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   welcome dudes!         I     to a new quality product by eno of the crusaders...       O   be ready for a lot of visual impressions!    first lets take a look at a light calculated vector                 A  I    O  I O   I       O    wow!       it took me a long time to make this demo     but at last i can release it.     here are a little circle of filled boxes                 A I       do ya like julia?                  A O    a few greetings must be sent          I   +all members of crs+               O   +wolfman of zyclone+               I   +patient of academy+               O   +guardian of defcon+               I      +shaman+       +giants+   and all the others ......                   I  O vertical rasterbars are popular              A   I O    and with a wave are they even better             A    I O       A        I      a week ago i was over in denmark with some friends ... we had planned to play roulette and win a lot of money! we thought we had found a very good system........but we lost all our money!         O           ++++++++++++++++++                 I    O        A      O       I       O        more julia......                    A     Iquestion to axon             Ohave you finnished your major subject?               A     Ithat school work have taked very much of your cycles.....       O         A   its a fact that school steals much raster time from many hackers........its a pity!               A I      long nights of coding and long days of school makes me insane!            O         A     +I    +    O   +   I    +    O  +  I     A     is there more to say?   +++      well ..... just remember that we break for nobody!!             O ...................... bye!              I           

if you see this promax!     i have ofcourse made my ownfrax routine,but your was faster than mine......OK? 

                       youblydong!                 eno is extremely proud to present his last masterpiece (what a boaster!) that he has called :          C extreme reality C                    before i come up with some more rational words i have to give some credits to people who let this demo become a reality because of their hard work.........               thanx to dr.awesome for two great songs and some moral support !        also thanx to our gfx freaks    bustman and intec who tear their mouses out for the pixels you are watching !               and at last thanx to eno who coded the whole shit !                i am sorry but you have to wait a bit longer for my rational words because now this intro will end .... and the real demo will soon appear on your screen .............