  picture  shown  on  the  video  projector will at all times be
transmitted on the Infochannel.

{2Information Desk{1

It  is  quite  clear  that  no  matter  how  much information we release, it is
impossible  to  predict  everything.   We think it is important that there is a
person available at all times that can help you in different ways with problems
related  to  the party.  This person will be available at the Information Desk.
The  person  sitting  at  the Information Desk will have constant radio contact
with  the  arrangers,  the guards, the electricians and so on.  If you have any
questions what so ever or need help with anything, just contact the Information

{2Sleeping Area{1

The  Sleeping  Area  consists  of over 50 rooms equipped to make your stay very
comfortable.   Most  rooms  have  separate showers and toilets.  Some even have
saunas.  Most doors are lockable from the inside.  These rooms are
within  the  same  building  as the Main Hall, though as far away from the Main
Hall that you will normally not be disturbed by the noise from the main hall.

{2Video Room{1

Probably  the  most  popular  leisure  activity.  This room features a CD Laser
Video  Player, Video Projector with a 2 by 3 meter screen, a 6 speaker Surround
Sound System and a wide selection of the latest and classic movies.


The  arcade  area will include arcade games like Street Fighter II Dash.  Also,
we  have  managed  to  get our hands on a couple of the very popular Air Hockey
machines.  This is probably the best arcade game you will ever try.

{2Kiosk & Cafeteria{1

The  Cafeteria  together  with  the  Kiosk  will  offer  the  usual  amount  of
refreshments and snacks, from probably the best pizza in Norway
to baguettes, hot dogs and Coca Cola.  Everything at a resonable price.

Though  the Cafeteria have limited opening hours, the Kiosk will be open around
the clock and is located inside the Main Hall for your convenience.


This is obviously a very important part of such a big event.  This year we will
constantly have at least four guards, all radio linked to the Information Desk,
that  will check that everything is going well.  Should any unwanted people get
in,  they  will quickly be removed by either the arrangers or the local police.
However,  no  security  scheme is 100% secure, so we basically depend on you to
report anything unusual.

If  you have valuables that you can not guard yourself, you may hand it over to
the  Information  Desk.   You  will be given a receipt for the valuables, which
will  be  locked away.  We suggest you hand over any equipment you have brought
that someone might steal.
{2Unwilling Parents{1

In Norway, in perticular, the media has managed to create a very bad picture of
the  computer  scene.   Many  parents  are  affraid of letting their young ones
attend  conferences like The Gathering.  If your parents do not want to let you
go, _please_ ask them if they can call me, Dr.  Outtasight, and I will be happy
to  explain what The Gathering really is.  You will find my telephone number on
the last page of this invitation.

{2Competition information{1

        Contestants for ANY of the main competitions must contact the
        Information Desk BEFORE the deadline to receive a special envelope
        and a special information sheet that is to be filled out before
        entering the product. On this information sheet you fill out a
        couple of fields regarding the product.

$       Products that have been entered in other competitions can NOT be
        entered in any of the main competitions.
$       Media (diskettes) that contain the product will NOT be returned
$       Once a product is entered, the product may not be modified further
$       Deadlines will be held as far as possible, but we will of course
        accept products a short while after since it seems to be impossible
        for some to finish something at the right time :-)

'Best Amiga Demo' Competition Information

$       Demo *MUST* run without problems on Kickstart 1.3 and 2.0 machines
$       Demo *MUST* run without problems on machines with 512K, 1 and 2Mb
$       ALL entered demos will be shown in full length
$       One person from the group that is presenting the demo *MUST* be
        available to control any interactive parts of the demo (Pressing
        mouse, controlling features with joystick and so on)

'Best Amiga Intro' Competition Information

$       The size of the file(s) (executables, graphics, music etc) that make
$       up the intro, must not exceed 40Kb total.
$       In addition, all rules from the demo-competition applies to the

'Best Computer Graphician' Competition Information

$       All pictures will be judged in ONE category only
$       Pictures from ANY machine can be entered, but for the competition,
        pictures not displayable on an ECS Amiga ranging from 1 to 6
        bitplanes, will be converted to the closest match using the proper
        graphics conversion software. Contestants can either convert
        the picture themselves or have the arrangers do it. ALL competing
        pictures will be available in BOTH converted and original form.
$       Pictures *MUST* be entered on a single 3.5" AmigaDOS or MS-DOS
        Double Density format diskette.
$       If more than a certain number of pictures are entered for the
        competition, a jury consisting of non-competing graphics artists
        will pick out a portion of the pictures for a final.
'Best Musician' Competition Information

$       All modules will be judged in ONE category only
$       Modules from ANY machine can be entered, but for the competition
        modules not playable on an Amiga computer with NO extra sound
        enhancing hardware will be converted to the closest match using
        the proper module conversion software.
$       Contestants can choose if the module is to be played in mono or
$       Each competing module will be played for 3.0 minutes
$       All entries for the music competition must be entered on a 3.5"
        AmigaDOS or MS-DOS Double Density diskette. On the diskette there
        *MUST* be nothing but the module itself and an apropriate module
        player. NO EXECUTABLES!
$       If more than a certain number of modules are entered for the
        competition, a jury consisting of non-competing musicians will
        pick out a portion of the modules for a final

'Best PC Demo' Competition Information

$       Demo *MUST* run on a 486 33MHz IBM compatible computer with 16Mb
        RAM, ET4000 1Mb display adapter and SoundBlaster/16
$       One person from the group that is presenting the demo *MUST* be
        available to control any interactive parts of the demo (Pressing
        mouse, controlling features with joystick and so on)
$       ALL entered demos will be shown in full length

Scandinavians,  who  normally  would have to pay 150,- NOK entrance fee, can by
sending 100,- NOK to us on our bank giro account pay in advance.  You will save
50,-  NOK  and  be registered much faster.  A bank giro should be included with
this  invitation.   If  it  is  not included, bank giros are available in every

Pay 100,- NOK for each person that will be attending.
Send the money to bank account number: {25102.11.86167{1

Make the giro payable to:       Trond Michelsen
                                Nordbyveien 63
                                2013 Skjetten

It  is  very  important  that the giro has been payed before the 30th of March,
otherwise we will not receive the notification of your payment in time.

It  is also very important that you get a valid receipt for the giro.  Receipts
from those do-it-yourself giro boxes are not valid.
If  you  still  need  more information, if you have any questions regarding any
aspects of The Gathering 1993, call one of the following numbers immediately.

We speak Norwegian, English and some German.

Mike / Crusaders can be reached on the following number:

        +47-6-842853      (Ask for Trond Michelsen)

Dr. Outtasight / Crusaders can be reached on the following numbers:

     +47-6-833754   +47-67570708   +47-31-41160 (Ask for Espen Lyngaas)

All numbers can be called 24hrs a day.

Mail can be directed to:  Trond Michelsen
                          Nordbyveien 63
                          2013 Skjetten

If  you  don't have a modem, but have a touch-tone phone, a GVP PhonePak system
with ALL the latest information you need is available at


Just call the number and follow directions given to you by the system.

If you have a modem, you can call The Crusaders BBS:

        +47-6-833980      (300-2400, MNP5) 
        +47-6-833981      (4800-14400, V.42bis) 
        +47-6-833982      (2400-12000, V.42bis)

At The Crusaders BBS, leave a message to Sysop, Dr.  Outtasight, for additional
information  and  table  reservations.  We also have a special conference where
you  can  find  the  latest  information about The Gathering 1993.  Most of the
information and rules in this invitation are based on questions and suggestions
from this conference.

'Best Amiga Demo' Competition Information

1st prize:

      $ Commodore Amiga 4000
            $ No comment needed

'Best Computer Graphician' Competition Information

1st prize:

      $ OpalVision Graphics Adapter Card
            $ 24 bitplanes 
            $ Extreme resolutions
            $ Flicker Fixer (A2000)
            $ Genlock Module Expandable
            $ Frame Grabber Module Expandable
            $ Roaster Video Effects Chip Expandable

'Best Musician' Competition Information

      $ Vector 68030 Accelerator Card
            $ 25MHz CPU 
            $ 25MHz 68882 FPU
            $ 4Mb 32 bit SIMM RAM (Expandable to 8Mb)
            $ A2630 Compatible Expansion Port
            $ SCSI II Controller
            $ Beats an A3000 in speed comparasions

{2Arriving Before the 7th of April{1

The  Gathering 1993 will be open from around noon, local time, 6th of April for
those  of you who have no other option but to arrive at this date.  If you have
to arrive earlier, please contact us well in advance.

{2Travelling by Trains/Buses{1

If  you  are  travelling  by  train,  you  should  exit at "Lillestrøm" railway
station.   Most  long  distance trains that head North from Oslo make a stop at
this  station,  so  there's no need to read all the train schedules in order to
get  on  the  right  train.   If  your  train  by  any  chance  doesn't stop at
Lillestrøm, you should simply stop in Oslo and take a local train to Lillestrøm
from there.  These trains leave Oslo every thirty minutes.

When  in  Lillestrøm  you should locate the bus platform (an approx.  50 meters
walk  from  the  railway  station)  and  get  on  bus  route  #401  heading for
"Holt/Vestvollen".  This bus stops right outside the party-place.  If you don't
think you'll manage to get on the right bus, don't worry, we will put up

signs at the railway station explaining which bus to catch.

PS!  If you want, it is possible to catch the route #401 bus from Oslo as well,
but  that  requires  you  to  walk  from the Central Station in Oslo to the Bus
Terminal that is located right next to it.

PS!!   We  will  NOT  put up a special party bus from the railwaystation to the
party-place,  simply  because we consider the local bus connections between the
railwaystation and the party-place more than adequate.


If  you  come  flying in by a foreign plane you will arrive at Fornebu Airport.
At  the  airport you can enter a bus called "Flybussen" which will bring you to
the Oslo Bus Terminal, from where you can take bus #401 to the party-place.
If you do experience any problems, call us right away!


If  you come by ferry we will set up a special bus travelling from the quay to
the party-place, call us for more information about this.


Since  Oslo is the capital of Norway we reckon you will find it yourself, so we
just  won't  explain  how  to  get  to  Oslo.   Once in Oslo loccate highway E6
(Trans-European  6) Take this way heading North.  If you see signs like "Hamar"
and "Trondheim", you're heading in the right direction.  Continue driving until
you spot a sign that says "Lillestrøm" and exit at that conjunction.  The first
thing  you  will  see  coming  off  the  highway is a big castle looking hotel.
Continue  following  signs to "Lillestrøm".  Drive 500 meters until you reach a
bridge  followed  by  a  gas station and then a roundabout.  Turn right in this
roundabout and follow that road you are on for a couple of kilometers until you
reach  a railroadcrossing.  Turn left immediately after the crossing.  Straight
in front of you you will now see the sports hall called Skedsmohallen.

We  have set up some very simple and very obvious rules that we expect you will

1. Smoking is not allowed inside the Main Hall. You may smoke in the
   cafeteria or in the Entrance Hall.
2. Whatever you are responsible for breaking, you are responsible for
   paying or replacing.
3. Alcohol is not allowed inside the Main Hall. Anyone carrying or
   intoxicated by alcohol will not be allowed inside.
4. The Gathering is a drug free event, basically because drugs and computers
   do not match. Any users of drugs discovered will be handed over to the
   local police.

{2Wednesday 7th of April{1

The official opening date.  We expect that 80% of all attendants will arrive on
this date.  Therefore this day have been set up for everyone to get settled.

{2Thursday 8th of April{1

12.00:  Outdoor soccer tournament begins.
17.00:  Our sponsors presents their product range that  includes Gravis
        Ultrasound, GVP-proucts, Opal-  Vision, Scala MultiMedia, Amiga
        4000 & 1200, Microbotics-products, and Floptical.
        Also, we will show various practical drawing technics for use with
24.00:  The Gaming competion-finals starts.

{2Friday 9th of April{1

12.00:  Semifinals and finals in the soccer tournament.

13.00:  Deadline Music Competition.
16.00:  Deadline Graphics Competition.
18.00:  Deadline Amiga Demo, Amiga Intro & PC Demo Competition.
22.00:  Presentation of the competition finalists.

{2Saturday 10th of April{1

02.00:  Voting begins
06.00:  End of Voting
10.00:  Presentation of the winners
16.00:  The Gathering closes its doors.


In  all  the  main competitions, the attendants - you - will be deciding who is
the best demo, module and picture.  When it is time to vote a large quantity of
special voting forms will be made available at the Information Desk.  The forms
will  be  available  before  the showing of the competition entries.  This will
make  it  easier for you to judge during the competition.  One form is used for
all main competitions.  To vote, all you have to do is to fill out this form as
best you can and when finished hand it in to the Information Desk.

The form will then be handed over to a group of vote counters.  While the votes
are  counted  the  big  screen  will  show a constant update of the competition
results.  This should make things really exiting!

Q:  I have heard that you need to register and receive an invitation
    before I can come to The Gathering. Is this true ?
A:  Not at all. You need absolutely no invitation, no registration,
    no nothing. You only need to be there!

Q:  I have only had my computer for two weeks.  Should I still go to
    The Gathering?
A:  Certainly!  Absolutely everyone should.  Even though the event is
    very computer related, even people that have little or no computer
    background should attend.

Q:  I have heard that girls do not have to pay anything to get in, is this
    true ?
A:  Yes, we are doing our part of trying to get more girls invoved in this
    very male dominated scene.

Q:  What do I need to bring to The Gathering ?
A:  Except for the money for the entrance fee, you do not need to bring
    anything. However we suggest that you at least bring some money for
    food and something to sleep in. And very important - remember to
    bring enough electrical extention cords.

Q:  I do not think I would want to sit in front of my computer for four
    days in a row.  Is there anything else to do besides playing with the
    computer ?
A:  Refer to the different section in this invitation and you will see all
    the activities we have planned for those who want to do something else.

Q:  As far as I know, The Crusaders is an Amiga group, but I have another
    type of computer. Can I still come ?
A:  Events of this type have commonly been exclusively for Amiga owners.
    The Main Competitions at The Gathering 1993 is for both Amiga and PC
    compatible computers. If you do not have an Amiga or a PC, bring your
    computer anyway. We know for a fact that most norwegian Archimedes
    users and a lot of Macintosh users are coming.
Q:  My parents think it is too far for me to travel alone.  What do I do?
A:  Just give the telephone numbers from this invitation to your parents
    and have them call one of them.  We will explain, in most european
    languages, what they need to know.


                                   Coding: {2Switchblade{1
                                    Music: {2Jason{1
                            Blow-Job logo: {2Intec{1
                  Logo, Menu & PartyGator: {2Joachim{1

               Much work (text'n'shit) by {2Dr. Outtasight{1 and {2Mike{1.

         My compliments to {2Intec{1 for utterly fast work. Way to go man!!

       Greetings to {2Vishnu/CRB{1, {2Nightshade{1 & {2Ohio/CRS{1, {2Lord Helmet/PMC{1
                and to everybody at {2Crusaders BBS{1, +47 6 833980/1/2